A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK

A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK

What Is It?

The YouTube video A Week In Esperanto Land – A Film About NASK by the YouTube channel Exploring Esperanto.

Here is the description for this video:

This 7-minute documentary shows what it’s like to attend NASK, the largest annual Esperanto event in North America, which has been happening for over 50 years.

For more information about NASK, visit

Here are the films about NASK from 2013 that are in Esperanto and made by Fabjo Montejro:

Part One:…

Part Two:…

Here’s a 19-minute live stream from the gufujo where Aaron and Alex talk entirely in Esperanto:…

Here is the official YouTube channel for The American Good Film Festival, known in Esperanto as La Usona Bona Film-Festivalo:

The deadline to send in your Esperanto short film is October 5, 2022.

Here’s the official website with more details about the contest:…

Esperanto-USA paid for the welcome meet-and-greet as well as the nightly gufujo event during NASK.

Consider becoming a member today.

This film was shot, narrated, and edited by Alexander Vaughn Miller.

The shots where Alex is visible were filmed by Catie Kejti.

Here’s a 2-minute video showing the over 100 people who attended NASK in 2019.…

Here is the entire 2-hour “Distra Vespero” talent show from NASK 2019.…

If you enjoyed this film, consider joining our team of patrons on Patreon.…

Patrons / Patronoj

Andy Blair, Bill White, Benjamin MILLER WATERMAN, Benson Smith, Brandon Sowers, Catie Kejti, Dalton Reed, Derek, France Gamble, hohoEMI, Interkultura Novelo-Konkurso, Irizanjo, Johano kaj Jano, LupinCanis, Markus Klyver, Michael Cheser, Mike Brady, Myrtis Smith, Jorge Rafael Nogueras, Rachel Helps, Rod Wood, Savanni D’Gerinel, Scotty!, Sean Munkel, Shaemus Melvin, Stefan, Ŝano, Thomas Satirsley, Tim Morley, WV Esperanto Club

The song used in this film is “Living Life” by Scott Holmes.


Everything in this documentary was filmed with a Canon M50.

The audio was recorded using a Zoom H1n mounted on top of it.

That equipment was given to Alex after the Esperanto-USA board of directors approached him at NASK 2019 and told him about their educational video fund.

It provides grants to Esperanto-speaking filmmakers to upgrade or invest in new equipment.

Look at any Exploring Esperanto video from before July 2019, and you’ll immediately notice the improvement.

If you have an idea for a film or a series of videos that are educational and related to Esperanto, fill out a grant request form on this webpage and perhaps Esperanto-USA can help you out.…


La Porkoj – Jen

The YouTube Video Jen By La Porkoj – Topic

What Is It?

The Esperanto song Jen by the music group La Porkoj from their music album Ŝako.

My Thoughts

This was the first song that I ever heard in the Esperanto language, and I heard it thanks to the free Esperanto language learning program Kurso De Esperanto (which I have sadly never completed yet).


YES I Speak A MADE UP Language

YES I Speak A MADE UP Language

Finn Wolfhard & Languages & Slow Cookers

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I was outside, and I left by bus with some young people including Finn Wolfhard.

At some point our bus arrived at its destination, we got off the bus, and we got in line to wait.


Trying To Speak In Esperanto

I went to sleep on the living room couch, it was not that comfortable unfortunately, and so I tossed and turned waking up in and out of dreams without getting in bed like I should have.

I did not record my remembered dreams each time that I woke up and went back to sleep unfortunately, and so now I barely remember part of my last dream.

This dream was inspired by a MalwareTips thread called What Is The Language That Sounds Best To You, and several YouTube videos comparing languages and videos with examples of people speaking in other languages like this video by Joanna Hausmann called Portuguese Vs. Spanish – Joanna Rants:

All that I can remember of this dream now is that in one part of the dream my department supervisor Ms. JM was in the dream, I remember talking to her, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The rest of the dream involved me thinking about, talking about, and even using some other languages along with mostly English; Spanish was possibly one of the languages that was talked about and maybe Portuguese.

Besides English, my second most used language in the dream was Esperanto, I remember trying to use Esperanto in a conversation.

I could not remember that much Esperanto but I tried the best that I could, but I had to use a lot of English to fill in the blanks because it has been a while since I last studied some Esperanto; and back when I did study a bit I did not get that far as usual with any language that I attempt to learn.

I can not remember who I was talking to or any other details, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr