A Toilet By A Food Stand?

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I forgot most of my remembered dreams from last night except for part of the very end of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was standing outside during maybe the day waiting in a long line at a food stand / outdoor store (that sold food, drinks, and maybe other types of items) where there was one male employee with light-color skin working behind the stand.

In the dream I possibly had a job where I worked at an office (maybe a government job), but I can not remember.

While waiting in line I was talking to several people including my former male classmate PW, and at least two men with light-color skin.

As we got closer to the front of the line I noticed a toilet in front of the stand almost perfectly lined up with the middle of the stand, and as we got even closer to the front of the line I noticed that there was water and feces in the toilet so maybe it was a working flush toilet.

To make things worse and even nastier there was also feces on the side of the toilet outside of the toilet, and both sets of feces appeared to be human feces.

This seriously disgusted me so much that I wanted someone else to flush the toilet, and to clean up the feces outside of the toilet because I was so disgusted that I did not want to even get near the toilet and feces.

I wondered why was there a toilet in front of an outdoor stand, why was there unflushed and uncleaned up feces, why did the employee at the stand not clean this up, why would a business have or let a nasty feces filled toilet sit in front of their business where customers wait in line, and other questions like that?

This greatly confused and disgusted me, I can not remember if I flushed the toilet or if someone else flushed the toilet or if no one flushed the toilet before I woke up, I just remember trying to decide what to do.

Some of my thoughts included: that the toilet needed to be flushed and someone needed to do it so I was considering flushing the toilet with my foot but I was not going to scoop up the feces outside the toilet and I was so disgusted that I did not feel like doing any of this, I wanted to complain about it to the employee but I also wanted to leave because I was so disgusted that I did not want to buy anything from a business that would allow this, and more.

And that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Crazy Aggressive Panhandling

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Last night I went to bed too late and I had to wake up early for work, my sleep and dreams got interrupted because I got too hot because someone keeps turning on too many heaters so I lost more sleep and could not really go back to sleep, and so I did not get enough sleep and now I can only barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, maybe the first part of the dream took place at maybe a store with some of my family and I shopping there but I can not remember, and I remember being approached by one or two boys with light-medium brownish-colored skin with short dark-colored hair.

One of the boys or the boy greeted me, and out of nowhere he told me that his sexual orientation was homosexual (that he was homosexual).

This confused and surprised that some random kid this young would just tell me this for no clear reason, I was so confused and surprised and not sure how to respond, and I ended up making my own strange response by saying that my sexual orientation was heterosexual and maybe I said something else that I can not remember.

The boy or boys then walked away and that was the end of that strange interaction, I probably told my family about it, and then the next thing that I remember is being at a fictional version of my parent’s house and yard during the day.

Some unknown people arrived including some children, the boy and/or boys from earlier in the dream were among them, and I remember telling them that I remembered them from the store earlier.

They said a few things and then they went to another part of the house and yard, I remember the front door being open, and later when the children and other people were gone I remember smelling feces so I walked around trying to figure out where the feces smell was coming from.

At first I assumed that someone was defecating in the bathroom, but then near the open front door I found trash and some feces on the floor of the house at the entrance area of the house.

I told my family about this, this was disgusting and unnecessary, and I assumed that one or more of the kids who were there earlier were probably responsible for this mess.

Someone was going to have to clean it up, there were probably other messes around the house and yard that also needed to be cleaned up, and so I went to search for more messes but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is being in an outdoor/indoor area that was a parking lot/parking garage-like area with an apartment and some stores along it, and people were walking around.

I remember a woman and maybe her boyfriend going to the woman’s apartment, but then a somewhat older man with dark-brownish-colored skin started walking up to people yelling numbers and questions and saying things like he was crazy.

I heard someone tell me to avoid saying anything to him or he would target you, and if you do say something to him they told me to say something that I can not remember which will stop him from targeting you.

I think that one of the numbers that I heard the man yelling was possibly 57 (fifty-seven), I started to think that maybe he was begging for money/panhandling (basically aggressive panhandling) and that maybe he was mental unstable because of some mental disorders, and so I probably asked him was he trying to tell us.

I made the mistake of not following the advice of the unknown person who told me how to respond to him, and so the man started targeting me.

It seemed that maybe he was trying to do the let me hold a dollar technique, but in a way that was unclear and crazy.

The man started targeting me aggressively as I tried to talk with him, he kept walking up on me yelling numbers and things aggressively like he was going to attack me so I kept backing away trying to talk him down and make sense of what he wanted, and I remember having a thin knife up my sleeve and I was slowly moving it in my hand and keeping it concealed in case I needed to use it.

The boyfriend or man with the woman who was about to open the door to her apartment started to act crazy too, like it was contagious or something, and he also started targeting me and yelling numbers and things.

I did not want to hurt them so I kept moving to keep space between us while trying to talk them down, and things were getting very close to violence so I was very close to revealing my knife.

But I decided to try one more thing to avoid violence, and I gave one of them $0.57 because I heard them say 57.

After giving him $0.57 he stopped acting crazy and started acting normal again, my mom was there and she gave me money to give to both of the men, and she gave me enough money where they each got $57.

I thought that this was too much money to give them, but my mom wanted them to have it so I gave it to them and so they both acted normal now without bothering people but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

March 9, 2016 | Dream Journal

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I am not sure if this is one or two or three dreams, and so I will type them all separately.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I was at my parent’s house and I was about to drive to another city, and asked my family if anyone wanting to go with me.

Surprisingly my brother TD wanted to go and he was a kid again in this dream, so it was like how things used to be before they got older so now I can not get them to go anywhere in real life, and so we left in my automobile.

I know that I wanted to go to this city for fun but I possibly also had a dentist or doctor’s appointment but I can not remember, we reached the fictional city, and we probably went shopping and ate and maybe watched a film.

It was nice finally having one of my brothers wanting to go somewhere and have fun again, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream or of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day in a fictional city that was possibly the same fictional city from the first dream, and I remember going to a fictional nice two-story house with light-colored carpet where my former male classmate DH lived and his parent’s lived there as well I think.

I may not have arrived alone but I can not remember, I just know that my former classmate DH and I went to the second floor to a bedroom or room to play some video games and to hang out, and my former male classmates JC and/or SB were there at some point; and maybe one or more other people arrived at some point.

We played video games, talked, et cetera in two different rooms and we were having a lot of fun; and at some point I needed to defecate so I went to several bathrooms on this second floor to defecate, and for some reason(s) that I can not remember I ended up defecating in several bathrooms.

Each bathroom had a sturdy whitish colored toilet like the toilets in public places, they were shaped a bit differently from the toilets in real life, and each toilet in each bathroom was slightly different from each other; and I actually got to see my feces in this dream and it looked normal, defecation is rare in my dreams, and actually seeing feces is even more rare.

At some point my former classmate DH knocked on one of the bathroom doors that I was in saying that it was time for us to go around the city to have some fun before I leave the city, and so I went to leave with them; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream or of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city that was possibly the same fictional city from the first two parts of the dream or the first two dreams, and I went to a multi-story house or small apartment or small motel or small hotel with its own parking lot and balcony over-looking the parking lot.

I think that I was invited by a fictional woman who was my friend, a female friend of her’s was having a small gathering (party), and so she wanted me to go to this gathering for some unknown reason(s).

I remember us going to an upper floor to a room where the gathering was taking place in the room and on the balcony, and the woman introduced me to her female friend who was having the gathering; and this friend was Jennifer Lopez or a fictional version of her or a woman who was like her, and so she was a celebrity and rich and she was single so maybe my fictional female friend invited me to this gathering because maybe she thought that the two of us would make a good couple.

I remember noticing that the balcony was poorly designed with no support beams, it was too big, and there were too many heavy objects and people on the it so I was afraid that it would fall; and so I told Mrs. Lopez, but she was not worried about it.

I remember things going well at the gathering and I talked with Mrs. Lopez and some of the others, at some point I was talking to Mrs. Lopez and my fictional female friend on the balcony when the balcony started to partially collapse, but it stopped before hitting the parking lot; and so it was leaning at an angle, and no objects or people fell off fortunately.

Mrs. Lopez apologized for not listening to me earlier and she said that I was correct, she called the people who built this building so that they could rebuild the balcony properly this time, and she trusted my opinions now; and it seemed that she now saw me as a useful friend and maybe she wanted to hire me as an adviser, and maybe she even started to see me as someone she may consider dating but I can not remember.

I recommended that we get most of the people from the balcony and that we start moving all the objects off of it before it collapses completely so we started doing this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

9-23-2014 | Dream Fragments | Family Members Not Helping + Raw Chicken + Rats/Mice + Feces + Killing Several Men + My Cousin ME Needs A Ride + The Pot-Bellied Pig Gets Loose + The Pet Cat Summer Eating A Pork Chop = ?

עברית: פרגיות עוף
עברית: פרגיות עוף (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had several somewhat connected or similar dreams last night, oddly I woke up with a slight headache which is still somewhat bothering me, and even more strange was that the song Mother by Moloko was playing in my mind:

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in the city of D and my mom had me walk with her to E Manor, when we got into the yard my uncle JE was there, and we went inside the house to start preparing for a family gathering.

My mom had me carry some thawed raw chicken in my arms/hands and none of it was in a bag so it was touching my skin, I was to take it to the kitchen to rinse and season it and probably start cooking it in the oven, but first I walked around parts of the house carrying the chicken.

The house was larger and looked a bit different inside and it looked pretty rough and terrible in some areas with rats/rice, feces from pests, dirt, et cetera; and there were several small whitish colored ceramic sinks instead of the larger sinks that are there in real life, and I did not think that the house was clean enough for me to rinse and prepare the raw chicken but I started anyway.

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7-12-2011 | Dream Journal | A Nasty Bathroom Experience

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Overview (Warning, do not read this dream while and/or before eating, and reader/viewer discretion/caution is advised/recommended due to nasty content!) 😀 :

I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember being with a group of people and we were running from something and/or looking for something, in a strange large house/building.

I remember feeling like we did not have much time and we reached a very large room that had underground storage areas/closets, and in them were some real & fictional toys from my childhood, and I remember feeling like those storage areas were objects & memories from my childhood.

Some of the objects were probably fictional toys from some of my old childhood dreams and some were probably toys from my real childhood, and there were other objects that each had special/unique feelings/emotions/memories/etc. to them; and I remember trying to look for something and I remember us trying to decide where should we hide if time ran out, I think.

I think that we had a time limit before something was going to come attack us or something, if we did not find a certain object or it would attack us regardless, but I am not sure.

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