A Female Vampire Archaeologist?

There was more to this dream that happened that I can not remember unfortunately, this dream took place over a period of time, but I can only remember parts of the dream that took place during maybe cloudy or somewhat foggy or gray/dark days.

There was a small group of people who were possibly archaeologists and/or just people looking for somewhere safe to live because it it possible that a disaster had taken place causing some people to flee cities and/or that creatures/beings/entities were attacking some cities, and this small group of people found some buildings far away from the city.


A Barney & Betty Hill-Like Experience

Part 1

This was all either one dream with several different parts or several different but connected dreams that all took place during the day at my parent’s yard/house in at least one part of each part of the dream or in each dream, and so I will type them in parts because I am not sure if this was just one dream or not.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during a nice sunny day, and I was outside in my parent’s yard, my dad was working in the yard, and he started telling me that someone he knew had complained about my brother GC and maybe me, and this person said that they had come to the house/yard or outside of it to see my dad several times; and that they saw one of us (probably me) walk into the house, they saw my brother GC doing various things in the yard, and then he went inside as well each time.


Spirits / Ghosts / Entities In Several Houses

All that I can barely remember of this interesting and confusing and mostly forgotten dream is that at some point in the dream several people and I were in a field surrounded by a forest in the middle of nowhere, maybe we were there to help a woman who somewhat reminded me of the actress Jessica Lange, and I remember us going into a house.

I think that all the houses in this dream had a hidden basement and/or bunker and second floor/story and/or attic, they were all slightly different but very similar, and they were all connected somehow even though they were not physically connected and they were in different locations; and each house had several ghosts/spirits/entities that haunted them, and there was one powerful probably male entity that would appear when a countdown would end and he could haunt every house instead of being limited to one house like the others I think.

I remember us exploring the first house in the field and we came across one or more ghosts/spirits/entities inside the house, some of them would be hidden until you found them or went in the room that they haunted, and so there was probably running/hiding/fighting/talking/et cetera with these ghosts/spirits/entities; and at some point we figured out something that I can not remember, and I remember talking outside in the field with a male entity with whitish colored skin with long whitish/grayish colored hair and a long whitish/grayish colored beard.

He showed and/or awarded me/us with a grayish/silverish metal sphere-like object that probably floated above his hand and that could separate like you could wear it like armor over your hand and/or other parts of our body, I think that he said that sphere-like object was possibly called God’s *Something that I can not remember* or The God’s *Something that I can not remember* or *Something that I can not remember* Of The Gods or something like that by some people in history, and that it contained knowledge/information about various things that were mostly unknown to most people (maybe supernatural things, paranormal things, unknown natural things, history, et cetera), but unfortunately I can not remember what he told/explained to us or who he was or where he went.

I just remember us exploring more houses and at some point a hidden door to a basement/bunker opened on its own and a spirit/ghost/whatever of a man with dark-brownish colored skin with old torn clothing from an older time period was hanging on it with a rope around his neck like he had been a slave who escaped but who was caught and hung to death back when he was still living, a baseball bat fell at his feet, and somehow (maybe he told us) that we could kill ghosts/spirits/whatever and free them from being trapped to haunt areas by killing them with an object that was connected to them and/or the house that they were haunting; and so I killed him with the baseball bat freeing him from haunting this house, and he disappeared probably.

We went around trying to find ghosts/spirits/entities and kill them with objects in the house that they were haunting to free them, I remember us coming across a small doll of a girl who seemed to have the spirit/ghost/soul/whatever of a little girl trapped inside of it and she had an even smaller toy boy and small toy girl tied to her on some jewelry and both of them had spirits of a boy and a girl trapped in them it seemed, but they seemed like friendly spirits/ghosts/souls/entities (maybe not at first, but later) who would talk to us and try to help us (their mouths/et cetera did not move when they talked and the doll probably floated around instead walking); and I do not think that we killed them to free them because they were helping us and were not ready to be freed yet probably, but maybe after we freed the others and defeated the powerful probably male entity we would possibly kill/free them as well but I am not sure.

We figured out how to teleport from house to house, each house had an area with carpeted floors and stairs and I could put my hand in the stairs and on my hand/wrist a metal thing (maybe the metal sphere that was given to use/me earlier in the dream) would show the letter for each house and the initials for each room of each house, I would turn my arm/wrist/the object to move through the list, and then select where I wanted us to teleport to and we would teleport there.

We used this to help us search the houses more quickly and to avoid threats like the powerful male-like entity who would appear when a countdown would end, when the countdown would end there would be a warning and the powerful entity would start trying to find us and he could move from house to house as well, and so teleporting helped us avoid him better; and after a certain amount of time he would be gone again, and then the countdown would start again.

The spirit/soul/ghost/whatever of the girl trapped in the doll and the other two kids trapped in the two toys connected to her jewelry (one was a small toy boy, and one was a small toy girl attached to the jewelry) were afraid of this powerful entity and maybe so were the other spirits/souls/ghosts/entities, so they stayed out of his/its way and they would hide, and we did not try to fight it because we did not know enough about it or how to defeat it; and so we would run and hide from it as well as we continued trying to free/kill the spirits/ghosts/souls/entities, and do whatever else we were trying to do.

This constant cycle continued for a long time, maybe we even died a few times and had to restart from where we last were but I can not remember, and there was a lot of other interesting details to this dream; but unfortunately this is all that I can remember or can make sense of, even this is probably flawed and incorrect in some parts, and at some point I woke up after a long constant cycle of this.

I wish that I could remember more of that sphere-like device that the male entity told us about and possibly gave us and I wish that I could remember more about him, I know that I asked him questions and that he shared some important hidden/secret/ancient/et cetera knowledge/information with me, but I can not remember any of it unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Survive Against Small Toy-Like And Alien-Like Entities

Source: Wikipedia

I do not feel like typing my dreams from last night again so I will not waste much time typing them, I had several connected/continuing and/or similar dreams, and they all took place mostly during the night in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

The dreams all had a horror movie-like environment/atmosphere to them combined with a normal dream and real life, and some of them had video game-like elements to them that seemed to be inspired by the video game Saints Row IV.

Most of the dreams involved small toy-like and/or alien-like entities who were probably active outside during the day and active inside during the night, I am not exactly sure what all they would do to people they caught, but I imagine that one of the things that the toy-like entities (who seemed a bit supernatural and maybe technological) would possibly do is turn people into toy-like entities under their control and maybe the alien-like entities (who seemed more natural and technological) would abduct people; but those are just guesses because I can not remember.

Most of the dreams took place during the night where my family, other people, and I would try to survive during the night inside houses and/or buildings but sometimes we would sneak from one house or building to the next during the day and/or night; and so the dream involved trying to keep the entities away, running, hiding, et cetera each night and day.

The dreams were more creepy than scary and the dreams were long and detailed but I can not remember most of them but I know that one of the dreams took place at a fictional version of my parents house, one dream took place at a fictional version of E Manor, another dream took place at a fictional building complex and base that was controlled by the alien-like entities, and the last dream took place at the shopping center near W Park.

The creepiest parts of the dream took place during the nights when you had to sneak around trying to avoid the entities as they slowly took over outside and inside, the toy-like entities were the creepiest and most diverse, and they came in various sizes/shapes/et cetera; and they could fit in/travel through places that the alien-like entities could not.

During one night some of my family, a few other people, and I sneaked from my parents house to E Manor and one of the men with us told us that the entities were more active during the night but in my opinion they were only more active inside during the night; and so it was safer traveling outside during the night because they were more focused on getting inside during the night.

We sneaked into E Manor and we tried to survive inside of it, later in another dream a few people and I sneaked into another area in the city that the alien-like entities controlled, and the aliens probably somewhat reminded me of smaller versions of the Zin from the video game Saints Row IV; and we probably even stole some of their hover vehicles to run from them around their base as they chased us, and this dream was more video game-like.

At some point we reached a warehouse-like room with a garage-like room inside of it, some alien-like entities saw us, but as soon as we reached the garage-like room it was like we won a level like on the Left 4 Dead video game series, and so this area became a safe house that we controlled on the alien’s own base and magically the aliens inside the warehouse disappeared and they no longer knew that we were in there.

The last dream took place outside during the day not far from the alien base at the shopping center near W Park, this area seemed safer so a variety of people and kids were there using it as a safe zone to load up on buses and other automobiles to travel to different parts of the city, and a school bus was loading a group of kids to maybe take them to school or another safe zone; but some toy-like entities attacked the school bus probably turning the bus driver into a gold-colored metal toy-like entity that they controlled.

