An Evolving Zombie-Like Contagious Outbreak & Using Superpowers To Survive

I do not think that this continuing dream went lucid, I think that it was a normal dream and that it never became a lucid dream, but I could be wrong.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this interesting dream from last night is that I probably remember someone talking about The United States President Donald Trump and I remember being inside a maybe one-story multi-purpose-like building with different rooms and halls and areas, and I remember walking around this building.


A Security Alarm Goes Off & People’s Eyes Turn Red & We All Get Paralyzed

Dream 1

I had this dream almost immediately after I went to sleep last night, and I can only remember part of the end of this dream.

I remember being inside a windowless building following a man with whitish-colored skin with maybe medium-length brownish-colored hair, and for some reason he seemed suspicious to me and so that is why I was following him.


Holding A Baby In A Hospital

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in a hospital, and I was there with my family; and at some point one of my parent’s went somewhere in the hospital & they wanted me to hold & watch a baby for them until they came back.

I am not sure why we were at the hospital, maybe my mom was sick, because I am not sure if I saw her at this point or not; or maybe one of my brothers was in the hospital or my grandfather, I do not know.

I am not sure who the baby was or who the baby was for exactly, but I think that it was either one of my brothers who was now a baby again for some reason or it was me (I doubt that) as a baby or it was someone else; I think that it was one of my brothers probably, because the baby boy looked very familiar with some features of my brothers & I, and I think that I remember thinking that it was nice that one of my brothers was a baby again instead of the annoying brats, I mean well-adjusted kids, that they are now. 😀

I remember being in a small windowless waiting room-like area, we must have been at the hospital for a long time, because the baby went to sleep while I was holding it & I started to almost take a nap; and while I was almost taking a nap, a nurse came to look at the sleeping baby, and she was saying how cute he was.

I opened my eyes to thank her and I said a few things to her, and a few minutes later the baby & I went to a room with beds in it; I guess that they had some beds for people who would stay over-night in the waiting room, because the room of beds was connected to the waiting room.

When the baby was awake earlier, I remember talking to him and playing little games to make him laugh, and I probably thought of some memories when I used to help raise my brothers when they were babies.

Now that the baby was sleep and I was tired, I laid the baby on the bed, and I laid on the bed in a way where the baby could not fall off the bed so easily; I decided to try to stay awake for a while to make sure that the baby would not fall off the bed, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


My Grandfather Dying

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remembered most of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in my birth town.

It was night and my mom, brothers, and I were returning from a grocery store to my parent’s house; probably by automobile, but I could be wrong.

We got stopped about three streets away from the house by a desk, automobile, and something else that was blocking the road; so we waited to see if someone would move them, but they did not, so we got out to try to find the owner of the stuff.

We did not see or hear anyone outside and so my mom & brothers decided to knock on the door of a house that was next to the road, but the door was not completely closed and it opened; my mom said that one of my former classmates & friend lived there, so they went inside to find him.

They did not see him and did not want to explore the entire house, so they decided to just carry the stuff back to the house, and I decided to go inside the house myself after my brothers & mom left.

Inside it was dark, with small rooms, and the house was maze-like; in one room I saw a very young kid sitting on the floor playing a video game and he did not seem to notice me, since he was so focused on the video game, which I was surprised that such a young kid was playing. 😀

I eventually found a room where my former classmate was sleeping on a bed, and he woke up & said hello to me; I told him about the road being blocked and so I took him to see it but oddly the stuff was no longer blocking the road, the automobile was gone (probably), and only the groceries that I was supposed to carry were left on the ground.

My former classmate and I talked about a few things, and I remember that he talked about some video games.

Then he started mentioning this woman that he was talking to and trying to date, he asked me if I knew her and mentioned her name, and oddly I instantly recognized a person in my mind who I thought that it was.

I asked him if she had blonde colored hair, whitish colored skin, and a somewhat chubby body build; and he said yes, to my surprise, and I was not exactly sure how I knew the name & what she looked like already.

Maybe she was in one of my dreams earlier that night, or a dream further in the past, or maybe I seen her & saw her name in real life somewhere (but I can not recall anyone in real life that looks exactly like that and I can not remember the name mentioned in the dream now).

At the end of our conversation he mentioned that the kid playing video games was the son of someone else that lived at the house, and oddly he told me that the boy’s father has a bad habit of sleeping naked; and how he keeps telling him to stop doing that, but he does not listen. 😀

I then carried the rest of the groceries up the road to the next street, and now the sun was starting to rise; so it must have been early morning now.

Sitting on a porch I saw a man who looked like one of my older cousins & another man and I said hello to them, and I kept walking; but then it started to rain, so I ran under a tree next to the road while I tried to cover something that I was carrying that I did not want to get wet.

I noticed my grandfather walking on the road and I told him hello, as he was trying to walk up the street to get back to his house, we were now 1 ½ streets away from the houses; he smiled and waved, and then I started to walk again, even though it was still raining.

But I noticed that my grandfather appeared to have slipped & fell on the road, so I dropped my stuff and ran to help him, and I heard the man on the porch (which really was my cousin) & one of my uncles running to help as well.

When I got to my grandfather he appeared to be having problems breathing and could not talk, and appeared to be dying; so I picked him up and started to run up the street trying to get him back to his house as it rained.

My cousin ran ahead of me and my uncle was behind me yelling out something to me about adjusting the way that I held my grandfather so that he could breathe; oddly my grandfather was not very heavy as I carried him.

I kept trying to adjust the way that I was holding him, trying to support his neck & back, but he still seemed to not be able to breathe and/or he was dying; my uncle kept yelling something & I could not understand what he meant, and so I stopped & tried to adjust the position my grandfather was in.

But it was not working, so I started to panic a bit & get scared, and my uncle’s yelling was not helping either; I looked at my grandfather face & he was slipping away and I accidentally woke myself up from the dream due to the high emotions.

I woke up feeling scared, sad, slightly panicked, and confused; since I had awakened so quickly by accident, and in these few seconds I saw something near my bed that looked like a blueish & whitish light that was changing shapes (which somewhat scared me even more, but then it made me mad, since I quickly wondered if it could be behind the bad ending of that dream).

It was like my eyes were trying to adjust to just waking up but I was seeing this light change shapes, one of which appeared to be somewhat in a vague shape of a baby, and since I was still trying to process that I was really awake now & I was in a slightly shocked & confused state; I was not sure if I was hallucinating or if my eyes were just adjusting to the light.

Just in case that shapeshifting light was something real and if it had something to do with my bad dream, I swung my pillow at it, but then it was gone. 😀

In the place where I saw it, was just the white rotating fan, that was on; so it appeared to just be my eyes adjusting to it as the fan moved. 😀

I realized that I was awake now and just had a bad dream, and that my eyes were probably just playing tricks on me as they adjusted to the light & movement of the fan.

I woke and looked around the house to make sure that nothing was really there (just in case), at this point I was feeling a mixture of feelings still, but I was ready to face anything; even if it was a 10 foot shadow creäture or something. (I was not going to let fear or anything control me or intimidate me in my house) 😀

I was ready to walk up to the face of anything, to show that I was not afraid anymore. 😀

Nothing was there and I did not feel like going back to sleep yet, after that horrible ending to my dream (holding my grandfather (my last living grandparent) & looking at his face watching him dying and not being able to help), so then I took some time to write some of my dream down; then I got back in bed at about 5:something AM, and it took me a little while to go back to sleep but I did.

Dream 2

The next dream involved me going to do some shopping for a former classmate of mine and her husband, they wanted me to go to Dollar General to buy them a certain type of alcohol (the kind you drink) and something else. 😀

I drove there and the Dollar General was in a slightly different place than in real life and it was night-time; as I was walking to the entrance a small spaceship-like object flew over me & I saw what appeared to be someone in a space suit inside of it.

It was a very small spaceship with a clear glass bubble-like thing on the front and the rest was a greenish color, and it was flying like it was unstable & it was silent.

Since the space suit looked like a normal human space suit, I guessed that NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Administration) and/or the military were doing an experiment/test or something; I stopped to watch and some other people stopped to watch as well.

We saw a few more of these small unstable spaceships flying low and one almost crashed into the parking lot, and we also saw these toy-like things that were like space debris and/or satellites and/or something.

Some kind of Field appeared to be pulling the objects into the sky and they were hovering over us & the parking lot moving around slowly/oddly at a set height in this Field, and I got a strange feeling; I heard someone say that there were test dummies in the spacesuits, not real people.

At that point I really felt it was a NASA and/or military test/experiment, and I did not think that it was safe to stand underneath the Field; so I went inside Dollar General, and pretty much forgot about the thing/situation oddly. 😀

This Dollar General was large and looked like a combination of a Dollar General/Best Buy/& a small grocery store. 😀

There were people shopping and kids playing video games in the electronic section; so I searched for the alcoholic drink that my classmate and her husband wanted, but I could not find it.

