Fighting Paranormal / Supernatural Threats With My Brothers | Elton John At The BP Library

Dream 1

I wish that I could remember more of this dream, I just know that the parts of the dream that I remember took place during the day in the city of D maybe downtown or near downtown at a real or fictional possibly abandoned or old store-like place, but I can not remember.

I was with all of my brothers who seemed to be maybe high school age again, I was possibly a bit younger too but I am not sure, and during the forgotten parts of the dream we went inside the old or abandoned store-like building.

Inside this building there was possibly a dark upper attic-like area that led to an opening with a narrow passage almost like a bridge, and this led to deep areas that are somewhat familiar areas that I visit sometimes in dreams like this where I explore old places from or related to my past with objects from my past and various strange natural and paranormal and supernatural threats and phenomenon sometimes happens.

These areas are possibly symbolic, like they possibly represent deep areas in my subconscious and mind where old memories et cetera are stored, and they usually have various threats and creepy areas in them.

There was also a Donald Trump-like man in the dream who possibly changed a bit throughout the dream until he really was The President Of The United States Donald Trump, and at the end of the dream President Trump was with us and he probably had at least one male United States Secret Service agent with light-color skin with him who had a dark-color suit with dark sunglasses.

My brothers and I had survived one or more trips inside this building, we fought various natural and paranormal and maybe supernatural threats in the deep dark areas, and at the end of the dream President Trump and his Secret Service agent bodyguard were with us.

We seemed to be on a mission to go back inside the building to fight our way to a certain location to maybe put an end to what was causing these paranormal / supernatural threats, but I am not sure.

I just know that shovels were our weapon of choice so I assume that shovels had proven to be effective as an offensive and defensive weapon and as a tool that helped us survive previously, I did not have a shovel this time like I wanted to but I did have a smaller melee weapon of some kind, and President Trump had no weapon and I assumed that his bodyguard probably had a hidden pistol and baton or something.

President Trump was behind me and his bodyguard was behind him, as we walked I tried to explain the survival rules to them, and I reminded my brothers of our battle plan et cetera.

It seemed that I had led my brothers previously and thanks to my leadership and our team work we had survived previously, we were battle hardened now, and my brothers looked determined as they walked ahead of us with their shovels.

Inside the building in the deep dark places it was life and death in there, you could be attacked at any time from anywhere by various strange threats, I can not remember the many types of threats that we encountered but I think that one of them was possibly possessed dolls and / or small entities and maybe some ghost-like threats among other types of creatures and things.

I wish that I had a photograph and some video of how my brothers and I looked as we walked to and inside the building, it was an amazing sight, we knew that we could all die and maybe we were slightly afraid but none of that mattered.

We had fought for our lives and survived before, we learned from those experiences and we had our plan and training from those experiences, and we had a mission that we intended to complete even if it killed us; and we were ready to face our fears and fight through them.

President Trump was behind me but he probably looked a bit scared, which he should have been because we (my brother and I) saw and dealt with some strange and dangerous things previously, as we walked I gave the rundown on how we had to stay together and always have someone watching your back and to use circle formation if we need to stop to help someone who is wounded and / or if we get surrounded.

We needed to try to keep moving and not be still to long to avoid getting surrounded and overwhelmed by threats coming from the darkness and various areas that they could hide behind, and I hoped that my advice would once again keep us all alive.

I told them that we needed to make sure that we killed the threats that we fought, I recommended decapitation, and sometimes the threats would try to trick you by pretending to be human et cetera and / or would play dead.

I told them that sometimes they would need to make sure that they are not about to kill one of us and that during this brief time that they should keep the threat pinned down with their foot or weapon to avoid them escaping or attacking or disarming them, and once they make a quick decision to kill the threat.

Sometimes a quick question or a closer look would help you quickly decide, usually the threats were clearly not human once you got a closer look at them, and sometimes a quick question or something like that would reveal the unhumaness.

We reached the entrance to the upper area and we started to cross it into the darkness to enter the deep dark areas, I was almost done with my advice and speech and preparing myself, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This was my last dream that was possibly a continuing dream where I kept waking up and going back to sleep and continuing the same dream, either way I kept repeating / dealing with a work situation that left me feeling some stress even in the real world when I woke up.

In the dream I was inside The BP Library working when I noticed Elton John at the printer and he needed some help, and so I walked over to help him.

Mr. John was trying to do a scan to email, and so I helped him adjust all of his settings but then I realized that he was in the copy app and not the email app so I had to exit out and show him how to open the email app then I had to go over all of the settings again with him.

Mr. John asked me how much money did he need to put in the vending machine, I told him that scan to email is free, and then I noticed that he did not enter the email address in correctly so I had him try to fix this.

Each time that I looked away he would make another mistake and we had to try again, eventually I possibly typed the email address in for him, and then he put the papers that he wanted to copy on the ADF (automatic document feeder) incorrectly so I had to show him the correct way.

Eventually we were able to successfully scan to email those papers but then he wanted to email so other documents, this time he tried to use the ADF with papers that were stapled together so I had to let him know that you can not use stapled papers on the ADF, and so we went to use the flatbed scanner.

Once again Mr. John kept having problems entering the correct email address, I would look away and when I look back I would notice that he had finished a step without me, and there would be a mistake every time.

This cycle kept repeating with us going back and forth from a computer to the printer trying to get Mr. John to type in the correct email addresses et cetera, and eventually he wanted to scan to email some more documents.

This time the first page was separate and the other were stapled, I had to show him how to build a print job after he failed to do this, and then once again we got caught in a repeating cycle of him entering email addresses incorrectly.

This was stressing me out a bit even in the real world, and eventually I woke up feeling a bit stressed like I really had been working.

The end,

-John Jr


My Family Goes To Elton John’s House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The end of this dream took place during the evening and / or night outside, and I was on the left bank of a narrow pond.

My dad and maybe my brother GC were probably around the pond on some other bank and / or were somewhere not far away, and so I was somewhat by myself.

I remember walking along the narrow left bank near the water looking at the water at the various fish and other water creatures, at some point I found some dishes (pots, pans, et cetera) along the bank that I went to try to clean, and some of them still had some food in them.

Some of the fish and water creatures saw this and kept following me as I moved, and there was something strange that happened in this area where maybe the ground would move like it was very soft and / or the water would move near me because of waves so I had to be careful to avoid falling in and to avoid the fish and water creatures.

Some of the fish were bigger than normal and maybe some were regular size, and I remember seeing a large carp that kept following me from the water wanting food and maybe some sharks and some other large water creatures / animals who I could not tell what they were exactly that caused me to be even more afraid of me falling in the water and / or them getting too close to me.

A bowl or pot with some food in it fell in the water and sank to the bottom near the bank, the water was not that deep in this area, and so I could see it when it reached the bottom but I was not going to swim down in the water to get it.

At some point I saw my dad so I walked past the bank, he was talking to my mom on his mobile phone, and my mom and my brothers TDC and KDC were driving (my mom was driving) along a highway in another city or state or something on their way to meet up with us.

For some reason we had all been in the same city / state / wherever earlier in the dream probably staying at a hotel and were supposed to leave at the same time but they wanted to stay a bit longer, and so me and my dad and maybe my brother GC left ahead without them expecting them to catch up with us sooner but they were behind schedule so we had been waiting near this pond for them for a long time.

We were supposed to be meeting up at Elton John’s house to stay there for the night and maybe longer to visit I assume, and it seemed that Mr. John was possibly a family member of ours or just a friend of our family (I think that he was a family member, but I could be wrong).

My dad was tired of waiting so he told my mom that we were going to go to Mr. John’s house now, and that they should meet us there instead of the pond.

After the phone call we left, possibly walked but I am not sure, to Mr. John’s house that was nearby.

Mr. John walked to greet us smiling with his arms open (he was wearing special slightly tinted glasses and a custom suit in several colors including red) and he had two children with him, a boy and a girl with light-medium color skin who were possibly twins from another country who he had probably adopted, and so maybe these assumed adopted children were our family members too now if Mr. John was related to us.

We could see the house lit up from the inside and there was a covered catwalk that led to it with plants et cetera around it, and it looked like a nice possibly one-story house in a maybe modern (for that time) 1960s-like style.

We greeted Mr. John and the children and we told him that the rest of our family were going to be arriving later, he said a few things to us, and then invited us inside but I woke up as we followed him along the catwalk.

The end,

-John Jr