Women Arguing And Fighting In Walmart And Being Called Slick Rick?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I parked my automobile in a parking lot of a small shopping center-like area in a fictional city so that I could walk into a one-story building to use the bathroom.

After taking a few steps I realized that something was wrong, maybe some of my clothes were missing or something but I can not remember, but I do remember seeing some women with light-color skin driving by and I wondered if they noticed that I was probably missing some of my clothes.

I turned around to go to my automobile to maybe get my missing clothes, but I did not see my automobile even though I only took a few steps away from it which confused me.

I glanced around noticing one or more new automobiles, one of them had a woman in it who had just parked, and I continued looking for my automobile.

I started to wonder if someone stole it that fast, which made no sense, but eventually I found it parked back further than I remember parking it.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

In the real world I really did need to use the bathroom.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working inside a small probably windowless fictional library, and my former male schoolmate MH and two women with light-color skin entered the library and they sat at a table either at the computer lab or near it.

I greeted them but my former schoolmate MH did not look at me or acknowledge me like he did not hear me or he was ignoring me, and at some point one of the women with him noticed an object (maybe a silver metal toaster) with a symbol on it that looked like maybe a hazard symbol even though it was not one and the woman asked me if it was for sale.

I did not know so I told her that I would ask my coworkers, I tried to greet my former schoolmate MH again but I got the same non-response, and then I went to ask my coworkers about the object but I can not remember what their response was.

I returned to the woman and I told her something that I can not remember and I can not remember her response, and I tried to greet my former schoolmate MH again and this time he finally somewhat responded or acknowledged me.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking inside either a large Walmart or a large Walmart-like store in a fictional city that I was passing through until I stopped at the store, and I remember walking past a somewhat older man with light-color skin who reminded me of a library patron who burps out-loud sometimes and a boy who was either his grandson or son.

The man and the boy looked like maybe they were evacuees or homeless or semi-homeless or were just hanging out in this part of the store, and I continued walking.

As I walked around the store I noticed that a variety of (many) women were in bad moods (lots of negativity and anger and hate et cetera) and were arguing with each other and some even physically fought each other, customers and employees (customer versus customer, employee versus employee, employee versus customer, et cetera), and maybe only some women seemed to be acting like this which was strange (like maybe something was causing this).

Maybe this was inspired by a video that I saw several days ago.

I caught the end of a fight between a female employee with light-color skin with yellow hair and a female employee with dark-color skin with black hair, the female employee with light-color skin was on the ground on her hands and knees crying and bleeding, and the female employee with the dark-color skin was being held back by some other employees and maybe some customers and she was still angry and ranting a bit.

I wondered what was going on to cause this many women to act like this, and I heard some people talking about some other fights that happened.

As I was walking by the man and the boy again I heard the man talking about one of the fights that I missed, and so I stopped to join their conversation and I told them about the end of the fight that I saw.

The man and I walked around continuing our conversation, the boy stayed behind sitting, and the man kept calling me one or more nicknames and one of the nicknames or the only nickname was maybe Slick Rick.

We had a good conversation and I learned about some of the arguments and fights that I missed between various women in the store, neither of us had any idea what was causing this, and at some point we said goodbye because I needed to leave.

The man said that he would probably see me again, which was not likely because I was just passing through this city, but I felt that we possibly would see each other again and I hoped so because I enjoyed our conversation and he knew about various things so I wanted to learn more and talk some more.

The man probably called me Slick Rick again (he called me that several times during the dream), I was going to let him know that my first name is John and I was going to ask him his name, but I decided not to.

But I woke up as I walked away to leave the store.

Dream 4

This dream is unclear now because I kept going back to sleep after I had it without voice recording it, which caused me to slowly lose more of my memory of it, and so all that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day.

There was something about a college, a small college, and maybe I dropped my brother GC off at the college and / or somewhere else and I drove around and I was going to pick him up later when he calls me.

There was something about a man with light-color skin, I am not sure if I became this man at some point or if I helped him or if I just saw things involving him during certain parts of the dream, and his part(s) of the dream involved maybe him trying to find some scrolls and / or spell tomes and / or books and / or something else that were or that reminded me of something from the video game The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I think that the man had left those items at maybe the college and / or somewhere else, and he needed to go back to get them but he got lost.

My brother GC called me to let me know that he was ready for me to pick him up, and so I was going to pick him up when I was maybe finished doing something else and / or trying to help the man get to those objects.

I ended up getting lost as I drove around probably and / or I spent too much time, and remembered my brother GC so I tried to drive around to find him.

I was not sure if he was at the college or at a store or somewhere else, I assumed that maybe he started walking because I was taking too long, and so I was going to call him but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Atlanta Inspired Dream?

My sleep got interrupted last night when I woke up feeling somewhat hot and uncomfortable and sore and needing to urinate and I had not remembered any of my dreams at this point, after urinating I was having problems going back to sleep and I was still sore and uncomfortable and I ended up talking with my brother GC which cost me even more sleep, and eventually I was able to get comfortable enough to sleep by adding an extra pillow on top of my pillow(s) but there was only about an hour left before I had to wake up to get ready for work (so I did not get enough sleep).

In was during this time when I finally had a dream that I barely remembered part of, it was possibly inspired by a FX television series called Atlanta that I have never seen an episode of, but I have seen some commercials for it and I did see about three minutes of it during a commercial break once.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day and I was driving through a city when I stopped to park in a parking lot outside of three or more small connected (maybe not directly connected, but maybe indirectly connected) one-story brick buildings with the first building being a visitor/tourist center-like rest stop-like building where you could get pamphlets and food and drink from vending machines and use the bathroom.

I remember trying to figure out how to enter the first building or any of the buildings, eventually I figured it out, and another man probably entered the first building as well.

There were no employees there, it seemed to be a self-service type place where you get your own pamphlets and buy what you want from the vending machines and use the bathroom and sit down or leave, but I can not remember what I did other than look around and wait a bit.

At some point I tried to figure out how to enter the other two buildings, I remember maybe a woman with dark-brown skin and black hair and maybe one or two men with dark-brown skin and black hair driving up and parking in the parking lot, and they entered the second or third building so I followed them so that I could figure out how to enter the building(s) too because the design of these buildings were a bit confusing.

At some point we were inside a restaurant/diner/bar/club-like building, most people (maybe not all) in this dream had brownish colored skin (light, medium, and dark), and at some point there were some arguments and fights among some of the people and guns were drawn and some people got shot (the woman and one or two men who I had followed inside the building were involved in this as well).

This incident/part of the dream/dream and the characters in it were turned into a television series that seemed to probably be like a more violent version of the television series Atlanta, I have never seen an entire episode so I am not sure what that show is usually like, and I possibly partly knew that this was a dream or based on a dream maybe but the dream was probably not lucid because I possibly did not realize that I was still in a dream or I did not think about trying to control the dream or something like that but I am not sure.

The television series of this dream or that part of the dream followed various dream characters including the woman and the two men, the woman was involved in some drama that I can not remember (maybe romantic and baby daddy drama, and normal life struggles), and the two men were either brothers or friends who ended up joining a crew/gang and they went around with this crew/gang committing crimes.

So this television series followed these dream characters as they lived their lives, it was fiction and not a reality series so they were actors and actresses playing parts, and so there were various things that happened during this dream with a focus on drama and violence.

At the end of the dream the two men and their crew/gang were in a shootout after probably trying to rob and/or kill another crew/gang, something went wrong, and the two men who only cared about themselves decided to shoot at their enemies wildly while standing behind their crew/gang who were also shooting so they ended up shooting and killing their enemies and their own crew/gang.

The two men did not care about their crew/gang, they were just in it for the money/fun/protection/et cetera, and so after carelessly shooting and killing their own crew/gang and the enemy they simply shrugged their shoulders and celebrated their victory and said how they only cared about protecting each other because they were homies (their words) and said how they did not care about their crew/gang anyway and they left before the police could show up but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Dream Character Testing Dream Powers

Dream 1

After my first dream I woke up to use the bathroom and to voice record it but I quickly forgot my dream before voice recording it, I probably could have remembered some of it if I tried harder, but I did not want to risk having a harder time trying to go back to sleep; and so I went back to sleep without trying to remember the first dream, and so I can not remember it.

Dream 2

I had a second dream and a third dream, I woke up remembering part of both but I did not voice record them, and so I ended up forgetting the second dream as well; but I will try it here if I remember it later.


A Very Violent NFL Super Bowl

File:2006 Pro Bowl tackle.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only somewhat remember part of my last dream from last night and I think that part of the dream involved the character Miss Marple from the television series Agatha Christie’s Marple, which I watched an episode of last night before going to bed, but I can not remember what this part of the dream was about exactly; but maybe Miss Marple was in the dream or I thought about her or she helped start/fund the help/training/whatever center in this dream or her television show was on before the NFL Super Bowl started.

All that I can remember is that during the day I was in a fictional place with my parents and a group of people, we entered a one-story building with several large square-shaped windows along the wall near the entrance, and the building looked a bit like an office/help or support center combined with a boxing gym/exercise gym with its own obstacle course and a television on one of the walls.

Several men and women were using this building as a help/support center it seemed to help people through counseling, teaching, training, and more to help people learn to help themselves in life with many problems including: mental health problems, nutrition/cooking, exercise/fitness, education, cooking, and many other practical things and problems.

My parents went with me to support me on my first visit to this center/whatever as I hoped to get help with my anxiety/depression and other problems in my life and helpful training/experience in various things, and the workers/helpers talked to us and talked to/lectured us on/about some helpful advice.

After the lecture it was time to put some of that advice into action to practice using it in a physical way while getting exercise and practicing various things, we were going to do an obstacle course, and the goal was to do it as quickly as possible; and so the person with the quickest time would win.

The obstacle course involved facing various fears, practicing holding a weapon/taking cover/returning fire/and various other self-defense skills, footwork, speed, endurance, strength, and more; and I asked to go first, as they explained how the obstacle course worked, someone turned the television on American Football and it was the NFL Super Bowl.

The person who was going to do the obstacle course after me was my former female classmate LM, at some point I started the obstacle course taking my time to do things correctly, and I finished with a good time; and then my former classmate LM did the obstacle quickly without doing everything correctly or even trying, they did not penalize her for this to my surprise, and it seemed that she possibly finished the course faster than me.

I did not think that it was fair that people could rush through the course without doing it properly and not be penalized but I reminded myself that the focus was not about competition, but about us practicing/applying/training in skills that we learned that can help us in life while also getting exercise.

Many of us were watching the others do the obstacle course while also watching the Super Bowl, it was a very violent and disturbing match, and there were many fights and illegal things happening causing many penalties to be given and some people got kicked out of the game; but not enough was being done to stop the illegal and dangerous violence.

There were players doing illegal tackles, players hitting people after a play, players taking off their football helmets and hitting people with them, players kicking and stomping other players, players fighting each other, and several times both teams started fighting.

One of the worst moments of violence involved one player doing an illegal helmet-to-helmet tackle against another player, then after the play he took off his helmet and he hit the player that he just illegally tackled while he was on the ground in the head so hard that it knocked off his helmet, then he kicked him in the head while he was on the ground, then their teams started fighting again, and then he did a running kick to the head of the player while he was still down; and then he stomped on his head while he was unconscious on the ground, and it was like watching someone being murdered until some of players from the other team started fighting him.

All this violence was too much for me to watch, I wanted to jump into the television to stop him/it, and I wondered why the referees were doing such a terrible job trying to stop the violence; and I wondered why they did not end the game because it was completely out-of-control, and the referees were not giving enough penalties and they were not kicking enough players out of the game.

I did not want to watch people getting seriously injured for the rest of their lives and having their careers ended, I did not want to see people getting killed and beat to death, I did not want to see players constantly breaking the rules, and so I could no longer even really stand/bear/continue trying to watch this disturbing illegal violence; and it disturbed me so much that I woke up because of it combined with needing to use the bathroom combined with getting too hot because someone turned the heater on.

The end,

-John Jr


2-16-2013 | Dream Journal | Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Acts Of Kindness | President Obama’s Secret Meeting With Some Old Men | Riding With My Brother CC To A House In The Woods | Fights At A Restaurant | Walking Around A Shopping Mall With My Sister Who Looks Like Taylor Swift

Description Charlotte Gainsbourg at the inauguration of the Jardin Serge Gainsbourg in Paris Date	8 July 2010, 11:30 Source	Cropped version of Charlotte Gainsbourg Author	Olivier Pacteau from Paris, France
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of five dream fragments from last night with the first dream taking place inside a classroom, and I was there with a lot of my former classmates & our teacher was a man; and we were having a competition that was maybe a bit like American football where we were divided into two teams who seemed to focus on moving/hiding an object around the room/field from each other.

At some point the competition ended or the teacher stopped it for some reason, and we sat back in our desks which were all very close together around the room; and I sat in a desk in the back right side corner of the room, the teacher was not far from me looking for a computer part that he could not find on the bookshelves, and I forgot to mention that the room probably had no windows & it had brownish colored carpet.

At some point my noise started running or I sneezed or something like that, and a person sitting in the desk to the left of me (whose desk was touching mine) handed me a tissue; and it was the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg who handed me the tissue smiling with a very nice smile (the dream became focused on just the two of us at this point like no one else was in the room, even though everyone else was still in the room), and I thanked her for the tissue & I started wiping my nose (somehow I remembered Mrs. Gainsbourg from another dream of us being in the same classroom either from last night and/or from the past that I can not remember, and in that dream & this one I was interested in getting to know her better/become friends/or more & so I had a very positive feeling(s) toward her but I was being shy/cautious as usual).

Mrs. Gainsbourg then took another piece of tissue and gently started to rub the left side of my head near my temple like she was cleaning off something that she saw on my head, she finished, and she smiled with a very nice smile again & she gave me a compliment of some kind in her very nice soft voice with her nice English accent; and I smiled/laughed, and I thanked her & to me it seemed that she was interested in me as well.