A Detective Puppet’s Booby Trap?

The Happytime Murders (2018)
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I remembered several dreams and even thought about how to record them, but I went back to sleep without recording them so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream was possibly inspired by the trailer for The Happytime Murders movie.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was inside a dimly lit building / house-like place that was probably one-story with various hallways and rooms and a garage.

In this dream there were humans and puppets who could walk and talk et cetera like they were alive or something, and a short male detective-like puppet wearing a trench coat and fedora was probably trying to stop a human and puppet gang / group led by a human woman with dark-color skin with black hair who somewhat reminded me of my former female dentist Dr. VB.

Maybe the detective-like puppet was investigating them, maybe they murdered some of his friends but I am not sure, and I guess they found out that he was inside their building / house so the leader told her group / gang to kill him.

The detective-like puppet sneaked around the building avoiding them and possibly escaped but I am not sure, I just remember walking down a hallway when the leader and a male puppet and a male human walked down the same hallway but they ignored me and I was not with them, and they found clues that the detective-like puppet had intentionally left it seemed.

It seemed to be a message and a booby trap so I stayed back and the male puppet and the man cautiously looked around for traps et cetera, but the leader walked forward to examine the clues that were outside the door to the garage past the opening to a hallway on the left side that had a bathroom on the right side at the entrance of that hallway.

The leader seemed to really want the detective-like puppet killed, she did not seem to like that he was challenging her authority / property and evading them and maybe she was afraid that he would gather enough evidence to bring her and her human and puppet gang / group to justice, and the message / assumed booby trap seemed to be designed in a way that would attract the leader and make her overconfident that she could avoid triggering the trap.

I remember telling the male puppet and male human that it was not a good idea for the leader or anyone to be messing around the assumed booby trap and they agreed, and so we told the leader this several times but she was confident that she would figure out the booby trap so that she could avoid triggering it and so that she could disable it.

The leader walked completely through the assumed booby trap / message, nothing happened, and so the leader became even more overconfident after telling us that she told us so and she continued examining the assumed booby trap / message as we stood back.

I had nothing to do with this and wanted nothing to do with this so I walked past the leader and into the garage to try to find a way out the building before she triggers the trap, inside the garage was an automobile and various tools on the shelves et cetera, and I heard the leader and the others talking and them once again recommending that she leave the booby trap alone but she would not listen.

Before I could find a way out I heard a sound like she had triggered the trap, I heard the male puppet and the male human say that they should take cover in a room nearby, and I took cover behind the automobile.

I think that I heard the leader say that nothing happened and that maybe there was not a booby trap at all or maybe there was another booby trap somewhere, and she probably make fun of the others for taking cover.

Then I heard and felt a loud and deep and powerful explosion that sounded like it should have destroyed the walls and possibly killed me too, but to my surprise it did not.

I assumed that the leader was dead and that maybe the others had survived, but I woke up before I could check.

The end,

-John Jr

A Fashion Runway In A Bathroom?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember a bit of the end of my last dream.

I remember being in someone’s house, and walking around it.

There was a living room with glass doors that led to the outside, but I was walking toward another glass door that was in the house.

The glass door I went in, looked like an entrance you might expect at some churches or public buildings, and it was just a clear glass door that led to a hallway with carpet.

The hallway had a table with a vase or something, and in the hallway there was an opening in the wall that led to a bathroom.

The bathroom was like a public bathroom, and it had a shower too, I think.

I am not sure what I was doing in this house, but it seemed like I was looking for something or someone or trying to avoid someone.

I think the house may have belonged to Ms. VS, and I think my brother CC was there too.

At this point I was alone and I felt that someone was following me I think, and so I left the bathroom.

Down the hallway there were some steps that led down, like there was a basement or something.

As I walked down the stairs, which were covered in brown carpet I think, I heard some noise.

Around the corner there was a longer hallway, and I hid behind the corner and I peeked around it to see what was making the noise.

I saw a long red carpet with some people on both sides, and I saw some large feet or shoes or legs made of what looked like they were made of fabric, standing in the middle of the red carpet.

It was very strange and somewhat scary, and I had this strange feeling that is hard to describe.

I think some of the people watching the fabric legs or feet or shoes were photographers, some were spectators, and some were security guards.

I think the large fabric legs were walking, but as I peeked around the corner, it was like they knew someone was watching; so all of them stopped moving/froze.

It was very weird, and they were perfectly still, like someone froze time or something.

It was like a dream I had a long time ago about these strange creatures that were in a church,  and I also had that same strange feeling of fear.

Anyway, I stopped looking around the corner, hoping that they would not notice me; and I walked back up the stairs.

I felt a little freaked out, and I still felt that someone was following me.

As I made it back to the other hallway, I passed the bathroom, and then I felt that someone was behind me as I was going to leave out of the glass door.

I turned around and a shadowy looking man was behind me, and it seemed like he was about to attack me or something.

He had an old detective-like outfit (trench coat) with a fedora hat, but he had shadows on him, and so I could not really see his face.

I immediately went to attack him, I front kicked him into the table by the wall, and I felt a bit afraid; but I still felt ready to fight.

I also started to feel like I had some control over the dream, like I did in the Constantine 2: Attack Of The Female Shapeshifter dream.

As he was recovering from my kick, I decided to make a sword appear, and so I turned my head and closed my eyes for a second & told myself that I wanted a sword to appear.

When I opened my eyes, the sword appeared in my hand, and it was a katana.

I was amazed that I was able to summon a katana, but I did not have time to think about it since I was in the middle of a fight; and so I did not fully realize that it was a dream yet. (I am getting closer to lucid dreaming it seems)

At this point I felt confident and I hit the shadowy looking man with the sword, but the sword did not feel sharp and it felt like I had hit him with a baseball bat or a blunt object.

I do not know what happened to him after that, I just remember my brother CC coming through the glass door, and I told him that I just fought some shadowy looking man who was following me.

I think he said that he had looked around the house too, maybe we were looking for something like in my treasure hunting dream the other night, and in that dream I was looking for some treasure; but I did not know what the treasure was.

Anyway, I told my brother that down the stairs I saw some strange large fabric legs walking on a red carpet with people watching them, like a fashion show or something.

So he went to go see it, and I told him to peek around the corner so that they would not see him.

I think I stayed in the hallway by the glass door with my sword, to make sure that no one else was following us.

My brother came back up the stairs, and he said he saw something even more strange than I did.

He said that he did not see the large fabric legs, but that he saw a large fabric head moving on the red carpet.

I felt even more freaked out/afraid, but I decided to go see it for myself.

So I went down the stairs and I peeked around the corner, and I saw the security guards at the red carpet looking in my direction; and they started to run toward me, and so I ran.

My brother and I ran out of the glass door & back into the house, and then I saw Ms. VS and I went to say something to her; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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