Sneaking Into A Facility

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This dream from last night was possibly partly inspired by the Japanese anime (animated) film Gall Force 3: Stardust War, which I watched last night, and all that I can remember of this dream is that a group of people and I were sneaking into a futuristic facility that belonged to a group who were the antagonists of this dream it seemed and various things in the dream were somewhat futuristic.

I can not remember what this group did to us and to the people we knew and others, but I assume that this group was doing bad things and unethical secret experiments at their facility (maybe they even kidnapped some people, but I am not sure).

For whatever reason(s) we snuck/sneaked into their facility, we had some communication devices that were probably in-ear earpieces that we used to communicate with a woman who was helping us, and she was letting us know about the situation outside and the situation in areas that we could not see.

We successfully sneaked into the mostly clean white somewhat futuristic facility without being noticed by the guards patrolling the outside and inside, I remember us being in a room about to sneak into a hallway, but then the woman communicating with us through our earpieces told us that the guards somehow knew that we had sneaked past their defenses so they were locking down the building.

The lockdown was meant to trap us inside as the guards try to find us, they did not know where we were yet, and so we ran into a hallway trying to avoid getting trapped but the areas that we were going to run through got blocked off by heavy walls/doors that lowered from the ceiling.

All of the escape routes were now blocked off, but then a woman (possibly a different woman) who worked at this facility who either knew someone in our group and/or who do not agree with what this group was doing and/or who was possibly a double agent from our group or who was possibly going to become a double agent for our group communicated with us through our earpieces telling us about a secret passage that led to a secret underground facility (base) where she worked and where she was at now all alone.

She communicated with us leading us to the secret passage and we went down the secret passage before the guards reached the area where we had been earlier, and we reached the secret underground facility where the woman was while the guards were still above-ground trying to figure out where we were and why they could not find us after locking down the building.

The woman who helped us had white skin with maybe long yellow hair and she wore a futuristic maybe white and gray uniform, and she was in an area with an underground hangar with a futuristic aircraft in it that looked somewhat like the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird except it was capable of transporting groups of people and cargo.

The woman was behind some glass in an upper area over-looking this hangar, and there were other areas behind her that probably led to secret research labs and other areas.

We talked with the woman who seemed somewhat worried and sad, she probably explained why she was helping us and she shared some information and she told us about some other things, and her plan was to hide us on the aircraft and fly away pretending to be on a normal mission hoping that the guards would not suspect that she helped us escape.

If they figured out how we escaped she would lie and say that we must have sneaked on the aircraft without her knowing, and she would lie about why she had left in the aircraft (she already had some lies ready that would make sense).

We asked her to leave with us, she wanted to, but she felt that staying would allow her to better help stop the bad things going on there and stop the group who she was working for by working with us as a double agent and passing on classified information and/or materials that would help stop them permanently once the public and authorities learn the truth of what goes on there.

She knew that being a double agent was dangerous and would possibly get her killed, tortured, imprisoned, fired, et cetera but she was willing to take the risk because she felt that it was the right thing to do even though she knew that we could not protect her there.

We thanked her and wished her well, the guards were possibly getting closer to figuring out that something was wrong and that we were no longer above-ground, and so she hid us on the aircraft and she prepared to contact her people to let them know that she was about to leave in the aircraft on a routine mission or something.

I remember the hangar and part of the runway opening to the outside so that she could take off in the aircraft, but I woke up as the aircraft started to move and take off.

The end,

-John Jr


People Trying To Kill Me & A Woman & A Baby & Getting Mutated & Getting Quarantined

I went to bed very late last night and I slept pretty well, and so I only barely remember part of one or more dreams (I am not sure which); and it or they took place between the afternoon – night in a fictional city.

I remember being in a fictional city near highways, businesses, et cetera like I had been exploring the city; and at some point something happened where a group of people (probably a gang) started trying to kill a woman, the woman’s baby, and I.


