The Real End Of Evangelion

The Real End Of Evangelion

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Real End Of Evangelion by the YouTube channel Wisecrack, and here is the description for this video:

Evangelion’s Rebuild has finally, apparently, come to an end. But what does Shinji’s epic journey all mean? Let’s find out with the help of Søren Kierkegaard in this Wisecrack Edition: Evangelion’s Leap of Faith.


Source: YouTube

I recently watched an interesting and surprising video by the YouTube channel DarkMatter2525 called Totalitarian:

I was not sure what to expect, and so I was even more surprised as I tried to predict what the video was about and what would happen as I watched it; and the video went in some directions that I did not expect.

Well done DarkMatter2525.

The end,

-John Jr

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