Three Spiders And Three Clones Of Myself?

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My dream recall/memory of my dreams is even worse than yesterday and I hope that this pattern does not continue, if it were not for my better than average dream recall and my ability to at least remember something if I focus hard enough, I would have forgotten everything; I am not even sure if this is one dream or several connected or similar dreams or if I woke up several times during the night or not, I just know that it was nice and cold in the room and I did not want to get out of bed, and my memory of my dreams would quickly fade and I could not really save them.

What I can remember is very unclear, corrupted/messed up, confusing, et cetera and I remember a nice wilderness area that was possibly in a fictional country or place near the city of D; and I visited this wilderness and I had memories of visiting it in the past, and this area had mountains/water/forests/caves/et cetera with a nice view.

It is possible that I stayed in a cave in this wilderness with several other people, at least one woman and several men, and something happened during our stay that I can not remember (many things probably); but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I remember riding maybe a bus with other people (kids/students/teachers on a class trip, city workers, a man who looked like the Dragon Ball character Krillin, and random people) during the day to visit this wilderness area, many things happened that I can not remember before/during/after this part of the dream, I remember a man with whitish colored skin with yellowish hair who was from a rich well-connected family who was there for revenge I think.

I remember three living spiders on an object that had three different connected parts (a bit like a cricket cage/holder maybe), one spider for each part, but I am not sure where the spiders and the object came from (maybe the wilderness or the man who wanted revenge or someone/something else) but I think that they possibly were to be used against me maybe; and the man from the rich family probably attacked whoever/whatever for revenge or he attacked everyone, but he was stopped and he was probably arrested when we returned to the city of D in the field by SL Baptist Church.

I remember having the three spiders and the object with three parts that they were on put into another container to imprison/contain them and maybe they were taken to jail with the man from the rich family as well but I am not sure, I remember talking to some of the city workers about how I was looking for a job and how I had recently had an interview for a city job, and we walked across the street by HD Head Start to a fictional building for city workers and Mr. CA had an office in the building.

I remember talking with them and Mr. CA and helping them move some heavy furniture, they mentioned the city job that I had an interview for and they told me that Mrs. S got the job and that it was a shame that I did not get the job since/because she already has a job with the BP School Board so they should have given the job to someone who was unemployed like myself, and they wished me luck in the future; and at some point I went to my parent’s house.

The man from the rich family got released from jail thanks to his rich family and their connections and a good lawyer, somehow the three spiders and the object that they were on that had three parts that I had contained/imprisoned in another container ended up with me at my parent’s house, and I remember one of the spiders getting out into the bathroom when I opened the container; and a second spider probably got out in another room, and the third spider probably stayed on the object with three parts.

I tried to look for them and I told my mom about the situation, next I remember there being three clones of myself in the house, maybe the three spiders became three clones of myself or maybe the three clones appeared and the three spiders were still there or maybe the three spiders and the three clones were in other parts of the dream as well but I can not remember.

I think that one or all of my three clones were certified private detectives and each of them had a different set of skills/personalities/job certifications/et cetera, they all seemed to have been made by someone/something to be used against me (probably like the spiders, who were possibly also the three clones, but I am not sure), and so like the three spiders they were now loose/free again.

I remember talking to my three clones one at a time to learn more about them and hopefully get them to stop their mission against me (I think that these talks took place in three separate fictional parts of the house, maybe like a human house-like version of the object with three parts that the spiders were on, and I remember one of these parts being dimly lit with a lot of plants like a green house) I had a good talk with each of them (maybe they were going to stop their mission against me), but I can not remember the rest of the details other than seeing one or more of their private detective certifications and badges; but that is all that I can remember/make sense of from my mostly destroyed memories of fragments of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr


A Fictional Small Country And Two Brothers Trying To Humiliate Me As I Urinate



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Once again I do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will not waste much time typing part of the only dream that I can partly remember from last night, I had another dream after this one, but I can not remember it at this time because of the way I woke up and got straight out of bed and I got distracted by other things.

The dream started during the day in a small fictional country that possibly somewhat seemed like Israel at first in some areas and then like Italy in another area and then like Japan in another area, I have no idea how I got there or why I was there, but I do know that I was not the only tourist or person visiting who did not live in this small fictional country because there were other tourists there from other countries as well.


The Quraq Civil War?

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Dream 1

I once again woke up during the night feeling like my mind/memory had been erased and I had forgotten all of my dreams even though I knew that I had some dreams and I had just awakened from a dream, I went to the bathroom and I managed to remember that I had thought about and/or dreamed about the video game Saints Row IV, but that is all that I can remember of that; and I went back to sleep, and I woke up later and I barely remembered part of one dream.

Dream 2

The dream took place during the day in a very small fictional country in the part of Asia often called the Middle East that I think was called Quraq (which is somewhat like a fake Iraq) like from the animated TV show Young Justice, and it seemed that the dictator/government had been over-thrown by the military recently; and a young military general (probably in his late twenties) who slightly reminded me of Saddam Hussein in his younger days but without facial hair maybe was now running the country of Quraq along with the military, and he even wore a brownish/tan-colored military uniform similar to Saddam Hussein’s military uniform.

The country was very small it seemed, so small that it was mostly just a huge multi-purpose building complex with a few streets/neighborhoods/markets/et cetera around the building complex from what I saw in the dream walking around and of maps that I saw during the dream of what seemed to be the country of Quraq and/or the building complex, and so there were not that many people in the country.

The huge multi-purpose building complex seemed to be the government headquarters, a military base, where most of the businesses in the country were, the civic center, the official housing for the country so most people lived in the building complex, the police station and jailhouse, et cetera; and so the building complex was where most of the country of Quraq was it seemed.

The young general now running the country had won the support of the military by promising a better Quraq once if he became the leader and so they helped him over-throw the government/dictator who was hated by most of the citizens of Quraq, but once the young general became the new leader of Quraq he started to become/act like the previous dictator; and he had lied about his promises and so slowly soldiers who had helped him over-throw the original dictator started fighting him and the military for control of the government, and a civil war started.

Most of the people in the country continued their lives working, shopping, eating, drinking, et cetera while the civil war went on between the young general/the military and the former soldiers, most of the citizens were ready to adapt/adjust to whoever won the civil war because they felt that they could not really do anything to stop it but most of them supported the former soldiers, and the young general seemed to be very over-confident that he would win the war.

I am not sure what I was doing in Quraq but I remember being there walking around and looking at/listening to signs of the civil war and seeing military patrols pass by and watching people living their lives during all of this, I listened to people talking and I might have talked to some people but I am not sure, and slowly more soldiers were leaving the military each day to fight against the young general/the military; but oddly the young general acted like he would win even when more of his loyal soldiers left him each day to join the former soldiers.

I remember walking to the young general’s headquarters in the building complex and I walked into his office, I am not sure how I was allowed in, and he was ranting about the civil war as some of his most trusted soldiers/bodyguards listened; and I noticed that one of his trusted soldiers/bodyguards looked disgusted by what the young general had become, and he listened as the young general proved that he was just another bad dictator like the original dictator was.

I also remember seeing a map of Quraq and/or the building complex on the wall, I also saw the same map somewhere else during the dream, but I can not remember where I saw it.

The young general ranted for a long time and he was clearly blinded by his over-confidence and power, I was briefly thought of Saddam Hussein and I imagined the young general being over-thrown soon (oddly I do not think that I thought about the Syrian Civil War/Proxy War/War or Bashar Al-Assad but I could be wrong), and I wondered why was he so over-confident when it was clear that he was losing soldiers everyday and that he was hated by most of the citizens of Quraq; and at some point he finished his rant, and his trusted soldier/bodyguard who looked disgusted with him spoke.

The trusted soldier reminded the young general that he had been with him since the beginning and he had believed in his cause at first but that the young general had abandoned his original cause/beliefs/promises/et cetera and the trusted soldier said that he could no longer support the young general, so he was leaving the military to support the former soldiers, and surprisingly the young general let him walk away without being killed or arrested; and then the young general started ranting again calling the now former trusted soldier a traitor and that he did not need him or any of the former soldiers anymore, it was clear that soon the young general would be over-thrown, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Business Job In The Fictional Country

I was awakened from my dream where I was in the middle of a conversation with a dream character, by my alarm clock, but I managed to remember some of my dream fragments & that conversation with the dream character.

My dreams took place in the fictional country that has been in a few of my dreams in the past, the one that is usually an island or islands (though the country does not seem island-like when you are there and it is not tropical at all) that is/are usually controlled by one or more groups of people who seem to be from various places in Asia (India, Iran, China, and more) & a few other countries & sometimes there is evidence of a bit of past conflict or current minor conflict among the groups of people & the fictional country always has tourists visiting & I am always a tourist too, and this dream was no different.

This was probably one dream with various parts that connected, and in one part I was in a professional tennis tournament; sometimes I dream of being at a professional tennis tournament and/or being in one, but I usually am not at the tournaments for long for various reasons.

The tennis tournament was in the fictional country and various professional tennis players from around the world were there, and somehow I was in the tournament; and this was my first professional tennis match, and I did not know how to serve properly/well/good, like in real life. 😀

I do not remember seeing any tennis players that I know but I remember part of my tennis match, which was against an unknown experienced professional tennis player with black hair & whitish colored skin wearing a white tennis shirt with white shorts & white shoes, and I remember being a bit nervous.

We had a crowd in the the stands watching us, not a huge crowd since we were lower ranked players, but it was a big crowd for someone like me & I hate being watched (social anxiety).

I did not expect to win but I was going to try, and I remember not being able to serve hardly like in real life; and my opponent was acting like a jerk, and he would make fun of me.

I remember acing him once, because he was not used to very slow & sloppy serves 😀 , and I remember him acing me several times because I would stand too far in front of the baseline since I like to volley (I can not serve to save my life but I am pretty good at volleying for someone untrained 😉 ).

