Paranormal Activity? | Leading A Web Conference

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a large hotel-like house or something where some of my family and family members real and fictional were, and we seemed to be there for a family gathering like maybe a family reunion.

Most of my family members were probably fictional family members with light-color skin, but some of my real family was there like my mom and probably some members of my mom’s side of the family.


Tub To Sleep Paralysis | Were-Creatures?

After watching Toonami I went to sleep on the living room couch and that is where I slept the entire time, and I did not record most of my dreams but I still barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

I had some dreams before this dream but I can not remember them, I just remember that I was sleeping on my back on the couch in the real world, and in this dream I was in a strange large room laying on my back in a bathtub (tub) of water.

My head was halfway under the water so water was getting in my ears, I could feel it and hear it, and it felt real so I did not like this feeling.

I decided to raise my head above the water enough so that the water was no longer in my ears, and then I went to try to let the water drain out of my ears but during this I woke up into the real world into a sleep paralysis experience.

My brother GC was still in the living room on his computer, while I was paralyzed I heard my mom leave the bathroom and open the glass doors to the living room, and she told my brother GC that she was out of the bathroom so he could use the bathroom now; but my brother GC responded that he did not need to use the bathroom, and then my mom walked away back to her bed room it seemed.

I was paralyzed on my back on the couch so I could not turn to see her, I assumed that she / her voice had been a hallucination, but I was not sure so I probably tried to say something out-loud but I was paralyzed so barely any sound came out and maybe it sounded like I was snoring or something; and then I was able to move and / or I completely woke up.

I recorded this dream from the couch and I went back to sleep on the couch.

Dream 2

My voice recording of this dream is too low for me to understand some of it and I can not remember most of it, and so it is unclear.

This dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D, I was possibly with my mom and my brother GC and / or several other people during some parts of this dream, and there was a fictional raised bridge with a park-like area under it not that far from The BB’s Grocery Store on Southside that we went to several times during the dream.

We also went to a building where there was some other people, something happened that I can not remember where there was a threat, and maybe somehow some white werewolves (their fur was white) helped defeat this threat after maybe several people got turned into white werewolves.

There was a quiet dark area in this building with various rooms along the hallway, and maybe I led the werewolves there where they could have a place to stay out-of-sight from normal humans who did not know about their existence; but I am not sure.

I discovered other creatures, were creatures / were people and / or shapeshifters, and some other entities; and they joined the werewolves in the dark quiet part of the building, and I moved between the main parts of the building with normal humans and the dark quiet area with the creatures / entities / et cetera.

Some of them could transform into a human form and back, but some did not seem to have a human form.

When I was in the normal human area something happened that I can not remember where a mother and young daughter with light-color skin entered the building needing help because some kind of threat was after them, whatever the situation was it was bad enough where I risked taking them to the creature / entity area where they could hide, and so we went there.

I trusted the werewolves so I was going to ask them to help protect them, and I was going to ask the others to not harm them.

When we got there something happened that I can not remember where I felt that one or more traitors were among the group, I felt that the mother and daughter were in danger from them as well, and so I did not want to leave them there without me around too.

As I was trying to find all the werewolves to talk to them about the situation while trying to let the others know to not harm the mother and daughter, I noticed a small creature with a hook nose who looked suspicious and he was watching and smiling with an evil grin at the mother and daughter, and something happened where some of the creatures began rolling in a pile that went over the mother and daughter.

The small hook nosed creature joined the pile and I went in to get the mother and daughter out while trying to stop the hook nosed creature if he was really a threat like it seemed, and that creature ended up getting accidentally crushed in the pile and I ended up accidentally breaking what was left of its mouth (it felt and made a sound like a fishes mouth when it gets broken when trying to get a hook out of their mouth or something).

There were possibly more threats among the group so I started to warn the werewolves and maybe some or all of the others, and maybe I went to take the mother and daughter down the hallway to another room.

Something happened in this area that I can not remember where a man seemly got mind controlled with some kind of shadow mind control power by a small girl-like entity, who possibly looked like a normal girl with light-color skin at first, but when we figured out that she was a threat she transformed / shapeshifted into a shadow entity of some kind who screamed / screeched at the man turning him into a shadow person temporarily.

We fought the entity and broke the man out of her mind control and he helped us attack her, she possibly died, but even in the dream I was not sure and maybe I went to make sure that she was dead or to see if she had escaped but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Entity Recruiting For A Breeding Program?

I did not record my remembered dreams after I had them, I did not even record this dream until after an hour of trying to go back to sleep, fortunately I still managed to remember some of this last dream but it is unclear and incomplete.

