My Mom & Queen Elizabeth & Going To Space | MA & Patrick Mahomes & Brittany Matthews | Nonprofit Profit

Dream 1

In this dream, my mom told me about how she met & possibly knew & possibly went to school with Queen Elizabeth II when she and / or they were younger.

My mom also told me a story from when she was a kid where her & her class went on a school field trip to space on the space shuttle near the moon and / or to either a space station by the moon and / or a base on the moon.

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A Conversation | A Sheriff? | An Endless Hug

Dream 1

Someone mentions protest against the police, the person did not understand why some people are protesting, I give them some examples of why some people are protesting from what I had heard without putting my opinions in it, one example I shared from what I heard was with how police can often do some things that most people would get arrested for and I shared some examples from what I had heard and I even shared two examples that I saw personally without sharing my opinions (just the facts of what I saw and heard in those two situations), and I mentioned how some people feel powerful knowing that they can call the police on other people.

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Driving My Brother GC To Go Shopping

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, I was at my parent’s house, and my brother GC and maybe my mom was there too.

My brother GC wanted to go shopping so I remember driving him in either my automobile and / or The BV, and as we drove through our neighborhood there was a fictional area that had a small one-story white church with white doors that was probably on the right side past Mrs. B’s house.

Sitting in a chair facing the least used door of the church was an old woman with dark-brown skin, and we thought that this was strange and she was very close to the door staring at it and / or touching it and / or talking to it and / or kissing it oddly but I can not remember.

We kept driving and I drove my brother GC to several stores, I possibly stayed in the automobile each time but I can not remember, and at some point I remember waiting in the automobile in the parking lot of the shopping center by W Park for my brother GC to finish shopping.

I can not remember what happened exactly but I think that my dad drove over to me and said that he needed me to do something that possibly involved The BV but I can not remember, and so I drove and I followed him home without telling my brother GC who was still shopping.

The old woman who was sitting in front of a door at the church was still sitting there doing the same thing as last time or she was just sitting there in front of the door very closely which looked strange, it was still strange to me even in the dream, but I kept driving until we got home.

There was a car parked in my parent’s yard that looked like my sister-in-law JC’s car, and across the street at The B House our male neighbor J (Gas Money Kid) was working on an automobile while my former female schoolmate (whose name I do not know) whose brother was my schoolmate N was standing in the yard.

My former female schoolmate was wearing makeup and the corner of her eyes had black markings that were inspired by Egyptian style makeup designs.

I drove to the far side of the yard to pull in there, my automobile was there, but it was very close to the fence like maybe it had rolled toward the fence or someone had parked too closely to it.

I think that something happened earlier in the dream that I can not remember where I possibly returned home and possibly switched vehicles so maybe I parked my automobile on that side of the yard earlier, and maybe during this time someone told me about an overweight or obese female maybe high school student with light-color skin with maybe curly yellow / maybe brown hair who was in an educational school club (like quiz bowl et cetera) and she had won an award during a competition.

Anyway, I walked over to my automobile to make sure that it was not damaged and to make sure that it was in park, and I probably closed the back window because it was possibly open.

As I walked to the front porch I waved and said hello to our neighbor Gas Money Kid and my former female schoolmate, they waved back, and my former female schoolmate walked over to our fence and eventually we started talking.

As we were talking some people possibly drove up and parked across the street and got out and walked in our direction, they were possibly high school students and one or more teachers, and they seemed to be returning from an educational school club competition and the overweight or obese female student who had won an award was with them.

They walked over and started talking to us, they said that they had just finished a school club competition that they competed in, and that the female student had won another award.

I congratulated them and her, I mentioned how someone had told me about the other award that she had won, and then maybe the dream got interrupted by a dream within a dream or something where I saw a school club or college club on a field trip during the day.

There were some young men talking about how they had signed up partly because they would get some books by a certain author whose book(s) contained some famous nudes, I saw a flashback of them getting thin hardcover maybe yellowish-color books by this famous male author, and they looked forward to getting to party now that they were maybe in college so they were freshmen I assume.

The college club was an educational one and they were probably going to or coming from a competition, they were walking outside on concrete near maybe a park-like area on their way somewhere, and their professor was leading the way but then the other dream continued or this scene / vision / flashback ended.

I then realized that I had left my brother GC shopping without telling him that I had left and he had no transportation, and so now I needed to contact him and go pick him up.

I probably told the others this and I said goodbye to them, but I woke up before I could call my brother GC.

The end,

-John Jr

An Elementary School Field Trip

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I was in a fictional city inside a one-story building (maybe a museum or something like that) with an elementary school class that was on a field trip, and my mom was there as a chaperone along with some teachers and other chaperones and maybe parents; but I am not sure why I was there.

At some point I think that the group were watching a film in a dimly lit room as they sat on the carpeted floor in a large room, I remember all the workers in this building being women, and at some point I needed to urinate and so I walked to find the bathroom.

I walked past an office where some of the workers were, the men’s bathroom was next to this office, and the door to the bathroom was open so I could see into their office and they could somewhat see into the bathroom as I urinated.

I saw a female worker with whitish colored skin with long light-to-medium colored hair wearing maybe a pinkish colored suit jacket and a dress skirt standing up going through some folders and paperwork in the office as I urinated, and as I was urinating the elementary school class were leaving to get on the school bus outside to leave; and so they were going to wait on me.

