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Dream 1

This dream involved the video game Mass Effect where Commander Shepard and Commander Shepard’s crew were going around on various missions with Commander Shepard slowly recruiting more and more aliens on Commander Shepard’s crew, and some of the human crewmates were not happy about this.

Some of the human crewmates complained to Commander Shepard about not trusting aliens et cetera, Commander Shepard reminded them that the aliens on the crew were trusted allies who had proven themselves and were valuable members of the team et cetera, and that they better get used to working with them; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

A Semi-Lucid Dream Where I Am Being Tested By Lu (Lucifer)?

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All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I remember being outside during the day in the city of D, I remember standing in front of an abandoned-looking store (the store seemed like it had been closed down and abandoned for a while but was still in pretty good condition) in the Walmart parking lot next to what I assume was the Walmart building, and earlier in the dream I had heard that my former classmate JC was running for political office (public office) in an election but I did not know where or what political position he was running for.

The abandoned-looking store was open and I assume that the lights were on so I walked inside, no one was inside but there was probably a television on that was talking about and showing Donald Trump’s political campaign, and there was still some stuff on some of the shelves so I walked around looking to see if I wanted anything (the store was somewhat clean for an abandoned-looking store, and more things were left behind than usual).

The store seemed to be closed down and abandoned and for some reason I felt that this might be a dream so I assumed that taking any thing would not be considered stealing but I was not sure if either of these things were correct (true) or not, and so I tried to stall and look around to see if I could find anyone as I looked around the store and listened and watched the television as they talked about Donald Trump.

I never found anyone so I assumed that this was probably an abandoned store and/or that I was dreaming so I took a few things, but as I was about to leave I heard police sirens that sounded like the police were rushing to the parking lot.

I was confused but it sounded like they were probably coming after me, I still felt that this might be a dream and I was hoping that I was correct so I decided to try to escape before they could see me, and so I ran outside as the police were driving into the parking lot and my aunt SE was with them or walked from the direction where they were oddly.

My aunt SE saw me as I was turning my back to them to escape, my aunt SE told me that they saw me and so they now knew who I was and that they were after me because taking the stuff inside the abandoned-looking store was stealing, and maybe I said something to her but I can not remember (I probably told her that I did not know that it was stealing because I thought that it was an abandoned store (which it probably was), and that this was hopefully a dream so I was going to try to fly away to escape them).

My aunt SE probably told me to turn myself in, I told her that I would put the stuff back if the police would not arrest me but I did not feel that would work, and so I told her that I was choosing the escape option and hope that I was correct that this was a dream.

I then ran and jumped into the sky to fly away, I was able to jump somewhat high in the sky and somewhat fly and/or glided ungracefully to the parking lot of the shopping center by W Park, and so I was correct about this being a dream but the dream felt only semi-lucid because I still possibly had some doubts and/or was still confused and/or was not trying to control the dream itself.

I landed in the other parking lot smiling and laughing a bit about being able to fly, I knew that they could not catch me now that I had some of my dream powers, but to my surprise my aunt SE reached the parking lot right after me magically which made no sense so I assumed and probably asked if she had dream powers too.

My aunt SE still wanted me to turn myself in, because she felt that it was the right thing to do, and she told me that Lu was testing me.

I was confused so I asked my aunt SE if this was all a test, and I asked who or what in the world is Lu?

My aunt SE said that it was a test but she did not say who Lu was exactly, but for some reason I felt that Lu was short for Lucifer.

This confused me even more because I assumed that this was a dream, it seemed to be semi-lucid now, and so I wondered how was this a test and how was Lucifer testing me and why and what did he/she/it want from me; and I wondered what all of this meant.

I wondered how could someone or something be testing me in my own dream, was this my own dream or someone else’s, was this even really a dream or something else, was Lu really short for Lucifer or was I wrong, if it is the same Lucifer from the Christian/Jewish bible and is he/she/it any thing like in the stories, is Lu (Lucifer) just one of my dream characters or an actual separate entity, where is Lu (Lucifer), how could I pass this test or what did Lu (Lucifer) expect me to do during this test and what would happen if I passed or failed the test, if I turn myself in to the police then what, and many more thoughts crossed my mind.

I decided to follow my aunt SE’s advice and turn myself in to the police, I hoped that this was the right thing to do, and so I walked back to the Walmart parking lot with my aunt SE to turn myself in.

I am not sure what happened because all I can remember is maybe a white light or seeing white, maybe the dream collapsed and/or I teleported and/or I lost consciousness and/or my memory of this part is destroyed and/or the dream world changed and/or something else happened, and the next thing that I remember is being inside my parent’s house and the dream seemed to be normal again and no longer semi-lucid because I probably forgot that this was a dream or my dream powers faded because I was not using them and I was not trying to control the dream.

My former male classmate JC and his fiancée YC (who I have never met and I did not know about until recently) arrived at my parent’s house in a surprise visit, and I remember greeting them and walking them to a bedroom in this fictional version of my parent’s house.

YC said little to nothing, I do not know what she sounds like in real life so that is probably why, but if she did say something she probably spoke with a slight accent and probably reminded me of how Korey Coleman’s girlfriend Mia (who is probably from Turkey) speaks English.

I remember my former classmate JC sitting and relaxing and probably not acting much like himself while maybe wearing a blue bathrobe while YC stood up cutting a blue and white nylon rope/string in pieces over a bed oddly which even confused me in the dream but I did not say anything about this odd behavior, and my former classmate JC and I talked about his political campaign.

I asked him where was he running for political office, what political position was he running for, how and why was he running, what led to him decided to run for political office, how was the campaign going, did he think that he could win, who was he running against, was it even legal for him to run, and more.

I remember us having a good conversation and the dream felt positive and I was very curious about his political campaign and it was nice to get to talk to my former classmate JC for the first time in a while, but I woke up before he could answer any of these questions.

The end,

-John Jr

Mr. G Is Getting Married

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which took place at SB school in the new computer lab, and my coworker Mr. G & I were working in the computer lab.

Mr. G said that he was getting married very soon, and I think that he was going to marry a princess or someone like that; I could be wrong, but I know that she had a lot of money & connections/fame.

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