Generous Genies

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Generous Genies, and this is what it said:

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes?

Well, you’re one, and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp.

You can give your three wishes to whomever you want.

Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?

And this is my response:

Leto Atreides II, because his other memory and prescience would allow him to better choose his three wishes and the best use of those three wishes.


I got awakened by a loud radio this morning that was so loud that I could not even focus on trying to remember my dreams.

So I forgot almost all of my dreams, except for barely part of the end of my last dream.

So, all that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the video game Fallout 4.

FALLOUT 4 (Survival) Ep. 19 : OK where’s the KABOOM?

At the end of the dream I was inside a multi-floor multipurpose building that was probably a combination of a hospital, train station and/or subway and/or airport, and several other things that I can not remember.


An Attack At A Hotel And Trying To Protect An Heir

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place at a multi-story windowless hotel in another city and/or state and/or country, and I was there with most of my family (except for my brother CC probably) and some family members from my mom’s side of the family (like my aunt DE, uncle EE, cousin EE, et cetera) like we were staying there for a family reunion or another type of family gathering.

There were many hotel rooms and halls with various rooms that could be used for gatherings, parties, to eat, et cetera and things were going well until the hotel got attacked by various threats that possibly included zombies and/or feral ghouls from the Fallout video games and maybe/probably some humans with guns who probably also were the people who let the zombies and/or feral ghouls loose/free.

There was chaos with people running, hiding, and getting killed and a few people and I helped escort my family and family members to a safer area, and then we went around the hotel fighting threats and rescuing/helping/saving people; and we teamed up with a woman (who was the leader of her group and she was a very skilled/tough/serious fighter/leader like she was a trained military officer or something like that), a flying eyebot from the Fallout video games, and one or more other people to continue clearing the building of threats and saving people.

At some point we found a man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who the woman said was the heir to rule a kingdom/country/government/whatever, the people behind this attack were probably a group who decided to try to take over the kingdom/government/country/whatever and kill the heir, and so the man/heir was probably their main target.

The man/heir did not really want to lead and he did not seem like the type of person who would make a good leader (he was the laid back/relaxed and lazy type of person who just wants to relax and have fun in the background without responsibilities, and he somewhat looked like and reminded me of the character Doc from the video game Chrono Cross) and the woman did not like him very much, I felt that the woman would make a better leader than him and I hoped that if he survived that the woman and him could rule together or that she could be his adviser, but we decided to help protect him while continuing to clear the building of threats while rescuing people.

Together the woman’s group and my group were doing an amazing job fighting the threats and saving people, I slowly learned more about the situation from the man/heir and the woman as we cleared the building and saved people, but I woke up while we were still doing this because this was a large building with many floors.

The end,

-John Jr