Melancholia (2011 Film)

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The 2011 science fiction drama art movie Melancholia.

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Here is how The IMDb describes this movie:

Two sisters find their already strained relationship challenged as a mysterious new planet threatens to collide with Earth.


The End Of The World With Thanos Or A Thanos Level Threat?

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I will have to go back and edit these dreams later, these are my mostly unedited notes of these dreams that I made on my mobile phone when I woke up to use the bathroom.

Dream 1

Maybe some world ending dream with giant threat and someone (maybe Thanos or a Thanos level threat) possibly does a Thanos snap or Thanos snap-level attack on the planet while we are outside, I try to hide under a building but a giant threat (maybe a giant creature with tentacles and/or something that could destroy buildings) was breaking everything so we try to run vowing to fight if some survive as people and building around us are being destroyed; but I can not remember if I died or not.


An Underground Civilization

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I once again lost dreams that I remembered by not recording them, and I even lost details from the two dreams that I remember part of because of the same reason.

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream and what I remember is probably partly flawed, and so I am not even sure if I was in the dream or not or what planet this dream took place on.

The end of the dream involved what seemed to be an underground civilization who probably did not even realize or remember or know if there was a surface to their planet, and there was some chaos going on because they thought that their civilization / planet was about to end because of maybe a bomb (I guess nuclear or something even more powerful) or something that was said to be about to go off soon if they did not find it or whatever.

The civilization was desperate and probably started doing desperate things trying to find the bomb or whatever and whoever was responsible, and so they started overstepping their power / laws to deal with this alleged terrorist threat and so people outside the mainstream were at risk of being targeted as well.

One man and some people with him possibly had a hypothesis that there was possibly a surface to their planet (there were possibly some old mostly forgotten and no longer accepted legends about this in their culture), no one else seemed to believe this and almost saw it as blasphemy or something, and so they wanted him to stop spreading such ideas and he was at risk of being attacked because they saw him and his ideas as a threat and possibly wondered if he was involved with the assumed bomb or whatever.

The man and the people with him possibly started being chased by people because they would not stop their investigation into this hypothesis, and during this chase the man found a hidden door that led to the surface of the planet so he stepped out of it to investigate and to avoid the people chasing them.

He stepped out into an area with plants / trees and a sky et cetera, it was possibly late afternoon or evening, and so his hypothesis was correct but now they needed to investigate if it was safe or not on the surface.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place at L University where my brothers KDC and TDC go to college and play American football, and me and my parents went there for an event at a fictional version of the maybe B Auditorium / Building where we went to the L University Football Kickoff Banquet last weekend.

As we were walking through the hallway I gave my glasses (eyeglasses) to my mom for a moment for some unknown reason, we got split up for a moment, and without my glasses my vision was blurred so I could not see very well.

I needed to urinate so I tried to find a bathroom but my vision was too blurred to read the signs on the doors, and so I had to ask some people to help point me to the correct door for the men’s bathroom and they did.

Before I entered the bathroom my mom probably walked over and gave me my glasses, and my dad needed to urinate too so he walked into the bathroom before me.

I entered the bathroom as my dad was urinating in one of the bathroom stalls, some young men were to the far left of the bathroom and I heard suspicious sounds and conversation like they were up to no good and doing something to someone, and I started trying to find a stall with some privacy.

The furthest stall on the left had no left side so it was open to the urinals next to it, two stalls to the right of it had their toilets mostly under the dividers where there was not enough room to really even urinate in them, and then the stall to the right of those had a similar flaw but there was barely enough room to urinate into it so I tried to use this stall and toilet.

My dad finished urinating and walked to wash his hands near the suspicious young men, they got quiet and stopped what they were doing and stared, my dad greeted them but they probably did not say anything and just stared suspiciously.

I stood there trying to urinate while keeping an eye on them because they were acting so suspicious, no urine was coming out even though I really felt like I needed to urinate, and eventually I woke up in the real world really needing to urinate so I went to urinate in the bathroom in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr


A Layered End Of The World Lucid Dream With Demonic Meat Creatures?

What Is Resident Evil 7’s MOLD MONSTER? • Resident Evil 7 Before The Lore

I am not sure if this was a lucid dream or not at some point, when I woke up from the dream I did not record it because I did not feel like getting out of bed or risk losing some sleep by trying to add some text notes of it on my mobile phone, so I just thought about it, and I went back to sleep so this dream is unclear now unfortunately.

This dream took place during the day and I was possibly on vacation with some of my family (my parents and some of my brothers), and I remember a place that had a small shopping mall-like / hotel-like / RV (recreational vehicle)-like place with a buffet restaurant and an outdoor field that reminded me of a combination of a large fictional field combined with the area near my aunt JE’s house and maybe the land where my dad used to have cows and a horse.


Playing Soccer During The Apocalypse

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Last night I remember part of three dreams, with my last dream being the most interesting, but I forgot most of it unfortunately because I had to use the bathroom very badly; and I did not realize that I had several dreams until I got back into bed, but by then I had already lost the most important parts of my dreams.

