A Family Park | A Family Business

Dream 1

This dream involved me having false memories of a family owned park / business that was out in the countryside, and it was owned by a family with light-color skin.

I had false memories of having gone there several times before in the past, and in the dream I decided to drive there to see if it was still open.


Amarna Miller Hunting Vampires | My Automobile Is Missing & My Grandmother DE

“Jack of all trades, master of none” – CREADORXS | INTERVIEW

I had more dreams and the dreams that I remembered were longer, but unfortunately I did not record them, so I forgot most of them and now my memory is unclear of the dreams that I did remember part of.

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a multi-story building, Amarna Miller was a member of a family business that seemed to be vampire hunters, and there were some vampires inside the building so Amarna was there hunting the vampires.


A Fictional Movie Trailer Or Scene For The Film Snatched

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Dream 1

My voice recording for this dream was too unclear for me to understand what I said at the end.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it possibly involved a family who were either minding their own business or they were running their own family business, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was seeing a variety of fictional movie trailers but I can not remember any of the details, and at some point I started seeing fictional trailers for the new 2017 film Snatched which stars the actress Amy Schumer as the character Emily Middleton.

In one of the fictional trailers or scenes for the film Snatched I saw a scene where Mrs. Schumer’s character Emily is on vacation and she is staying at a hotel, and she wakes up early in the morning wearing only a large T-shirt or a T-shirt and underwear (I could not tell because the shirt was too long).

This trailer or scene was not goofy like the real movie trailers and previews for this film, but it did start out with a light tone.

The door to the hotel room was an elevator, and Emily heard someone coming down the elevator who she assumed was her boyfriend or husband and / or her mother so she walked over to unlock a cage door or security door so that they could enter her hotel room.

Emily said something comedic as she did this, she was very sleepy still and she was probably about to get back in bed, but she probably had gotten up to use the bathroom or something like that.

The elevator lowered and it opened to the hotel room now that the security door was open, and Emily turned to say something but one or more people with black ski masks and guns entered her hotel room instead of her boyfriend or husband and / or mother.

The mood was not comedic and it was serious now, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Survive A Disaster / Zombie-Like Situation And Trying To Resist Peer Pressure

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Once again I do not feel like typing my dreams, but I will try to quickly/lazily type them without worrying about skipping details and making mistakes.

Dream 1

My first dream was a pretty detailed dream but I forgot most of it, this dream and the second dream seemed to share a theme about trying to resist peer pressure in group situations, and the first dream took place probably during the day in a fictional place that seemed to probably be in the Southern United States.

A zombie-like disaster seemed to be taking place where I and maybe some of my family were with a group of other survivors inside a building that belonged to a family who had whitish colored skin who ran a business from the building, and who lived there on this maybe farm-like property.

The family seemed to be running/controlling/teaching their survivor group like a cult combining parts of Christianity, their family business, Southern United States culture, peer pressure / brainwashing, their family culture, et cetera.

I was just trying to survive so I tried to resist this quietly by trying to stay independent but the family kept trying to convert everyone as the leader of the family (the father) would preach/talk to us like he was trying to sell us stuff, preach to us, peer pressure us, teach/train us in the families culture/rules/et cetera, et cetera.

While he was preaching/talking to us he started questioning me in front of everyone asking me if I believed or not because he noticed that I seemed to be quietly keeping my distance, I did not answer his question and I told him that I was just trying to survive and not get involved with their religion/beliefs/et cetera, but before he could finish peer pressuring me we got attack by zombies/whatever because someone failed to follow the safety rules/protocols which left an opening in our defenses.

We all rushed to deal with the situation and fix the opening in our defenses, we successfully did this, and then the father/leader angrily lectured the person who made the mistake and everyone else about the importance of following the safety rules/protocols which had kept us alive so far; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is even more unclear but I know that it was a detailed dream as well with various individual and group conversations, but like the first dream I can not remember those detailed parts of the dream unfortunately.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional place that was possibly where the apartment buildings in GA in the city of D should be where my female cousin TE and her family used to live, and I was on a bus with various people like: my mom, my brother GC, and our neighbors’ across the street at The B House.

The bus was driving around dropping people off at the various apartment buildings and like the first dream this dream involved peer pressure and maybe even surviving disaster-like elements/parts, and I remember once again having people and the group try to peer pressure me as I quietly tried to resist.

Once again the peer pressure involved religion, probably Southern American (USA) culture, politics/economics, et cetera as people brought up those various topics in our conversations; and as people questioned each other/me, and tried to peer pressure us into following their beliefs.

I remember trying to keep a distance while listening and learning about their beliefs while trying to stay independent/stand up for myself in a friendly way without getting into any arguments, and so I focused on not sharing much about myself/my beliefs and more on learning about theirs; and I had a good conversation with a man who(m) I can not remember, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


7-10-2009 | Dream Fragments | The French Inspired City | The Family Business

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The French Inspired City

I remembered part of two dreams several days ago, but was unable to write them down due to computer problems so now I am going to type what I remembered.

The first dream started with me being in D somewhere near BB on Eastside, and a small race was about to begin with some people I went to school with like DH, PF, and CH.

I was not sure how long the race was or even the proper route, so when the race started I just followed the others, and the race seemed to be headed toward the road that led to LC.

I started the race slow because I was confident that I had more endurance than the others, so I decided to jog at a slower pace because I felt that eventually they would get tired and slow down more than me.

At one point in the race the leaders of the race turned a corner and they were ahead of me, so when I turned the corner I did not see any one them, because there had been trees in my way.

At that point I had no idea where to run and stood there trying to figure out what to do, but then the dream switched to another place.

I was in a downtown area of a city that appeared to be in L, but it had a French style/feeling to it, well at least that was what I thought/felt.

It seemed that not many automobiles came through this area, so most people seemed to be walking around; there was a road but the main road for automobiles appeared to be on the outskirts of this area.

The road and sidewalks seem to be more like old stones, and the area felt somewhat old but sturdy; the area looked a bit run down but not too bad.

There were little stores that you could walk by or go inside, and there probably were a few outdoor stores.

I walked into a small restaurant/bar/café and sat down.

There was a woman behind the counter working and a man sitting down at a table putting computers together; the place felt more like the little café place that Amélie worked in the film, but it was smaller & did not look as good.

The woman was cleaning cups and talking to a customer while the man was building very cheap computers, everything was nice and comfortable and I remember thinking that I would like to have a job like that man had in a nice quiet place like this.

I also remember thinking about how many other cities in L and in the rest of the USA had French inspired cities, but then I woke up.

The Family Business

I barely can remember this dream, but I do remember being in a small building with a tall odd-looking roof.

The building was like a small house with a tall roof, but I think the building was a family owned restaurant or a business.

The roof was very tall for a building this small and I remember looking at the ceiling from the inside of the building as I asked the owners about the history of this building.

I can not remember anything they said, but I think the two main owners were an older wife & husband.

Their family had owned that building for many years, and I think they were going to help me with something; I am not sure what they were going to help me with but my guess is either help getting a job, learning French, a place to stay, or learning to play a musical instrument.

The next thing I remember is days later in the dream I went back to see the owners, but the husband had died and a funeral was going on.

I decided to go inside and somehow show my support for the family, since they had or were going to help me with something, and I felt they needed some support.

Many people seemed to have brought gifts and each would say something to the wife as they entered the building for the funeral, but I had no gift and did not know what to say.

So when it was my turn to say something to the wife, I just gave her a kiss on both cheeks and nodded my head as a gesture of understanding; the kiss was like the French greeting which I am not sure what it is called, where both people kiss the other person on opposite cheeks.

I have never done this in real life and actually find in very uncomfortable, and even in the dream I was surprised but it just felt like the right thing to do for that situation.

I felt like a member of the family or at least a close friend at that point, even though I barely knew them.

After the funeral a bunch of police officers came from out of nowhere and arrested the wife & a male family member for unclear reasons.

They said that the family was running an illegal business, my guess is a mafia type business, but they had no proof.

The wife and the male family member said that was not true, but the police did not believe them so the wife was sentenced to 20 years in jail for unclear reasons with no proof and the male family member was sentenced to 50 years in jail.

It seemed they were doing this to send a message to the rest of the family or something, the sons & daughters of the wife were angry, and vowed to find a way to get them out of jail; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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