Helping Johnny Depp Realize That He Is Dreaming

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Dream 1

I remember part of several dreams from last night with the first dream involving me walking to a small probably fictional town that might have been in Canada or somewhere in Europe, for some reason I feel like it was supposed to be Canada maybe, and it was a nice sunny day with the sunlight & the colors of the dream looking like I was in the past (how some of the people dressed & looked in the dream made me feel like this was probably during the 1990s, and the year 1993 was clearly written in several places).

This small town might have been a small fake town/film set/tourist area or a place where people re-enact a certain time period/era like the Renaissance Era, either way it was very small, and I think that you had to walk to it.

I saw people walking around and I saw some people having fake swordfighting matches while other people watched, and they were using old small metal pots/pans with probably plastic handles as shields; but they were holding them by the handles which looked weird and did not offer much protection really.

I noticed that the pots did each have a hole in the middle of them which could be used to tie a strap on the pots that could be used to hold the pots like a real shield.

In the small crowd of people watching the fake sword fighting I saw the actor Johnny Depp, who might have been there with a woman who was fake sword fighting at the time that I recognized Mr. Depp in the crowd, and he seemed to be quietly enjoying himself like he was daydreaming/thinking or being reminded of old memories/having a revery.

I was surprised to see a celebrity in a small place like this and I greeted Mr. Depp by saying something like this: “Mr. Johnny Depp, who would have thought there would be a celebrity in a place like this.”.

Mr. Depp said a few things and I started telling him about how the fake sword fighters were holding the pots/shields oddly and I told him about my strap idea for the pots, I noticed that some of the unused pots on the ground already had leather straps, but most of them did not; I forgot to mention that it seemed that anyone could join in and have a fake sword fight.

To me this small town was a place that Mr. Depp visited sometimes to relax/have fun without being bothered, and other people came there for similar reasons probably.

In a way it seemed that Mr. Depp was the main character and/or that I was in Mr. Depp’s dream, either way I noticed the year 1993 written in several places and maybe even on the outfit of one of the dream characters, and so I felt that we were in the past; and I guess that somehow I realized that this was a dream without the dream going fully lucid or lucid (lucid dream) at all really.

There probably were other signs/things that helped me realize that this was a dream, and there were probably certain things that were related to Mr. Depp in the dream like physical things from some of his memories or life/people (maybe a woman who might have looked like Helena Bonham Carter, and maybe a woman who looked like Vanessa Paradis)/scenes from some of the films that he has been in/et cetera.

I decided to do an experiment by telling Mr. Depp that this was a dream to see what happens (I wanted to see what would happen if I told a dream character that they were dreaming, which I have done a few times before in the past), he did not believe me at first, but then I started to explain to him why this was a dream; and he started to believe me and he/the dream started to go lucid (lucid dream), and I could feel & see him going lucid & so maybe I was going lucid as well (this is hard to describe but it was amazing, I could feel/sense the feeling of him/me realizing that this was a dream which has a unique hard to describe feeling, and I think that I could see a bit of a glow coming from him briefly that might have symbolized that he/I/the dream was now lucid).

Having a dream character go lucid allowed the dream/me to go lucid without destabilizing the dream that much, but my lucid dreams do not usually last long and so I knew that my time was limited; once you go lucid the dream/you feel a bit different with feelings of power/freedom/confidence/and a variety of other hard to describe feelings.

Mr. Depp was amazed and still trying to make sense of things/realizing that he was dreaming, I think that he asked me who I was, and I told him who I was; and maybe there was a brief period of talking about/looking at things related to the dream.

I told him that I wanted to do an experiment, and my experiment was to give him a way to contact me after he woke up from the dream (in case he was not just a normal dream character).

I was going to give him my email address/username to look up my blog, I decided to start by just repeatedly saying & spelling GoodJohnJr to him so that he could remember that and I probably asked him to say/spell it out-loud so that I knew if he was hearing me correctly, and I told him to get a pen & some paper to write it & he found a pen & a yellow sticky note or a small piece of yellow paper; and I had him start writing it, but then I decided to write it for him to make sure that it was spelled correctly.

The pen was not writing very well and I made a few mistakes, but I could clearly see what I was writing (I know that I clearly started writing my username); but the dream was collapsing/becoming too unstable, and so I started saying GoodJohnJr out-loud & spelling it as I wrote it but the dream ended/collapsed pretty much.

I was able to finish writing my name but everyone was gone & the dream world was blank, and I woke up.

I did not get to tell him my email address but my idea was for him to remember GoodJohnJr and look that up on the internet in reference to dreams to find my blog & this post, but I did not get to mention that my blog was on; either way most of the experiment was successful.

It would be interesting if it turns out that the dream character of Mr. Depp was actually Mr. Depp and he actually finds my blog & contacts me, and the experiment is completed (this is not likely to happen, but it was just an experiment); and that would mean that it is possible for people to share dreams somehow, and then this could be tested further.

Dream 2

The next dream started with me walking around a college campus in a commercial(?) of some kind about the negatives/decline of college/education or something like that in the United States Of America, the commercial used various examples & symbolism to cleverly express things in the commercial.

It took place inside and outside, and various things/sounds/music/narrations were taking place as I walked around the college campus/dream world, most of them made sense to me & I agreed with most of the ideas expressed, but it would be too hard for me to name/remember the many examples/ideas/symbols given.

There were scenes of people spending too much money on college/education, people running out of money, people not finishing college/their education, people finishing college/their education but not properly being prepared for the real world/life/their career, poor people not able to attend college/get good education, maybe for-profit colleges/schools taking over certain places & the negatives of that, and various levels/types of symbolism representing these things & various other emotions/thoughts/ideas/et cetera.