I remember the dream taking place during the day, I was at a place with underground and above ground areas with some multi-story buildings, and some parts of this place were school-like combined with several other types of places that I can not remember so I am not sure what kind of place this was.

I am not sure what I was doing there for most of the dream, I know that some of my family was there like my parents and my brother GC, one or more of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate KS, some other people were there including maybe some school / college-like groups, some small robots were there, at least one unknown entity was there that maybe most people did not know about and possibly even a spaceship was there but I am not sure and the entity was possibly natural and / or paranormal and / or supernatural but I can not remember, and there were possibly a few non-human animals and / or creatures and / or small entities there as well.

I communicated with my parents during part or parts of the dream, and I possibly walked around with them and some other people.

I went to some underground areas, I went to some above ground areas on the ground floor, and I walked around several floors of several different buildings.

I learned of the existence of the unknown entity and of maybe a spaceship was that hidden somewhere, I can not remember where, and I can not remember if I saw the entity and the spaceship (if there was one) or not; and I can not remember how I learned about this entity and possible spaceship, which is annoying because I knew some of this information, but I forgot it now.

The entity seemed to be trying to stay hidden, it had plans et cetera, but I can not remember the details or if I saw it or not.

There were some strange abandoned-like areas where I probably heard and saw some of this.

At some point I somehow possibly overheard the unknown entity using / telling maybe a small robot to go recruit some people to take part in its (maybe his) breeding program, it or he possibly had a human-looking baby already or planned to get or make a baby, and it or he seemed to need or want a human to help take care of the baby and maybe some others to help make more babies but those are just my assumptions in the dream; and it or he wanted to recruit another small robot, and at least one of the small non-human animals or creatures or entities.

I was curious to learn more about the entities breeding program and its or his motives and goals et cetera.

The entity sent the small robot to try to recruit people, it recruited another small robot first, then it convinced a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair to come meet with the entity in its or his hidden location, and it started trying to convince a small non-human animal or creature or entity who could talk to join and it was male.

I planned on following the woman so that I could find where the entity was hiding, I wanted to learn more about its plan et cetera, but it was risky and I was not sure if I could stay hidden well enough against something that was possibly alien and / or paranormal and / or supernatural with robots and maybe a spaceship et cetera.

I possibly decided to not risk following the woman for now, maybe she was going to meet with the entity later or something but I can not remember, either way I remember walking past an opening along a walkway that went past a lobby with some rooms and a hallway.

I saw my former male classmate KS there with a crowd of people, maybe students, and so I stopped to greet him and talk to him as they waited outside some bathrooms during a bathroom break or something.

The next thing that I remember is leaving by an area where maybe The O Club used to be in the city of D, there were a group of people hanging out near and on a one-story building, and I stopped to join them.

At some point two large airplane flew super low above us, it was an amazing sight, but then a third large airplane flipped out of the air and it landed upside down almost hitting us but fortunately the tail landed on the building without hitting us and it did not damage the building surprisingly.

We all probably would have died if it had not magically flipped so perfectly, I remember us talking about this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Androgynous Entity Attacks A Meeting Of Deities And Superheroes?

I did not record this dream right after I had it, and so now I can only barely remember part of it.

This dream took place during the day and I was at a multi-story maybe hotel-like building with probably my parents and maybe my brother GC, but I am not sure.

At some point I was on an upper floor and I went to a meeting in a small room at the end of a hallway on the left side with chairs with one or more windows to the outside on the back wall.

At and arriving at this meeting were mostly superheroes (like maybe the Jason Momoa version of Aquaman), maybe deities (gods and goddesses et cetera), various other entities with various powers, and a few humans who did not seem to have powers like myself; I probably did not know what the meeting was about or why or how I was there, I am not sure how I knew about it, I just remember walking to it like I knew about it but I can not remember the details and even in the dream I probably did not know most of this.

It seemed that almost all of the participates were there so the meeting was probably going to be starting soon, but then a short androgynous barely clothed (it probably only barely had some pieces of clothes and maybe some jewelry (maybe gold jewelry like you would expect on a Hindu deity maybe)) topless (its chest looked almost like developing breasts, and so it was harder to tell whether or not it was a male chest or developing female breasts or both) humanoid entity with blue (medium or light-medium blue) skin with maybe short hair (if it did have hair like I think then it was probably a style that could work for males and females so once again that made it harder to tell if it was male or female or both) entered the room smiling with a smug overconfident facial expression like a villain.