Kazundo Gouda (Kazundo Gōda) + A Monk Scamming People For Money + Dashie (Charlie Guzman) + Grace Randolph = ?

Source: Wikipedia

I barely remember part of one dream from last night that I think took place in an underground location/facility, and I remember having a meeting in a large open room on a circular platform above empty space with a few high level people from maybe government/intelligence/military/et cetera positions & one of them was or looked like Kazundo Gouda (Kazundo Gōda) (but I am not sure if he was animated or if he looked real) from the Japanese animated (anime) TV show Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig.

Mr. Gouda seemed to be a high level person in an intelligence position, I did not trust him for some reason(s), and I found him to be suspicious during our meeting; but I can not remember the meeting or what made me suspicious, and I can not remember what I was doing there or what my job was.

This part of the underground facility seemed to be a secure area that was very modern/somewhat futuristic like a scientific laboratory or something like that with thick metal walls/doors/et cetera, and fancy electronics in certain areas; and the meeting room probably had no chairs & maybe there were large TV screens along the walls where we could talk with & see people who were not in the underground facility but I am not sure.

I think that the meeting room was designed for secrecy/privacy/security/et cetera to avoid meetings being spied on, anyway at some point the meeting was over, and Mr. Gouda & I talked briefly & maybe I confronted him about some of my suspicions of/about him; and at some point Mr. Gouda left in a hurry suspiciously, and after he left reports came in proving that my suspicions were correct about Mr. Gouda.

Mr. Gouda had left the underground facility and evidence was found proving that Mr. Gouda worked for someone else/an enemy/another government and/or intelligence agency/organization/whoever, and that he had probably shared top-secret information with them; and so there was fear of an attack/whatever against us/whoever, and so we put the underground facility on lock-down; and audio/visual alarms went off, certain areas were sealed, security teams searched the area for sabotage & other possible threats, the computer systems/archives/et cetera started being checked for theft/malware/et cetera, an investigation into Mr. Gouda began, a search for Mr. Gouda began, contact was made to warn others on the outside of the facility, a short meeting about the situation was held, et cetera.

After helping get the emergency protocols started I walked off to take a break or something, and I went to a less secure area where certain people (probably family members/et cetera of people in the underground facility) had small businesses/entertainment areas/maybe classrooms/et cetera in rooms along several hallways; and a bald man who looked/dressed like maybe a Buddhist/whatever (an orangish colored monk-like robe with maybe one or more colors) monk approached me trying to get me to pay a small fee for a religious/whatever experience/something like that, I was not interested, but the monk was begging me & pushing me toward his business/temple room/whatever & so I decided to try it & I probably paid him so that he would stop bothering me.

The monk led me to a small room with maybe a reddish colored and/or orangish colored and/or yellowish colored (maybe one or more colors) door with interesting religious-looking designs, and he led me into a small dimly lit room; and the room was about the size of a storage closet that a janitor might use, and the room had religious-like designs/decorations/colors/et cetera probably related to Buddhism and/or Hinduism and/or a fake religion and/or an unknown religion.

The monk had me stand in the center of the room and he told me not to turn around during the experience/whatever, that I had to stand still while looking forward & maybe he blindfolded me but I am not sure & he explained the experience/rules/whatever but I can not remember the other details, and maybe he lit some candles/incense and/or started playing some traditional instrumental religious-like music; and the floor below/beneath my feet started to move in circles, so the floor slowly moved me in circles as I stood there looking forward & maybe the floor rose slightly but I am not sure, and maybe a probably female being/deity/Goddess was supposed to appear/be summoned at some point but I am not sure.

At some point smoke/fog started filling the room & I started to feel something against my back and/or shoulders like a fake massage from a machine or a solid object, maybe the monk said that the probably female being/Goddess/whoever was supposedly in the room now, and that she was supposedly behind me; and that I was not to turn around for any reason, which I thought was suspicious, but I continued looking forward while slowly spinning in circles because of the floor.

I felt that the monk was tricking people with a fake religious experience to make money using machines to make the floor spin & rise, music/lights/incense to set the mood, a fog/smoke machine for fog/smoke, another person dresses as the supposed probably female being/Goddess, et cetera.

At some point I decided that I was pretty confident that this was a scam to make money, and so I decided to break the rules by turning around to see the probably female being/Goddess; and as I did this I confronted the monk with my suspicions about him, I turned around to see what seemed to be a man wearing a wig & costume pretending to be a female being/Goddess/whoever, and so I pulled the wig off his head.

The monk and the man panicked as I made it obvious that I knew that this was a scam, I told them what I felt/thought about their scam, and I walked out of the room as they tried to stop me; and they begged me not to tell anyone, and oddly maybe Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube was the man who was working with the monk by wearing the wig & costume pretending to be the female being/Goddess/whoever but I am not sure.

I just know that in the hallway I saw Dashie at some point and I briefly talked with him but I can not remember the details, and then I walked to a residential part of the underground facility I guess where most of us lived in apartment houses/rooms down various hallways; and at some point I came across my family.

My family also had an extra apartment house/room that they wanted to rent out to make some extra money, then somehow the dream world changed to where we were at my parent’s real house, and that extra house/room was now the G House that my grandfather owns but in the dream it seemed that my parent’s had bought it from my grandfather; and my dad mentioned that a woman was outside the yard waiting to see the G House because she was interested in renting it, but we wanted to be cautious/strict about who we let view/rent the G House & my dad did not really feel like showing the house today & so he considered telling her that she could not see it today.

I asked him who the woman was & he said that she said that her name was Grace Randolph or some name like that & he walked off to probably tell her that she could not see the house today, and I recognized the name as maybe the Grace Randolph from YouTube; and so I walked outside to catch up with my dad to see if it was really Mrs. Randolph, outside it was daytime, and to my surprise it was Mrs. Randolph/Grace from YouTube.

Grace said that she was moving to D for some reason (work reasons probably) and that she needed a place to live, she had heard/read about the G House being for rent & so she came to see it, and so I told my dad that we should let her look at the G House & that I recognized her from the internet; and that I would show her around the G House, my dad said okay, but I woke up as I went to show Grace the G House.

The end,

-John Jr


My Uncle ME Leading A Trip By Spaceship To A Familiar Facility Near Snowy Mountains On Another Planet (Dream World) | Hanging With Dashie (Charlie Guzman) At My Grandfather’s House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

My first dream was an interesting and clear dream that returned me to a planet and dream world that I have dreamed of before several times in the past, but someone in the real world being annoying by making noise & turning on the brightest lights in the bedroom woke me up right when the dream was about to get even more interesting; and so my dream was interrupted at an important part, and my memory of the beginning of the dream was messed up/forgotten because of being awakened abruptly.

It was an amazing dream while it lasted because it was clear/realistic in some ways and it was familiar with a futuristic/science fiction twist to it that might have been slightly inspired by the video game Mass Effect 3.

The planet and dream world in the dream is/was much smaller than Earth, it is small enough to where you could explore the entire planet by yourself in minutes or an hour probably, and it is a mostly empty planet when it comes to animal & even plant life but there are some alien animals/creatures on the planet; and sometimes there are a few beings who can communicate with me and whoever is in the dream with me, who are usually found sometimes at or near a somewhat hidden facility near a snowy mountain area.

In past dreams there is sometimes a threat that I and/or several people are running from either on foot or by boat or by plane or by jumping very high or by being able to fly somehow, and we usually escape through the snowy mountain area to reach the facility & the threat usually does not follow us there or know where we are; and sometimes in dreams I go to this facility to explore, but there is almost always some threats in the facility like zombies or other creatures or various types of beings but sometimes there is one or more friendly beings there that help or at least do not attack me/us (I had one possible memory of coming across an alien humanoid being in the facility and he was wounded and/or got wounded at some point, and he looked a bit like the Drell from Mass Effect 2 maybe).

