Work Training / Competition | Dorm Sekso

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved training / a competition / work.

This was possibly all connected to work, I could be wrong though, but I do know that part of the dream took place at maybe a slightly fictional version of The BP Library.


An Accidentally Summoned Entity Called Queen Bee

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I am not sure if this is two dreams or one dream so I will type them separately, I woke up twice without voice recording them, and so I have forgotten details of each dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day in my parent’s neighborhood, I think that my male cousin DE and/or my aunt JE (his mother) were mentally unstable in the dream, and one of them possibly accidentally summoned an entity into the dream without even knowing it; but I was not sure even in the dream, and that was one of the possibilities that I thought of during the dream.

I think that my cousin DE was at The G House being loud and arguing with himself during one of his aggressive unstable moods, and then maybe the entity was summoned by accident.

The summoned entity was a tall elegant attractive paranormal/supernatural/natural/alien-like female entity with a commanding voice (that possibly almost sounded like two voices or an echo or something that made her voice sound less human) named Queen Bee who was humanoid but was clearly not human with maybe light purple skin with a strange hairstyle or hair-like structure on her head and a black and yellow bee inspired strange fashionable outfit on part of her body or that is how part of her body looked.

Queen Bee was somewhat like a combination of Ragyō Kiryūin (Ragyo Kiryuin) from the Japanese anime Kill La Kill and the comic book Queen Bee, and maybe her presence was positive at first and I think that she formed an outdoor library along part of the street from the dead end sign past half of my parent’s yard.

But her presence became more negative and unstable, probably because of the unstable mental state of the one or ones (probably my cousin DE and/or aunt JE) who probably accidentally summoned her, and she kept expanding her maybe outdoor library to cover part of almost all the yards on our street and most of the street to about my aunt JE’s house.

She created layers of walls and fences and maybe some barbed wire, she created her own entities to guard the area, and she seemed to be expanding and trying to control everything like she wanted to help at first but now she was unstable and was a threat now.

She seemed to be trapping us there and was ruling the area like she wanted to control everything (like maybe she originally wanted to help and protect, but now in her unstable state she felt that completely controlling us and trapping us behind layers of defenses like prisoners was the best way to achieve her goals while expanding her control further), at some point I decided to escape so I sneaked around climbing and jumping walls and fences and barricades until Queen Bee saw me and sent her entities after me, but I escaped because of the head start that I had.

Queen Bee was furious and I heard her yelling with her commanding voice and issuing orders to her entities to capture me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream was being outside in a field during the day at an outdoor class with other people, some high level female employees from one or more libraries were there including one or more from the BP Library, and these employees seemed to be the teachers/trainers/et cetera.

They were testing us and putting people in different groups to be trained for different roles after our basic training and basic schooling, and a man who did not talk and I were chosen for a special group to deal with and defend against paranormal/supernatural/alien-like entities/threats like Queen Bee.

We were told that a rare and small number of humans naturally or somehow have the ability to deal with those types of entities or threats, I think that we had some resistance to their powers and/or something like that and maybe some abilities of our own which is possibly how I was able to escape Queen Bee and her entities, and so the two of us would get special training later and be sent out on special missions when needed to deal with/defend against these entities.

At some point the two of us were sent to a house to maybe start our training or to talk with our trainer, I talked with one of the directors/associate directors of the BP Library but I can not remember which one, and oddly this entire operation seemed to be led by them like the library or libraries were in charge of dealing with these entities.

I wish that I could remember the details of this dream so that it would make more sense, a lot more was explained to us about the situation and what was special about us, but I can not remember the details.

We seemed to be in a field in the countryside away from the city, maybe Queen Bee and her entities had expanded their control around the city making it unsafe, and so maybe this was the safest place for us to train and operate.

I remember the man who did not talk and I maybe getting cool-looking stealth special forces/ninja-like all black light weight body armor and/or outfits with ski masks (balaclavas) and maybe some special equipment, we probably put on our gear and we got ready to start our training, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Chased By Tigers? | My Brother CC And My Sister-In-Law JC

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of my first dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional location, and I was walking through a somewhat cleared forest-like yard/area where someone had their own little zoo of non-human animals including very dangerous animals.

I think that this fictional location was near E Manor and some of my family and some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were possibly at E Manor but I can not remember those parts of the dream, and I just remember walking around maybe trying to reach E Manor again.

There were various fence areas that I probably crossed where there were various animals/pets in each one, I accidentally entered one that had a bear in it who probably chased me until I escaped this area, and then I got stuck in a tall fenced area where maybe two tigers chased me; and this was a bit scary/realistic, and I barely escaped by climbing the tall fence and crossing various other areas as they tried to attack me.

At some point I finally made my way back to E Manor probably, but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of the second/last dream is that it was very confusing and dream-like, and it took place during the day in a fictional LC-like city where my family and I seemed to be visiting with my brother CC and his wife/my sister-in-law JC.

I remember talking with them outside and/or inside at first about various things, I remember thinking that my sister-in-law JC had unused potential (I think that I saw her reading, and she talked about some ideas that she had), and she just needed some help getting/keeping inspiration and help improving her and my brother CC’s attention/focus and a few other things like that; and help learning to better manage their money/lives/and more, and I acknowledged and recognized that I needed help with some of those things as well.

I also remember us talking about wedding rings, maybe they were trying to decide on what wedding rings to choose and/or something like that, but I can not remember.

I remember us being outside and the sky was a grayish color and cloudy like it was going to rain, I remember us driving up a road with a bridge on a hill that blocked our view of the other side of the city, and it started raining maybe; and it seemed to be flooding so bad when we got on the bridge on the hill that the water was up to the bridge on this hill, and I remember us trying to dodge pools of water and the water splashing in the air.

