A Tourist Building & A Country In Africa & Getting Pickpocketed & Being Able To Fly

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream which was so long and detailed that this caused me to forgot some of it and what I remember of the dream is still so long and detailed that it took me over 15 minutes to voice record it, and so I do not even feel like typing it; and so I will try to do a lazy overview of it instead because it would take too long to try to type, and it is a confusing dream anyway.

*I was able to fly several times in this dream, but I only remember a few of those times unfortunately; and so I got to fly longer than normal*


A Dream Inspired By The Age Of Adaline? | A Teacher Thinks That I Am Someone Else | Experimental Giant Creature Human Hybrids?

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Dream 1

I had several long, detailed, interesting, and adventurous dreams last night but I only barely remember part of three dreams unfortunately; and the first dream seemed to be inspired by the trailer for the film The Age Of Adaline:

The dream is unclear and confusing now because it was a long and complex dream and it was the first of the dreams that I can somewhat remember, I possibly was Adaline Bowman or a fake version of her or maybe I was just seeing things from her view but I am not sure, and like in the trailer she/I did not seem to age as she/I went through different time periods/dreams/dimensions/whatever.

The dream was like a combination of a normal dream with a video game with a movie, Adaline/I would probably use a portal or something like that to jump between time periods (from the 1900s – the future), and she/I would help people and maybe try to change a few things in each time period to improve the overall situation for the world and maybe she/I would only stay briefly to avoid suspicion and/or some government/group/organization/whoever was after us (maybe our positive changes were ruining their negative plans/control/deceptions/whatever).

In each time period her/my hair styles/clothing et cetera would be different probably and it would probably be different times of day (I remember several parts happening in the evening and night where there was a dark blueish color to the environment), it was a positive dream where she/I would do positive things and then probably go back to the portal/whatever and jump to another time period/dream/dimension/whatever, but unfortunately that is all that I can remember of this positive and interesting and long dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it took place inside a school or college and I was probably a student in a class with other students, our new teacher or substitute teacher entered the room, and she had whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair; and for some unknown reason(s) she thought that I was a very smart/well-respected/popular computer expert and/or something like that, and she thought that I was someone else.

The teacher treated me better than everyone else and she was a bit mean/strict toward the rest of the class so the other students did not like her and they treated her like a villain, I tried to change this, and eventually we learned that she was not really a villain; and she started treating the other students better, and the other students stopped treating her like a villain but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third/last dream is that it was possibly my favorite dream of the night (this and the first dream) but like the first dream it was confusing/complex/interesting/detailed/et cetera, but I can not remember most of it; and so it does not make much sense.

While the first dream gave me a very positive feeling of helping people/the world, this dream gave me a combination of feelings that are hard to describe, but they were positive feelings of helping people combined with a sense of responsibility combined with feelings of attraction (physical, sexual, social, et cetera) combined with a few other feelings that I can not describe or remember.

I remember a body of water by a small dock-like area next to a hotel or apartment building during the day, I remember my male classmate EB and his probably twin sister my former female classmate RB being there as well, and we got attacked by a giant creäture that looked like something from an old Godzilla film.

It seems that maybe someone/some group had did some experiments to create this giant creäture and it was sent to attack my former classmates RB and EB, probably because they had been experimented on as well, but that is a wild guess; and during our battle my former classmates RB and EB found out that they could transform into giant creatures as well.

I did not have this ability and so I ran around trying to distract the giant creäture attacking us so that my former classmates RB and EB could defeat it in their giant creäture forms, they were losing the battle until I started distracting the giant creäture, and the fight took place mostly in the water so that we could avoid other people and buildings being destroyed.

At some point we won and the giant creäture turned into a woman who possibly had pale whitish colored skin with long reddish colored hair but I could be wrong, I talked with her and I found out that she was not really a villain, and it seemed that someone/some group had experimented on her and tried to make her into a weapon/villain probably.

My former classmates RB and EB still saw her as an enemy so I had to stop them from trying to kill her, I invited her to stay at the hotel/apartment with us, and I got her a room and she moved some of her stuff in it; and during the dream something happened between us during the parts of the dream that I can not remember, and I can not remember if this dream took place over several days/weeks or not.

I am not sure what happened but I remember feeling a connection with her, I remember wanting to continue helping her, I remember that she had nice breasts and a nice large soft but somewhat firm butt that I touched and that touched against my body several times during the dream, I remember feeling responsible for her and I worried about her safety, I remember wanting her to stay and maybe I wanted us to start dating (if we were not already) and/or maybe get married one day or at least continue to get to know her and help her, and it was possible that she was pregnant with my child but I am not sure; and if she was pregnant I was not sure if the people who experimented on her had done this or if she had raped me or if we had consensual sex/intercourse.

My mom was possibly in the dream at some point visiting us, I remember the woman wanting to leave like she still felt like a villain/threat/burden/et cetera and my former classmates EB and RB still treated her like an enemy, and so she had packed her stuff and she was trying to move out of the hotel/apartment room I got her; and so I tried to convince her to stay, and I felt a lot of different feelings during this part as I talked with her/touched/held/hugged her/et cetera.

