Getting Injected In My Cheek | Undercover Missions & Disguises

Dream 1

This dream involved me at a doctor’s appointment, my doctor was a woman with dark-color skin, during my medical examination when she was behind me, she either injected me with something and / or she took a blood sample from my left cheek (face) without warning; and I woke up as I confronted her about this trying to figure out what she did to me & why et cetera.

Dream 2

I probably was not in this dream, it involved two rebel women who were undercover on a mission in an unknown country at an outdoor & indoor event.


Alex Harper’s Bodyguard & Transportation Business

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day.

It involved Alex Harper & an unknown man with light-color skin starting their own bodyguard (security, private security) / transportation (taxi, vehicle for hire) business (company, service).

I was their first client (customer) / beta tester.

I am not sure if I had to pay or not, maybe I got a discount if I did have to pay, either way this was their chance to learn & improve & test out their skills & business et cetera.


A Reverse The Last Of Us

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream took place in several places.

This part of the dream took place inside a fictional building in the shopping center by W Park in the city of D, and I was talking to my male cousin ME.

I asked him this question: “Would you rather have strangers as bodyguards / security (whether current professionals or strangers hired and trained for the role) or people you know and trust like family members / friends / coworkers / et cetera who will be trained for the role?”.

ME replied: 50 Cent had once been asked this question and said that he would rather have people he knew and trusted for that role, and so Me said that he would want the same; and that he would hire family / friends / et cetera who(m) he trust who would be trained for the role, and that he would get a certain coach (who I can not remember) to handle their physical training.”.

Another part of the dream involved my dad going around to several different locations, I saw him several times in the dream, and he kept talking about some problem(s) with his / our mobile phones (Nokia Lumia 635 (512 MB RAM version)) that needed to be fixed but I had no idea what he was talking about and was not aware of any problems other than the obvious (our phones are old, outdated, stuck on Windows Phone 8.1, have no LED flash, no front facing camera, only 512 MB of RAM).

At some point my dad said that he went to maybe an AT&T store, that a male employee there said that there was a fix (I assume a bug fix / update) for our phones, and that this employee downloaded and applied the fix for his phone which allegedly fixed whatever alleged problem my dad was talking about.

I was not so sure about all of this, there has been no updates for our phones in years and Microsoft and T-Mobile have long abandoned them, and so I was skeptical.

Another part of this dream possibly involved Mixed martial arts (MMA), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was related to the video game The Last Of Us, instead of a somewhat older adult escorting a young person who possibly held the key to a cure for The Cordyceps Brain Infection the roles were reversed, and a young woman and a young man with light-color skin were escorting a somewhat older man.

The man was possibly immune to the fungus and the young people were supposed to escort him to a certain location, they were not sure what would happen to him or if a cure would even be made, along the way they formed a bit of a relationship with him, and they were worried about what would happen to him but he was willing to sacrifice himself if a cure could be made.

I was possibly this man or I was him at some point, I was not myself, and me / this man were very similar to Joel.

The man / I were not used to being the one being protected and felt that it should be the other way around, he / I were worried for the safety of the two young people protecting him / me and the rest of humanity, and he / I were willing to die if he / I needed to be killed for a cure to be made from his / my body; and he / I tried to let the two young people know this, he / I thanked them for protecting us, and let them know that he / I cared about them and wanted them to live and have a happy future free of this post-apocalyptic dangerous fungus infected world.

It seemed that the end of our journey would be an emotional one and that one or more of us might die, we all feared this and dreaded the end of our journey, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


La République Plastique (The Plastic Republic)

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was walking around with a group of men like I wanted to join their team, they were on an undercover mission to find someone and protect them and escort them by land/helicopter/et cetera through various locations until they reach their final destination, and there was another group whose job was to find and kill the target; and so they had to try to stop that from happening.

The men were undercover and so they did not have visible armor and weapons but they had some guns hidden on them, the leader of the group was a man with whitish colored skin and I remember them not letting me join them but they did let me follow them around, and they acted a bit like villains/jerks and they did not really seem to like me; and they treated me somewhat like an annoying nerd who wanted to be them or something like that.

I remember us being inside a large windowless shopping mall during a strange cloudy day looking around among the people trying to find the person who they needed to protect and escort, we had to act normal and blend in and so we did, and eventually we found a man with whitish colored skin who was the person who we needed to protect and escort.

They probably called the helicopter to come pick us up and we went outside in the front courtyard area to wait for the helicopter from a high place that would give us good visibility to see threats coming, the courtyard had various areas to sit by water fountains and plants, and we picked the highest area further away from the other people; but they were still somewhat close to us.

We tried to look and act normal while trying to stay alert, there was a solid tall wall around the area which gave us cover from snipers and easy attacks, but there was an open area that was the entrance where we could be attacked or sniped from; and so we tried to keep watch on that area while also watching other areas, and we mostly sat and stood around looking around and talking a bit.

Things were going good until something happened that I can not remember exactly, I think that I and/or someone else thought that we saw something move on the ground near the open entrance, and maybe we realized that it was a threat laying on the ground on its stomach in a sniper position and we went to cover the man we were protecting; but the first person to reach the man got shot and probably killed by a sniper who had sneaked outside the open entrance briefly, which is the movement we saw, and which was the assumed threat.

If it were not for our early alert and moving into position we would have failed the mission and more of us would have died, we quickly started moving the man to a safer location while the rest of our team move toward the entrance to defend against the threat, and the sniper moved out of sight; and no one would give me a weapon because I was not in their group, and so I picked up a compact sniper rifle off the ground that probably belonged to the man in their group who got shot by the sniper protecting the target.

This felt real and I could feel the gun and holding it felt real, I looked through the scope and I could see into the distance realistically, and I ran toward the entrance to help them find the sniper and get a better view of the situation; and I remember hiding near the open entrance and looking around with my scope around the corner, and I saw a group of men wearing dark military-like combat uniforms with ski masks and body armor and assault rifles et cetera moving in formation to sneak attack us.

They seemed well-trained (like special forces or a paramilitary force) and they had a plan, they would have caught us by surprise and killed more of us if I had not used my scope, and so I told the others what I saw; and I saw their sniper covering them from a distance, he had backed away to a safer position which was smart, but he was standing up briefly to cover his friends better as they were moving into position and he was about to shoot someone on our side so I lined up my shot and I shot him in the stomach or chest before he could shoot us.

He did not expect one of us to have a sniper rifle, the bullet hit him and there was some impact and he started to curl-up a bit in pain, and he slowly fell to the ground; and then I hid behind the wall again trying to see where the other threats were, they were smart, and they had moved along the wall where I could not see them to get ready to run through the entrance and ambush us.

The first of them to run through the entrance ran right in front of me and I shot him before he could shoot me, I shot at the others forcing them to take cover, and I used my scope to follow their movements and tell my team; and this helped us greatly during our shootout, and the threats fought well like my dream security probably would and they used tactics like I would expect them to which allowed them to survive the shootout even when they lost the element or surprise and they had a field disadvantage and they lost their sniper.

They could have kept fighting us but they decided to do the smart thing and retreat so that they could probably follow us and attack us again later when they have the advantage because we had the advantage during the shootout because we had better cover thanks to the wall, and because I took out their sniper and I used my scope to better follow their positions and tell my teammates their positions.

If it were not for the man who took the bullet for the target and I, we would have failed the mission, and so I proved that I was helpful to the team and maybe they decided to let me officially help/join them now; and we probably had to call off the helicopter pick up or the helicopter was still coming, and it would drop us off at a new location or we would walk to a new location to meet the helicopter.

Our mission was going to probably take place on land, water, and in the air across several locations; and so the surviving threats would have more opportunities to ambush us again later, and we felt that they would because they were smart and well-trained but I woke up.

This dream felt pretty realistic and almost like it was a type of training, like something that would be good for training your dream security, with one side of your dream security practicing offense while the other side practices defense across various situations/locations/forms of transportation/et cetera.

Dream 2

I had a semi-dream or semi-daydream where I thought up a title for book and/or film series called La République Plastique (The Plastic Republic), and I thought up a few quick details of what it might be about; and I remember my ideas being partly based on the American empire, the situation(s) in Syria, politics, and various other things.

The book series and/or film series would be about a small I guess you could say artificially created country, the word plastique (plastic) would represent this artificialness and the fact that the country is small/light/flexible, and the country would be a république (republic); and an empire based on the American empire would be in this story, possibly directly or indirectly responsible for the creation of La République Plastique (The Plastic Republic) along with some of their allies and/or enemies, but La République Plastique probably ends up breaking from their control or trying to.

The empire would probably start trying to destabilize them and/or destroy and/or replace the current government because the empire and their allies can no longer control them/use them/manipulate them/et cetera, in a way similar to what is happening with Syria and what has happened to various other countries and what will continue to happen to other countries at this rate who have been destabilized by various outside forces (especially modern empires) for various reasons/excuses, and so the empire and various other countries use various tactics against them like: arming and training rebel and extremist groups, economic sanctions, drone/air strikes and secret special forces missions, assassinations, propaganda campaigns, and more.

I guess the series would explore various real world topics and explore various possibilities of what might happen in such a situation, to get the audience to think and question things, and see things from various angles and the effects/affects of various actions/systems/et cetera through a fictionalized story based on some real world elements of tactics/et cetera used past/present/future; and exploring new possibilities of a mostly defensive nature of how such a country could successfully defend against an empire and their allies, and survive if that is even possible against the improving modern methods of empire.

At least that is what I think that I thought about, I could be wrong, my memory is too unclear.

The end,

-John Jr