I remember my opponent telling me that I stood too far in front of the baseline, which was true, and so he kept taking advantage of that to defeat me.

My opponent made me a bit mad/frustrated/annoyed/sad with his constant making fun of me & trying to get the crowd to make fun of me, but I managed to finish the match trying my semi-best; and that was good enough for me.

I lost the match so I was kicked out of the tournament, one loss & you are out, but I was happy with my performance. 🙂

I left the tournament to tour the fictional country, and I rode an open train-like machine with other tourists as the tour guide pointed out different areas around the country & told us information about various places.

The tourist parts of the country were the nicest, and then we went to the poorer parts of the country; which was interesting.

We saw farms with animals, crops, dirt, mud, people with turbans & Middle Eastern-style clothing & various other styles, people with brownish – purpleish colored skin, open markets, various languages & cultures, et cetera and a few people on the train-like machine were locals of the country; and I spoke with one of them who knew a bit of English, not much, but a bit.

The woman had dark brownish – purpleish colored skin and her accent reminded me of someone from India & like someone whose main language is Hindi, and we spoke a bit; but she only could understand & use a bit of English, so she could not understand me sometimes.

During our tour there must have been a TV or something on the train-like machine, because I remember a news report showing that a politician from The United Kingdom (maybe England) had been put in charge of a group of probably Special Forces soldiers stationed in the fictional country.

For some reason the UK had a military base in the fictional country, maybe as a peace keeping/engineering/assassinating/training/spying force or something, anyway the female politician was in charge of the soldiers or something like that.

I remember the news report showing the female politician and there were clips of one of the soldiers who was getting ready for bed, he had the older DPM camouflage & no body armor & he looked unhappy & I predicted that they were under-funded; but the news report tried to make the soldiers sound élite/happy/glamorous/well-funded, but it seemed like propaganda to me, so I wanted to go talk to some of the soldiers myself later to get the facts. 😉

As our tour continued we reached a building and we stopped to explore it and maybe buy some souvenirs, but a man who looked & acted like Alec Baldwin as his character on 30 Rock (which I have never seen an episode of) offered some of us tourists jobs.

Mr. Baldwin was wearing a suit and he had a son who he put in charge of our group, his son was the son Seth Gold on the TV show Hardcore Pawn, and our group was a new business idea that Mr. Baldwin wanted to try.

Our group was supposed to invent/create/come up with a product idea/invention, figure out how to make/manufacture the invention, figure out how to advertise it, et cetera and Mr. Baldwin would take care of the rest on a small-scale to see if it is profitable; and if we failed on our first try to have a profitable invention, we would probably all get fired. 😀

Mr. Baldwin’s character was funny & easy to get along with even though he was a bit of a stereotypical business guy who acted overconfident & like a jerk, but he was funny & cool about it. 😀

Mr. Baldwin left and our group went to a room to come up with ideas, and our group was an interesting mix of people; and we had a pretty good time and we got along well.

Our group members were the son Seth Gold from Hardcore Pawn, a fake slightly overweight uglier version of Prince Harry with a big head, a fake slightly overweight uglier version of Chris Hemsworth with a big head, a fake Eric Pumphrey, several women but I can not remember what they looked like for some reason, and I.

At first we were having too much fun hanging out and some of the members even had friends come visit, but then we started trying to think up ideas; but that was not going so well, and so Mr. Baldwin came to talk to us.

Mr. Baldwin walked us around the building near the souvenir shops, I guess he owned some or all of them, because we started have a fun fight/fake fight with some of the souvenirs; and I remember getting shot by a toy gun or something, and I laid on the ground pretending to be dead as the others continued fighting.

It was fun and at some point Mr. Baldwin called an end to the fun, which he was a part of & which he probably started, and he gave us a theme to help us come up with ideas “children toys” & he gave us a bit of encouragement: “If you fail, you are all fired, now get back to work! *smiles, and walks off*” 😀

We all went back to think up ideas and we started to realize that we really would all get fired if we did not get this right the first time, and so we started thinking hard to come up with ideas; and I was the first to come up with an idea, and so I started to tell our team leader the son about my idea.

My idea was a simple toy kit where a few durable enough but cheap to produce pieces would be sold, and the pieces would be put together to make the toy; something more complicated than Legos but not too complicated.

I tried to sell/convince the idea to our team leader the son mentioning the low-cost to produce it & the simple manufacturing needed to make it & we did not even have to put the toys together since the buyers would have to do that, that schools could buy/use them & kids could practice their motor skills/et cetera & I mentioned various other things as our team leader listened closely calculating it in his mind.

He seemed close to accepting my idea and I was about to ask the group to help think of what material we could use to make the pieces & I was going to ask them to think of some other things, but my alarm clock woke me up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Fictional Country

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream involving my former classmates JC, DH, SS, SS’s brother MS, MT, JB, and I going on a two-day trip/vacation.

At first we planned on going to another city or state, but then we decided to visit a fictional country that has been in a few of my dreams before in the past; and this fictional country is a very small country on an island-like place/a body of land on water not far from another country.