I possibly touched her stomach like maybe I was listening for a heartbeat and maybe I talked to her about the possibility that she was pregnant, but I can not remember; and I remember feeling a strange positive feeling, maybe a feeling like a soon-to-be father might feel for his unborn child and his wife/girlfriend but I also was worried because I did not want her to leave and I feared for her/their safety.

I remember talking with her about how and why my former classmates EB and RB continued to treat her like an enemy, I apologized to her about this and I talked to them about this, and I told her to try to not worry about it and that they would probably eventually change once they realize that she was not our enemy.

I convinced her to at least let me put her stuff back into her room so that she could stay a bit longer to think about staying or not, and I let her know that I would continue to help her and that I cared for her probably; but I woke up because my left shoulder has been hurting/bothering me for over a week and I was sleeping on it which caused it to start hurting.

The end,

-John Jr


Brienne Of Tarth Turns Into A White Cat During An Experiment Of Ancient Egyptian-Like Technology?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I almost forgot all of my dreams from last night but I do barely remember part of one confusing/unclear dream that took place during the day in a fictional dream world that seemed more dream-like than normal, and it seemed to be slightly inspired by the TV shows Game Of Thrones and maybe Deadman Wonderland.

The dream took place in a time period and place similar to the TV show Game Of Thrones, but I can not remember the beginning or the middle of the dream; and I am not sure if I was in the dream or not.

I remember that the dream took place in an unknown kingdom near a castle/fortress-like building, and the person in charge was a man; and he wanted to do an experimental test of some technology that his people built that was based on some incomplete ancient documents/tablets from an ancient Egyptian-like culture that used to exist many years ago.

His people had found some damaged documents/tablets in some ancient ruins from an ancient Egyptian-like culture that had some technological instructions on how to build a certain device/machine/whatever, but the instructions were incomplete since the tablets/documents were partly destroyed; and so he had his people try to build the device/machine/whatever the best that they could from the incomplete documents/tablets.

His people had finally finished building the device/machine/whatever, and so he was going to experiment with it/test it to see if it worked; and several people were brought or captured or tricked into being part of the experiment, some or all of them might have been prisoners but I can not remember.

I do remember that Brienne Of Tarth from the TV show Game Of Thrones was one of the people who was there, it seemed that she was passing through the kingdom during a journey, and maybe she was invited to meet the leader of the kingdom or she was arrested to be forced into this experiment without knowing what was going on but I am not sure.

The device/machine/whatever was very advanced looking to my surprise, especially for their time period, and it was more advanced that what we have in 2013; but it seemed simple.

The device/machine/whatever had several circular metal golden/yellowish colored disks at the bottom of several clear tubes that went up vertically in the air/sky near the castle/fortress like a futuristic elevator or something like that, and Brienne Of Tarth & the other people with her were asked to step on the metal circular disks at the bottom of each clear tube.

Brienne and the others did not seem to know what was going on exactly, they thought that this was a game or something, and so they each stepped on a metal circular disk inside each clear tube; and the leader told his people to start the device/machine/whatever; and the metal circular disks slowly started to rise/levitate up the clear tubes without anything holding them up, it was like maybe a magnetic force or something was pushing it & holding it, but I was not sure how the technology worked.

Either way, I was amazed and impressed, and Brienne & the others were amazed/happy/having fun at first; but then I think Brienne and the others got turned into non-Human animals or this happened before the metal circular disks started rising, but I am not sure.

I am not sure what kind of animals the others got turned into, but I know that Brienne got turned into a white colored cat oddly; and the leader and his people watched this all in amusement and/or did not care since they were using Brienne and the others as test subjects for this experimental test, without Brienne and the others knowing that this was an experimental test, and so they did not know what was going on.

Once they reached about halfway up the clear tubes the circular metal disks started to stop or stall like something was wrong, the leader & his people knew that this was because of the incomplete instructions for the device/machine/whatever, and so they waited to see what this problem would be; and his people tried to figure out what was happening and how to fix the problem and/or continue the experiment, and at some point they decided to test each tube/metal disk one-at-a-time.

They restarted the first metal disk/tube, and it started to rise faster than before; and then it rose at a super fast speed that was so fast that it killed the person who was on it by smashing them into mush/pieces/whatever by the time it reached the top of the tube.

Brienne and the others saw this as their metal disks floated at the halfway point of their tubes, they were horrified, but they could not escape or do anything to save themselves; and so they were at the mercy of the leader and his people.

The leader and his people started making some adjustments so that they could test another tube/metal disk/disc, so their plan was to make adjustments before restarting each tube to see what the outcome would be; and they did not care if it killed the people in each tube/on each disk.

The leader hoped that eventually they would learn how to fix it to safely move people up and down and through the tubes, since this new technology would allow them to revolutionize transportation by transporting people/things very fast without worrying about the power source since the device/machine/whatever seemed to be powered by things/forces in the environment that would probably never run out.

I predicted that this technology could be used in many different ways once they better understood it, and that it could help change the world for the better; but I did not agree with how they were experimenting with these people without their permission, and how they did not care if they lived or died.

I was hoping that Brienne and the others would survive or be saved, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr