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The 2020 Netflix American fantasy drama web TV show Warrior Nun (Season 1).

Stopping A Spirit Possession

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was traveling by foot with several other people between one or more cities / states / countries, and I remember us walking along highways by forests and the wilderness and the countryside and various neighborhoods.

It was a nice experience traveling like this with the nice nature views, but at some point we reached another city / state / country so we were in city limits in maybe a downtown like area with somewhat large buildings.

I am not sure if there was a digital sign that was playing a news report or not, but somehow I remember us hearing that the actor Jaden Smith was angry with his father Will Smith about something involving some charity work involving Will Smith in another country.

I am not sure about the details but Jaden Smith was calling out Mr. Smith about this, and Jaden was going to that country himself to do his own charity work there to help the people there.

We reached a courtyard-like area between some buildings after crossing a street, and we noticed that on the ground there were bricks and maybe memorial-like objects with text (maybe names and years et cetera) carved on them.

As we were trying to figure out what this was for and if stepping on them was wrong and disrespectful, we heard a noise, and we looked up to see that a man with light-color skin in our group had possibly knocked over one of these memorial-like objects by accident.

A male security guard or police officer with light-color skin walked over to him, but as they were talking something strange happened that I can not remember clearly.

I am not sure if this came out of the object that got knocked over or from the ground that it was covering or from someone, either way a ghost / spirit-like ball of light / mist / smoke / whatever flew up toward the man in our group, and I think that it possessed him.

I assumed that this ball of light was a ghost or spirit or entity, I assumed that maybe it was the ghost or spirit of someone who had died whose grave was disturbed when the man in our group accidentally knocked the cover off of it or the memorial object for it over, and then I quickly went to exorcise the spirit or entity from the man.

I am not sure what I did exactly, maybe I physically beat the spirit out of him but I can not remember, I just know that I did something very quickly to the man that caused the spirit or entity to leave his body.

The spirit or entity (which was still a ghost-like ball of light / mist / smoke / whatever) then hit my leg, I am not sure if it was trying to possess me too or not, and I am not sure if it went inside my body or inside someone else’s body or where it went.

I just remember waking up not knowing where it went or if I was possessed now or not.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night when it was dark, and I was at a fictional house that my family and I lived in and my mom and my brother GC and one of my other brothers were there too.

I think that I was inside the house at first when I noticed a car drive into our yard, a woman and a man with light-color skin who seemed to be a couple parked their car in our yard, and they got out to walk in the back of our yard like maybe they wanted to see our pets and / or like our yard was a small park or something like that.

The couple was holding hands looking happy as they walked through the back of our yard, I watched them from the window and the back door, but I probably did not bother them and at some point they got back in their car and they started to drive away.

Right before I was about to go back to what I was doing I noticed a creepy white van or ice cream-like truck very slowly driving past our yard briefly blocking the couple from driving out of our yard, after it passed the couple drove away, but I walked outside to see if the creepy truck or van would turn around.

Something about that van or truck did not seem right to me so I was on alert, like I expected the van or truck turned around and it drove into our yard, and I could see and hear that there were many cages on it with what seemed to be dogs inside so I walked back into the house to tell my family.

My mom acted like she was expected them and she wanted one of us to go outside to greet them but I wanted nothing to do with this other than watching to make sure that they did not try anything, and I did not trust them and I had a bad feeling about this.

My mom went to go greet them so one of my brothers and I followed her, the person driving the van or truck was an old somewhat overweight woman with gray / white hair with light-color skin, and she seemed suspicious to me and I did not trust her even though she was acting like a somewhat nice old lady.

The old woman had taken all of the dogs out of the cages, it seemed that she was selling them, and it seemed that my mom was going to buy two of the dogs so she needed to pick which two she wanted but I did not think that this was a good idea and I was against this.

The dogs were acting wild and barking and some of them were acting aggressive, and I noticed that some of them or all of them looked very strange like medium-to-large werewolf-like dogs.

