A Virtual Reality Multiplayer Open World Role-Playing Fighting Video Game?

After watching all the anime on Toonami I went to sleep on a living room couch for two hours and I woke up from a dream quickly to get in bed, so I forgot that dream.

I slept well, so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream, even though I know that I had more dreams.

The end of this dream took place during the day.

I seemed to be playing and sometimes inside a virtual reality multiplayer open world role-playing fighting video game that reminded me of a combination of the video games EA Sports UFC 2 and a Naruto video game and a Fallout or The Elder Scrolls video game and a WWE video game.


My Brother CC Returns From Military Deployment | A Virtual Reality FPS Fighting Game?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother CC finally returned from military deployment, and either my family and I visited him or he visited us.

My brother CC seemed different, more neutral and withdrawn and numb and quieter, like he had experienced some negative things during his military deployment that he was still trying to deal with and like he was trying to adjust to finally being back home.

I decided to spend some time with him and I drove him around to various places so that we could do various things as brothers again, but I can not remember most of the dream.

I can only remember the end of the dream when it was possibly evening or night and I drove my brother CC to what I think was a park from one of my recent dreams or one very similar to it, and this park was either a fictional version of W Park in the city of D or it was a fictional park that was somewhat inspired by W Park.

I possibly parked in the parking lot near the somewhat hidden trail that led to the indoor / outdoor parts of the park that was in a past dream where my former male classmate JC briefly got into a fight I think.

By this point in the dream my brother CC was slowly returning to his normal self, I felt that returning to this park would help him even more as I remind him of past times that we spent at the park when growing up, and as I show him how things had improved while enjoying the outdoors.

The park had nice lighting and it was a very nice evening or night, I remember showing my brother CC around and reminding him of old memories and of new memories about the new improvements, and I remember my brother CC smiling and he started to have fun.

It was like a healing experience for him and it felt good to see him happy and returning to normal, and I was happy to help in that process.

But I woke up as we continued having fun around the park.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was playing a video game with several people including my former male classmate JC, we were possibly playing the video game inside The E House but I am not sure, and this dream is a bit confusing because it moved back and forth between me playing the video game and being inside the video game.

Sometimes while in the video game and outside the video game my view would move between a first-person view and a third-person view, and the video game that we were playing was like a first-person shooter (FPS) combined with a third-person shooter combined with a fighting game that was somewhat like a combination of a Super Smash Bros. video game and Doom and / or Call Of Duty.

I think that all of us had guns (probably assault rifles and carbines and personal defense weapon (PDW)), even though you could probably fight without them and maybe there were other weapons and abilities, and the video game took place inside The E House.

The video game version of The E House had some floating platforms in the living room over the area where my grandfather’s chair used to be, I remember hiding under them a lot watching the others fight on the platforms, and when they would jump down I would hide in other areas.

After watching and learning and coming up with a strategy I decided to join the fight, and I decided to use guerrilla tactics.

I would attack and then I would take cover and hide until my opponent shows up, and I would either attack them immediately or once they pass my hiding spot.

I would use corners and the end of hallways very well, it was amazing, I would peek around a corner and shoot an opponent and I would return to cover and run to a hiding spot or down the hall to the next cover spot to wait for them to run into my traps.

I kept doing this with great success which frustrated my former classmate JC, and so he kept trying to attack me but I kept defeating him.

I would use the bathroom across from the kitchen, the middle room, and the hallways to attack from mostly.

I always stayed a step ahead of my opponents predicting their movements based on my observations from watching them earlier.

I also knew this house better than any of them because this was my grandparent’s house, and so I knew various hiding spots and I was familiar with the layout.

I was having fun and I remember smiling and laughing sometimes as my former classmate JC and I continued our competition against each other, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Fighting Korey Coleman In A Virtual Reality Fighting Game

Part 1

All that I can remember of this last dream from last night is that the dream took place during the day, I remember hearing a story and being inside the story, about an older man with whitish colored skin whose wife made a challenge; and the man went to try to complete this challenge.

I can not remember what the challenge was about, I just know that the man and I were outside, and we were possibly being chased by the police or some kind of authority; and assume that this was part of the challenge.

We probably ran, walked, hid, climbed, crawled, jumped, maybe swam, et cetera as we went around the dream world in the outdoors through: neighborhoods, fields, forests, ponds, et cetera until we escaped at some point; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, I am not sure if I was in this part of the dream or not, but it involved Jae Richards from 4YallEntertainment going to a house to visit his fictional girlfriend who had brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair.

This house was in a building with a catwalk and a basement and it belonged to his girlfriend’s parent’s, her father had whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair and her mother had brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair, and Jae was invited inside the dimly lit kitchen and dinning room where the parent’s were.

Jae sat at a table as the parents talked with him, the mother was standing in the kitchen making something, and the father was probably sitting at the table with Jae; and his girlfriend joined them.

The mother offered some food and drink and something else to Jae, after Jae ate and drank, the mother revealed that she had secretly given him a special pill that would allow her to test his health in various ways once it took effect/affect.

The mother did not trust or really like Jae and she was looking for any excuse to end the relationship between him and their daughter and she said this out-loud basically, the father was not like the mother and he was nicer and more neutral, and he tried to calm her and the situation down.

The daughter was outraged and she grabbed Jae and took him to the basement where she locked the door in protest refusing to let anyone inside, the father went outside the basement door to try to calm the daughter down, eventually Jae opened the door; but the daughter still refused to let anyone in and she refused to leave, and Jae continued supporting her protest where they would both stay locked up in the basement.

Jae did not want to do this but he was supporting his girlfriend, he even told her father this, and hoped that the situation would be resolved soon; but he was also worried about what effects/affects the pill would have on him, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that I was inside a windowless building where Double Toasted was located, and I was taking part in a video game show that they had.

I went inside a room where some of the Double Toasted team was having the show, and Korey Coleman and Korey Goodwin were in this room with all the video game and filming and audio equipment.

Korey Coleman and I were going to fight each other and computer players (NPCs) and maybe other players in a virtual reality fighting game where you fight to the death, and this virtual reality technology was beyond our current technology and it seemed more like real life than current technology but you still knew that it was not real because it was only somewhat near future technology.

Korey and I entered the virtual reality fighting game where a group of players were probably put in the same room and we had to fight until only one person was left alive, and Korey and I were the last two players alive so we fought each other.

I was winning the fight easily and I had Korey’s health pretty low, I knocked him on the ground and for dramatic effect/affect I pulled out a 10mm pistol from the Fallout video games and I shot him a few times just to get his health a bit lower before finishing him, and then I put the pistol away and I let him get up and I defeated him with maybe one hit or takedown.

Korey Coleman protested my victory saying that you could not use guns to win a fight, I did not know this and I had only used it at the end for dramatic effect and it was clear that I was going to win regardless and I did not really win the fight with the gun and I had won with one hit or takedown at the end, and so I did not think that I should get disqualified; but I offered a rematch, and I let Korey Goodwin decide how this situation should be handled.

Korey Coleman knew that he could not win so he probably wanted me disqualified to avoid having to fight me again, Korey Goodwin tried to handle the situation as the neutral party to help us negotiate and resolve the situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Because The Night

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Because The Night, and these were the questions:

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird?

What’s your most productive time of day?

When do you do your best work?


A Snake Eats Another Snake

Lazy Overview:

I barely remember my last dream last night and I remember it taking place in the day, and mostly inside a building.

I remember some of my former classmates and various other people being inside this building, which seemed to be a multi-purpose building, and it may have had a hotel, a store, a restaurant, and maybe something else.

I remember talking to my former classmate RG mostly and I remember talking about some characters in a martial arts game or something, at some point, and I predicted that the character with a fencing / Muay Thai style would win; we were not playing a video game exactly, but I remember seeing these characters from an old arcade machine or something in a hallway, and they were projected in the air like holograms or something strange like that.

At some point I remember RG, several other people, and I had some guns; mostly shotguns, and I remember having a sawed-off double barrel 12 gauge side-by-side or over / under shotgun.

I asked RG was it a side-by-side shotgun or an over/under shotgun, but he did not answer my question.

I remember going outside with RG and BH, and we were walking through some grass toward a small pond but BH & I saw a snake.

BH tried to grab the snake, but it was already dead and it was missing its head; and as BH was walking off, I saw a snake behind him that was still alive.

BH was going to try to catch the snake, but then I saw another snake near by, and so I told BH to back up to where I was standing.

Both snakes started to move toward our direction and RG wanted to shoot them with his shotgun, but I told him not to; and I noticed that one of the snakes seemed to be chasing the other snake.

To our surprise the snake that was chasing the other snake,  swallowed the other snake whole, and so we started to back away; and then I think that I told the others that we should go back to the building, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