Talking With Grace Randolph | Watching Some Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) Online Video Game Reviews

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty well last night and I several dreams but I forgot most of them after waking up a few times to use the bathroom and because I slept pretty well, but I do barely remember part of two or more dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream or two dreams are very unclear but I remember the dream or dreams taking place during a nice day, and I think that some of my family and I drove to another city that might have been a fictional city in a somewhat fictional version of T but I am not sure; and at some point I remember driving through a downtown-like area with some nice tall buildings, but I can not remember anything else except for one part of the dream.

I remember being somewhere, maybe inside a building and somehow I met Grace Randolph from the YouTube channel Beyond The Trailer, and we had a conversation and maybe we even had lunch but I am not sure; and I clearly remember Grace sitting or standing near me smiling as she stared at me and she told me something like:

“You know what I like about you?”, “Well, two of the main things that I like about you are your smile and your honesty, and because of those two things I do not have to waste my time wondering if you are being honest with me or not; and your great smile just makes things even better.”.

I was surprised by this and I smiled and I laughed and I thanked Grace for the compliment(s), and I made a few jokes; and we continued our conversation, but that is all that I can remember unfortunately.

Dream 2

The second dream took place inside of my grandfather’s house in the family room during the night but it seemed that maybe my cousin TE, my cousin ME, and my cousin AE lived in this part of the house like this part of my grandfather’s house was their house now maybe; and I remember sitting at the dinning room table with them eating, drinking, talking, et cetera.

At some point they went to sleep at the table oddly and I started watching YouTube videos on my laptop, and I remember visiting the AngryJoeShow YouTube channel; and I noticed some new videos on Angry Joe’s (Joe Vargas) channel that had not been emailed to me for some unknown reason(s), and so I started watching the videos which were reviews of some online video games.

The first video was a review of The Elder Scrolls Online Beta but I can not remember the names of the other three or so online video games, but at some point I got interrupted by either someone knocking on the door to the house or this person walked into the family room somehow; and the person was young man with light brownish colored skin with short brownish/blackish colored hair, and he looked like a combination of C (a boy who used to live on Eastside and my school bus back when I was still in public school) and my cousin ME.

The young man knew me and it seemed that I recognized him as maybe a family member who I have not seen since he was a boy, he needed help and somewhere to stay at least for the night, but I wanted to ask my cousin TE and her family for permission first but they were sleep; and so I decided to let the young man stay for now, I was not sure if I could trust him to be in the house alone while everyone else was sleeping, and so I decided to stay the night to watch him until my cousin TE and her family wakes up the next day to talk with them about the situation but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Using A Paralysis / Frost Spell | Playing Basketball With Some Women Inside My Grandfather’s House

Most of my memory of my first few dreams were destroyed (especially my first dream that I barely remember) after being awakened because of getting too hot/sweaty because someone turned up the heater too high and they opened the bedroom door, this annoyed be greatly because it caused me to forget almost all of my dreams and it was hard to go back to sleep, but I eventually went back to sleep and I had another dream that I somewhat remember even though I got awakened by it by people making noise and I had to use the bathroom.

Dream 1

All of my dreams before this dream were forgotten because of being awakened by heat/sweating and all of this dream was forgotten except for a few fragments of the dream, and in the dream I had a paralysis/frost spell similar to spells on the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The spell had a chance to briefly paralyze the target, it would also slow them down, and it would cause frost damage; and I went around using this spell on various things, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream started on maybe a cloudy/gray day and I walked toward my grandfather’s house to find that many of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were there like my aunt DE/uncle EE/et cetera, I did not feel like being seen or talking with anyone so I tried to walk by them without being noticed, and at some point I went inside my grandfather’s house.

The inside of my grandfather’s house was larger than in real life with some new rooms and areas combined with the normal rooms/areas, at some point I walked into the family room and to the bedroom near the family room to find a small gym on the other side of the bedroom, and this gym had a basketball court and it was similar to the small gym at the D High School in the city of D.

There were two women’s basketball teams about to play basketball against each other with one team having a female coach who was like a taller version of my former Business Computer teacher Mrs. MW and the other team having a female coach who was a bit over-fat and who had blackish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and somehow I ended up playing on the team with the coach who was like a taller version of my former teacher Mrs. MW and I was probably the only male/man on either team.

I remember us playing basketball and it was a good match but at some point our coaches got into a serious argument that interrupted the match somewhat, several players on my team and I noticed a woman on the other team with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who was laying on the court looking hurt, but the rest of her team kept playing and the coaches kept arguing without noticing her; and so we had to yell to get everyone’s attention so that they/we could stop the match to help the woman, this finally got the coaches to stop arguing and the match stopped, and one of the woman’s teammates tried to help her up.

Her teammate tried to help her up too fast causing her to fall to the court again, we then told her to help her slowly and this worked, and so both our teams and our coaches left the court to take a break further inside my grandfather’s house; and I went to use the bathroom inside a fictional bathroom inside a larger version of the middle bedroom, but this fictional bathroom had no door or stall and so it lacked privacy.

I remember trying to figure out a way to improve the privacy of the bathroom before using it but I got interrupted by a woman who either my cousin CE or a fake version of my cousin CE or a woman who was similar to her, and I told her about the lack of privacy in the bathroom; but she probably did not think that it was much of a problem, I probably decided to find another bathroom, but I decided to walk and talk with the woman first but I got awakened by people making noise.

The end,

-John Jr


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim + WWE + Goldust + A Nice House = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, the dream took place during the day in a fictional place, and near the end of the dream I was at a nice large rectangular shaped one-story house with a ceiling that was at least two stories tall; and the walls, floor, ceiling, et cetera were probably a whitish/grayish color.

I was at the house with several other unknown people and the house seemed like a place to relax/have fun/party/et cetera like a weekend house or something like that, most of the house was open and large with the main part of the house having all the rooms in one room except for the bedrooms/bathrooms/family rooms/laundry room/et cetera, and the other rooms were partly visible through openings/hallways with no doors except for maybe the bedrooms/bathrooms/laundry room/et cetera.

I think that the other people at the house were having a good time while I was walking around in a family room on the left side of the house playing the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim without a computer/console/TV somehow, like it was playing in my mind and in another dream world or something like that, and I remember using console commands to add armor/apparel/weapons/et cetera to my character and his follower(s) who were mages; and some of the things that I added included enchanted glass armor and weapons, enchanted rings and amulets, and mage robes and hoods.

There was a game glitch that caused my character’s mage followers to be over-encumbered when I gave them items no matter how light weight they were and some items they could not equip, I remember trying various things to get around the glitch and one or two of the mage followers somehow were summoned into the house with me but nothing worked, and so I got frustrated and I gave up trying to play the game; and I started walking around watching/seeing parts of a WWE entertainment wrestling episode/show/match that someone else in the house was watching and somehow I could see it too in my mind/brain/whatever.

At some point the entertainment wrestler Goldust and maybe a male and female entertainment wrestler were somehow summoned into the house like the two mage followers, I remember Goldust acting like a fake counselor trying to counsel the other two wrestlers about problems that they were having, and I remember briefly talking with the two mage followers about the game glitches; but we still could not solve the game glitches, and so I talked to Goldust about the glitches and he gave me some advice.

After talking to Goldust I went to the main area of the house to talk with the other people, at some point an unknown man and I were going to go outside, but we had a hard time trying to find an unlocked door; and the house had a lot of locked doors on the left and right sides of the house, and there were a lot of reddish colored emergency exit doors that had alarms on them that would go off if you opened them.

At some point we split up to find an unlocked door, one of us found an unlocked door, and whoever that was went to find the other person to let them know that they found an unlocked door; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Talking With A Ghost Of A Dead Family Member And Spending Time With Fictional Siblings Of My Brother CC’s Fictional Girlfriend

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I got awakened a few times and one of those times I was awakened between maybe 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM and I could not go back to sleep oddly, it took me until maybe after 6:00 AM to go back to sleep, and I forgot all of my dreams before this point or I forget my dreams during this time that I was awake; but after finally going back to sleep I had another dream that I remember part of.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D and I went to my grandfather’s house with my family and some of our family members from my mom’s side of the family like my aunt DE were there, I remember my brother CC being there with a fictional girlfriend who was different from his girlfriend in real life, and this fictional girlfriend was an attractive young woman with whitish colored skin with long dark reddish colored hair.

We all probably talked a bit and at some point almost everyone left, maybe to a fair-like event that was taking place in town except for my parent’s who went to get a rental car and one or more of my family members who stayed at my grandfather’s house and I, and I remember being inside my grandfather’s house alone (though one or more family members were inside the house somewhere); and the inside of the front of the house looked like it does in real life, but the back of the house was completely different and it was much larger than in real life and a hallway led to this part of the house.

The back of the house had a large empty room/hallway that could be used as a second living room or family room or dinning room or meeting/gathering room et cetera, and there were lots of doors/rooms around this empty room/hallway, and most of the floors/ceilings/walls in this part of the house were a grayish/whitish color; and to the left of the room/hallway was a smaller hallway with rooms/doors on both sides of it that led to a small family room that you could walk through to reach maybe a bedroom and even more parts of the house but I probably did not go any further than the small family room.

Something strange happened that I can not remember where I started seeing and hearing people in the house, I ended up talking with the ghost of one of my dead female family members from my mom’s side of the family but I can not remember which one (maybe one of my female cousins), and she told me that those people I saw and heard were ghosts of other people who died in this house; and she told me that their ghosts were trapped in the room(s) that they died in, this happens when some people die for some unknown reasons, and most of them were ghosts of family members who died before even I was born but one or more of them were ghosts of non-family members.

One of the ghosts of a non-family member was a ghost of a young woman, I did not get to see her but the female ghost of one of my family members told me the story of the ghost of the young woman (I think that she once loved one of my male family members and some of my family members did not like her and/or she did not like them, but something happened where she somehow was either killed/murdered or she killed herself or she died in a room in the house and her ghost is now trapped in that room), and she told the story like she did not like the young woman; and she told me not to enter the room where the ghost of the young woman was and she did not want me to even talk to the ghost of the young woman, I thought this was a bit mean/strange to isolate her ghost like that, but I followed her advice.

I remember asking questions/talking to the ghost of one of my female family members and she was explaining various secrets/hidden knowledge about various things to me but at some point we got interrupted by one of my living female cousins (probably my cousin AE), and my cousin AE/whoever already knew about the ghosts to my surprise; and she talked to me briefly about them, and then she walked off.

I was back in the large empty room/hallway when fictional siblings of my brother CC’s fictional girlfriend entered the room/hallway as well, I did not know who they were at first until they told me because I had never met them before, and there were three of them; and she had two sisters and one brother with one of the sisters being the oldest (she had whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair) and the brother being the second oldest (he had whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair) and the other sister was the youngest and she was a no older than 5 years old (she had whitish colored skin with medium length brownish colored hair).

The older sister and brother acted middle-class-to-upper-class like they were used to having money and having a good time, and the brother somewhat reminded me of the actor Sebastian Stan acting as his characters (Jonathan “Jack” Benjamin and Thomas James “T.J.” Hammond) in the TV shows Kings and Political Animals; and I briefly talked with them, and something weird happened where a room at the end of the room/hallway on the left side had a whitish colored medical/science lab with a special futuristic machine that could heal/cure people like on the film Elysium; but you had to pay a lot of money to the doctors/nurses/scientists/whoever who ran the machine, the older sister and brother had saved up enough money to have their younger sister healed/cured of a certain health problem/condition that she had that I can not remember, and so I went into the room with them to watch.

I remember their younger sister laying on the table of the machine and the nurses/doctors prepared her and the machine but when they went to make a payment through the debit/credit card it showed that there was no money in that special account that they had saved money in, it seemed like maybe they lived off of a trust fund from their parent’s who might have been dead but I am not sure and so they only got a certain amount of money each month and so they saved some of that money each month in a special account that would be used to pay for their younger sister to be healed/cured, and so someone had stolen their money from that special account; and so the nurses/doctors told them that they could not heal/cure their younger sister until they got the money, this angered the older sister and the brother, and they tried to explain that they had the money but someone stole it but the nurses/doctors only cared about getting paid.

In desperation the older sister and the brother begged the nurses/doctors to heal/cure their younger sister now until they could get their stolen money back but the nurses/doctors still refused, they explained that their family had money but they still refused, and so in desperation the brother pulled out a pistol; and he demanded the nurses/doctors to cure/heal their younger sister, but surprisingly they still refused.

I probably calmed the brother down and I probably convinced him to put the gun away and that we should focus on getting their stolen money back and come back another day to have their younger sister cured/healed, I guess the nurses/doctors decided not to call the police, and I left with the 3 siblings back into another part of the house; and then I went outside because my parent’s had returned with the rental car, it was a small/compact reddish colored car, and oddly it only had two indoor seats and even more strange is it had two tiny outdoor seats.

There was not enough room for me to fit inside of the car with my parent’s, who were about to go somewhere (maybe the fair-like event/whatever), and so I decided to stay and visit with the three siblings; and my parent’s left in the tiny rental car.

The three siblings wanted to go to the fair-like event/whatever and so I rode in their car to the event that took place in a fictional field/area and across the street from the DY Baseball Field where the Snow-Cone Stand should be and there was/were many different activities taking place like maybe a gun show, a temporary water park with a tall slide, fair rides/equipment with maybe a tall slide, food/drink/business stands, music, dance, et cetera.

Almost everyone was having a good time and I remember exploring with the three siblings, at some point we went to the area where the Snow-Cone Stand should be where a lot of young adults were hanging out, and one or more men started bothering us; and they looked/acted like villains from a 1980s film like The Karate Kid film, one of them had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair in a 1980s style, and he was the most annoying.

Somehow I managed to stop the bully without using violence and we continued having fun, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Mafia Leader’s Wife

I barely remember some of one of my dreams from last night, which took place in D during the night, and some of my indirect family members from T came to visit my grandfather; and so I went to greet them, and to visit my grandfather & help him with a few things.

At some point I left in my automobile but I can not remember what happened during this part of the dream, I just remember being at a small two-story apartment-like house near a road in a fictional area of D; and I was there on the second floor with a woman who probably had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair, and she probably looked somewhat like a certain actress who I can not remember.

We were in an open room that had the family room, living room, kitchen, and dining room in one open space & when you entered the house there were step-like things leading down to the living room; so the room had a sunken design, and we were on the upper part near the door that was the family room which had some cushions to sit or lay on, and some chairs/benches/couches.

The woman and I probably talked, there was probably some kissing/et cetera, but then two men came from a hallway area on the right side at the back of the room which probably had a bathroom & laundry room on the left side and probably a bedroom on the right side.

I quickly found out that one of the men was the woman’s husband and I am guessing that the other man was his assistant and/or accountant, and the woman’s husband was the leader of a mafia family; which I did not know until he entered the room and an argument began.

The husband was yelling, his accountant and/or assistant was yelling, the woman was talking, and I was trying to calm the situation down & figure out was going on; and the situation quickly got worse, and I started moving toward the door, afraid for my life.

The husband told his assistant to call his men so that they could come deal with me, my attempts to calm the situation down failed, and so I left to escape in my automobile before his men arrived; but the husband & his assistant followed me, and I got into my automobile & locked the door in a panic.

The husband was hitting on my automobile yelling threats at me & he called out my license plate number, he told me that he knew what I looked like, he knew what I sounded like, he knew what my automobile looked like, and that I should expect to receive a visit from his men soon, and he probably hinted that I would be killed soon.

I drove off in a panic hoping to escape before his men could find & follow me home, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind about what to do, and I worried for the safety of my family & friends; and I wondered if I should get the pistol at my parent’s house and/or buy a gun.

I ended up driving to my grandfather’s house briefly to probably hide & think, and I briefly greeted my indirect family from T; and then I went to think in the living room alone, it was so late during the night that no one was partying outside, and most of them were getting ready for bed.

My grandfather walked in the room and he noticed that something was bothering me, and so we had a conversation:

My grandfather: Hey (Code Word), you look like something is bothering you, what is bothering you (Code Word)?

Me: Yeah, something is bothering me (Code Word), I made a big mistake, and now I am afraid; and my family (him included) & friends & I could be in danger.

My grandfather: What happened?

Me: I just found out that I was in a relationship with a married woman whose husband is the leader of a mafia, and he walked in on his wife & I kissing in his house; and now I think that he has his men looking for me, so that they can kill me.

My grandfather: What? How did that happen? Laughs Now that is a big mistake! Laughs You really messed up this time, this is pretty bad.

Me: Yep, I am not sure how this happened exactly, I got caught by surprise; I made mistakes, I should have seen this coming or I should have learned more about her first or something.

My grandfather: Even then you still might have gotten caught by surprise, sometimes things in life just happen, and sometimes we can not predict it; what is important is how you handle the situation now.

I can not remember the rest of the conversation but I know that my grandfather said things that helped encourage me, and I got the courage to do something crazy; and so I thanked my grandfather, and I left unarmed/unarmored/alone to talk to the husband face-to-face.

Once again there was no security at the apartment-like house again, and the wife answered the door & she was surprised to see me but she let me in; and there was another man standing in the corner of the family room area, an unknown man who was a bit out-of-place, and he seemed to be an agent or someone connected with certain people & families who have access to certain secret & classified information.

The unknown man had talked to the wife, I guess she was asking for his advice on the situation, and he was reminding her of the importance of keeping some of the information that she & a few other people & families know, secret; and that how her husband was still not allowed to know any of those secrets, but I think that he said that it was okay for me to know or over-hear some of those secrets. (He was obviously talking about this with me listening, so I guess that somehow I was somehow connected to some of the families & people who are allowed to know some of this secret information)

The man also reminded the woman that her husband & others might be more likely to be watching her & listening to her now, and so that she needed to take even more precautions to protect the secrets that she & a few other people & families knew.

The man referenced some of this secret information (not directly) and/or some of the people & families (not by name) that know some of this secret information, and some of the protocols, precautions, burdens, responsibilities, et cetera that comes with knowing that information.

It seemed that the woman was either part of a family that knows these secrets and/or maybe she was an agent who knew some of these secrets, and maybe she had married the mafia leader as part of a mission or something; I am not sure, but I know that she did not love her husband or like him.

I mostly listened to the unknown man talk & I only said a few things, since what he had to say was so interesting, and at some point the woman wanted his advice on what she should do about the situation; but the man said that was for her to decide since it was a personal matter, but he could offer protection/transportation/et cetera for us if she decided to divorce her husband if she asked.

The woman was not sure what to do and so she stopped to think, and I started to ask the unknown man questions about the secrets & the people who knew the secrets, but the husband & his assistant came from the hallway area again; and the husband saw me and he started laughing & there was a conversation:

The husband: Wow! You must be stupid or crazy to come back here! Laughs Now I do not even need to search for you, you just made my job easier. Smiles

Me: I came here in peace to talk about this misunderstanding in person, hoping to avoid violence, I want to apologize for what happened; I did not know that your wife was married or married to a mafia leader, and if I knew I would not have started a relationship with her.

His assistant: Do you want me to call the men sir?

The husband: No, not yet, I want to hear what he has to say first; he has balls/courage for daring to come talk to me in person.

Me: I want to come to an agreement that we can all agree on peacefully, I want to know what do you want me to do to peacefully end this situation?

Me: If your wife wants to stay married to you then I will do whatever we agree to do to peacefully end this situation, and I will leave & you will not have to worry about me again; I do not want my family, friends, or myself to have to be on the run or in danger.

Me: If your wife wants to divorce you then I will do whatever we agree to do to peacefully end this situation, she can decide on what she wants to do from there, and we can all go our separate ways peacefully.

The assistant: Do you want to kill him now sir?

The husband: No, he was brave enough to come talk to me and his offer sounds reasonable.

The husband: I will not make any promises, but I will consider your offer, my assistant & I will go in the back to consider your offer; and we will let you know what we decide.

Me: Thank you, here is my phone number & email address so that you can contact me if you do not decide tonight.

The assistant wrote down my contact information and him & the husband went into the back to decide what to do.

I turned to look at the woman & the unknown man, and I went to ask them what they thought about the situation & my offer; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