The strangest of the dogs looked like the oldest and meanest and like the dog who was the leader, I assumed that it was a male, and it was a strange blueish color with medium-length wet-like human-like hair on its head so it looked almost like a combination of Michael Corvin’s lycan (werewolf)-vampire hybrid form from the Underworld movies combined with a dog.

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My brother GC walked over to the dogs and he got in the face of the most aggressive dogs including the leader, and he looked them in the eyes and he yelled at them to shut-up (be quiet) until they mostly got quiet and sat down except for the leader and a few who were growling at him.

I decided to walk over there to back my brother up because the leader was still growling, and then the leader slowly surrendered and he sat down quietly as well so now my mom could pick which two she wanted.

I still did not like this, I think that I heard some voices in the distance, and so I walked away to investigate and I saw and overheard two men with light-color skin talking outside the yard in the darkness.

One of them was a bald rough strong-looking man wearing a dark-color jacket with a lower class British accent, and they were talking about their plan which was to sell two dogs to our family who would probably kill my family so that they could take our land.

I then went to warn my family about this, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was with some of my family (my parent’s and one or more of my brothers) outside during the day I think, and I remember the actor Sylvester Stallone walking by us and he stopped because he recognized my dad.

Mr. Stallone told my dad that he looked familiar, he paused for a moment trying to remember how he knew my dad, and then he remembered an old memory from back when he met my dad.

My dad did not remember at first so Mr. Stallone reminded my dad about the time that they met many years ago back when my dad was still in the military, but I can not remember the story that Mr. Stallone told but I do know that it was a positive memory that they laughed about.

Mr. Stallone said that he wanted to recreate that memory in one of his movies one day and that he would contact my dad if that day ever comes, my dad probably gave him his mobile phone number, and they briefly talked before saying goodbye.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

August 16, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

I had more dreams last night but I forgot all of them except for barely part of one dream that took place during the night at what was possibly a modern multi-story college dorm-like building, and I was there with other people who were possibly students.

I remember mostly being in large shared areas where people were hanging out together, strange supernatural-like things started to happen that I can not remember, and at some point it seemed that someone asked a group of people to come help us.

A group of old people (men and women) with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair arrived to help us, we described what was going on, and they searched around the house trying to figure out what was going on and where it was originating from.

The End Of The Year & Gag Gifts | Calming & Exorcising Spirits As The Avatar? | My Dad Breaking Zoo Rules

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being in a field during the day that was similar to the field at the D Junior High School and I was in an outdoor classroom sitting at tables with other students, most of who(m) were former classmates of mine, and we were talking and showing off gag gifts waiting for the bell to ring to end the school day.

It was the end of the year but I am not sure if it was the end of the entire school year or if it was just the end of the year and we would take a short break from school or if we were going to be graduating from school, I was sitting at the end of a table with my former female classmate MW on my right side, and her friend my former female classmate DS on my left side.

Trying To Exorcise A Girl

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream that started normal, but ended freaky/disturbing/a bit scary.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream, I barely remember entering a room in a building maybe, that might have been a classroom; and there I met a husband, a wife, an almost teenage(ed) daughter, a daughter who was just a girl, and maybe a few other people.

I can not remember what happened but at some point we went into another room, which was their house which was connected to the classroom-like room, and they had an attic or partial second floor as well; I might not have been myself, I might have been the older brother in this dream physically but I was myself mentally/emotionally/whatever, but I am not sure.

There was a strange feeling in the house and it felt like something was in the attic-like area, like a spirit/ghost/demon/energy/being/entity/et cetera, and the wife would be drawn up there especially; and she would spent time up there sleeping and talking in her sleep or talking to something/someone who was not there, and maybe she would even partly be possessed or effected/affected/somewhat controlled by whatever lived/haunted/possessed the attic-like area.

I wondered if the wife and husband had a child who died very young in the past, and that maybe that child’s energy/spirit/whatever was in the attic-like area or if the wife was just emotionally/mentally disturbed.

