Inviting The First Family Of The United States To Try Some Louisiana Food

I only barely remember part of the end of this dream, I was in a room with The President Of The United States Donald Trump, and I was asking him questions to prove whether it was really him or not; I have no idea what this was all about because I can not remember most of the dream before this point.

One of my questions was what was the last thing that he ate at McDonald’s, then he answered the question in detail, I believed him, and to me that proved that it was really him; and then he mentioned how he wanted to try some Louisiana style food one day.


Hope Hicks & President Donald Trump & First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19

CNN has a breaking news article called President Donald Trump Tweets He And First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive For COVID-19 about Hope Hicks, The President Of The United States Donald Trump, and The First Lady Of The United States Melania Trump testing positive for COVID-19:


Melania Trump Kills Donald Trump?

It seems that things keep getting in the way of me typing these dreams so I must be quick, I did not type them yesterday because of a headache and I fell asleep, and today there were various interruptions and now the electricity went out so I am running on backup power on a UPS so I only have a few minutes before the backup power goes out as well.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and it involved an amusement park-like place that me and most of my family were at, it was a place that we had went to before and I had false memories of it and of the last time we had stayed there, and we were staying at the same part of the amusement park as last time and in the same room.

We had left food in a large walk-in freezer with glass doors last time and the food was still there somehow, but the ceiling over the freezer was collapsed and open to the sky in the middle and the freezer was not working properly and was too warm and was leaking water so there was water flooding the floor and the food had spoiled and we had some strange cakes that were now spoiled and were somewhat melted like gelatin dessert / melting foamy frosting and there were houseflies in there.

Our room looked very rough now and we were not happy with the freezer situation so we let the front desk / whoever know, and they sent a young female employee with light-color skin to talk to us and to see the problem.

The female employee was very kind and kept apologizing in a scripted corporate-like way instead of telling us what they were going to do about it, would they give us our money back, or would they give us a new room without having to pay et cetera so we asked her about this.

I will assume that this happened after this part of the dream even though it possibly happened before any of this, either way, I assume the employee took us to another area that was nicer.

This amusement park seemed to have various themes in different parts of the park so employees and some guests would dress et cetera according to the theme of the area that they were in, and we were taken to an area that was like a blend of ancient Roman / Greece / South America / North America et cetera without actually being either so it was fictional but inspired by those so there were people wearing ancient clothing inspired by those styles.

We were taken to an area where each room had its own courtyard (though there was nothing separating each one) and mud / concrete Tower Of Babel-like structure that you could walk inside of and the inside was a spiral along the sides with an increasing better view of the outside as you got higher and the center and sides were open to the sky.

I assume that they were possibly going to let us stay here instead if we liked it, if not they would probably take us to another area, but I am not sure.

I walked along the inside of the tower looking at the view, it was nice especially went I reached the top and saw the other areas and people walking around wearing mostly ancient clothing, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I was in my parents yard when I noticed United States Secret Service agents in the yard along the back where I was walking, and so I assumed that maybe The President Of The United States Donald Trump was here oddly.

I never expected something like this so I walked toward the entrance of the yard to see what was going on, I saw an automobile parked near the bedroom window at the front of the house with the back open like it was being loaded, and then I saw President Trump and The First Lady Of The United States Melania Trump walking to the back of the automobile like they were loading something up before getting inside the automobile to leave.

While they were loading something on to the back of the automobile I could sense tension between them that I assumed involved their marriage and allegations of President Trump committing adultery et cetera, and it seemed that First Lady Trump’s anger was building and would possibly explode.

First Lady Trump started complaining to President Trump about something, and so he started using his verbal charm et cetera to calm her which worked at first but then she would resist it so he switched to kisses et cetera which would work at first and make her laugh and smile but then she would resist it.

I sensed that they possibly really did love each other and it was interesting seeing this side of President Trump, but it seemed that First Lady Trump also felt trapped and angry with him and felt that some of his flaws would never change so there seemed to be a conflict inside of her and in their marriage where they possibly loved each other but First Lady Trump possibly partly felt that she should end the marriage.

President Trump also tried to distract her by playing catch with her and they moved toward the storage buildings to throw a ball back and forth, this was working at first as well, but she started to resist this too so President Trump started to get physical and was forcing himself on her in a playful / romantic / forceful way but then he would not stop when she would say no which then made me try to figure out if I needed to step in or not and what would happen if I did because he was The President so I would possibly get arrested or something.

Oddly the United States Secret Service agents were not covering this area so only I was seeing this, and no one had acknowledged my existence yet possibly (well I possibly greeted and waved at the agents when I first passed them, and maybe they nodded their heads or something).

Whenever I was about to step in First Lady Trump would give in for a moment to the forced kisses et cetera from President Trump so I would back off, but then she would start saying no and would get angry with him and would push him away and the cycle would repeat.

At some point President Trump picked her up against her will and took her to the side of the second building next to the fence line where I could not see them as she kicked and said no, then she would give in briefly and I would hear her laughing, and the cycle would repeat.

It sounded like President Trump was possibly trying to have sex with her to distract her but I could not see, it sounded like it was possibly jumping between a no and yes and in-between situation and then arguing, and so I tried to decide what I should do because it was not clear enough if I should step in or not.

I did not want to walk over there if they were having consensual sex, but before I walked over there the character Bernard Lowe from the television show Westworld walked over there.

Then I heard a struggle, and so I ran over to see President Trump laying on the ground not moving with blood pouring from his head and Bernard was knocked on his back against maybe a locker and / or something and First Lady Trump was gone somehow.

Bernard was damaged pretty bad and seemed to be dying or about to shutdown, he told me that maybe First Lady Trump had went crazy and attacked them, and then maybe she ran away.

I helped Bernard up and I yelled for help so United States Secret Service agents ran over as I helped Bernard walk over near the automobile, and I tried to explain what had happened and that Bernard said that it was First Lady Trump and not him who possibly killed President Trump (if he was dead, which seemed likely).

Bernard seemed to be damaged very badly and was probably a host (android) so he seemed to malfunctioning because of how he was moving and talking oddly, and he attacked me trying to bite me as I helped him and he fell on top of me as I defended but then a man with light-color skin holding a white wooden melee weapon with a thin handle ran in the yard through the main gates to attack Bernard.

I yelled for him to not hurt or kill Bernard because he was possibly a host (android) who was malfunctioning after getting damaged very badly and that he was probably dying / shutting down already, and that I could handle the situation but the man hit Bernard in the head one or more times anyway so I had to physically stop him and disarm him.

The man sounded wild and crazy and was saying that Bernard was possibly infected depending on how First Lady Trump had attacked him, he claimed that she was probably infected with something that made her go crazy, and that it could spread if you are attacked in a certain way by an infected person; but I am not sure if the infection was natural or paranormal or supernatural.

I once again told him that Bernard was possibly a host (android), if true, then he was possibly immune to whatever the infection or whatever was.

But I woke up,

-John Jr


Melania Trump And Benjamin Netanyahu At A Parade In The City Of D

I had some more dreams and there was probably more to this dream from last night, but all that I can remember of this last dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D.

I remember standing across the street from the patron parking lot for The BP Library where I work, I was standing in a slightly fictional version of the parking lot or area next to the parking lot of the business across the street from the patron parking lot.

A parade was going on going through the downtown area going in the direction of The BM Hospital so there were other people on both sides of the street and there were people behind me and further to the right of me, and some of them were children.

I am not sure if I noticed her yet at this point but one of the people behind me was The First Lady Of The United States Melania Trump, and I did not see any obvious security / bodyguards from The United States Secret Service so I assumed that they were probably undercover and were probably some of the people in the crowd around her and the area.

Unfortunately I can no longer remember most of the details of the parade, there were various floats and people marching and people walking and maybe some music (maybe even some in French) et cetera, and I remember some of the children in my area running around playing near me sometimes so they probably briefly talked with me a few times and I probably helped them a few times.

I remember smiling and waving at and helping several people (mostly children) so it was a positive experience, and on the left side of the street there were two boys with light-color skin playing with two large balloon-like balls that accidentally bounced across the street to my side so I gave it back to them.

There was a man with light-color skin with gray and / or white hair across the street who was with the boys, somehow I knew that they were Israeli (from Israel), and the man was The Prime Minister Of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the boys to say thank you to me because I gave them their balloon-like balls back, one of the boys said thank you to me and I told him you are welcome, but the other boy did not say thank you so Prime Minister Netanyahu told the other boy to not be rude and to say thank you to me so the boy said thank you to me and I told him you are welcome.

Prime Minister Netanyahu apologized and he thanked me, I told him that it was not a problem, and I told him that you are welcome.

The parade was now near the end so groups of people probably rode horses down the street, and the last part of the parade was someone wildly and dangerously driving an automobile with over-sized tires while doing stunts and turns so close to the side of the road that someone would get hit if they were standing too close.

I thought that this was unusual and dangerous, but amazingly no one was hurt and the parade ended.

People started to walk away, I am not sure if I was still walking or if I was riding inside a bus while standing up or something at this point, I just know that First Lady Melania Trump and some other people who had stood behind me during the parade were still behind me either walking and / or riding while standing at this point.

I can not remember if anything was said before this happened or not, but First Lady Trump walked from behind me and she kissed me on maybe my right cheek to my surprise.

I was caught off guard and I probably smiled somewhat nervously and I either thought and / or said wow, I did not know what to do or say so I said thank you to First Lady Trump, and maybe I thought and / or asked what did I do to deserve a kiss on the cheek.

First Lady Trump told me that she saw me at the parade, she saw how I was smiling and being friendly with and was helping people (including the children), and so it seemed that the kiss on the cheek was her way of thanking me for that.

I remember whispering to First Lady Trump asking her if it was really safe to be here without security / bodyguards, I told her that I did not think that was a good idea if they were not here, and she said something that I can not remember and she glanced back at the people among the crowd with her nodding her head like she was signaling that there were undercover United States Secret Service agents among the crowd.

I glanced at the crowed trying to figure out who the Secret Service agents were, I noticed that most of the people had neutral facial expressions so I wondered if most or all of them were Secret Service agents, and the person closest to First Lady Trump was a woman with light-color skin with brown hair who I assumed was a Secret Service agent.

I nodded back at First Lady Trump signaling that I understood, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


George R.R. Martin? | A US Presidential Library? | A False Awakening Dream With Këloudah? | Kim Raver & First Lady Michelle Obama?

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of my first dream from last night which took place during the day in the city of D, and I was living in a fictional apartment house where Saint VDP should be with my brother GC and several other people including a man who looked somewhat like the actor Kristian Nairn who plays the character Hodor from the TV show Game Of Thrones.

The man who looked somewhat like Mr. Nairn told us that he was a huge fan of the author George R.R. Martin, and that if he ever sees him in real life that he would (in his words): “Loose his s###.”; and shortly after telling us this my brother GC and I were in the yard near the sidewalk by the street, and we saw a man who looked somewhat like the author George R.R. Martin walking down the sidewalk to our surprise.