I found an emergency/hidden exit-like door on the side of the building that led to a walkway near the school that I went to Junior High School at, oddly, and I saw an outdoor isle of mostly wine. 😀

It was morning time now maybe and I saw some people walking on the walkway, and the wine section appeared to belong to another store maybe; I did not find the drink still, so I went back into the store. 😀

I bought the other stuff that they wanted and then I went outside, where I saw my classmate and her husband, and so I gave them the stuff I bought.

We then walked and talked, and they took me to meet one of their friends that worked in a small part of the shopping complex; there was a glass door that led up a hall with a room on the left side with no windows that looked like a small computer lab.

Inside the room was their friend and two other guys working on computers; there were computers around the outside of the room, a desk for the boss (who was not there), and a table with these weird devices that looked like old desktop cassette players with a mercury thermometer on top & a light. 😀

Their friend was wearing a large t-shirt & blue jeans, and seemed like a very outgoing and somewhat annoying guy. 😀

They went to talk in the hallway, while I went to see what the other two men were doing on the computers; this place seemed to be a government and/or military network defense office/room. (a very insecure one) 😀

The two men had short blonde colored hair, whitish colored skin, black slacks, white button dress shirts tucked in, black ties, and appeared to be computer gurus. 😀

Their backs were facing the door and they were focused on the computers, I saw many blocks of red & green on the screen, red blocks had (firewall breached or something written on them) and the green blocks showed firewalls that were not breached.

I noticed that on the table behind them, that some of the strange devices (that looked like desktop cassette players with a mercury thermometer on top & a light), had a green light on and some had a red light on & the words Breached on the red ones.

The devices with the green lights had a cooler temperature than the devices with the red lights, and I noticed that each device had a button, so I guessed that pushing the button would reset the hardware firewall & drop the temperature; so I pressed a button on one of the red devices and then it turned green & the temperature went down, like I expected.

I asked the two men if they wanted me to press the buttons on the devices when ever they turned red, and they said yes, and so I did. 😀

While they dealt with the software firewall breaches, I dealt with the hardware firewall breaches, and I asked them if they always had attacks like this every day; and they said yes, it seemed that they had several hackers attacking the network every minute or something. 😀

I thought that this would be a nice job and hoped that the boss would hire me when he got back, and I hoped that they would train me; since computer stuff & defense stuff is my specialty.

After the attacks decreased, I asked the two men if they used custom firewalls, but I do no think that they responded; then my classmate, her husband, and their friend came to get me so that I could join them on their walk to the store next door and so I followed them.

Their friend was doing a lot of talking and several women joined him, and he was making jokes & even made fun of what I was wearing (which was an ugly red t-shirt and some ugly blue jogging sweat pants 😀 ) , for some odd reason it looked like I had just finished jogging or something; it was a bit embarrassing.

After surviving their annoying friend’s talking, we went back to the hallway near the room that he worked in, I am not sure what his job was because he did not seem to know anything about computers & was not even dressed like the other guys. 😀

I walked back to the room to see if the boss was back, which he was not, and then a very small kid walked into the room looking at the computers.

I wondered why was this place so insecure (no security, no armor, no guns, no locks, no cameras, etc) and why was the door always open, and who was this kid for? 😀

The two men on the computers had their backs to us and did not even notice us, we could have stolen stuff or been terrorists or the kid could have broken something or the kid could have gotten hurt or something. 😀

The kid was amazed and probably accidentally bumped into my leg, and the kid was giggling (it was a very young kid, that probably could not really talk much). 😀

I noticed that the two men still did not notice us so I guessed that I would have to walk the kid back to its parents, and I heard a woman call the kid; the kid laughed & started walking toward the door, and then I helped the kid walk back to its parents but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Killing A Creature

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remembered only part of my next to last dream, which involved my family living at my grandfather’s house, and part of my last dream.

In my last dream I remember being dressed in black slacks and a white or blue long sleeve buttoned dress shirt, and I walked into a building that was connected to a gym-like building.

I walked through a door to my right, and I walked into a courtroom-like room full of people; there was a lot of noise going on, and some people were angry.

A lot of this small town seemed to be gathered for a court case that was mentioned in the newspaper, I guess I saw a newspaper in the dream, that involved a dispute between neighbors that lived out in the country I think.

I think a man had one of his farm animals killed by a group of his neighbors, over the dispute or something, so emotions were running high.

As I was walking in, the man was called to testify at the stand, and so I was walking near him as he got up from his seat; a group of people who I think were some of his neighbors, were standing and looking like they wanted to attack him, and I even heard boos from the crowd. 😀

I felt that I looked suspicious walking in near the man, and I was afraid that someone would think that I was going to try to kill him or something, so I decided to pretend that I was a bodyguard/security guard; also I was afraid that someone in the crowd might attack him. 😀

So I followed the man to the stand while scanning the crowd for threats, I even stopped a few times and looked around at the crowd, at first people stared at me; but then they stopped staring at me and the angry neighbors sat down, and they no longer appeared to be a threat.

I stood near the stand for a moment as the man began to testify, making sure that no one in the crowd looked suspicious, and things still seemed safe enough; so I left out of the room.

I then walked to the lobby for the gym-like building and I saw a former classmate of mine standing in the lobby, she was working as a door-greeter; she told me that the school was having an event, and that people had to pay a small fee to get in.

She said that there were booths, food, drink, games, and some private areas; she said that some of the high school students were probably doing things they were not supposed to do, in the private areas, because they had no supervision in the private areas. 😉

I talked with her for a little while and then another one of my classmates came into the lobby, and joined our conversation; he invited me to join him at the swimming pool at the park in my birth-town, so we went there.

He told me that his sister was the manager of the pool, which looked nicer than in real life and there were several pools, and the pool was closed with only one female worker there; she let us in, since my classmate’s sister was the manager. 😉

He said that we could swim, eat, and drink for free. 😀

So we swam a little while and he had the woman bring him a few drinks; the woman was a bit younger than us and had a meek but nice demeanor/personality, and was pretty quiet/shy & acted like a servant.

The weather was nice and it was a very sunny & nice day, and things were going great; I felt like a VIP or something. 😀

After swimming we went to hang out near the pay booth, and one of my classmate’s friends came to talk with us; the woman served us chips that looked like Cheetos Hot Chips and she brought us some soda.

She also joined us, probably because I asked, and we all talked & ate & drunk; but then the dream gets weird and unclear, but I will try to make sense of it.

As we were eating, drinking, and talking; I noticed what looked like a locust-like shell in my chips, but it was covered with the Hot Chip seasoning.

The woman had one in her bag also and so we started to talk about it, I thought about trying it, since I like to try new foods; but I hesitated.

My classmate’s friend told us that he had one in his bag earlier that day, and that he ate it; then things get really weird and unclear!

I think a male voice came from my classmate’s friend’s stomach and it was talking to the woman/us, telling her/us to eat the locust-like thing that was mixed in with our chips; the woman seemed to start acting scared and uncomfortable.

I then started to feel her discomfort and then I started to decide not to eat the locust looking thing in my chips, since something did not seem right; the feelings coming from the woman were alerting me to danger, though you would think that a voice probably coming from a persons stomach would have freaked us out. (I can not remember this part clearly enough to remember all of our reactions or where the voice was coming from exactly) 😀

It was like the voice was tempting the woman/us to eat the locust looking thing, the woman was trying to resist it and was saying that she did not think it was a good idea; but she was saying it in a soft & meek/weak way.

The voice did not seem to be effecting/affecting me, but it seemed to be focusing on the woman and effecting/affecting her, and her feelings were effecting/affecting me; so thanks to her, I did not eat the locus-like thing.

Since we seemed to have resisted the voice, I think either my classmate’s friend turned into a small Hyena-like creäture or it came out of his stomach, but I think he just turned into the creäture; then it chased my classmate, since he was closer to it.

I think the creäture looked like a strange Hyena-like creäture that was the size of a small dog, anyway, I ran to help my classmate; as I was running to help, a person was walking three dogs nearby in the park and the dogs ran & attacked the creäture before it could attack my classmate.

The three dogs were medium-sized dogs and they started attacking the creäture wildly, but I felt that they could not win alone, so I started to kick the creäture; which only helped a bit, and I felt that was not enough to help them win.

Even though the creäture was small, it seemed that it was still going to win, everyone else just stood back watching in shock/terror; especially the woman, who I think was covering her mouth in shock, and my classmate who had stopped running & was watching from a distance.

I thought about telling everyone to run but I did not want these brave dogs to die, so I decided to continue to help them fight, but I decided to pour some soda into the creature’s eyes; to my surprise the soda seemed to burn it and made it scream & it temporarily blinded it, which gave the dogs an advantage.

I yelled for the woman and my classmate to pour soda in the creäture’s eyes, and so we started to pour soda on it; which made a burning noise & some smoke started coming out like it was really burning the creature like acid or something, it screamed, and it continued to be blinded by the soda. 😀

The dogs were then able to kill it and rip it apart, then I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