It took me a while (I needed to urinate in the real world, and so this usually causes me to keep urinating in the dream; and so sometimes I have to stop because it seems that I will never stop urinating because in the real world my body still needs to urinate so in the dream I still feel like I need to urinate so this sometimes causes me to be able to urinate endlessly) but I finished urinating eventually or I stopped urinating because it was taking too long and I walked outside to the school bus, my mom was going to drive the school bus, and so I guess that she was also the bus driver for this field trip.

The school bus was crowded, I did not feel like a long ride, I saw my automobile parked in the parking lot, and so I decided to get off the school bus to drive my automobile home instead; and so I told my mom that they could go on without me because I was going to drive my automobile home, and I told my mom that I would see her when she gets home.

They drove away and I drove home in my automobile, the next thing that I remember is arriving home, and there was a telephone call from my male cousin JE, who was possibly one of the students from the field trip from earlier in the dream, and he wanted to meet my mom in person about something important and he sounded like it was serious.

He wanted my mom to drive to my aunt ME’s house, who is his grandmother and guardian because his mom (my female cousin AE) died giving birth to him, but he did not say what he wanted; and he just said that it was important, and that she had to come in person.

I told my cousin JE that my mom was not back yet, probably still driving the school bus and dropping off students at their houses, but that I would call her now and give her his message; and then I said goodbye and I got out my mobile phone, and I sent my mom a text first and then I went to call her and she answered.

She was probably on her way home after dropping off all of the students, probably including my cousin JE, and so she was going to drive over to my aunt ME’s house to see what my cousin JE wanted.

Even thought it sounded serious, it was possibly not serious, my cousin JE is just a kid so to him many things are serious to him that may not be serious to me; but I was still slightly cautious and concerned, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Taking My Brother GC To A Church Field Trip

I barely remember part of one dream from last night that started during the day in a fictional version of D, and my parent’s told me to take my brother GC to a certain location in a field probably near a church where people from the church were going to leave on a field trip.

My brother GC did not want to go but my parents were making him go and I did not want to take him, but we left anyway to avoid our parent’s annoying us about it constantly; and I drove my brother GC to the field where the people from the church were meeting to get picked up by an aircraft to fly them to the field trip location.

I parked my automobile next to the aircraft and I let my brother GC out, I waited as my brother GC & the people from the church loaded up on the aircraft & my former classmates LL & MT were members of the church, and I remember hearing some people from the church mentioning that the field trip location was at a corporate/business/religious building/company-like place or some place like that; and at some point everyone was on the aircraft and it started to lift, but my automobile started to lift with it.

Somehow my automobile got attached to the aircraft and the doors on the right side of my automobile could open to the inside of the aircraft, and so I went inside of the aircraft to warn the pilot that my automobile was attached to the aircraft so that they could land the aircraft to disconnect me; but there was no pilot flying the aircraft oddly, even though the aircraft was taking off, and so I took control of the aircraft to avoid crashing as the people on the aircraft & I started to panic slightly.

I eventually figured out how to somewhat fly the aircraft, I had some people on the aircraft give me directions, and we flew to another state/city or country to the field trip location; and I landed the aircraft at the field trip location, and we went inside a building that was like a corporate/research facility/museum-like building.

We all had to line up as workers at the building had to check us one-at-a-time to make sure that we had permission to enter the building & I felt that something was not right about this place or the workers (there were too many security precautions & I just did not trust the workers for some reason(s)), but at some point a manager/high-level-looking person asked me to follow him to the place where they check each person; and he started asking me questions hinting that their were no records for me and that I was there illegally, and so I told him about what happened & how I had no idea where we were or what this field trip was about or what this company/religious building was involved with really & that I was not supposed to be on this field trip & that I did not want to be on it but I had to safely fly the people on the aircraft here including my brother GC to avoid it crashing.

The manager-looking worker walked in the back to talk with one or more people about the situation as I waited but I can not remember what happened, and I just remember later in the dream that I was with my brother GC & the other people from the church on the run during an emergency-like situation where the military/police/security/other threats/et cetera were probably after us & they were dealing with an emergency.

My guess is that when the manger-looking worker went in the back I must have noticed that something clearly was wrong, I probably warned my brother GC that we should leave & I probably quietly got the rest of the people from the church to follow us without telling them where we were going or why, the manger probably came back noticing that we were gone & he probably got angry at the other workers & he probably sent security/the police/the military/whoever after us, and we probably escaped them but they kept tracking us; but during this time something must have gone on in the city that they were also dealing with and/or they were sealing it off to search for us.

I had to protect my brother GC and the people from the church, and so I drove them around the city & probably to other cities & isolated locations to avoid threats; and so we were almost constantly on the run except for short periods of hiding, but I can not remember what happened to cause all this to happen.

It was a pretty serious situation it seemed because I think that the military was involved, there were roadblocks with checkpoints, and people were being isolated/arrested/killed/chased/checked/et cetera; but I can not remember any of the details to make sense of the situation unfortunately, I just know that I was protecting my brother GC & the people from the church, and I was doing a pretty good job of it considering the situation but I woke up as we were hiding to avoid being seen probably under a bridge.

The end,

-John Jr