3-9-2011 | Dream Fragment | Sleeping In A Dream

blood, human, splatter, drops

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, which I think started with me being in a dorm/apartment-like building, and I remember a part with a woman with straight shoulder length orangish/reddish colored hair & whitish colored skin being in my room; but I can not remember anything else clearly except the end of the dream.

This part of the dream that I am about to mention, seemed to be re-playing something that had happened in the dream while I was asleep in the dream, and I was seeing everything from a view like that of a camera person.

I saw myself sleeping in a bed and slowly I could see the path leading from my room down the hallway, and then I could see inside of another room.

11-30-2009 | Dream Fragments | The Surprise Attacks, And Bash Versus Basha

An early Masonic version of the Eye of Provide...

Dream Fragment: The Surprise Attacks

In this first dream fragment I only remember either walking or driving up a road that led to what I guess could be called a saloon, and up the street near the saloon were some dangerous looking men that looked like wild west bandits and part modern-day thugs; this whole dream was like the wild west mixed with modern times.

The men stared at me with death stares so I just walked into the building ignoring them, inside was a man sitting behind a desk and to the right of him was a restaurant, behind the restaurant was a bar, and behind the man at the desk was a hallway that led to other areas in this building.

I went up the hallway and found an area where people could sit, talk, and read; I remember reading an electronics sales paper and talking to a man who was sitting to me, I may have known him from earlier in the dream but I can not remember.

4-2-2009 | Dream Fragment | Negative School Memories

A hallway at Hudson Middle School in Hudson, w...

Last night I remember my dream starting at a college dorm or apartment, which was mine, and I was looking out of a window thinking.

I felt that the college semester was almost over, I felt that I had missed almost every day of class, I am not sure if I had a job or not but I felt that the failure of this semester would make my job (if I had one) not matter much because I would probably need to move to another city & get a new job, I felt that my saved money was running low, and I felt it was too late to drop all of my classes for the semester; so I would probably get Fs in all of my classes and that would make my GPA terrible, & that would make it harder to get into college again.

I felt my anxiety levels rising and did not know what to do, and my mind was thinking about the many possibilities.

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