Language Learning And Conor McGregor

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Dream 1

I had one or more dreams that involved language learning and trying to use the language or languages that were being learned by speaking to people in the language(s) et cetera, Esperanto was probably the language or one of the languages being learned / used and maybe just maybe Irish (Gaelic) was another one of the languages that were being learned and / or used (the mixed martial artist Conor McGregor was possibly the dream character learning and / or using Irish (Gaelic), and several dream characters were involved in this and I was probably involved as well depending on the dream or the part of the dream.

There is a possibility that one or more of these dream characters were possibly involved in one or more theft or robbery situations with that dream character or those dream characters as the thief (thieves) / robber (robbers), possibly Conor McGregor was doing this for fun, but I can not remember if that is correct or not.

The next thing that I remember is watching an outdoor MMA (mixed martial arts) event (maybe the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)) that was taking place in a field, but I can not remember if I was there or not as I watched it.

There were two male ring announcers commentating, the referee was a man with light-color skin, and Conor McGregor was about to fight another man.

Mr. McGregor was completely overconfident and was way too relaxed, and he was bouncing around smiling like he expected to win this fight very easily and quickly so he was not worried at all and he was not taking this fight seriously at all.

After the pre-fight stuff it was time for the fight, the fight started, and Mr. McGregor was still smiling and bouncing around running in to attack with his head leaning forward without blocking and he kept having his guard (hands) down not protecting himself.

I remember the ring announcers talking about how Mr. McGregor was fighting very stupidly by charging in with his head forward not blocking or guarding himself, and they said that he was risking getting knocked out (unconscious).

Mr. McGregor’s opponent did a good job avoiding Mr. McGregor’s charge-in attacks, and he was countering well.

At some point Mr. McGregor’s opponent took advantage of Mr. McGregor not guarding himself or blocking and constantly pushing forward with his head exposed by either knocking Mr. McGregor unconscious or he choked Mr. McGregor unconscious with a chokehold, I am not sure which, I just know that Mr. McGregor was unconscious on the mat and his opponent won the fight.

The ring announcers talked about how Mr. McGregor lost this fight because of fighting stupidly and by not taking the fight seriously because of his overconfidence et cetera, and Mr. McGregor was possibly still unconscious on the mat as the officials checked on him.

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But I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was looking at a bookshelf or cart with some books on it, the books had labels on them, and I remember reading the labels and I could see the words and letters on them but I woke up.

I woke up remembering the exact letters (most of the books had the same letters) and the words (one of the books had a lot of words that were like a title or phrase), but I forget this when I was washing my face before going to voice record my dreams.

The end,

-John Jr


A Sniper & Esperanto

I went to bed very late last night, almost 5 AM, and once again I failed to voice record most of my dreams so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I am not sure if I was in the dream at first but I know that I was in the dream at the end.


Esperanto Dreams | My Grandfather CE Alive Again | The Succubus Kia?

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I failed again to save most of my dreams, I had a lot of short Esperanto dreams that I kept waking up from and going back to sleep because I was drooling and / or for some other reasons oddly, and each time that I woke up my memory of my dreams were barely there where I would have to focus to remember them but I kept going back to sleep instead each time so now I can only barely remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This is not really a dream but an acknowledgement that I had a lot of short Esperanto-related dreams, but I can not remember any of these dreams except for my last dream which I will type at the end.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at a slightly fictional version of The E House with some of my family (my parent’s and at least my brother GC I assume), and at some point my dead grandfather CE showed up.

My grandfather CE was healthy and younger again, he was probably younger than he was when I was a kid so he was probably at an age before I was born, and I remember talking to him in the first bedroom on the hallway on the 1st floor.

I remember commenting about how healthy and young he looked and seemed and moved and I was happy to see him healthy and happy again even beyond my earliest real life memories of him, but I do not think that I realized that he was supposed to be dead but I can not remember and I can not remember what we talked about but I know that he looked and seemed happy and energized and youthful.

Eventually my uncle CE entered the room and joined our conversation, not long after that my male cousin ME entered the room and joined our conversation, and then shortly after that my aunt SE entered the room and I remember greeting her and giving her a hug and jokingly using some slang by saying: “What-up auntie!”.

The next thing that I remember is that it seemed to be night because it seemed to be time to pick our rooms so that we could sleep, but I do not remember seeing my grandfather CE or my uncle CE or my aunt SE or my cousin ME but my family was still there.

I had not picked a room yet and I did not know which bedrooms were picked already, I wanted a bedroom with an air conditioner, and then I went into the family room to see if anyone was using it or the bedroom next to it.

The family room looked slightly different and there were at least two long couches, and there were many lights down the middle of the ceiling in a long line that looked like small white plastic taxi-like lights.

I turned on the light switch and the lights slowly turned on one-at-a-time slowly getting brighter until they reached their maximum brightness, light switches do not work in some people’s dreams but they usually work in mine (but I rarely get to use them or see them), and I watched this because it was interesting and these lights were new to me because I had not seen them there before.

The family room seemed to be available so if the other bedrooms were being used then my brother GC and / or me could use the family room, I then was going to check the bedroom next to the family room before going to ask the others about which bedrooms they chose, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the 1966 movie Incubus (which I have not seen yet, but I did see the trailer and one scene from this movie; and I hope to watch it soon if I ever get caught up with everything, but I have been getting overwhelmed with various things recently so I have not been able to catch up with everything else first).

There was a woman who either was or looked very similar to the succubus character Kia (played by the actress Allyson Ames) so maybe she was a succubus in this dream too, but I am not sure.

I was probably not in this dream but I am not sure, I just know that Kia went after a man with light-color skin and maybe knocked him unconscious or something like that, and it seemed that she was using mind control / brainwashing on him and she was also teaching him Esperanto or he already knew Esperanto.

At some point the man woke up and I guess the mind control / brainwashing was strong enough that he did not try to run or fight back, and he followed Kia’s commands as she probably continued using mind control on him trying to make it permanent I assume while also either teaching him Esperanto and / or using it with him.

It seemed that Kia wanted the man completely under her control and I guess she wanted him to be fluent in Esperanto, which I assume was her preferred language, but I am not sure what else she wanted from the man exactly; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Woman Studying Esperanto?

Unfortunately I went to bed too late and I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up and I went back to sleep, and so now I barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of this dream was probably inspired by me doing an Esperanto lesson using Duolingo and then watching a scene from a movie that is entirely in Esperanto starring the actor William Shatner called Incubus (1966) before I went to sleep, and the video of the scene that I watched on YouTube was called Shatner Speaks Esperanto Scene from Incubus: