Robert Pattinson + Playgrounds & Parks + Fallout 4 Energy Weapons = ?

I only remember part of my last dream from last night which was probably partly inspired by me thinking about and playing the video game Fallout 4 last night before going to sleep, but important parts of the dream are missing so it does not make as much sense.

FALLOUT 4 (Honest Game Trailers)

I think that the dream took place during the day, and at some point in the dream I was at a small fictional playground / park that was on concrete / pavement instead of grass, and some of my family was probably there with me at first until they maybe left at some point.


Trying To Transport A House To The City Of LC + Mad Max + Fallout 3 = ?

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of this dream which took place during the evening or night where some of my family and I drove back from another city (maybe the city of LC) back to the city of D to go to E Manor, we parked where my dead grandfather CE used to have one of his gardens but I can not remember what we drove/rode there in (maybe the same transport truck/vehicle/automobile from the second/next dream possibly pulling a small house, but I am not sure), and we got out of the vehicle/automobile to walk into the yard; but we heard my uncle CE inside E Manor being loud and having fun, and it sounded like he was having a party with some of his friends inside E Manor.

We decided to quietly leave without being seen/heard instead of going inside E Manor, we had expected no one to be there as usual since no one has lived there since my grandfather CE died last year, and so we quietly started to sneak away; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear and confusing because I got caught in a quicksand-like sleep/dream cycle and I overslept and this dream probably restarted at least two times which slight variations/changes each time, and it took place during a nice day as some of my family and I drove maybe a transport vehicle/automobile pulling/carrying a small house on the highway to the city of LC.

My memory of the three different parts/two restarts of this dream is messed up and so is the order of events and the events themselves so expect errors, but I think that the first part was inspired by the video game Fallout 3 (which I played last night); and I think that the second part/first restart was inspired by the film Mad Max (I never seen the entire film before yet), and I think that the third part/second restart was a bit film-like and inspired by the earlier parts of the dream combined with various other things (like the film John Carter, which I never seen before yet, but I did watch a YouTube video the other day by CinemaSins called Everything Wrong With John Carter In 15 Minutes Or Less.

Our trip was going well until a raider/biker gang-like group of men drove around us and they probably attacked us and did something to our vehicle/automobile that caused it to breakdown further up the highway, and so we stopped on the right side of the highway outside a fenced yard with a tall metal fence and a one-story house; and all that I can remember next is us being inside the yard and house in defensive mode using Fallout 3-like energy weapons and small guns to defend against the raiders/biker gang who tried to attack us again several times, and they kept leaving and coming back to attack us like it was a game to them and they were having fun.

I remember there being a small boy with light-colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair with us and a small orangish/brownish and whitish colored dog with us at this point, and we were supposed to take both of them and the small house that we were pulling/carrying to the city of LC; and inside the house I think that some paranormal-like things happened where creatures/entities (including Fallout 3 super mutants and centaurs, and maybe paranormal-like entities) would magically appear and attack us and parts of the house seemed strange/creepy/weird/paranormal, and so we had to fight them with the weapons we found.

At some point I remember being left alone with the boy and the dog defending them and the yard and house while I guess the rest of my family must have left with someone to get the parts/equipment/help we needed to fix the transport vehicle/automobile so that we could finish our trip and maybe get the police/whoever to stop the raider/biker gang, and the small dog kept running outside into the yard and there was something near the fence that he used to climb and jump over the fence.

I remember going outside to get the dog who was barking at something/someone and he jumped over the fence using the object near the fence so I had to get him, I can not remember what he was barking at but I do remember seeing something/someone outside the fence, and after getting the dog I moved the object so that he could not use it to jump over the fence; and as I continued defending them and the area I possibly had to fight some threats inside the house and outside the fence a few times until my former male classmates SS and DH showed up.

I remember greeting them and bringing them inside the house while explaining the situation to them while asking them to pick out some weapons so that they could help me defend against the threats, the boy showed them that he had a very small and thin blackish colored metal pistol, which he was not supposed to have so I warned him about this; but then I decided to show him how to properly use/handle it because we were in a live and death situation where everyone needed to know how to protect themselves, and I made him promise to be careful and only use it if necessary.

There were several other pistols like this, maybe a laser pistol, maybe a plasma pistol, maybe an alien blaster pistol, and several other Fallout 3-like guns; and I remember everyone picking their guns while I explained how to use/handle them, but I think that the dream restarted.

In the second part/restart of the dream I remembered what happened in the first part of the dream so I was predicting what might happen and I warned the others and we got attacked by a Mad Max-like biker/raider gang and we stopped on the right side of the highway again but this time there was an apartment house ran/run by a somewhat obese woman with whitish colored skin with long medium-to-dark colored hair wearing a t-shirt who was named Greta, Greta let us stay, and so we were under siege by the biker/raider gang who mostly kept their distance waiting like they were partly afraid of Greta.

Greta was the tough no-nonsense type who was actually pretty nice considering and I guess she had dealt with/fought off the biker/raider gang before so they mostly left her alone, they wanted her to give us to them but she refused, and so they gave her a deadline and they would attack if she did not turn us over to them by then; and so there was a standoff, and we started preparing for battle and Greta walked into another part of the house to get ready but the dream restarted again after we waited a long time for Greta to get ready (I assumed that she had enough equipment/defenses to fight a war, and that is why it was taking her so long).

The third part of the dream/the second restart of the dream was like a film and this time we got attacked by a religious cult/group that was like a crazy/violent Amish/Mennonite-like group of people who wore older style clothing and dressed mostly the same and who did not use most modern technology, and with us was a man who looked like the character Matai Shang from the film John Carter; and he said that he was from a species none as the most happy species, but that his species needed something called Force or The Force to be happy because they could not be happy on their own without it but none of them have been able to find Force in a long time so they have been unable to be happy without it.

His mission/goal/hope was to find Force and use Force so that he and his species could be happy again, I remember him flying away or somehow being gone as the cult/religious group chased us forcing us to run on foot because our vehicle/automobile probably got damaged, and I remember coming across the actress Lenora Crichlow playing a character with her hair dyed yellowish and in an older hairstyle and she was dressed in older style clothing and she was with a man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair like they were in a slave film or something like that where their relationship was forbidden so they were trying to run away together.

They ran with us because they were being chased as well and I knew this road from the other parts of the dream so I warned them when we got to a part where the road was broken and you had to cross by a small/short custom bridge made of some old wood or something like that (I do not remember this in the other parts of the dream, but somehow I knew or noticed it before they did), and so we carefully crossed this; and I came up with a plan that I can not remember (maybe to find the house to get weapons and fight back), but that is all that I can remember of this dream and I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr


Arthur Pendragon + John Jr + John F. Kennedy = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember part of several dream fragments that are very confusing since they are somewhat blurred together and I had to deal with various dimensions/states of consciousness/whatever, and I was not myself in half of the dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day, I was myself, and I think that I went to a zoo and/or college; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the night and I was Arthur Pendragon, and I was walking alone to a castle to re-take the castle back from my sister Morgana Pendragon, who had supposedly taken over the castle.

I was walking like a drunken man because I kept having flashes of Uther Pendragon telling me to kill Morgana and take the castle back or something like that, it was like his ghost/spirit/whatever/he was communicating with me from another dimension or something; and he was trying to control me/use me to get his revenge or something.

The weather outside was dark and damp, like it might start raining again later, and the environment felt like I was in another time period, an older time period; the environment was very detailed and my senses were more realistic than they are in normal dreams.

My mind was confused from the communications coming in from Uther, I was in a bit of a rage ready to take the castle back from Morgana, and so I was stumbling around a bit as I walked.

I reached a large double castle door expecting guards to be guarding it, so I yelled out to challenge them, but no guards were guarding the door; and so I entered the castle in a rage ready to fight, still moving like I was drunk or something.

The inside of the castle was mostly dark or dimly lit & quiet, and so I stormed the castle yelling for Morgana to come out and fight me; I sounded like a drunk man yelling, and I was ready for a fight.

Uther’s communications seemed to make it worse, so it was like he was somehow  effecting/affecting me, and he helped make my rage grow.

At some point I reached an open area that was maybe like a throne room I guess, and Morgana came out to face me from an upper area where maybe the thrones were; but I do not think that she had any guards.

She wanted to talk not fight, I was still ready to fight, but I felt that something was strange about the situation; and so I tried to listen to what she had to say, but Uther kept trying to get me to kill Morgana.

Morgana saw that I was acting strange and I told her about how Uther was somehow communicating/trying to control me, and so she helped me to stop him from communicating/controlling me; but I can not remember this part.

After that we talked and it did not seem that Morgana had taken over the castle and the castle seemed mostly empty, but I do not remember if we talked about this or not, that was just how I felt in the dream; and at this point we were working together, and I was acting normal again.

I am not sure what happened but I remember us going into a video game-like world, where we were fighting to regain the castle or something from the outside, against people & some alien-like creatures with energy weapons; and I had a gun & a pistol, but I switched my pistol for one of the alien energy weapons.

I remember meeting up with Morgana at some point in this video game-like world, but I can not remember the rest.

I just remember us being back in the castle and the weather outside was starting to get bad, and we moved around the castle & I think that I might have seen that there were a few guards still around the castle but not many; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

Next, I (I was myself again) remember being inside of my parent’s house and I walked to the living room, and I saw my mom standing on the steps outside of the back door; and so I went to talk to her, but the weather outside was starting to get bad, like at the castle.

I noticed that some bananas were growing on a tree in the alley, but those trees were not banana trees in the dream or real life, and so we were surprised by this; and I wanted to get a ladder to pick some of the bananas, but the weather was getting too bad, so I told my mom that we needed to go back inside of the house.

We went back inside the house, hoping that the bananas would survive the storm, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

The last dream took place in what might have been the castle again, but this was during another time period when John F. Kennedy was still alive, and I was John F. Kennedy; and I seemed to be at a party to celebrate the soon to be wedding between Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Onassis (soon-to-be Kennedy) and I.

The place was decorated with people there talking, drinking, eating, et cetera; and Jackie was there.

I remember thinking about some of my problems with messing around with other women and some other issues that I wanted to improve on, remember I was John F. Kennedy & not myself, and somehow I ruined the party for Jackie about three times during the dream; but each time I would restart the party from the beginning, so I was able to restart time somehow.

After the third time that I somehow ruined the party for Jackie, I remember her talking with me in a hallway-like area that might have led to the bathrooms or something, and I remember apologizing to her.

I told her that I would restart the party/time and then follow her lead, so that the party would go the way that she wanted & so that I would not ruin the party for her again, but at first she did not want me to restart the party/time; and so I tried to convince her to let me restart the party/time.

We talked about various things & I remember apologizing & promising to try to improve in those areas and we debated the situation, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