I went into the attic to see who the wife was talking to and to investigate the strange feeling coming from the attic, and the husband quickly came to get the wife & they were going to leave somewhere with their almost teenaged daughter and they wanted me to babysit their young daughter while they were gone; it seemed that the husband and daughters usually avoided the attic, probably, and probably the wife only went up there regularly.

I did not see anyone in the attic but the wife, who was in a trance-like or sleep-like state talking to someone/something that I could not see or talking out-loud, but the husband managed to get her back to a normal state after they quickly left the attic; and they left as the young daughter was probably sleep in another room, and so I walked around the house investigating the strange feelings that I was feeling of something being in the house/attic.

The young daughter woke up and was drawn to the attic, but I did not get to her in time to stop her; and when I went into the attic, she was not herself any more it seemed, it was like she got possessed by whatever was in the attic.

This was not like the effects/affects that the wife had, it was like a full possession, and the young daughter did not even look like herself anymore; it was disturbing was she looked like now, she looked more like an it, and I wondered if it had fully possessed her since she was just a child & maybe children are easier for it to possess.

She/It had white pasty colored skin now with sharp teeth in an evil/scary grin, its eyes were different, it made stereotypical evil/scary deep male-like sounds/laughs probably but I am not sure if it talked or not, and it could move faster than a normal Human.

It freaked me out/scared me a bit, I was mostly worried about the young daughter’s safety and I panicked, and I began to attack it and rebuke it/command it to come out of her; but I had to be careful since it was in her body now, even though her body was a child’s body, it was now tougher & it could move fast.

It ran through the house from me and sometimes I would catch it & rebuke it/command it to leave her body and/or attack it, it would scream or makes sounds of pain when I would direct all my energy toward it while commanding it/rebuking it, and then it would run off fast and start laughing with an evil/freaky laugh when I could not catch it.

I had no idea how to exorcise it from the young daughter and so I started experimenting with rebuking it/commanding it in the name of Jesus to leave her body while still directing all of my energy toward it with my commands, but it still did the same screams of pain and so I was not sure if adding the name of Jesus helped or not (it did not seem to make much of a difference, as expected, but I wanted to experiment with any option that I could think of); and it would run away fast to escape, it was fast.

I was getting frustrated/more panicked fearing for the young daughters life, and I went back to a more violent approach; and it seemed to be trying to get me to the attic, like it wanted to try to possess me instead and/or it was stronger in the attic, and it led me to the attic at some point.

I knew that it was a trap and so I decided to surprise it with a violent attack to distract it long enough for me to get it out of the attic and so that I could get it in a headlock / choke-hold, and so I grabbed a broom went I entered the attic; and I started to beat it with the brush part of the broom, and I grabbed it off its feet by the neck and took it back on the first floor.

I started choking it while commanding it/rebuking it while directly all my energy toward it & I would use the name of Jesus as well to see if it helped any or not again, but it would start talking in the young daughter’s voice & maybe its face would change back to hers begging me to stop, and I would stop; but then it would change back & laugh/grin and go back to its voice/sounds/laughs/screams of pain.

I did not want to kill or hurt the daughter and so I kept alternating between a chokehold and a headlock, but I still felt bad/panicked/worried about hurting her or killing her; and it kept trying to escape, and it probably did a few times.

My commands/rebukes seemed to hurt it, but it would get me to stop or it would escape, so I never got to see what would happen if I commanded it/rebuked it long enough without stopping; and I kept trying to think about possible ways to exercise it from the young daughter, even though I had no idea what it was.

I was worried about harming the young daughter and I was worried about the young daughter being permanently possessed if I did not exercise it fast enough, I did not know what to do, it was a tough situation; and I remember walking around trying to keep it in my headlock / chokehold, and I probably began trying to hold it long enough to see how much rebuking/commanding it could handle without it escaping or without me stopping when it begs me to stop in the voice / face of the young daughter but I woke up accidentally when my panic level got too high probably talking in my sleep (I had my mouth opened & was probably drooling a bit when I woke up, so I probably did talk sometimes when I was sleep during this dream).

The end,

-John Jr

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