Today The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt called Ghoulish, and this is what it said: Ghoulish Write a new post in response to today‚Äôs one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started. And this is my response: Ghoulish Fallout 4 - The Hidden History Of Ghouls by ShoddyCast:... Continue Reading →


Fallout 4

What is it? The 2015 action role-playing video game Fallout 4 by Bethesda Game Studios. What is it about? This is how the Wikipedia describes this video game: Fallout 4 is an action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth major installment in... Continue Reading →

Robert Pattinson + Playgrounds And Parks + Fallout 4 Energy Weapons = ?

I only remember part of my last dream from last night which was probably partly inspired by me thinking about and playing the video game Fallout 4 last night before going to sleep, but important parts of the dream are missing so it does not make as much sense. I think that the dream... Continue Reading →

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