Protecting My Family | Western Countries Firebombing The Islamic State (IS)?

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Dream 1

I had some longer detailed dreams last night but I forgot all of them except for part of the end of two dreams, all that I remember of the first dream is that it took place inside a multi-story house that was somewhat like E Manor, and I was there with my family (except for my brother CC).

I think that we were on the first floor watching a film together in a large living room with its own mini-cinema, on the upper floor or floors were some armed men who possibly were part of a gang led by a man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and maybe a mustache, and the leader sent his men to attack us so I got an expandable baton and a blackish colored metal pistol.

I opened the door to the stairs, which were like the stairs in E Manor, and I walked up the stairs to stop his men before they could reach the first floor, and they probably had illegal drugs and strippers and prostitutes in some of the rooms; and I tried to peacefully handle the situation, but they attacked me.

I used hand-to-hand combat to start defeating them until some of them pulled out mêlée weapons so I started using my expandable baton to fight them as well, and when some of them pulled out their guns I started shooting them with my pistol; but one of the men ran to the first floor to attack my family, and so I ran after them.

The man was tall and thin with light-medium brownish colored skin wearing a baseball hat/cap we started fighting before he could attack my family, but he did not seem to feel pain and maybe he could not die because I was beating him easily in hand-to-hand and mêlée combat but he kept getting up; and I even shot him several times, and so I probably tied him up eventually but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream involved mostly some Western countries (probably led by the USA) bombing The Islāmic State (IS) or a group similar to them in a Middle Eastern country in a city that they took over, they were so desperate to defeat The IS or The IS-like group that they were going to firebomb the city and use other types of bombs that would cause a lot of damage and kill innocent people, and there were arguments about this among the Western countries but they decided to do it anyway.

The Western countries had one or more local citizens in the country/city who they gave hidden surveillance and communications and GPS/tracking equipment so that they could walk around showing them the damage/situation while being able to communicate with them while being able to track them to  hopefully avoid them being bombed, and they were supposed to spy/report the situation from the ground for the Western countries.

The Western countries started firebombing and bombing part of the city where most of The IS members were, they had soldiers flying fighter aircraft doing the bombing and firebombing it seems, and the bombs caused a lot of damage; and at some point they told the local citizen or local citizen spies to walk to the area to report the situation, and they told the soldiers to watch out for them on their maps/radar to avoid bombing them.

One of the local citizens was a man with medium brownish colored skin wearing traditional whitish/tannish colored clothing for this area and he had a head covering probably, he walked around showing the damage and reporting the situation, and there was fire/smoke and lots of destroyed buildings in this part of the city; and it looked terrible and depressing and I wondered how many innocent people died, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Outbreak And A Woman Who Looks Like Kate Beckinsale?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember the end of my last dream, which took place inside of a maze-like apartment-like building that was somewhat similar to a few other buildings that have been in a few of my past dreams, and something happened that caused a panic inside of the building; and everyone ran and/or hid, as there appeared to be an outbreak or something in the building that infected/affected/effected certain people.

I remember running and hiding until the building was quiet, and I did not see any one for a while; but then I found a woman who might have looked a bit like Kate Beckinsale, and we searched for weapons while quietly talking about what we thought was happening.

I remember that we were very cautious and quiet, and we slowly sneaked around the building; and it was strangely quiet in the building, and we were a bit afraid.

I remember that the building did not seem to have windows and the floors were brownish colored carpet, and the building was a multi-story/floor building with many hallways & stairways with many doors leading to various apartments/rooms.

I think that earlier in the dream during the chaos, some of the infected/affected/effect people were running around acting crazy/strange and/or mentally handicapped in an aggressive way, I think; but it was not clear what was causing it and/or if or how it spread.

At some point the woman and I were searching a stairway that led to another floor, and we found a pocket knife and a expandable baton; the woman took the knife, and I took the expandable baton.

Then we saw a male police officer near the bottom of the stairway and we cautiously greeted him, and I remember asking him if he had any weapons; and the police officer said yes, he had a baton and a pistol.

We walked down the stairway to talk with him about what was going on, he seemed to not know what was happening exactly either, but then we heard voices from down the hallway near the stairway; and so the woman and I ran to hide on the stairway, while the police officer hid at the bottom of the stairway.

The woman had her knife ready to attack, I extended my expandable baton & I practiced swinging it, but the police officer seemed too afraid to ready his weapons; and so I remember whispering to him, telling him to get ready if we needed to defend ourselves, but he seemed to be in shock.

The woman and I started mentally preparing ourselves for a fight, as the voices got closer, and then several people came from the hallway near the stairway; and they were surprised to see the police officer, and so they stopped to greet the police officer cautiously.

Suddenly a slightly obese woman who looked mentally handicapped with whitish colored & black colored hair, came running from the hallway screaming/making strange sounds and acting crazy/aggressive, and she ran swinging her arms toward the police officer and the other people; and there was a panic as two of the people claimed that the woman was their daughter, and they asked the police officer not to hurt her.

The police officer was still in shock and he could not draw his weapons, and so the woman with me and I went to help him as they dodged the attacks of the woman who was out-of-control.

Something happened and I ended up attacking the wild woman with my expandable baton, but it seemed to not have much of an effect/affect on her; and the woman with me might have used her knife, which might have broken when she attacked the wild woman with it, and it might not have effected/affected the wild woman either.

The woman with me and I lost our courage after seeing our attacks not stop the wild woman and I yelled for the police officer to shoot the wild woman with his pistol, but he was still in shock; and so the woman with me and I ran up the stairway in fear, and to prepare to attack again and/or run.

Everyone was running around dodging as the wild woman ran around screaming/making strange sounds trying to attack us, it was scary, the wild woman seemed to be infected/affected/effected/possessed in way that made her crazy/aggressive & super tough; imagine someone mentally handicapped+possessed+infected with a type of rabies that makes humans super aggressive instead of just dying+super toughness.

The woman with me and I were like scared kids now, so we made one last attempt to stop the wild woman and get the police officer to run away with us, but we failed; and so we ran for our lives up the stairway, as the other people and the police officer ran around from the wild woman, who might have killed a few of the people, but I am not sure.

The situation was hopeless and I think that both of our weapons broke, and so we went back to running away & hiding; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