A Young Woman Finds A Religious Cult In Another Dimension Led By A Crazy Woman Who Worships Darkness?

Chani and Irulan
Titles: Children of Dune
People: Julie Cox, Barbora Kodetová
Photo by Zdeneck Vavara - © 2003 - The Sci Fi Channel and Touchstone Television - All Rights Reserved
Source: IMDb

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of one dream that took place during they day in one dream world/dimension, and possibly in another dream world/dimension or area in the first dream world/dimension.

I am not sure if I was directly in the dream or not or if I was just an observer who was in the dream but no one could see me, either way, all that I can remember is that there was a young woman who had a male friend and a female friend who possibly found another dimension/dream world when she was exploring.