A Cat With Fabric Bat Wings And A Manny Pacquiao Answering Machine And Playing Tennis At Night

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only barely remember part of my last dream, I remember seeing a blackish colored cat that had blackish colored fabric bat wings attached to it, and later in the dream I remember being inside a dimly lit windowless house/business cave-like building that looked like E Manor inside.

I remember being in the family room, in the bedroom connected to the family room, and in the hall by the family room mostly along with some men and some women and/or young women; and I remember the men having a Manny Pacquiao answering machine phone/telephone in the hall that had a special voice recording and maybe ringer sound, and they were trying to figure out how to set it up.

I remember trying to help them with this sometimes while at other times I talked with the men and women and/or young women, I remember the men wanting to each have their own personal assistant and so they were trying to decide which women and/or young women to choose as their personal assistants.

The answering machine phone had an option to do a custom voice recording, they assumed that you needed to do a custom voice recording to get the special Manny Pacquiao recording and sounds to work, and they also believed that if the women and/or young women did the custom voice recording that this would make them their personal assistants like maybe it would mind control them into accepting and obeying and/or something weird like that.

I remember one or two of the women and/or young women doing a custom voice recording and then agreeing to be personal assistants, I was not sure if they did this willingly or if the answering machine phone really did have mind control abilities or not, and I remember telling the men that they should just ask the women and/or young women instead trying to use mind control; and I told them that this was wrong if what they were saying was true, but they did not care.

I told them that most of the women and/or young women were already willing to accept personal assistant jobs on their own, I did not really think that the mind control stuff was real or true but I tried to keep an open mind, and I hoped that it was not true because I did not agree with it; and before I heard about this I had thought about which woman I would have wanted as a personal assistant, and I remember a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish or light orangish colored hair catching my attention.

I did not ask her or anyone if they would be my personal assistant, I do remember hoping that no one would ask her and I probably asked the other men not to ask her, and maybe I told the women about the possible mind control if they left a custom voice recording on that answering machine phone to be safe in case it really was true.

I remember changing the special Manny Pacquiao answering machine phone back to its default ringer and default voice recording message and then the next thing I remember is being outside in my parent’s yard near the back door late in the evening or early in the night, and my former classmate DH was there as well.

I remember my former classmate DH and I playing tennis in the yard, he was standing between the area between two of the dogs by the fence, and I was standing on the wooden boards near the back door; and we played tennis while talking even though we had no net, not much space, and this area is mostly dirt with stuff in the way.

At some point I realized that my former classmate DH and I should switch places after two of the tennis balls fell close to the dogs, I was afraid that they might bite him, but as we were about to switch I realized that it was now too dark for us to see very well; and so we decided to stop playing tennis, and then I remember seeing the blackish colored cat with blackish colored fabric bat wings again by the back steps.

I started petting the cat and getting a closer look at the fabric bat wings, it looked like someone had sewn them on the cat which I thought was weird and not a good idea, and then my brother GC walked over to examine/look at the cat like it was him who had attached the fabric bat winds on the cat; and so I asked him if it was him who did it, he said yeah, and I asked him if he had sewn them on.

Instead of telling a quick lie like I expected, he just replied: “I used a special technique…”, and he left it at that; and then I told him that he should remove the fabric bat wings, and I told him that putting those on the cat like that was not a good idea but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Hair Selling Competition?

I remember part of a confusing dream from last night that took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D and on & off a slightly fictional version of the highway to LC.

One part of the dream involved me driving around D to shop at Dollar General and/or several stores or something like that, but I can not remember the rest of the beginning of the dream.

At some point I drove toward the city of LC and off of the highway was an event of some kind taking place, and I stopped to see what it was all about.

There were a lot of people but I can not remember most of what happened at first, I just remember at some point there was a competition where people were trying to sell hair or something crazy like that, and a few celebrities were competing as well.

Hulk Hogan was there & he had a younger supermodel-looking wife with blond colored hair and whitish colored skin, and she was in the hair selling competition or whatever it was.

She had some blue fabric / hair-like stuff over her face & head that made her look a bit like Mystique from the X-Men films, but she was not doing so good in the competition because the crowd did not like her personality or something like that; they felt that she acted like she was better than everyone or something like that.

I think that Hulk Hogan tried to cheer her up & give her some advice, and he might have tried to get the crowd on her side; but I am not sure, and I can not remember the details.

Another celebrity who was in the competition later in the dream was, Jack Black, and I met him on an airplane that was flying; but I do not remember how I got on the airplane. 😀

I just remember meeting Mr. Black, and he was goofing / joking around as usual; and he went to the competition when the airplane landed, and I went back to the competition to watch again.

There was one or more other celebrities competing at the event, among the other people in the competition, but I can not remember who; and I can not remember the rest of the details.

I remember driving back to D at some point and something happened that I can not remember exactly, that might have had something to do with an abandoned house connected to the building by DG; but I am not sure.

Later my dad and I went to visit a fictional great-aunt of my dad, who lived in a narrow two-story house connected to the building by DG, but she looked like my mom’s dead great-aunt E/QJ.

I can not remember most of the details but I do know that we went on both floors of her house, and I remember that she walked faster than I expected for an old woman & she had more energy than I expected; and she seemed independent like my mom’s dead great-aunt E/QJ.

In the dream I might have even thought about how she looked & reminded me of my great-aunt E/QJ, but I am not sure.

This fictional great-aunt of my dad talked to my dad & I about several things, but unfortunately I can not remember what she told us; but I know that some of it was advice & past wisdom/knowledge.

I call her my dad’s fictional great-aunt because as far as I know she is not one of my dad’s great aunts, but I am not sure.

At some point we said goodbye & left, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