I ran on the bus to fight the toy-like entities to save the kids and I was winning until one of them turned me into a gold-colored metal toy-like entity, this disabled me long enough for me to fall off the school bus, and the toy-like entities drove away with the kids as their parents and the other adults watched in horror.

For some reason the mind control/possessing/whatever of the toy-like entities did not work on me so they could not control me (I did hear voices and/or sounds and it felt like they were trying to control me, but I resisted it), so now I was a golden metal human sized toy-like entity not under their control, and so now I was stronger/tougher/could jump higher/et cetera and I had other special abilities.

I told the parents that I would try to find their kids and then I ran away to try to find where the school bus went, I was going to use my new powers to help fight the toy-like and alien-like entities who were taking over our city and probably the world/planet, and I wondered what did the entities want the kids for; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Another Inspired Dream

Source: Wikipedia

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream because I probably got killed in the dream and I instantly woke up as I died causing me to flinch/jerk heavily awake in bed, and the dream was probably a bit mysterious/confusing.

The dream was inspired by the Japanese anime (animated) TV series Another which I finished watching last night before going to bed, my brother GC wanted me to watch this anime, and I finished all 12 episodes and today I will watch the original video animation (OVA) for it probably.

The dream is very unclear now and it is missing a lot of details so it will not make much sense now but I know that the calamity in my dream was different from the calamity on the animated TV series Another, and near the end of the dream I remember maybe being outside my parents’ yard in the street during the day.

I saw a woman with light brownish colored skin with brownish/blackish colored hair standing across the street from the R Trailer loudly complaining to someone either on a mobile phone and/or in person, something strange happened that I can not remember involving a calamity that either possessed and/or took the woman through maybe a portal and/or something like that, and I left with several other people to try to save her and stop the calamity.

At least two women and maybe one man joined me and one of the women probably slightly reminded me of the animated character from the animated TV show Another named Mei Misaki, we ended up in a parking lot near a field with a small house at the end of the field, and it was strangely/unnaturally dark now with maybe thick dark purplish clouds blocking the sky but there were lights outside that provided enough light to see mostly.

We had learned a bit about the calamity but I can not remember the details but I think that the calamity seemed supernatural and I remember a scary female entity who possibly was the woman from earlier who was possibly possessed now or being controlled, the atmosphere was creepy/scary, and the calamity spoke to us in a scary female voice sometimes.

We had a plan to try to end the calamity permanently but it was going to try to stop us, I remember walking across the field toward the house, but the calamity blocked us from entering the house as it prepared to send entities to fight us I guess; and so I remember telling the other dream characters to look for anything that could be used as armor, shields, weapons, et cetera.

I came up with a battle plan and I started giving combat advice to the dream characters as we waited for the battle to begin, but something happened that I can not remember and we entered the house without fighting; and maybe we found a portal inside the house that opened and closed as the calamity entered our dimension / world, and so maybe we had a plan to enter it once it opened again but we had to wait.

We got interrupted by a male celebrity with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair and the PS LS and their entourage who entered the house to party and/or something like that, and we tried to explain the situation to them but they would not listen; and so we started arguing probably, and a conflict started.

They were ruining our plans or stopping the calamity and the calamity was using this to its advantage, soon the people partying fell into the calamity’s trap and they accidentally started a gas leak that started to cause flames to come from the ceiling like a flamethrower, and a man tried to throw dirt and/or something else on it causing the flames to get worse.

The people with me and I started to crawl away on the side of a metal building like the two metal storage buildings in my parents’ yard but these were inside the house, hoping to escape and/or that the buildings would shield us from the explosion, and I remember yelling for the people partying to stop and run but they would not listen.

The calamity was going to successfully stop us from ending it permanently and this angered me because we were so close to stopping it if it were/was not for the people who came to party, we tried to crawl as fast as we could but we magically got slowed down which happens sometimes in dreams, which is annoying; and the flaming gas leak exploded because the man would not stop throwing stuff at it making it worse, and the blast hit and probably killed everyone.

The blast/explosion hit the others and I even though we were crawling next to a metal storage building, the blast/explosion hit me so hard that I felt it and it sent me flying out of the dream, and I woke up instantly flinching/jerking heavily in the real world feeling the impact of the explosion.

The end,

-John Jr