Dream 1

My first dream took place in a fictional version of D, during the day, and I was with several former classmates of mine; and something happened that caused us to start running through neighborhoods, but I am not sure what happened exactly.

Dream 2

My second dream took place in a fictional version of LC, during the night, and I was with my family; and we went to several stores, several restaurants, and we stopped on the side of a bridge to explore.

The bridge was over water and it had sitting areas where you could sit & relax while looking at the water from the side of the bridge, and there was a spiral stairway with several levels/floors with sitting areas, leading down to the bottom of the bridge; and no automobiles were driving around at the time, and so we stopped to explore.

It was very dark and a bit scary in the sitting areas, because anyone could be hiding there, and I did not feel safe; and so I told my family that we should go, and so we left.

I think that we might have went to a hotel, but I am not sure exactly.

Dream 3

My third and final dream was very interesting, but unfortunately, I can not remember most of it or the important parts of it.

I remember being in what probably was a secret facility, with several other people, and I think that the person in charge of the secret facility had either put the building in lock-down mode and/or self-destruct mode and/or they had opened the secret panel that led to the secure-bunker-like level/area deep underground; but I am not sure which of these is correct, maybe all of these things are correct.

I remember there being a panic and we were trying to find the person in charge of the secret facility and/or trying to find a safe area and/or trying to escape the building; but we were having a hard time.

I do not think that there were any windows in the building and something was going on in the World outside, something Big, but I can not remember the parts of the dream before this; and at some point we found the room of the person in charge of the secret facility, but he was not in his office.

There was a machine with a blinking light in the office, the blinking light was probably a green colored light but I could be wrong, and there might have been an alarm making noise (but I can not remember); and it seemed that the person in charge of the secret facility had used that machine to put the building in lock-down mode and/or self-destruct mode and/or to open the entrance to the secure deep underground level/area.

We could not figure out how to control the machine and so we started to look for the entrance to the secure deep underground level/area, and we found an open panel on the wall in the office; and there was a long wooden spiral stairway that led to the secure deep underground level/area, and so we took the long journey to reach the bottom.

I think that there were emergency lights that allowed us to somewhat see, as we traveled down the long spiral stairway, and at some point we reached the entrance to the secure deep underground level/area; and inside was the man/scientist/whoever in charge of the secret facility, and he was alone.

He was in another office and we stopped to talk with him, he was calm & relaxed, and I remember there being a TV screen showing video clips of the news.

Something Big was going on in the World, that I think involved aliens, but I am not sure what was happening and/or what was going to happen; whatever it was, many people were panicking (but in a calmer and more manageable way than you would expect, it was not that bad) , and many/some people thought that it was The End Of The World for most of us Humans.

On the news there was talk of suicides, looting, people trying to hide, people giving up hope, people partying to enjoy the time that they had left, et cetera.

The people with me were busy watching the news and I went to talk with the man who was in charge of the secret facility, who I think was a scientist, and he explained the situation to me; but I can not remember most of what he said, unfortunately, Darn!

I think that he told me that he had talked with a certain alien from a group/species/type of alien(s), who I think had a name that started with a M but I could be wrong, and he said the name which did not sound very long but he said that the name was spelled with 40-something letters/characters even though it sounded short I think but I could be wrong.

I think that I remember him saying that the aliens or a group/type/species of alien(s) claimed that us Humans were their experiment/one of their experiments or something like that, and I guess they had finally made themselves known to the public (maybe); but I am not sure what they wanted and/or what they were about to do and/or what was about to happen.

Whatever it was, it was Big, but I can not remember most of what the man said; and maybe even he did not know what was going to happen exactly, he seemed to be ready to accept whatever was going to happen, but he was hiding in a deep secure underground location & so it is easier to be calm in a place like that. 😉

The other people with me decided to stay in the deep secure underground location I think, but I think that I decided to go back to the surface to see what was happening; and on the surface I saw that some people so shocked/surprised/depressed/et cetera, and they stood around almost like zombies and/or they stayed in their homes doing nothing.

I remember seeing one woman in her home just sitting on her couch, too depressed to get up.

I remember seeing some people getting drunk & doing other drugs, and they were having a big End Of The World party.

Some people were probably having sex and orgies, some people were doing the things that they had always wanted to do, some people probably were praying and/or at churches/temples, some people were having their last suppers, some people were trying to decide how to kill themselves, some people did not care, et cetera; it was chaos (but not that bad), but on a much calmer scale/level than you would imagine/think.

There was a lot of uncertainty, confusion, and rumors going around the World; and many people were not sure what to believe/think exactly.

At some point as I explored the surface, I reached a soccer field, and there was a soccer game going on to my surprise; and some people had decided to spend their time doing something positive instead of worrying, and they were having fun playing soccer.

I noticed some of my classmates among the people playing soccer and I stopped to watch them enjoying a game of soccer, during The Apocalypse, which I thought was interesting.

At some point I decided to join them in their game of soccer, as some people in the stands watched, and we stopped to pick teams; the few people in the stands were enjoying themselves, and they did not seem worried about The Apocalypse at all & neither was I really but I was curious & I had many questions about The Apocalypse.

But I woke up as we were picking new teams.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