A Dream With Several Different Strains / Strands / Types Of Consciousness With Pauline Croze

I went to bed late last night, I got awakened briefly during the night by someone probably because I was snoring, and I woke up again during the night feeling like I had to use the bathroom but I went back to sleep without using the bathroom and without voice recording my dreams unfortunately.

So I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream which is very unclear/incomplete and confusing, but I think that the dream took place during the day in a fictional house where my family and I lived and one or more unknown fictional people were in the house with us as well I think.


A Transitioning Dream With A Possible False Waking & Sleep Paralysis | Almost Renting A House

Dream 1

My first dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I was inside a small medical-like clinic on the side of a highway that had forests on both sides of the highway, and I was in a small/narrow dimly lit room with brownish colored carpet signing-in at a mostly metal school teachers-like desk with a female worker sitting behind it; and then I was told by the female worker to move to another small/narrow room to wait on the nurse and/or doctor I guess.

While I was waiting in the other room the dream transitioned without me noticing it and I was in a small/narrow dimly lit kitchen-like room similar to the other room that I was in a moment ago but this new kitchen-like room seemed to be inside of a fictional house where my parents’ lived and we were moving around in the kitchen doing various things, and I remember my dad asking me if I had talked with a certain woman whose name I can not remember and whose name I did not recognize.


The Neighborhood With The Field

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had this dream fragment the night before last, I can not remember much of it but I do remember driving to a neighborhood in my automobile.

I am not sure if I have ever written about this neighborhood in my blog before or not, but this neighborhood has been in several of my dreams and the neighborhood usually looks about the same except the seasons actually change in the neighborhood, which is interesting.

I can not remember how many times this neighborhood has been in my dreams, but I think it has been in at least 5 dreams and maybe more.

It is a nice quiet and peaceful neighborhood with not many houses, and I do not usually see people or many people.

The neighborhood has a little field in the middle of the neighborhood and the street surrounds it, the field almost always has either flowers are tall grass, depending on the seasons.

There is a little river near one part of the neighborhood sometimes, and in the woods there is a lake.

The neighborhood appears to be outside of the city off of the fictional version of the highway going to LC.

I do not think anything bad ever happens in my dreams in this neighborhood, I think I usually look around & explore, and relax; I also may have done some yard work for a person I knew that sometimes lives in this neighborhood, Mrs. VS.

Anyway, in this dream I was driving slowly through the neighborhood trying to look around, I did not want to look like I was going to rob a house or something, so I parked near the field and started to walk around.

It appeared to be Fall (Autumn) and I felt comfortable, and I even remembered the neighborhood and started to think about some other dreams that I had of that neighborhood; oddly even though I was thinking about other dreams, I still did not realize that I was dreaming.

I wondered if Mrs. VS was still living there, but I can not remember what happened next exactly, I just remember walking away from the neighborhood toward the highway.

I walked on the side of the highway and at some point I heard & saw three men about my age walking behind me, one of them was a former classmate named AM.

They were talking about the Italian ethnic group, which they said that they were members of, they were talking with either a New York accent or New Jersey accent Italian-English accent.

Even AM was talking and acting a bit differently than he really does in real life, anyway, I saw a big store like Walmart and a Taco Bell and a few other places near by.

AM did not see me, as him and the other two guys walked toward the Walmart-like store, and so I went to the Taco Bell; but I woke up after I went inside.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


3-12-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Laboratory And Relaxing At The Park

Laboratory, Institute of Biochemistry, Univers...

Last night I only remember part of my last dream, which started in a scientific research building.

I was walking around talking with someone in this building, I can not remember who I was talking to, but I think they were showing me around.

The person walked me through a hallway toward a laboratory and two women that appeared to be from India, walked out of the laboratory talking.


The Trip | The Tour | The Couples

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Trip

Last night I probably had more than three dreams but I could not remember some of the dreams well enough and I am not sure which dream pieces are part of the same dream, and so I will do my best to separate some of them into three dreams..

My first dream is the one I barely can remember at all, it probably is really two separate dreams, but I only remember a few dream pieces of it.

I think my family and I were in another city on vacation or something, I remember driving and going shopping in an unknown city, and most of what I remember is being at a mall.

The only other thing I remember is being at a big hotel or something, and my mom & some other people were there.

That is all I can remember on this dream or dreams.

The Tour

In this dream I drove to what appeared to be a college campus, to tour their apartments, and I remember someone showing me around an apartment building.

The building was in bad condition, it was like the C dorm at M after the hurricane, so I wanted to see another apartment or dorm; and so I left.

As I was driving around campus I saw some nice looking dorms, for some reason they looked familiar, and I had the feeling that I was in L; and I wanted to look inside the dorms, but I wanted to get permission first, so I went to find the housing office.

As I drove around looking for the office, I saw students taking a tour of the college, and I think that I asked one of them where the office was; and they told me where it was, and so I drove to it.

Inside the building where the office was, there were dorm rooms and classrooms, and some students doing various things.

I noticed a classmate of mine from high school named CW, she was with another woman about our age talking, and I think they got into an argument or something; and CW got pushed into the wall by the other woman.

I ran to help CW but the woman ran off with amazing speed and strength, and CW said that the woman was her android / robot helper / friend or something like that.

She said that something went wrong with the robot, and that it started to act weird.

CW had a hurt leg so I had to help her walk, as I was doing that a woman who worked in the office came, and asked CW what had she done to make the robot go crazy like that.

CW said that she did not know, so the woman said that it was CW’s fault, and she told her that she would not be able to get a replacement robot for now until an investigation is done.

I was worried that the robot would hurt someone else since she was now on the run, so I asked the woman if the robot was a threat to the public’s safety, and the woman said that the robot will probably not hurt anyone else unless it is threatened.

CW told me that she needed to go to class now, and so I helped walk her to her class up the hallway.

In the hallway there were students, some of them were classmates from when I was in high school, and MW was one of them.

Anyway, this time MW did not see me, because she was looking in another direction talking to someone.

After CW and I got to the classroom we sat down, there was a laptop on a desk,  and so CW asked me to go to a robot ordering website to see if she could get another robot.

The website had a detailed form that you had to fill out, and it said that CW could not get a robot at this time, like the woman had said.

On the website a circular shaped metal robot that could talk asked me questions and it answered my questions when I had questions, and so I guess it was in charge of helping people fill out the form & with using the website.

CW then asked me to try to see if I could get a robot, and so I tried, but I think that it said that I needed to register in person since they did not have me in their database.

In the classroom sitting next to me was SC, another former classmate from high school, he was the comedian type; and so he started to talk to me and he made some jokes, like he would do in real life.

Slowly more students started to come into the classroom, but the teacher was not there yet, and MW came into the class; which was not that much of a surprise, because I had already guessed that she probably would come to the class.

I am not sure if she saw me or said anything to me, I can not remember.

Next I remember either the teacher coming into the room or I just left the room, then I woke up, but I am not sure which one happened before I woke up though.

The Couples

In my last dream I was driving in my automobile with my brothers, the laptop from the other dream, and my cell phone.

An unknown woman called me and she told me about a situation with her boyfriend, and she wanted me to download some files for her.

So I agreed, and my brothers & I began to talk about the files and the situation, as I drove & I tried to use the laptop at the same time.

She wanted us to meet her at some place that I never been to before, and I had no idea where we were.

We drove to the place and it appeared to be a recreation center with a big swimming pool, and there was a big swimming event going on.

The event had married and divorced couples competing against each other, and the wife or girlfriend would do the swimming and the husband or boyfriend would help encourage them from the side of the pool.

Each team competed one at a time, and so first the announcer would introduce the team and give an overview about them.

To get into the competition each team had to write a letter about themselves, their relationship, and why they think competing in this competition would help improve their relationship; and then the judges would pick which teams they wanted to compete.

The woman who called me earlier was in the competition with her boyfriend, and so my brothers and I watched some of the competition.

After a while it was the woman who called me and her boyfriend’s turn to go, so the announcer started to talk about them, and as this was happening they both started a private conversation with each other.

Usually the teams would have a positive conversation to inspire each other, but they had an argument that started when the announcer was reading the letter the woman had written.

In the letter she said something about an ethnic group I think, in a negative way, and so her boyfriend got mad & questioned her about it.

I think her boyfriend said that his family considered themselves to be part of the Jewish ethnic group, and that he thought that her comment was bad/offensive.

He said that they had talked about this before and he thought that she had changed, and so he said that maybe they should hold off the wedding for a while until they settle this or maybe they should just cancel it permanently.

They both paused realizing how serious the situation now was, and then the woman asked him how long did he have until he had to return to Russia; he said that he had one year left, and they both got silent again.

So I had the feeling that she felt that their time was limited on settling this issue, and that it may be too late once they do.

It was almost time for them to start the race, but they both were in a bad mood, and so I wondered what they were going to do; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