We still could not see the rest of the city yet to see how bad it was to know whether to turn around or not, we wanted to get close enough to at least see the rest of the city before turning around, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Female Werewolves Versus Vampires | Zombies And Fences

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of my first dream and there was a battle taking place between several female werewolves in human form and a lot of vampires inside a multi-story human hospital but I am not sure if I was there are not (as far as I know I did not fight and I possibly only watched, but I could be wrong because I can not remember most of the dream and maybe I fought before this point helping the werewolves), and most of the female werewolves were newly turned werewolves who looked a bit like fake versions of the younger female witches from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven.

The young female werewolves were out-numbered and they were fighting vampires who were older than them and who controlled this part of the city, and so the female werewolves were losing and dying but they were still putting up a good fight considering the situation; and at some point I remember seeing the oldest and most powerful werewolf who might have been the werewolf who turned/created/sired the other werewolves who was an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long blackish colored hair wearing a long reddish/scarlet colored dress who acted somewhat like Fiona Goode from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven.

She was a powerful, self-centered, attractive, old, over-confident, et cetera werewolf who probably had turned/used the younger female werewolves to defeat the vampires in this area but that is just a guess, maybe she happen to sense/hear the battle as she was passing through the city and maybe she decided to help, but either way she joined the battle to help the almost defeated younger female werewolves; and then the werewolves quickly won the battle with her help, and all the vampires in the hospital were dead.

I think that only two of the younger werewolves survived, one who looked a bit like Zoe Benson and the other who looked a bit like Queenie from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven, and I remember them thanking the powerful and old female werewolf for saving/helping them; and then the powerful werewolf said goodbye and she started to leave, but they begged her to stay to lead them/train them/protect them/et cetera.

The powerful female werewolf told them that she was not interested and she told them that they could take care of themselves now and that they had proved that during the battle, but they continued to beg her to stay at least until they turned enough humans into werewolves to be able to protect themselves from other vampires; but I can not remember what the powerful female werewolf decided to do.

The dream moved to another part of the city or another city not far from the hospital, there was a group of vampires who decided to join together for their own safety now that most of the vampires in the area were dead, and they came up with a plan to use mind control on a lot of humans in their part of the city; and they decided to first mind control the owner of a local business (restaurant, bar, store, inn) who was my former classmate LF so that they could use his business as their headquarters, and they would use this area to mind control people individually and they were going to experiment with a joint/shared/combined genjutsu that would effect/affect anyone in or near the business.

They seemed like weaker and more peaceful vampires who had very powerful mind control abilities to cover their many weaknesses, they mind controlled my former classmate LF and mind controlled him to let them use his business and they mind controlled him to fall in love with a female vampire in their group for some reason giving them co-ownership of the business, and they let him continuing running the business like normal because he was mind controlled and they lived and worked at the business as well.

They then started individually mind controlling customers who would come to the business and they would mind control them to convince other people to shop at the business, and so more and more people kept coming to the business getting either individually mind controlled or they would be temporarily effected/affected by a joint/shared/combined experimental genjutsu.

To do their combined experimental genjutsu they always needed several vampires keeping the gentjutsu going at the same time and to their surprise the genjutsu got stronger the more people they individually mind controlled in the area of the genjutsu, but the genjutsu got so powerful and it spread far enough to cover the area outside the business that even the vampires got effected/affected by it.

I remember a male vampire telling his male vampire friend (who was their best mind controller) that he had fallen in love with an attractive woman or female vampire with whitish colored skin with long reddish colored hair but he was not sure if he really loved her or if it was the genjutsu effecting/affecting him, he asked his friend what the thought, and the friend paused to think; and he asked for the woman’s or female vampire’s name, his friend told him her name, and the friend paused to think.

The friend knew her name and he knew her but he did not know how he knew her and he knew nothing about her, so it was clear that it was the genjutsu that caused the other vampire to fall in love with her and that caused him to know her without really knowing her, and so the other vampire was a bit disappointed with this news; but she was attractive, and he said that he probably would like/love her regardless.

After realizing how powerful their genjutsu had become they decided that it was time to stop using it because it was too powerful and they had already achieved their goals, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place outside during the day in a fictional place in a field near some school-like buildings and I was outside with a lot of people enjoying the outdoors talking, walking, playing sports, et cetera; and my former classmate AM was among the large group of people, and he was the owner of a business in one of the buildings.

There were various metal fences around the area, most of them were tall metal hurricane fences but some of them were very tall, and they were there to keep out zombies I think; and at some point zombies started getting past and over some of the fences for probably the first time ever, and they started attacking and turning people in the field with me and there was chaos.

I remember people running, screaming, getting turned, et cetera and it was a very scary situation so I ran for my life and I started climbing fences going near the direction where the zombies had come from because most of them were going to the field now; and at some point I reached a super tall fence that was the main anti-zombie fence, and I climbed it to reach a forest and I went to small fenced off dark section of the forest that had a tree house to hide.

This forest was probably dark because the trees were so tall that the shade from them made the forest pretty dark, I saw no zombies in this area and it was quiet, and so I hid in the tree house until a few other survivors came to tell me that the situation in the field was under control now; and so we returned to the field, and then we went inside some of the buildings where most of the survivors were because they were afraid to go back outside for now.

I visited the business that my former classmate AM owned and some women worked there, I looked around and then I told them that I wanted to buy a baseball bat (my former classmate loved baseball and he was good at it when we were kids, and we once played on the same baseball team), and they started making me a wooden baseball bat with a special machine as I watched; and I remember talking with the women about the attack and about what had happened when I was hiding, but I got awakened by my alarm clock.

The end,

-John Jr