Escalating Dreams

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I think that my dreams from last night were escalating dreams where slowly more things happened and more people showed up as each dream went on.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was in my parent’s yard late in the afternoon, during the dream more people started showing up at our new neighbors house and yard slowly, at first it was just adults but then children started to arrive as well.

At some point the adults disappeared, either they went inside the house and / or they left, and I only saw children outside at this point.

The children were walking and playing through all the yards of all the properties on that side except for The E House, and the children went in the alley outside our fence and they were very close to our fence like they might try to walk in our yard.

Some of the children were so young that they could barely walk, and I wondered where were their parent’s and the adults because someone needed to be watching these kids.

I remember two of the very young children, a boy and a girl, falling on the ground and they were so young that they could not get back up on their own so they started crying as they struggled to try to get back up.

No adults came outside as they cried, eventually some of the other kids picked them up, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I was working at a maybe general store-like place.

I can not remember what my job was but I assumed that I was stocking (shelving), cleaning, straightening, et cetera.

At first I was working almost alone but slowly more of my coworkers started to show up, then slowly more customers started to show up, and eventually my parent’s showed up.

More and more people started asking my coworkers and I for help, and eventually a male customer with dark-color skin asked me for help.

He was in another department that I did not work in, and so I told him that I would find one of my coworkers to help him and either I found one or he found one.

I then saw an older female coworker with light-color skin with brown hair pushing his shopping cart of maybe bottled water outside, and so I assume that he just needed someone to help him take his items to his automobile.

I assumed that these items would possibly be too heavy for my coworker, and so I followed them so that I could help load the bottled water into the man’s automobile.

The man led us to a nice black extended cab truck, he gave me the key, and I started to load the water bottles inside his truck while him and my coworker started to walk across the parking lot for some unknown reason.

After I finished loading the water bottles in his truck I noticed police automobiles around the parking lot, and police officers in the area where they had walked.

I then saw my dad helping a male police officer with dark-color skin walk to the store from the direction where my coworker and the man had walked, and the police officer walked like he was wounded like maybe someone had stabbed him in the side or stomach.

I waited at the man’s truck holding his keys not wanting to leave his truck unlocked with the keys inside of it, I did not see the man or my coworker, and I realized that I had a silver kitchen knife that looked like a kitchen knife that my parent’s have.

I think that I had this knife earlier, I was probably using the kitchen knife earlier to cut the plastic that some boxes were wrapped in when the man had asked me for help, and so I assume that I did not set it down and that I took it with me when I went outside to help the man and my coworker.

I was worried that the police would stop me and arrest me for having a deadly weapon if they realized that I had this knife as I try to walk back inside the store, and that they might falsely assume that I had attacked that police officer who looked wounded.

So now I had to deal with trying to decide what to do about the knife situation and what to do about the man’s truck and truck key, and at some point I started walking toward the store while hiding the knife in a white plastic bag but I can not remember if I had the man’s truck keys so that I could give them to him when I see him again or if I left his keys in the truck inside the front console.

But I got scared and I walked back to the truck to wait some more and to think about what to do because I was afraid that the police were going to stop and search anyone walking around and I did not want to be caught with a knife during a situation like this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr