Moving Forward – Eren Yeager’s WORDS

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The YouTube video Moving Forward – Eren Yeager’s WORDS by the YouTube channel Biraj Senpai:

Moving Forward – Eren Yeager’s WORDS

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Eren’s Words on Freedom and Moving Forward from Attack on Titan Season 4.

Character Synopsis (from MAL):
Eren is Shingeki no Kyojin’s protagonist.

His childhood friend, Mikasa, notes on numerous occasions that he acts on impulse without thinking things through, and she often pulls/carries/throws him when he starts fighting with others to protect him from himself.

Along with Mikasa, he tends to spend his free time with their mutual friend, Armin.

Spoiler ON Eren’s Character:
When Eren was a child, he saved Mikasa from being sold off when a visit to her home with his father.

Three men—killers of her parents—were in her house, and he killed two of them—one by slitting his throat and the other by charging at with a quickly assembled spear.

Mikasa herself killed the third man after Eren urged her to fight, whilst the man strangled Eren.

After this, he gave Mikasa his scarf and Eren’s father took Mikasa into their family.

Later, when the Colossal Titan broke through Wall Maria, the debris from this attack scattered and hurtled towards his home.

He could only watch on as his mother—trapped under the rubble of their house—was eaten by a titan.

This event lit the fire of revenge within Eren that he would kill every giant and not live a life cowering in fear.

Sometime after this—before the time skip that jumped a few years ahead, to when he became a soldier—his father injected him with something.

It’s unknown what at this time, but it turns out, because of the injection, Eren can utilize the ability to transform into a titan himself (which explains how his limbs were able to regenerate) with side effects of a high fever and massive stamina drain.

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