Fighting In A Mixed Martial Arts Tournament And Getting Training Offers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that during some part of the dream I decided to enter a mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament even though I have no real martial arts training (except for maybe a one or two-hour self-defense class for women that my male cousin DE and I went to with my mom once when we were kids), and I did not even prepare for this tournament.

In the dream it was a sudden decision, I found out about the tournament late, and then I entered the tournament.

I am not sure how many fights I fought, I just remember part of my last fight, and in my last fight I fought a man who looked like a tougher and more muscular version of the actor Jeffrey Donovan.

The man and I had a good and long almost evenly matched fight, and I was using my grappling skills mostly because his striking skills were probably better than mine.

There was something about my former male classmate JC in this dream but I can not remember what, I assume that my opponent and my fight against him reminded me of my former classmate JC, and of the only time that I lost a grappling match in my adult life so far.

In real life back when I was in college my former classmate JC and I had a grappling match in our college dorm room for fun to see who would win, we were roommates, and some of our former classmates and current collegemates and current roommates watched our grappling match.

My former classmate JC and I were about evenly matched, he was a bit taller and maybe heavier than me, and he had more grappling experience because him and his male cousin L were fans of professional wrestling.

We had a long and good grappling match, my former classmate JC has strange bone/joint/muscle structure (he can pop out and bend parts of his body in strange ways) et cetera so most of my submission moves would not work against him during our grappling match, and so during our grappling match that gave him an advantage so eventually I got too tired and he eventually won thanks to his strange joint/bone/muscle structure and more grappling experience.

That is the only time in my adult life that I have ever lost a grappling match, my grappling record as an adult so far is 1 loss and 1 draw and who knows how many wins, but it has been years since I had a grappling match because the people I know are too afraid of losing again I guess.

Anyway, I assume that my fight in the dream reminded me of this, but I could be wrong.

My fight in the dream was similar to my grappling match against my former classmate JC, without the strange joint/bone/muscle structure problem, and once again my opponent was more experienced and a bit taller and heavier than me and we were almost evenly matched so it was a close back and forth fight.

I can not remember the outcome of the fight, unfortunately, and the next part of the dream that I remember took place in the future.

I remember walking outside during maybe late in the afternoon or early evening across a parking lot near a police station/police academy-like building where there were many police officers (but most were probably wearing police workout clothes instead of their usual uniforms or had changed out of their uniforms because there shifts were probably over) but I do not remember seeing a jail or any inmates or any people reporting crimes, it just seemed like a place where police officers can train/exercise/take showers/eat/maybe sleep/et cetera.

As I was walking a male police officer with whitish-color skin stopped me because he said that I looked familiar, he recognized me and he told me that he fought me once, and then I recognized him as the last person I fought in the mixed martial arts tournament (the man who looked like a tougher and more muscular version of the actor Jeffrey Donovan).

Now that we both recognized and remembered each other we started walking and talking to the police station, and he walked me inside the back of the building where the locker rooms and gym and areas like that are inside the police station/police academy-like building.

We talked about our fight, I told him that I had no real martial arts training and that I had entered the tournament without preparing, and this surprised him because he said that I did a good job during our fight.

He said that he was trained in mixed martial arts by an older man, who had whitish-color skin with white/gray hair and beard who was possibly also a police officer and I saw flashbacks of this man training him and this man was the old mean rough tough no-nonsense type who possibly had an accent (maybe Irish or Scottish or something like that), and he also had some hand-to-hand combat training as a police officer of course.

I remember him saying that maybe he had won our fight but this was said as he was going to mention something else so I did not get any details and I was not sure if he really was talking about our fight or not, I still did not remember the outcome of our fight, and so I was going to ask him if he had won the fight or not because I could not remember but I did not ask him.

He was in a good mood and was excited now that he had found me, and he offered to train me in mixed martial arts and he wanted me to join him in competing in more mixed martial arts tournaments for money and because it seemed like he liked to challenge himself.

He was acting like a bro, into manly stuff and sports and partying et cetera and he was trying to get me to join in because I had impressed him during our fight, and he felt that I had a lot more potential especially once I got some training and he said that they could use some skilled/tough people/fighters like me.

I was not sure about the tournament stuff and bro lifestyle, but I definitely was interested in getting some training in mixed martial arts and getting in better shape so I accepted his offer to train me in mixed martial arts.

We finished our conversation, he was very excited, and we said goodbye and that he would see me again on our first training day which would be inside this police station/police academy-like building.

As I was walking away I remember seeing an athletic female police officer with whitish-color skin with very short medium-to-dark color hair who was dressed like and looked like she was about to exercise or had just finished (she was dressed like a recruit in training, maybe a gray T-shirt with police logo, and workout pants or shorts), and somehow we ended up in a conversation (she caught my attention and I probably overheard her saying something to some other police officers).

The female police officer told me that she was trying to train in mixed martial arts (for exercise, self-defense, sport, fun, et cetera) but she was having difficulty getting any of the other police officers to train with her and/or to train her, and so I offered to train with her.

So now I was set to train with two different police officers in mixed martial arts, I was not sure how I was going to do this, and so I thought about seeing if I could get us to all train together.

I was too busy talking with the female police officer and we were having a good conversation so I probably did not bring up the other male police officer, we seemed to have more in common compared to the male police officer, and so I was interested in getting to know her and I felt that we would probably become friends (maybe even more) and have a good time working out and training together.

I was more interested in training with her than with the male police officer, but I woke up shortly after saying goodbye and that we would see each other again on our first training day at this police station/police academy-like building.

Before I woke up I paused to think about whether I should tell the female police officer about the male police officer now or if I should wait until our first training day, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A French Dream Security Team

I had some clear, long, and interesting dreams (maybe even a semi-lucid dream) last night but somehow I ended up forgetting everything except for barely part of the end of one or two dreams from last night.

This probably happened because I slept pretty deeply (well), I needed to urinate, but I never got out of bed to urinate and voice record my dreams so I kept sleeping through several long and detailed and interesting dreams.

Dream 1

The end of one dream from last night took place inside a house during the day and I was talking with my brother CC about the military probably, and then I talked with my brothers KD and TD about a tablet computer (tablet) that I possibly bought for my brother TD or that he had just gotten on his own.

I have never had a tablet computer before but I was sharing some tips and advice to my brothers KD and TD about it, showing them some things on the tablet, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this possibly semi-lucid dream is that it took place during the day and it somewhat reminded me of the film Inception, but my memory is very unclear and so even I am confused about it; but I know that it was very long, detailed, and interesting.

I am not sure if I realized that I was dreaming or not but I think that I realized that another dream character and his team were dreaming, and that they were inside a dream or a dream within a dream; and somehow I was able to see them inside a dream, I was either inside their dream or inside a dream within a dream where I could safely watch their dream without being seen by them, and/or something crazy and confusing like that.

I remember being on the upper floor of a nice modern building in a room with windows looking outside the windows where I could see the man and his team sometimes, and during other times I was able to see them and various points of views and camera angles from their point(s) of views, the point(s) of views of other dream characters, from the sky, from an interactive map, and more but I am not sure how I was able to see this and what I was seeing this on.

I think that there was a man with whitish colored skin with a bald spot with dark-colored hair wearing a dark-colored suit with a whitish-colored dress shirt with maybe a medium-colored tie standing in the room with me talking with me and observing the other man and his team, and we were watching all of their movements and sharing our opinions on what we were seeing (maybe like we were grading their performance, talking about how we and our dream security teams would handle each situation, seeing what we could learn about them and from them, maybe this was a test and/or experiment, and more).

The man who we were watching had whitish colored skin with maybe medium-length yellowish colored hair, him and his team were from France (French), and their job was dream security and they seemed to be professionals with combat experience and they were armed with guns and they probably had some light body armor.

They were on a mission where they traveled on foot from France to another country or location to a certain warehouse-like building among a rough-looking area that looked like the ruins of a major city (somewhat like Limbo from the film Inception) to maybe meet someone (maybe a frightened cowardly looking out-of-shape man with whitish colored skin with a bald spot with dark-colored hair wearing a whitish colored dress shirt and dark-colored dress pants), and then they were going to have to escort that person and/or something back to France safely.

On their journey to this location they formed a secure route that they would use to return safely to France, to form this secure route they recruited people they met along this route into small dream security teams guarding the areas along the route where they lived, and so they probably gave some weapons (guns) to each small dream security team that they recruited.

They successfully formed a secure route guarded by small dream security teams and they reached their location without any problems, they met the person (man) and then they were going to leave to escort the person (man) and/or an object back to France, but someone or something sabotaged their secure route by maybe sending false information to their small dream security teams that they had recruited and/or by tricking them and/or by performing inception on them and/or by hacking them and/or something like that.

I assume that their small recruited dream security teams were projections because they were easily manipulated, and this caused them to start attacking the man and his dream security team as they tried to escort their client and/or their client’s object back to France; and so they got constantly attacked during their journey back to France.

There was running, taking cover, shootouts, fighting, dodging, yelling, and more as they fought their confused or manipulated or hacked small recruited dream security teams; but they managed to get some of them to stop attacking by explaining that they were not the enemy, and that someone had tricked them.

It reminded me of the scenes from the film Inception when they were getting attacked by projections, except that in this dream they were getting attacked on foot and from buildings:

Whoever or whatever did this was probably watching and enjoying the chaos that they caused, this was a very clever trick that they pulled off, but the man and his security team were well-trained and experienced so they managed to survive as they got closer to France.

The man and I watching this were slightly impressed but we both felt that we probably could have done better, we both probably agreed that recruiting and arming those small dream security teams of projections was too risky and it clearly had backfired and could be easily manipulated by someone else, but I can not remember what else we said or thought about; but maybe we were going to recruit the man and his team for a dream security job or with jobs on our dream security teams now that they had proven themselves.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr


Fighting Threats With Water Guns

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that one part of the dream took place during the day, I remember being on a bus of school students who were kids and teenagers and maybe some teachers and some other adults, but I can not remember if we were going somewhere or evacuating/escaping from somewhere.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a multi-story building that was like a school/apartment and I was on an upper floor where there were students and maybe some teachers/other adults and some of my family was there as well, and at some point I remember the building getting attacked by various threats that were between the sizes of a cat and a dog; and most of them were probably non-human animals like cats/dogs/unknown animals and some were possibly inanimate objects but I can not remember.

I remember there being chaos with people running and screaming and threats running and jumping around trying to attack people like wild fast zombies or wild animals with rabies et cetera, I remember some of my family and I fighting the threats trying to distract the threats and hold them off long enough for the others to escape, and so we had to go around the upper floor that we were on saving people and fighting threats; and I remember telling my family to leave and I would stay to fight the threats alone and distract them for as long as I could because I did not want them to die, and my family did not want to leave but I managed to get them to leave eventually.

The threats were possibly infected and/or possessed and/or poisonous because I remember trying hard to avoid being bitten, maybe they could infect or possess you if they could bite you but I am not sure, and so I would move around trying to avoid getting flanked; and I remember spending most of my time in a windowless room between two hallways that had at least three openings leading to both hallways.

The threats would sometimes run into the room to attack from different directions and I would have to defend against them, I remember King Bach (Andrew B. Bachelor) from YouTube joining with me to fight the threats, and we used water guns and metal baseball bats and sledgehammers and maybe some real guns to fight them; but I think that the baseball bats, sledgehammers, and water guns were our best weapons against the threats.

We did the best that we could to distract the threats and draw them to our room, this gave the students and others time to escape, but we had to deal with most of the threats alone and this was dangerous; and I remember us constantly fighting, dodging, running, jumping, et cetera trying to survive.

