Dad Has Fallen | I Am Naiwal Versus AJ | Code Words For Transforming / Shapeshifting

English: Illustration from Johannes Ewalds "Harlekin Patriot". Engraving by Chodowiecki.
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Dream 1

In this dream, I was in my parent’s living room near the fish tank (aquarium), my dad entered the room, and he tripped in front of me between the fish tank & a couch.

He fell in front of me, knocking me down too, and my leg was trapped under his back.

I heard my dad make sounds like he was in pain, I asked him if he was okay as I struggled to get my leg untrapped from under him, so that I could get up to help him.


Neighborhood Snakes | Kenneth Copeland & The Red Ball & A Fish Tank

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I went to visit a fictional neighborhood with my fictional wife or girlfriend.

There were alleys & sidewalks in this neighborhood with children & adults in the area, someone we knew, knew someone who lived in this neighborhood, maybe this person was a woman with dark-color skin who lived in a one-story house in this neighborhood, and this neighborhood had a snake problem of some kind.


A Semi-Reality TV Show & Projections?

I remember part of the end of a somewhat confusing dream from last night that had several different things going on during the dream, but the main thing going on in the background was something about what I will call a semi-reality TV show.

The dream took place physically in my grandfather’s yard mostly near his gate/fence by the R Trailer, some parts of the dream did not take place physically in the yard but either in front of me in my mind or in a projection of another place (like a video or parts of another dimension place that I could somehow see happening in front of me in the air) that I could see hovering in front of me in my grandfather’s yard or something strange like that.


A Fire In A Fish Tank And A Rabbit Cage?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only barely remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which took place in a dimly lit house-like building where my family & probably other people & I lived, and some of us were in a very long narrow living room-like room that stretched across the building & various hallways crossed it at different points.

I am guessing that it was night but there were no windows, but it seemed like night-time since I think that my family left to a hallway where our rooms were to get ready for bed at some point; and I stayed in the living room-like room to walk around & think.

My brothers had their large fish tank in the living room-like room next to one of their rabbit cages with rabbits, and one of the rabbits had baby rabbits in her cage.

At some point while I was walking around thinking, I noticed what appeared to be a fire starting in the fish tank like the pump or filter was burning, and the smoke from the pump-line was going in the water so it got so dark that I could not see the fish; and so I ran & I unplugged the pump/filter for the fish tank hoping to stop it & save the fish.

I was shocked & confused about what was going on & how it happened but then I noticed smoke & a burning glow coming from the rabbit cage near the baby rabbits, it was a small spot like when someone uses a magnifying glass to direct sunlight to burn something, and the smoke got worse & a small fire started; and I grabbed a cup of water from a bucket of water that my brother’s use to give water to the rabbits, and I threw it on the fire hoping to save the rabbits without drowning the baby rabbits.

I missed some of the fire on the back of the cage so I had to throw the entire bucket of water on the back of the cage, and I used a water hose (yes there was a water hose inside, oddly) to make sure that the fire was out.

All of the baby rabbits & rabbits appeared to have survived, and I stood there surprised & even more confused & I wondered how in the World did these two fires start at almost the same time or at the same time.

Some of my family must have heard the noise and they came to see what was going on, and so I explained to them what had happened; and at some point groups of people started to come through for an event or several events in the house-like building.

There were politicians, royalty, celebrities, workers, security, et cetera; and I remember my family and I talking with someone who gave us access to go to some of the restricted areas where the event(s) were talking place in the building & they invited us/offered something that I can not remember.

In one of the restricted areas I was standing near Mitt Romney & Ann Romney as they were greeting people at one event, they happened to move to where I was standing, but I am not sure if we said anything to each other or not; they had some of their workers, security, and other people there for maybe a fund-raiser or something, I am not sure; I was near them for a few minutes but I can not remember what happened exactly except for people talking, eating, drinking, standing, laughing, et cetera.

I saw various known celebrities and high level people during the dream, and at some point some of my family & I went into a room with who ever had invited us to the restricted areas; and we had an interview-like conversation, and he was asking us questions almost like job interview-like questions.

I remember telling him about the fires, about some of my past jobs, about some of my experience/skills, et cetera; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