It was interesting and at some point I went inside a building and walked into a large room that was like a classroom/lobby where a class was sitting, a band was standing with cheerleaders near them, and teachers were standing; and I knew some of the students as my former classmates like AJ, JP, C, KM, ER and more.

They seemed to have practiced their parts for the commercial and were attempting to act out their scenes live, they started a goofy scene where the band started to pretend to be playing music while they and the cheerleaders danced, and someone was making a quiet sound (that you could barely hear) with their mouth to let you know that the band was supposed to be pretending to be playing music (like playing air guitar or something like that); and this looked very goofy, and they made a few mistakes.

ER was one of the cheerleaders and stopped to get things organized, I guess they could cut this part from the commercial later, and I stopped to listen & talk with a few people who I knew; and I wondered if I was part of the commercial and/or should I pretend to be part of the commercial so that I would not ruin their commercial by walking around doing things that were not part of the script.

They started back the scene/commercial as I watched, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Cirque De / Du (Something)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I was sleeping pretty good/deeply last night and I ended up forgetting most of my dreams, and I forgot most of the only dream that I can remember a bit of; but I know that I had more dreams and I know that the dream that I remember was longer & better, but I can not remember the details, unfortunately.

All that I can remember is going into a fictional mall-like building in a fictional place, and it was probably similar to one or more of the mall-like buildings that are sometimes in my dreams; but this mall-like building had some unique parts to it.

I remember walking around looking at stores, people, and probably talking with a few people as I explored familiar places such as a cinema, restaurants, arcade, areas that would take you to another part of the mall-like building, familiar stores, and the mall was a bit maze-like with its many hallways & areas as usual.

I remember walking through a few dark hallways that were probably in the cinema and/or one of the hallways that would take you to another part of the mall-like building, I might have watched part of a film but I can not remember, but I do remember being in a few dark areas during the dream.

I know that I went around the mall-like building a few times, getting lost sometimes, and ending up in the same areas more than once sometimes; and I know that a lot more happened in this dream, but I can not remember.

I just remember finding an area that was part outdoors with courtyards/catwalks/sidewalks/street lights/lamps/outdoor shops/shops with lots of windows/et cetera and some parts were indoors connected to the mall-like building or in separate buildings in the outdoors areas.

This place had an European style/feel/atmosphere/environment to it, one area was French with all the people & workers speaking French & the writings were in French & music in French, and one store/shop in the French area had expensive items for the middle class – upper class; and I think that it was a vision/eyeglasses shop/clinic that also sold other items & services.

I think that the people said that it was called Cirque De/Du (Something That I Can Not Remember In French) or something close to that, but I could be wrong since I was trying to understand what they were saying since everyone in this area only spoke French; and the name of the shop/clinic was on one of the windows in a fancy cursive text in French with maybe a symbol and/or lettering in a yellowish color and maybe a few other colors.

The outside of this area had a lot of old stones/rocks/whatever on the outside of the buildings and roads/streets/et cetera, and the styling of everything looked European to me; and it was nice, it was like a tiny Europe hidden in between the mall-like building, like its own world or country.

I saw people of different ages, wearing different clothing styles, speaking different languages, and from different social classes.

I spent most of my time in the French area, watching & listening & exploring, and I probably tried to talk with a few people; but a few of them probably got frustrated with me since my French skills are limited, and so I did not get to talk much due to my limited French language skills & this area was French Only, non Anglais, and so no one understood me when ever I used English when I did not know the French word(s)! 😀

I think that the workers at the expensive French shop/clinic had me leave the store since I was lower class and was not going to be able to buy anything, I just wanted to look around, but they did not want me looking around since a lower class person like me might hurt their reputation or scare away some customers or something.

I left without causing a scene, I wanted to give my opinions, but I did not know how to say them in French. 😀

Outside I wondered how did this place even exist and why have I not noticed/found it before, and then I started walking out of the French area hoping to find an area where I could better communicate with people & where maybe people were a bit nicer 😀 ; it was nice getting to be in a French only area for some practice, but being treated negatively was not nice.

I woke up as I was trying to find/get to a British/UK area or Spanish area or German area or something.

The end,

-John Jr


Daydreaming / Dreaming / Thinking / Memories Of Different Countries

I forgot most of my dreams last night since I slept better/deeper than usual, not that I do not sleep well most of the time, which I do sleep well most of the time; but I remember a few parts of one dream.

I can not remember most of the dream but at some point I was in a house that looked just like my grandfather’s house, and I was in the living room with some other people; and I think that someone who I knew (probably a family member or friend) was making a film, and this person job was probably in making films.


9-5-2011 | Dream Fragments | Snoop Dogg Sells Some Cigarettes To A Kid? | How To Parachute

Ronde parachute
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Last night I had several dreams, but I only remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place at a fictional version of W Park in D during the day.

I was sitting on a couch and/or a bench among other couches and/or benches with my cousin ME and a group of unknown people from Eastside, and the singer/rapper Snoop Dogg was there at some point; everyone was hanging out relaxing, while I felt like exploring the park, but I did not want to be rude & leave so soon & so I stayed for a while.

I think that Snoop Dogg and some of the people who came with him seemed to be about to start drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes, and so I started to get ready to leave; but then an unknown boy from Eastside walked up to Snoop Dogg asking to buy some cigarettes.

The boy and Snoop Dogg spoke in a type of slang that even I did not understand exactly, but I knew what they were saying to an extent by using my knowledge of various slangs; and I got the feeling that the cigarettes probably contained some marijuana, and the cigarettes were cut thinner than normal, strangely & I remember Snoop Dogg saying that you were supposed to slowly smoke them to enjoy them.