We slowly started to get comfortable and better at fighting the threats until we started to have fun and we got confident enough to leave the room and hunt down the rest of the threats as things got quieter once most of the people evacuated the building to probably leave by bus, and there was more that happened in this dream that I can not remember but that is all that I can remember before waking up.

Dream 2

This dream was a continuation of the first dream but I do not remember King Bach being in it but it is possible that he was in it, this time I remember the character Augustin Elizalde (Gus) from the television show The Strain and some other people being in the dream helping me fight the threats, Gus and his friends probably entered the building after King Bach and I had already been fighting the threats for a while, and maybe I had sent King Back to make sure that the others were safe and protected while I stayed to clear the building.

At the top of the building or on the floor that I was on, there was a ladder that led to a tower room where I stayed, and I would use that tower room as a safe house to take breaks, and I remember my family returning to the building to help me which is not what I wanted; but I allowed them to join me and I took them and Gus and his friends to my safe room to hopefully help keep them safe.

I had a plan where we would form teams to clear the building and area while some teams stayed to defend the safe room and the people in it, we would also evacuate any people left in the building, and I remember passing on my knowledge of how to best fight the threats; and in this dream I think that all the threats were inanimate objects like paper and random objects that were somehow alive or possessed or being controlled or something strange like that.

There was more fighting and hunting down threats, training and equipping everyone, planning, taking breaks, et cetera; and this all felt like a test or experiment or training simulation, and even in the dream I wondered about this.

It seemed that someone had probably set this all up and was controlling it and watching us, I was not sure who but I had various guesses about who was possibly behind it, and maybe we even started to learn about what was really going on; maybe some one came to congratulate us for surviving and passing the test/training/experiment/whatever (if so, it was probably a government agent-like man with whitish colored skin wearing a suit with brownish colored hair, maybe), but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Fighting Aliens Disguised As Humans?

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream because I did not voice record my dreams during the night when waking up to use the bathroom, and I think that this dream was inspired by a news article (I can not find that news article now) that I read last night about the recent NAACP Building/Barber Shop Bombing where they showed a sketch/drawing of the possible bomber/suspect; and some people commented in the comment section of that news article that the possible bomber/suspect looked a bit like an alien:

All that I can remember of the dream is that it involved a group of people and I fighting what/who we considered to be/called aliens, they looked human but they were probably aliens according to us in the dream, and I assumed that they probably were disguised as humans using shapeshifting; but that was just my guess/assumption in the dream because even in the dream we were not sure how or why they looked human.

The parts of the dream that I can somewhat remember took place mostly on a gray day or several gray days and on maybe one or more nights, the group of people (a variety of men and women and children of various ages from babies to the elderly/old) and I lived in a large metal ship docked at some docks in a fictional place that was away from/somewhat outside or near a city I guess/think, and our fights/shootouts with the aliens probably mostly took place around this area like maybe the aliens would attack us sometimes.

Our fights/shootouts involved normal guns, weapons, and maybe some hand-to-hand combat around and at the docks, outside our ship, and maybe sometimes inside our ship; and there were some intense fights/shootouts that we had and they were pretty realistic with us having to take cover, ricochets, bullets damage to objects, bullets going through objects, the sounds of bullets hitting things, and more.

My group and I were just trying to survive and defend against the aliens and hopefully stop them one day, after one intense battle at least one person from our group was kidnapped by the aliens and this person was a boy with whitish colored skin with short maybe brownish colored hair, and I think that the aliens would probably often try to kidnap people but we did not know why they would do this.

We managed to capture at least one of the aliens during the battle and so later we set up an exchange/deal with the aliens where they would return the boy from our group in exchange for the alien from their group that we captured during the battle, they agreed, and so we made the exchange.

As the boy’s parent’s and the others were hugging him and celebrating I noticed that when the boy blinked his eyes that one of his eyes briefly looked different from the other in size and color and it looked strange/alien but it switched back to normal quickly, and so I assumed that he was an alien in disguise pretending to be the boy; and that the aliens still had the boy so they had tricked us, and so I assumed that this alien disguised as the boy was here to spy on us and do other negative things against us.

I decided to not tell anyone this possibly (maybe I told only a few trusted people, but I can not remember) and instead I decided to watch him closely and to try to make sure that he did not learn too much about us or do anything negative against us, eventually we got attacked by the aliens again, but we managed to force them to retreat again as usual.

Some of the people in my group were injured/wounded in that battle so I think that we called an ambulance to come pick them up and some of us were going to ride in the ambulance with them in case the aliens tried to attack the ambulance while some of the others would stay to protect the ship and the others, and the ambulance that arrived looked like a large dark-reddish colored church/transportation van instead of a normal ambulance.

I was going with them and I brought my gun (probably an assault rifle) and I brought the alien who was disguised as the boy with me so that I could watch him, before the ambulance could leave it started getting shot, and a van/automobile of aliens drove in front of us and they got out of the automobile shooting at us like they thought that we were on our way to attack them not realizing that this was an ambulance on its way to the hospital.

The aliens wore ski masks/balaclavas and jackets/clothing (that looked a lot like what the man in the image for this post/at the top of this post is wearing) and they all probably were men with whitish colored skin based on the bit that we could see because they were wearing masks and clothing covering most of their bodies, during our shootout I wondered if all of them were aliens or not, and I started to wonder what the aliens really looked like and if they were possibly using the bodies of the people who(m) they kidnapped as a disguise (maybe they were somehow inside their bodies like a parasite or maybe they possessed them or maybe they wore their bodies as a skin or maybe they shapeshifted into them or maybe they were controlling them somehow but I/we did not know).

I came up with an idea that would stop the shootout so that we could get our people to the hospital and that would get the real boy from our group back and hopefully any other humans that the aliens kidnapped, I yelled for everyone to stop shooting and that I wanted to make a deal, and the aliens did not stop shooting at first so I pointed my gun at the alien disguised as the boy explaining to the aliens that I knew that this was not the real boy and that it was an alien in disguise.

The aliens stopped shooting at us and I explained my deal to them, they would bring the real boy and any other humans who(m)/that they kidnapped back to us unharmed and we would give them the alien disguised as the boy unharmed and while we wait for them to do this they would let our people in the ambulance go to and from the hospital safely, and today’s battle would end peacefully.

The aliens agreed to my deal so they left to get the boy and any other people they kidnapped (if there were any left or if they did not lie to us again), the ambulance left to the hospital with some of our people while the rest of us stayed to defend the ship, and I took the alien disguised at the boy inside the ship to question/interrogate him for information until the other aliens returned with the real boy/others.

I assumed that the aliens would possibly try to trick us again by returning the real boy but also returning fake people who(m) we did not know who were really aliens in disguise or people who worked for them or people who were controlled by them or some other kind of trick like that, and so I wanted to learn as much as I could about them/the aliens from the alien who was disguised as the boy; but I assumed that he would just lie to me and not answer most of my questions.

During my interrogation of him it seemed that I was correct about him probably lying and avoiding many of my questions, I asked him to show me what they/the aliens really looked like, and eventually he shapeshifted into maybe a stereotypical Grey-like alien like he was just doing this for fun as a joke/to annoy me/to trick me; and I did not think that this was their real form and I felt that he was playing games with me, and I told him this and I kept asking him to tell me what he/they/the aliens really looked like and for him to stop lying to me and I started to get a bit angry/annoyed because I only had a short amount of time to interrogate him and I would possibly not get a chance like this again.

I asked him who were they, what were they, what did they want, why are they here, why are they kidnapping people and doing other things to people, why do they keep attacking us, where did they come from, how did they get here, how long have they been here, and many other questions that he mostly refused to answer and the few questions that he did answer were probably lies.

Because he was refusing to answer most of my questions and probably lying to me I started trying to guess what the truth/answer for each of those questions might be for myself, to guess how they would try to trick us next, to figure out how we could test if a person is really human or an alien in disguise or a human controlled by an alien or a human working with the aliens, and more; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr