Reckless Tortuga In The City Of D

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had several dream fragments that I somewhat remember from last night, with one dream fragment being like the video game Fallout: New Vegas, and I was inside the abandoned casino in Primm, Nevada where the Deputy was being held hostage by the Powder Gangers; and I had an energy pistol of some kind I think.

I walked into the main room next to the room where the Deputy was and I walked to the room where the Deputy was without being noticed somehow, I guess I walked in so directly that the Powder Gangers did not notice me at first, since I was not sneaking or running.

Before I could un-tie the Deputy the Powder Gangers saw me and a shoot-out began, and I am guessing that I won & that I helped the Deputy escape; but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream that took place in D during a cloudy/dark evening or early night where it looked like it might rain or had rained, I was driving my automobile, and I had bought some feeder fish that my brothers D&D wanted; and I was on my way to buy some groceries for the house at BB.

I parked my automobile in the parking lot of BB and several other people were also there trying to get to the door before BB closed, and we walked to the door but it was locked; and BB looked closed already.

I noticed Lindsey Reckis from Reckless Tortuga in the small group of people, and we noticed a small sign on the door that had the name of another store; so it seemed that BB was closing down to be replaced by another store, but we were not sure.

Mrs. Reckis, the other people, and I briefly talked about the situation; and then we started to leave, but I noticed a boy in the parking lot and I stopped to see if he needed help.

The boy was alone but maybe one or both of his parents was going to come back to get him soon, I guess one or both of his parents dropped him off to shop for them or something like that maybe, not realizing that the store was closed.

I was not going to leave the boy alone in the parking lot at night and so I decided to wait with him until his parent’s returned, and he needed help with something; and so I spent time helping the boy with something that I can not remember exactly, it was something that was fun to the boy, but that is all that I can remember.

It was nice helping the boy and at some point his parents came, and then I called my mom to tell her that BB was closed & about the sign on the door; and I told her about Mrs. Reckis, and I remember trying to describe her to my mom by mentioning that she somewhat looks like Princess Diana to me.

At this point I had forgotten that I needed to bring the feeder fish to my brothers D&D, I finished my conversation with my mom, but then Mrs. Reckis & Eric Pumphrey from Reckless Tortuga drove up.

I went over to talk with them, Mrs. Reckis was showing the sign to Mr. Pumphrey, and they did not seem to really want to talk with me like they were afraid/did not like the locals in D or fans; but they talked with me anyway & they tried to be nice to me.

Mrs. Reckis still wanted to buy something and so she asked me did I know where Fantastic Sams was, they also asked me about how to get to several places in D, and so I tried to explain to them about how to get to some of those places.

I was not sure where Fantastic Sams was anymore, so I told them that I would ask around, and I remember asking them if they were living in D; and they said yes, that they had their own apartments.

I remember asking Mrs. Reckis if she lived close to Eastside, I was not too specific in my question because I knew that she would not be comfortable answering my question, and she almost did not answer my question & she made a facial expression showing that she did not want to answer the question; but she answered the question and she said that she lived close to Eastside.

I welcomed both of them to D and Mrs. Reckis to Eastside, and I offered to show them around D a bit; and they hesitantly/barely accepted my offer, and then I drove them around D.

At some point we went to a fictional Walmart-like store or a fictional Walmart that is sometimes in my dreams, and for some strange reason I was carrying Mrs. Reckis & Mr. Pumphrey like babies on my shoulders at this point. 😀

I walked around carrying them in the store, they must have been sleep or something because they did not talk or move much the entire time during this part, and I saw some of my former classmates JB, DH and several others in the Electronics Department.

I stopped to talk with them and I asked them if they knew where Fantastic Sams was, but none of them knew exactly; but they offered some advice on how to find it.

I woke up as they were showing/giving me some advice on finding Fantastic Sams for Mrs. Reckis.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Business Job In The Fictional Country

I was awakened from my dream where I was in the middle of a conversation with a dream character, by my alarm clock, but I managed to remember some of my dream fragments & that conversation with the dream character.

My dreams took place in the fictional country that has been in a few of my dreams in the past, the one that is usually an island or islands (though the country does not seem island-like when you are there and it is not tropical at all) that is/are usually controlled by one or more groups of people who seem to be from various places in Asia (India, Iran, China, and more) & a few other countries & sometimes there is evidence of a bit of past conflict or current minor conflict among the groups of people & the fictional country always has tourists visiting & I am always a tourist too, and this dream was no different.

This was probably one dream with various parts that connected, and in one part I was in a professional tennis tournament; sometimes I dream of being at a professional tennis tournament and/or being in one, but I usually am not at the tournaments for long for various reasons.

The tennis tournament was in the fictional country and various professional tennis players from around the world were there, and somehow I was in the tournament; and this was my first professional tennis match, and I did not know how to serve properly/well/good, like in real life. 😀

I do not remember seeing any tennis players that I know but I remember part of my tennis match, which was against an unknown experienced professional tennis player with black hair & whitish colored skin wearing a white tennis shirt with white shorts & white shoes, and I remember being a bit nervous.

We had a crowd in the the stands watching us, not a huge crowd since we were lower ranked players, but it was a big crowd for someone like me & I hate being watched (social anxiety).

I did not expect to win but I was going to try, and I remember not being able to serve hardly like in real life; and my opponent was acting like a jerk, and he would make fun of me.

I remember acing him once, because he was not used to very slow & sloppy serves 😀 , and I remember him acing me several times because I would stand too far in front of the baseline since I like to volley (I can not serve to save my life but I am pretty good at volleying for someone untrained 😉 ).

I remember my opponent telling me that I stood too far in front of the baseline, which was true, and so he kept taking advantage of that to defeat me.

My opponent made me a bit mad/frustrated/annoyed/sad with his constant making fun of me & trying to get the crowd to make fun of me, but I managed to finish the match trying my semi-best; and that was good enough for me.

I lost the match so I was kicked out of the tournament, one loss & you are out, but I was happy with my performance. 🙂

I left the tournament to tour the fictional country, and I rode an open train-like machine with other tourists as the tour guide pointed out different areas around the country & told us information about various places.

The tourist parts of the country were the nicest, and then we went to the poorer parts of the country; which was interesting.

We saw farms with animals, crops, dirt, mud, people with turbans & Middle Eastern-style clothing & various other styles, people with brownish – purpleish colored skin, open markets, various languages & cultures, et cetera and a few people on the train-like machine were locals of the country; and I spoke with one of them who knew a bit of English, not much, but a bit.

The woman had dark brownish – purpleish colored skin and her accent reminded me of someone from India & like someone whose main language is Hindi, and we spoke a bit; but she only could understand & use a bit of English, so she could not understand me sometimes.

During our tour there must have been a TV or something on the train-like machine, because I remember a news report showing that a politician from The United Kingdom (maybe England) had been put in charge of a group of probably Special Forces soldiers stationed in the fictional country.

For some reason the UK had a military base in the fictional country, maybe as a peace keeping/engineering/assassinating/training/spying force or something, anyway the female politician was in charge of the soldiers or something like that.

I remember the news report showing the female politician and there were clips of one of the soldiers who was getting ready for bed, he had the older DPM camouflage & no body armor & he looked unhappy & I predicted that they were under-funded; but the news report tried to make the soldiers sound élite/happy/glamorous/well-funded, but it seemed like propaganda to me, so I wanted to go talk to some of the soldiers myself later to get the facts. 😉

As our tour continued we reached a building and we stopped to explore it and maybe buy some souvenirs, but a man who looked & acted like Alec Baldwin as his character on 30 Rock (which I have never seen an episode of) offered some of us tourists jobs.

Mr. Baldwin was wearing a suit and he had a son who he put in charge of our group, his son was the son Seth Gold on the TV show Hardcore Pawn, and our group was a new business idea that Mr. Baldwin wanted to try.

Our group was supposed to invent/create/come up with a product idea/invention, figure out how to make/manufacture the invention, figure out how to advertise it, et cetera and Mr. Baldwin would take care of the rest on a small-scale to see if it is profitable; and if we failed on our first try to have a profitable invention, we would probably all get fired. 😀

Mr. Baldwin’s character was funny & easy to get along with even though he was a bit of a stereotypical business guy who acted overconfident & like a jerk, but he was funny & cool about it. 😀

Mr. Baldwin left and our group went to a room to come up with ideas, and our group was an interesting mix of people; and we had a pretty good time and we got along well.

Our group members were the son Seth Gold from Hardcore Pawn, a fake slightly overweight uglier version of Prince Harry with a big head, a fake slightly overweight uglier version of Chris Hemsworth with a big head, a fake Eric Pumphrey, several women but I can not remember what they looked like for some reason, and I.

At first we were having too much fun hanging out and some of the members even had friends come visit, but then we started trying to think up ideas; but that was not going so well, and so Mr. Baldwin came to talk to us.

Mr. Baldwin walked us around the building near the souvenir shops, I guess he owned some or all of them, because we started have a fun fight/fake fight with some of the souvenirs; and I remember getting shot by a toy gun or something, and I laid on the ground pretending to be dead as the others continued fighting.

It was fun and at some point Mr. Baldwin called an end to the fun, which he was a part of & which he probably started, and he gave us a theme to help us come up with ideas “children toys” & he gave us a bit of encouragement: “If you fail, you are all fired, now get back to work! *smiles, and walks off*” 😀

We all went back to think up ideas and we started to realize that we really would all get fired if we did not get this right the first time, and so we started thinking hard to come up with ideas; and I was the first to come up with an idea, and so I started to tell our team leader the son about my idea.

My idea was a simple toy kit where a few durable enough but cheap to produce pieces would be sold, and the pieces would be put together to make the toy; something more complicated than Legos but not too complicated.

I tried to sell/convince the idea to our team leader the son mentioning the low-cost to produce it & the simple manufacturing needed to make it & we did not even have to put the toys together since the buyers would have to do that, that schools could buy/use them & kids could practice their motor skills/et cetera & I mentioned various other things as our team leader listened closely calculating it in his mind.

He seemed close to accepting my idea and I was about to ask the group to help think of what material we could use to make the pieces & I was going to ask them to think of some other things, but my alarm clock woke me up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Reckless Tortuga Scene?

I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them and my last dream had various parts, but I forgot almost all of those parts as well.

I know several parts of the dream took place in and outside of a fictional building that was like a school/building complex; and I think that it was a one-story building with many halls & rooms.


A Boating Accident

I only remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which took place in a fictional area during a somewhat dark cloudy day, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream; but I think that Aaron Jones (played by Eric Pumphrey) from The Online Gamer on the Reckless Tortuga YouTube Channel was having a game-like competition against some people at a dock near water.