NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do

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The YouTube channel Empire Files uploaded a video called NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do where Abby Martin interviewed former NSA agent(?) William Binney:

More people need to hear about some of the things that were mentioned in this video involving mass surveillance and abuse of power involving it et cetera.

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American Revolution Waged For Slavery — Professor Gerald Horne

American Revolution Waged For Slavery — Professor Gerald Horne

What Is It?

The Empire Files YouTube channel with Abby Martin had a video called American Revolution Waged For Slavery — Professor Gerald Horne where Professor Gerald Horne talked about some things that I had not heard before from a perspective that I have not heard before.

Here is the video description by Empire Files:

Abby Martin interviews Professor Gerald Horne about the real story behind the creation of the United States in 1776, providing a new, accurate narrative about defending slavery rather than “freedom and democracy.”

From the Boston Tea Party, through the Civil War and the history of the KKK, Horne explains the racist roots of today’s resurgence of white supremacists.

Dr. Gerald Horne is the Chair of History and African-American Studies at the University of Houston and is the author of over 20 books on slavery and the Black liberation movement; most recently “The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States”.

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Forgotten Dreams: In A Rush To Do Something?

Last night I went to bed too late so I did not get enough sleep, I slept well, but I had to wake up suddenly to get ready to work and I did not have time to stop and think about my dreams all day.

So I pretty much forgot all of my dreams from last night except for some bits and pieces and guesses, I remembered a bit more earlier but I did not voice record those dream pieces before going to work, and so I can not remember those pieces of the dream(s).

Abby Martin Doing A News Story On Unofficial Medical Clinics And Hospitals

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty well last night and I ended up forgetting all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream, which was probably partly inspired by yesterday’s video on the Empire Files YouTube channel called Jewish-American on Israel’s Fascism: “No Hope For Change From Within”, and other things from the news:

All that I can remember of the dream is that it involved the journalist Abby Martin and a man with whitish colored skin working on a news story in a country in Asia (Middle East) or Africa, possibly Egypt, and their main focus during the dream was on small unofficial / illegal hospitals and medical clinics set up by people with no medical training or experience or licenses; and on the crisis in various countries because of the conflicts in some parts of Asia and Africa.

The man with Mrs. Martin was showing Mrs. Martin around and explaining the situation, he had been on the ground investigating and reporting in this country and various other countries, and so he had personally seen things and talked with people and the governments of each country.

Many people were in desperate need of medical attention and the official / legal hospitals and clinics could not take care of them all, so the illegal hospitals and clinics were filling a need, and the governments did not seem to try very hard to shut them down; but many of the illegal hospitals and clinics were taking advantage of people and were not safe or sanitary.

Mrs. Martin and the man went to one of these illegal hospitals / clinics to see an example of the conditions and to talk to people and the staff and owners, it was in a one-story metal building, and inside they found mostly large open rooms with people sitting and laying on the floor unattended; and some of them were possibly chained up, and there were chains connected to various structures that people laid against as they sat on the floor.

The conditions were terrible with blood and other liquids / fluids on the floor, almost no medical equipment around, almost no furniture, no workers were around, et cetera; and they could not get anyone to talk to them because they seemed to be afraid, and so they tried to find the workers and the owner who seemed to be hiding.

They found a woman who was the owner but she did not really want to talk, she only said a few things while walking quickly away from them, and so Mrs. Martin and the man and their film crew started exploring the buildings; and searching for other illegal hospitals and clinics, and for people willing to talk with them.

It seemed that some of the owners and workers saw them and started clearing out of their illegal hospitals and clinics to avoid being seen, because most of them were empty by the time that they arrived, and so they did not really get to talk to anyone except for later when they interviewed some people who worked for the government; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

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