Kanye And The End Of Reality – Wisecrack Edition

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Wisecrack has an interesting video on YouTube called Kanye And The End Of Reality – Wisecrack Edition:

This video probably should have had a title like: Kayfabe And The End Of Reality; because that is what the video is mostly about fortunately.

The end,

-John Jr

A Fictional Small Country And Two Brothers Trying To Humiliate Me As I Urinate



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Once again I do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will not waste much time typing part of the only dream that I can partly remember from last night, I had another dream after this one, but I can not remember it at this time because of the way I woke up and got straight out of bed and I got distracted by other things.

The dream started during the day in a small fictional country that possibly somewhat seemed like Israel at first in some areas and then like Italy in another area and then like Japan in another area, I have no idea how I got there or why I was there, but I do know that I was not the only tourist or person visiting who did not live in this small fictional country because there were other tourists there from other countries as well.

Being In A Fictional New Season Of The Walking Dead?

Source: Wikipedia

Once again I really do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will give a super lazy overview of my last dream from last night that seemed to involved me being in a fictional new season of the television show The Walking Dead, but my memory of the dream is unclear.

Either several new characters and I joined the main cast/group and we got separated at some point or several new characters and I were in our own group and maybe we came across the main cast/group, either way, we ended up coming across the main cast/group at some point; and I know that we met Carol Peletier, and maybe Carl Grimes.

At some point Carol was in our new group, maybe we got split from the main group, and I remember Carol being a mother-like figure to our group who was kind and she helped teach/train/mentor/et cetera us; and things were going well for our group until we got attacked and taken over by a very small group of people with somewhat futuristic weapons/armor and an armored vehicle with a machine gun or laser/energy gun lead by what seemed to be a real life version of an older version of Cyrus Temple (he wore thick futuristic armor like in the video game) from the video game Saints Row: The Third.

At some point in the dream we were taken to a tall building to a futuristic garage-like building made of heavy metal that looked like it could be moved around to change the layout and/or to open or close it to the outside, a meeting between various groups of survivors was going to take place inside the tall multi-story building near the garage-like building, and the Cyrus Temple-like man and his group wanted to be there for some reason(s).

Mr. Temple did not trust the other survivor groups and he expected that we would be attacked so he had us stay in the garage-like building near the armored vehicle in case we needed to escape if attacked during the night, I am not sure why he attacked our group and took over it, but I do know that Carol and some of our group escaped during the attack; but the others and I were taken prisoner.

As it was getting dark Mr. Temple and his small group were attacked like he expected but the people attacking them attacked quietly by surprise blocking them from using their armored vehicle and so their group lost the battle, and the rest of my group and I escaped; and later in the dream it was clear that I was just an actor on a fictional new season of The Walking Dead because I remember driving during the day to a fictional city to meet with the cast/crew to film a special episode.

The special episode was going to take place in an auditorium on the upper floor of a building and hundreds of fans of The Walking Dead television show were going to be there in the auditorium as unpaid extras pretending to be survivors attending a meeting and the rest of the cast and I would join the meeting, and the entire episode was going to be unscripted/improvised.

I remember parking in a small parking lot near a multi-story brick building in the downtown area of a fictional city, I could see many automobiles parked in larger parking lots across the street so most of the fans were there already, and some of the cast were already there because their automobiles were in the small parking lot where I parked; but not all the cast was there yet.

Carol and a few other cast members drove up and we greeted each other and we walked into the building to join everyone else to meet the fans and get ready to start filming the special episode, in the one-story auditorium that was on an upper floor were hundreds of fans of all ages (but many of them were probably 40 years and older), and there seemed to be no security; and so anyone could walk in and join the special episode, which I thought was not a good idea, but I thought that this was a unique/creative/interesting idea for an episode but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Helping The Old Version Of My Aunt JE Move To The New / Current Version Of My Aunt JE’s House?

Last night I got in bed too late (after 3 AM) and so I only got about 4 hours of sleep which is not good/healthy and to make it worse I got awakened several times by having to use the bathroom, by people making noise, and by people waking me up; but my dream recall is currently very strong and so I somehow managed to remember part of two dreams, but I forgot the first dream after going back to sleep again but I do barely remember part of the second dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day/morning/evening in the city of D at a fictional house in the field next to my parent’s yard where a neighbor’s mobile home should be, and my aunt JE lived in this fictional house; but my aunt JE acted/seemed somewhat like her old self before her situation got as bad as it is today.

My mom and one or two of our family members from my mom’s side of the family and I were at my aunt JE’s fictional house, we were helping her pack up and move her stuff because she was moving to where her house is in real life further down the street in the P House that my grandfather owns, and at some point we had mostly everything packed; and so I remember walking back and forth to move the stuff into the new house.

Strangely I do not remember seeing my aunt JE who we were helping move to the new house after this point but at the new house was what seemed to be the new/current/real life version of my aunt JE and not the older version of my aunt JE who(m) we were helping pack up and move her stuff, even in the dream I noticed this and I wondered if there was/were somehow two versions of my aunt JE and this confused me, and so I was going to investigate this once I finished moving all of her stuff.

I remember moving a square or rectangle-shaped piece of raw pork from a refrigerator that I rolled up with some food/meat/whatever paper and a plastic zip-lock bag and I brought it to the new version of my aunt JE asking her where she wanted me to put it but she did not want it, she seemed to be a bit depressed and mentally/emotionally/socially unstable, and so she seemed to only care about sitting on her couch smoking cigarettes and doing nothing but staring in front of her blankly and watching TV; and so I was not sure what to do, I decided to wait to ask someone else like the old version of my aunt JE if she showed up again, but then maybe my aunt ME and my cousin JE and my cousin ME came to help.

I asked them what to do with the raw pork and they probably told me to put it in the refrigerator regardless of what the new version of my aunt JE said, so I probably put it in the refrigerator, and then I remember my cousin ME trying to decide how to organize the stuff in the house and what things in the house should he fix and/or build (he is good with electronics and building things probably).

The rest of us waited as my cousin ME looked around the house creating a plan in his mind before we start unpacking things and organizing them, I was still wanting to investigate whether there were two versions of my aunt JE or not, but I got awakened from my dream by someone.

I remember having the song Take My Hand by Moloko on my mind after waking up for some unknown reason(s):

The end,

-John Jr

Helping / Working At The Job Center In D & Religious / Pagan / Magic Symbols / Statues / Rituals?

I woke up feeling a bit hot, my stomach was cramping, and I had to use the bathroom so I got up to use the bathroom with only part of my last dream on my mind but my memory of that dream is very unclear so it will be missing a lot of details and there will probably be some mistakes in my description of the dream; and I do not even feel like typing my dream today, but I will type it anyway.

I do not remember the beginning of the dream or most of the middle of the dream, I remember being in a slightly fictional version of D during late in the afternoon or early in the evening, and I was helping/working at the CS (or whatever the name is now because they changed the name so many times, and the names they pick are usually not clear or logical or easy to remember in my opinion) Job Center because they were starting to stay open until 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM on one or more days a week, but it was in a different location on the side of the road near where SW’s Paint Store should be and across from FF Bank.