Funny Spelling Errors

Funny Spelling Errors
Source: YouTube

What is it?

The 2020 YouTube video Funny Spelling Errors by the YouTube channel Mentally Mitch.


Source: YouTube

Recently on YouTube I saw a comedy horror movie parody trailer skit / short video by the YouTube channel Joanna Hausmann called MIAMI HORROR STORY:

I think that Joanna Hausmann did a pretty good job with this video, it somewhat reminds me of the trailers for the movies It Follows and Get Out and Enemy (2013), and Joanna reminds me of my female coworker JB.

The part at the very end made me laugh, and I had to watch that scene several times.

The end,

-John Jr

A Short Gael García Bernal?

There was more to this dream, but I can not remember most of it.

The end of this dream took place inside a building, and I was walking along a hallway among other people including some people who could speak Spanish and English.

Language Learning And A Monster Rat (Queerat) / Ewok?

The end of this dream took place inside a room that was almost like a nice small school library / classroom / study room, and me and my mom were in this room doing some language learning with some children.

We were trying to promote and encourage learning in general and lifetime learning, learning to learning, to promote and encourage language learning and foreign language learning and applying and using those languages in everyday life, promoting and encouraging education, promoting and encouraging them to mentor others, promoting and encouraging working together, trying to be a positive influence to them and hoping to encourage them to be a positive influence to others, et cetera.

Skwerl (How English Sounds To Non-English Speakers)

What is it?

The 2011 short film Skwerl by Brian And Karl.

Here is this short film on the YouTube channel Brian And Karl in a video called How English Sounds To Non-English Speakers:

How English sounds to non-English speakers

What is it about?

This is how The IMDb describes this short film:

A couple’s special meal is ruined when underlying tensions surface.

A study of the role of language in communication.

This is the YouTube description of this short film by Brian And Karl:

Read the script for ‘Skwerl’ here:


A short film in fake English.

As seen on QI.

A film by Brian & Karl:

Screenplay: Karl Eccleston and Brian Fairbairn
Directed by Brian Fairbairn
Starring: Karl Eccleston and Fiona Pepper
Sound and lighting: Thomas Jordan

Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston are a London-based filmmaking duo.

Made for Kino Sydney #47.
June 2011
Film & Animation
Standard YouTube License

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