This planet and dream world has a unique feeling to it, it feels different from Earth, and being there feels realistic & strange; sometimes you can feel the temperature & weather effects/affects, several parts of the planet have different types of weather like a dessert/a snowy area/water areas/et cetera, the path to the facility is always familiar & about the same so I usually know where to go, et cetera.

In this dream it seemed that my uncle ME or a man who looked just like him was now a spaceship driver, he had a spaceship that was similar to the Ut-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle combined with a tiny version of the Normandy SR-2 spaceship or a passenger plane, and it was shaped more like a Kodiak Drop Shuttle but there were passenger windows so that you could view the outside; and the inside was more like a passenger airplane with a few rows of seats, bathrooms, a few tiny rooms for other things, and the pilot/captain’s room at the front.

My uncle ME was the captain of the spaceship and he wanted to make a trip to the planet and dream world where the facility was so that he could get some things at the facility (maybe some artifacts/objects/information/et cetera and/or some small alien animals that could be sold as pets and/or something else unknown) I think, he had never been to the facility it seemed, but I had been there several times before in the past; and so I told him how to get there, and he formed a team of people to travel there & I joined the team.

I told him that it was dangerous and that we needed weapons, armor, and everyone should get basic military/survival/et cetera training before leaving for the mission; and my uncle ME convinced me that he would do those things & he even showed me a futuristic energy weapon that probably could also be used as a blunt weapon which he was supposedly going to give to each team member, and one day it was time to leave for the trip.

The team was the largest team that I had ever traveled with to this planet and dream world and facility, but they were mostly young adults who seemed to have almost no experience or training like they had just graduated from high school and/or were still in high school; but they were wearing light grayish & whitish colored long sleeve futuristic shirts & pants that were uniforms that reminded me of something from Star Trek or something, and so that made it seem like they had finished basic training but I still felt that was not likely.

There was another adult like me besides my uncle ME, there was a woman with light brownish colored skin with almost shoulder length frizzy/curly dry toasty brownish colored hair, and she seemed to be the my uncle ME’s second or third in command and/or maybe even his daughter but I never thought of her as my cousin so I doubt that she was his daughter even though it almost seemed like she was; and I remember talking with her a lot since she was older like me and she seemed to have some experience compared to the young adults.

I am not sure if our spaceship was flying through space or not, but it seemed like it since I remember seeing only black & stars out of my window during most of the trip which was amazing & realistic; and there was a very interesting feeling like you were really in space traveling to another planet and dream world, and I forgot to mention that our team had probably twenty-something or more people in it.

The outside was quiet like space would be, I remember two groups of the team having a competition that might have involved virtual reality or something like that, and I joined the team with the woman on it; but this part if very unclear since I got awakened, but I remember near the end of the competition my team separated ourselves into balls of energy/light and probably the other team.

My team’s plan was to move around as balls of energy/light in random patterns to avoid the other team from being able to lock-on to us and/or catch and/or see us, and this was working; but then a warning alarm on the spaceship forced us to switch back to normal reality, my uncle ME was sleep & the spaceship was on auto-pilot I guess, and it seemed that the auto-pilot had shut-off due to turbulence or something like that.

The spaceship started shaking and it started to spin in circles like a helicopter that is out-of-control, this was scary and realistic, and we yelled for my uncle ME to wake up; and he woke up and he started trying to regain control of the spaceship, and I remember looking out of the window when I saw something amazing & scary.

In the darkness (this happened during the night) barely visible from the lights on the spaceship I saw a large multi-story bluish colored building with a lot of windows that looked like a housing building but there were no lights & no sign of life, I yelled to my uncle ME about the building & he saw it just in time to stop us from crashing into it, and then we hovered slowly past it; and this was a magical & amazing moment looking at this large building with many windows either on top of water or on land, and I recognized this building from past dreams of this planet & world.

I do not think that I have ever explored this building before since it seems too scary & risky to explore, and there is no clear entrance for the building possibly; I remember the rest of the team and I watching the building in awe as we slowly passed it, and I told my uncle ME that the snowy mountain area was next to it & that we had to fly over it to reach the facility.

My uncle ME said okay and that he could find the facility probably using the map that he made earlier when I described how to reach the facility, this building and the snowy mountain area are clear landmarks letting you know that you were near the facility, and we flew to the facility which is hidden on the other side of the snowy mountain area & we landed.

The facility has an above ground area that is several stories tall but the entrance is at the top floor that has to be reached by a stairway or walkway and it is the only floor with windows, so we could see lights from the top floor & we could see into the top floor, and there are many other floors deep underground.

This facility has museum areas that shows objects & information about various cultures/species on some of the floors, and various other things & area on some floors; and this facility & planet & world really feel & seem like a real place & it does not feel like a dream world made by my mind, especially after dreaming of it several times over the years & it is always familiar but it also has other strange feelings associated with it like you are really on another planet and dream world.

Anyway, the team started to get off of the spaceship excited like kids on a field trip, but I noticed that none of the had weapons or armor; and so I started asking my uncle ME where were the weapons & armor, since this facility is dangerous, and we could expect serious life & death situations like I had already explained.

He told me to relax and ignored answering my questions, I told the woman to talk with him because most or all of us could die without weapons & armor, and it seemed that none of the young adults really had training or experience; and so they probably would not survive the life & death situations that we were likely to face.

I was afraid/worried/angry because we all could die and my uncle ME had lied to me putting everyone’s life at risk, this facility might seem harmless but it usually had threats that you would be lucky to survive long enough to escape, so this was a place that should only be explored by experienced & trained people who have experienced life & death situations & who were ready to fight for their lives; or you would probably get destroyed.

We all were now unarmed and unarmored, almost everyone on the team had no training or experience, so I expected that most or all of us would die; I thought about not going inside the facility but they would not stand a chance without me, and so I decided to follow them as they walked up the walkway.

I kept trying to warn them and the woman tried to talk to my uncle ME without luck, and then I started talking with her about the situation as I tried to figure out how we could survive if we came across the usual dangerous threats inside the facility; but I got awakened by someone being annoying in the real world before we reached the entrance of the facility on the top floor.

Dream 2

My second dream took place at a slightly fictional version of my grandfather’s house & yard, and I was hanging out with Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube; and at some point Dashie showed me how to add one ability/power to objects like trashcans for making YouTube videos.

You could only add one ability/power per trashcan or object and some of the abilities/powers were: to make the trashcan very heavy so that it would be hard to knock over, to make the trashcan very durable so that it was hard to break, to make the trashcan able to deflect objects thrown at it, and a few other powers/abilities.

At some point he walked off to make his own YouTube video, then I started using the advice Dashie gave me to add powers/abilities to trashcans, and I made my YouTube video; and then Joey Engelman & Aaron Chiz from YouTube came to hang out with Dashie but he was still recording his video, and so we talked outside in my grandfather’s yard until Dashie was finished.

Dashie then showed us his YouTube video and then I showed them my YouTube video, they were impressed by my video, and then they commented & liked my video & recommended it to some other people to support me; and then they left at some point; and then I went into my grandfather’s laundry building to wash and/or dry some of his clothes, and then a tall man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair walked in to my surprise & he greeted me.

I had no idea who he was but I assumed that maybe he was an indirect family member of mine who(m) I never met before, he asked me if I knew how to contact my cousin ME, so this man was not a family member of mine; and he said that he was a friend of my cousin ME but he had not heard from my cousin ME in a while, so I told him that I think that my cousin ME now lived in T but that I did not know how to contact him except that he could probably contact him on Fakebook (Facebook).

I told the man that I did not have a Fakebook / Facebook account but that my cousin ME did have one when I last had an account, I gave the man the correct spelling of my cousin ME’s name, and he thanked me & he left; and I woke up shortly after this part.

The end,

-John Jr