This entity somewhat reminded me of the Hindu goddess Kali but with only two arms, short hair, and its body and appearance looked late preteen or early teen even though it was probably much older but its appearance and voice (its voice was like a girl’s voice combined with a boy’s voice to make it unclear whether it was male or female or both) made it hard to tell its age or sex or gender so it seemed to be a combination of male and female and young and adult; and it seemed to only be somewhat based on a Hindu deity, but it was probably not a Hindu deity because even with some of those similarities it still did not exactly look or seem or feel like a Hindu deity to me even though I do not know much about them at all.

This entity walked to the front of the room which was to the right of the entrance, and it started to talk to the entire crowd of deities and superheroes and other entities and a few humans like myself.

The others looked confused so this was not part of the meeting and this entity was probably an unexpected and probably uninvited and maybe even unknown intruder, but I am not sure.

I can not remember what the entity said, I just know that it was smug and overconfident and it seemed like it was going to attack everyone, and so I wondered how could this entity be so confident that it could defeat a room full of powerful entities; this made no sense, could this small weak-looking entity really be that powerful, and why would it want to attack us anyway?

Without warning the entity started attacking one of the deities or superheroes, the fighting possibly started one-on-one without the others jumping it, and shockingly it was defeating and possibly killing deities and superheroes et cetera by itself with no weapons and just its own powers.

Everyone was shocked and confused, especially a human like me who did not seem to have powers, and I remember Aquaman fighting it at some point losing so I decided to stand up to try to convince it to stop attacking before more entities got hurt and / or killed.

I stood up and I yelled at the entity to stop and I probably asked it why was it attacking us and I told it that we did not need to fight each other, the entity stopped and it looked at me and it smiled, and it seemed to realize that I was just a lowly mortal human without powers so this amused and surprised it that I had the courage to risk my life like this.

It probably said something to me about this but it did not answer my question, I was just a powerless human so it decided to just kill me by throwing me across the room and through the window to fall to my death using telekinesis I assume, and so it lifted one hand toward me as it was defeating another entity and then it looked at me and I flew backward across the room and through the window and I started falling to my death and it went back to attacking everyone because I was not worth its time so it did not bother to watch me fall to my death.

As I was falling down to the street below to my death, this building was in maybe a downtown-like area that fortunately did not have any or much traffic in this area at the time, and as I was falling I decided to see if I could use dream powers and fly; I did not know or think that I was dreaming, it was just an act of desperation to survive, and to my surprise it worked just in time so I was able to float right before I hit the ground so I was able to slowly land on the street.

And then I started trying to float up again and fly and try to get used to flying again now that I realized that I could use this dream power, I did this quickly because I wanted to stop the entity, and after a brief floating and flying warm-up I flew back to the window to challenge the entity to try to draw it outside after me so that the others could hopefully survive.

The entity was surprised to see that I was alive and that I could fly, I was surprised too, and I challenged it and it happily came after me outside.

I probably blasted it with an energy blast that I charged up after testing whether I had that dream power too but I do not think that I realized that I was dreaming but I could be wrong (I could have been semi-lucid, but I kind of think that I still did not realize this and I was probably too busy trying to figure out how to survive and save the others and stop this powerful entity), it probably got blasted back inside and into a wall and it probably fell on its back, but it got up and it looked surprised and happy that finally someone gave it a bit of a challenge.

It happily and angrily flew outside after me, that attack was the most powerful attack that I could think up and it shook it off, and so I had no idea how I would survive this so I flew around stalling for a moment until I decided to use hand-to-hand combat.

It was surviving that too so I decided to charge up my strength and I lured it into an attack, it was angry that a lowly human dared to challenge it and that I had survived this long and so it was ranting about this as it walked into my trap telling how I did not stand a chance against it and how it was above me and maybe how I was just a lowly human et cetera, and I used an attack like the one in this movie scene where I grabbed this entity by the leg and I slammed its entire body back and forth into the ground super hard like a rag doll:

Nothing else was working against this entity so far so this was basically a desperate near last or last attempt before maybe running away, and so I put most of my energy into this attack slamming it repeatedly into the street so hard that the street was breaking and it was smashing into the ground forming holes; and at some point I stopped and it was stuck in the street smashed through it in a hole either unconscious or dead or hurt.

I can not remember what else happened to it, did it die or did I leave it there, did it escape eventually, did I truly win, et cetera; I have no idea, I just know that I flew back up to the room that was now mostly destroyed, and I was trying to see who survived and to see if anyone needed help et cetera.

Most were gone but I am not sure if they were dead, if they ran, if they were taking to get medical attention or what happened, and I remember talking to a few survivors trying to learn what happened to the others et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr