My Dad Complaining About A Job Opening

I had more dreams but I did not record them.

The end of this dream took place during the day, and I was listening to my dad complaining about a central office job opening at The BP School Board where he works.

My dad said that one of the female secretaries or another employee in the central office had left her job, and he was wondering if his supervisor would call me and / or someone else he knew about the job to see if I or someone else would want to apply for the job or if he would ask my dad if he knew anyone who might want that job.

My dad felt that me and / or someone else he knew should be asked about the job, and he felt that a man should get the job because there are no male secretaries there and he never remembered there ever being one so he felt that they should mix it up.

His supervisor had not mentioned anything to him or me et cetera, and so he was starting to wonder if they would even hire anyone or if they had someone else in mind so he was starting to think the worst and was complaining about it.

I already have a job so I wondered why would my dad want me to be asked about that job, it was not clear if he meant me as well but I assumed he did, but I could possibly work both if I felt that it was something that I could handle.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


My Dad Dreams About Mrs. SH

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tonight my dad shared a dream with me that he had last night, my dad does not remember his dreams that often, and so this was a surprise.

I will type my dad’s dream below.

All that my dad remembers of his dream is that he was at Mrs. SH’s house taking care of her like he used to do sometimes when he used to work for her doing yard work and helping her with various other things that she needed help with because she was very old and she needed some assistant because of that and because of some health problems.

Mrs. SH was from Germany (German) and she probably left Germany after World War II, and at some point she married a soldier from another country; and many years later in her old age my dad ended up working for her as one of his side jobs.

Anyway, during my dad’s dream after he finished helping Mrs. SH, he drove back home and he called Mrs. SH’s sons to let them know that she was doing good.

During the telephone or mobile phone conversation my dad was able to see Mrs. SH’s sons, in his mind I assume, and when my dad told them that their mother was doing fine they looked confused and they replied: “Well, John, mom is dead…”.

My dad replied: “Yeah, that’s right! I must be going crazy.”.

And then my dad woke up in the real world.

My dad told that this dream seemed real when he was in it, he was doing some of the usual things that he used to do when working and helping at Mrs. SH’s house, back before she died several years ago.

The end,

-John Jr


A Newspaper Help Wanted Advertisement

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not.

All that I can remember of this dream is that a man named maybe something like Warren Wagner or Warren Smith or Warren Wagner Smith or something like that put an advertisement in a newspaper, it was probably a help wanted advertisement (ad) for a job that he was offering.

A man with light-color skin with short hair responded to his help wanted ad and met him in person, Mr. Wagner or Mr. Smith whoever revealed that the help wanted ad was a bit of a ploy, and there was more to it than he had mentioned in the ad.

I can not remember the details, I just know that they both were going to benefit but first Mr. Wagner or Mr. Smith needed help with something on what I assume was temporary job, and then he would help the man with something that I assume was a temporary job that the man needed help with.

I can not remember what Mr. Wagner or Mr. Smith needed help with exactly, maybe some kind of research and maybe a dog was involved but I can not remember at all, and I can only remember them discussing this until they reached an agreement (deal).

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly a partial continuation of the previous dream, I know for sure that I was in this dream, and I remember being inside a library or library-like thrift store-like building.

I remember thinking about the Mr. Wagner or Mr. Smith situation, about him partially misleading people and about whatever it was that he needed help with, and I knew that there were other people doing similar things and who were possibly involved in some way but I can not remember the details.

I possibly got to see and hear Mr. Wagner or Mr. Smith and the other man talking but I can not remember, and I possibly got to see and hear some other people doing and talking about the same thing or something similar like something bigger was going on secretly but I can not remember the details at all.

While doing this I remember looking around at shelves of stuff, I mostly remember looking at books, and I remember finding some books that were up high on a shelf and arranged where you could not see most of the titles so I adjusted them while looking at them.

I was probably going to rent or buy or get one or more of these books, there was a bit more to this dream, but that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

-John Jr


Stealing Money From A Company I Work For

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

My sleep and dreams got interrupted several times during the night because I needed to use the bathroom and because I got too hot because of the heaters, I did not voice record my dreams each time that this happened and I did not get enough sleep because I had to wake up early for work, and so I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was working for a fictional company that was owned by some people or a family (maybe a wealthy family and/or mafia family but I can not remember), and this company owned various types of businesses (maybe casinos, restaurants, and more) but I am not sure what my job was or which of their businesses I worked for.

Some of my coworkers approached me wanting me to join them in stealing money from the company that we worked for, they already had a plan and everything, and I was against this because it is against my beliefs and I tried to get them to cancel their crazy plan to rob the company we worked for.

I am not sure how they did it but somehow they convinced me to join them in this plan to rob the company that we worked for, I think that they probably told me negative things about the people or family who ran this business (negative and possibly criminal things that they have done and were doing, how they have cheated us employees et cetera, how they had way too much money, and other things like that) and they gave many other details about the money that they were going to steal and their plan so whatever I was told must have been pretty good to get me to go against my beliefs and go along with something crazy and wrong like this.

I wish that I could remember what they told me because it is not like me to do something like this and I was even against it at first, and so I am confused and curious about what caused me to change my mind and do something like this in this dream.

The fictional coworkers who came up with the plan and who approached me trying to get me to join them included a man with whitish-colored skin, the actor Carl Weathers and/or a man who was like him and/or a combination of Carl Weathers and my former male classmate DH, and maybe my former male classmate DH and/or another person.

I agreed to join them but only with a very limited role so I did almost nothing, we started our plan during the day at one of the company buildings that we probably worked at, and the only thing that I remember doing is dragging the unconscious or dead body (hopefully he was only unconscious) of a male security guard where no one would see it.

I probably did not even steal the money, I was mostly just there and I did as little as possible to limit my role and I probably avoided learning of the full plan to further allow me limit my knowledge and role if we got caught, and so I did not technically steal the money but I was there and I barely helped indirectly.

I remember us moving through a courtyard between buildings with mostly glass walls, there was a non-glass building where the money was that we needed to enter but the male security guard was probably guarding it, and something went wrong so one of us had to choke or knock him unconscious and/or kill him so that we could get to the money but I can not remember what happened or who choked or knocked him unconscious and/or killed him (maybe me, but I can not remember).

This was either our only mistake or one of the few mistakes that we made, other than that things went smoothly, and we reached the money and it was taken and we left.

Later in the dream the company we worked for figured out that they were robbed so they started their own investigation, I am not sure if they got the police involved or not, and I guess they possibly suspected that it was possibly an inside job so they contacted some or all of my group and some of our other coworkers for a meeting in one of the main company/corporate offices.

They explained to us what was going on, I remember a thin well-dressed man with whitish-colored skin with short yellow hair with the company doing most of the talking, and they told us that they would question/interrogate us several times as a group and individually.

I remember them started their individual interrogations, I heard some of the questions being asked, and I tried to predict the questions and how to answer them without lying while also avoiding revealing that I was involved in the theft of the money.

I was somewhat worried but not too much, I did not make the plan and I barely did anything and maybe I did not even have any of the money yet (maybe the others had the money and would give me my part of the money once things were clear), and so I felt that I could probably get through this; and even if they figured out that I was involved I could probably make a deal with them in exchange for information because my role had been so limited that I almost did nothing illegal or wrong.

But I woke up as I was preparing myself for the various possibilities during the interrogations.

The end,

-John Jr


A Shooting In A Walmart-Like Store

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one dream fragment from last night that started in D during the day near my aunt JE’s house, and I was walking over there for some unknown reason to do something that I forgot; but I can not remember this part of the dream, I just remember talking with an indirect family member and/or direct family member and a neighbor of my aunt JE.

My uncle WC saw us talking and he walked over to join us and my dad walked over to join us as well, and we all talked but I forgot what we talked about exactly; but I do remember someone mentioning an Easy (Something) all-in-one suit set/kit, that a Walmart-like store sold that included various low-priced sets of an entire suit including dress pants, dress shirt, suit/jacket, tie, et cetera.

I wanted to get at least one suit set that fit me/went with how I looked/et cetera, I hoped for a suit that finally was the right size & the right look to go with how I look, compared to the few times in the past where I wore a suits that were too big and did not look right on me; and so I drove off to this Walmart-like store to look at their Easy (Something) suit sets.

I am not sure if this Walmart-like store was in D or not, the area leading to it looked somewhat like the road by the train tracks by the A Plant that leads to the highway across from Eastside, but the area where the store was located looked like another city and the roads & homes near it were fictional.

I parked in a small single row parking area near a road near the back/side of the store (the store had at least two floors and the clothing section was on the second floor or another upper floor), where maybe the workers parked, and no one was around this area since the entrance was on the front side of the building; and then I walked around to the front of the building, and I went inside the store.

The entire store was being re-modeled/re-organized by the workers, who looked like they had worked over-time trying to get it ready & so they were busy & most of them did not look happy, and so some parts of the store had missing areas & there were boxes/et cetera around the store as workers worked on the re-modeling/re-organizing as their managers gave orders & answered questions that they had since most of them seemed confused like this re-modeling/re-organizing had caught them by surprise.

The clothing area was missing its workers as they worked in other areas and it was missing some of its clothing, so I had no one to ask for help at first, and so I kept looking around for the Easy (Something) suit sets; and I could not find them and so I walked to an area where a manager was instructing workers near an area with short wooden bookshelf-like rows that reminded me of the library from P Elementary, to ask for help.

Everyone was so busy and so I waited for them to finish talking, I listened as the workers and the manager(s) complained about the re-modeling/re-organizing and how it was unnecessary in their opinions, and it seemed that the Walmart-like company was trying to go with a more middle class – upper class appearance & products; like they wanted to be taken more seriously, seem less dependent on cheap products made in China, and attract more people from the middle class and upper class.

A former schoolmate of mine named TM (S), brother of DM, was one of the workers and he saw me & greeted me; but he seemed disappointed & a bit angry with me, like maybe in the past he had given me his contact information & I had never contacted him, and so he felt like I did not want to be friends with him & had abandoned him or something like that it seemed.

He gave some hints that made it seem that my prediction was correct, and he seemed to have mostly forgiven me but he was going to be a bit cold/distant/angry still toward me; and he might have even told me that he mostly had forgiven me & tried to leave it in the past, but that it still angered him a bit, and I probably apologized to him.

I asked him how his brother DM was doing but he gave me a negative response or non-response, and he probably thought that I did not really care about how his brother DM was doing; but then his manager called him and the other workers to walk over for a meeting.

Not far from me the manager congratulated them for their hard work and maybe for completing or mostly completing the re-modeling/re-organizing (even though it did not look done or close to done in my opinion), and they started to talk/complain about it; but as they were talking I noticed two women with medium-dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair walking from the right side of the store toward the manager & the workers with negative-neutral cold facial expressions that I could not read (like one a killer might make).

I thought that they were probably workers or ex-workers or customers who were angry about something, I was on the right side of the room & the managers and the workers were in the center of the room, and as the two women got closer they both pulled out two large black colored pistols & aimed them in the direction of the manager (I probably yelled for everyone to get down); and they started firing their pistols, which shocked the rest of us in the room, and I expected they were there to kill the manager but they started shooting at everyone (I probably yelled for everyone to run).

This felt so real and scary, a huge panic started with people screaming/running/stopping in shock, as the blasts/gunshots loudly echoed through the store as the two women fired rapidly like they had infinite ammunition/magazines or something, and I ran for my life toward the direction they came from; and so I had to pass by them from the right side of the room, but fortunately they were shooting at the center of the room at the time so I got lucky.

It felt so real & I was scared & running in a panic for my life not even trying to save anyone or try to stop the two women as I looked for a window (they both had two guns shooting rapidly and so I felt that they would easily kill me if I tried to stop them), I found a small window that I could barely fit through and I saw a little girl behind me with blond colored hair with whitish colored skin, and I told her to follow me/do not stop/keep moving; and behind her I saw a man with blondish colored hair with whitish colored skin who I assumed was her father, and a few other people probably followed us.

Once I saw that the little girl made it through the window too, I kept going telling them all to follow me/do not stop/keep moving, we were in another part of the store now; and I found a bigger window, and we climbed through it.

This led to another part of the store and we found one or two more windows before we finally reached the outside, well I reached the outside first near where I parked my automobile, and I ran to it for my life; and I drove off for my life, so I did not get to see the others make it outside.

I drove up the road(s) until I reached the area near the train tracks by the A Plant, I had my headlights on so it must have been early morning or something, and three old women were in the road raking leaves or something; and so I had to stop until they moved out-of-the-way, but then I saw some police coming up the road with some of the customers who escaped & so I parked my automobile to see what was going on.

Two police officers who looked afraid wearing police hats, one with whitish colored skin and one with dark brownish colored skin, asked me if I was one of the shooters; and I said no and I described that the two shooters were women, and I described their appearance.

They saw a fictional warehouse-like building near us and they noticed that the door appeared to have been messed with, so they felt that maybe the shooters were hiding in there, and they told me that one or both of the shooters worked or used to work for a company that put doors on warehouse-like buildings; and so they could have easily gotten inside.

They got their pistols out but they were afraid to enter the warehouse-like building and so they paused to try to get courage or wait for backup, and as they were doing that one of the customers who escaped with dark brownish colored skin approached me like he was one of the people who followed me to escape; and he showed me that he had a pistol in his pocket and he was going to help the two police officers, and so I asked him to come inside my automobile to talk quickly.

Inside my automobile I showed him that I had a pistol in there and I got it ready, I put it in my pocket, and then we talked about whether it was a good idea to tell the police officers that we had guns & that we would help them; I worried that they might think we were the shooters, and arrest us or something.

We both decided that the two shooters/women needed to be stopped, and so we got out of my automobile to go help the two police officers; but the dream jumped in time, and I was on my way to a house to meet a woman who I guess was my girlfriend.

She looked like PS CL and she probably was 10 years older than me, as I was driving to the house, I remember thinking about various ways we would/could have sex; and I thought about some of the times in the past where we had sex, and so we clearly had a sexual relationship & it seemed that we had sex a lot and I was looking forward to having sex with her as soon as I arrived to the house.

In my mind I tried to think of the various sex positions we would try today, vividly like it was actually happening, and then I arrived at the house; and she was waiting on a bed for me, and I told her that we failed to find the two shooters/women and that they were still on the loose unfortunately.

I gave her a kiss and went to snuggle with her or something but she pushed me away, she seemed suspicious toward me, and she started asking me questions about the shooting; and then she told me that she thought that I was the shooter, and so she did not trust me & she refused to have sex with me.

I was shocked/confused about why she would think that and how could she not trust me like that, I tried to explain that during the shooting that I was afraid & could have died & that I helped a few people find a way to escape, and that I even tried to help the police; but she still did not believe me, and it seemed that she was going to investigate me until she found enough evidence to turn me into the police.

She got off the bed and walked off since she did not trust me anymore and thought that I was a murderer, I sat there confused/shocked, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr