August 27, 2011 | Dream Fragments | We Need To Feed

File:Mosier House - Mosier Oregon.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a lot of dreams, but I can only barely remember a few parts of a few dreams, because having so many dreams can make dream recall a lot harder in my opinion.

One dream involved my family and I driving into the countryside to a fictional unknown house that was either a bed & breakfast and/or a house apartment; it was just an old house out in the middle of the woods, and several people shared the house & each person had their own room.

The owners of the house were two women with whitish colored skin and blond colored hair, and they both were very nice, and everyone who lived at the house seemed to be nice as well.

They had a few extra rooms that we could move into and I was given the key to my room, and they told me that all I had to do was clean out the room, and it would be ready for me to move into.

The house was old and the door to the room was old with an uneven keyhole that was at an almost forty-five degree angle instead of being straight, and inside the room there was a lot of old stuff that once belonged to the person who used to live in that room & the room & stuff was/were dusty.

The room had at least two bedrooms, a living room, and probably more; and so it was like its own apartment that could hold at least two to four people; I remember looking around at some of the old stuff in the room, and some of it reminded me of things from my childhood.

Sometimes in dreams, I will find items from my childhood that are in storage in a dream world, and this might have been one of those times or at least it reminded me of one of those times.

Each bedroom had an outdoor entrance/exit door on the outside of the house (like a motel) and one in the inside of the house (like a hotel), and my family were moving their automobile outside of my door and/or their doors; so that we could start unpacking our stuff once we cleaned out my and/or our rooms, but that is all that I can remember.

The only other dream or dreams that I can remember took place in my parent‘s yard & my grandfather’s yard & my parent’s house & my grandfather’s house in the day and during the night, but I can not remember what happened in most of those dreams.

I just remember being outside in my parent’s yard several times during the day & several times during the night, almost like I was camping outside or something maybe, and so I did several things outside & I remember something happening outside during the night.

During one night two young people/vampires/beings came out of my parent’s house telling me that they needed to feed and that they were tired of Human food & that Human food was not enough or something like that, and they specifically said that Human food like chicken nuggets/et cetera were so nasty to them that they would probably vomit if they had to eat another chicken nugget or any Human food.

They seemed a bit weak & hungry & sad & tired & I somehow knew them, and I treated them like they were my little siblings or kids or something, but I do not think that they were; and I knew that they were not Human.

I held them in both arms like I used to hold my brothers D&D when they were kids and I actually felt the emotions of caring about the well-being of the two young people/vampires/beings, I was acting like their older brother and/or parent or something, and I felt responsible for their safety & well-being.

One of the young people/vampires/beings looked like a younger version of Jessica Hamby from the TV show True Blood and I think that the other was a boy at first but then later it was a girl.

I held them both as I sat on the steps of my parent’s house and I tried to comfort them, and I told them that I would try to find them something that they could use to feed/energize/sustain themselves with; and I started trying to think of what they could feed on/be feed without harming/killing anything and/or with the permission of whoever/whatever would give the food/energy/sustenance, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