Amanda Lehan-Canto | Helping Patrons

Dream 1

In this dream I was inside a house with Amanda Lehan-Canto & an unknown man, Amanda & I were trying to quickly help the man with something quickly, so that Amanda & I could go back to making out.

Uploads from Amanda Lehan-Canto

Amanda & I were probably making out & about to have sex before we got interrupted by the man who needed our help with something.

Krysten Ritter & Feeling Sick & Walmarts & Shootings & Barack Obama | The Paul Brothers

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was traveling during the day, I assume, and at some point I possibly met Krysten Ritter.

Later I remember feeling somewhat sick, one symptom was that I possibly felt like I had a fever, I remember going to a park, and I remember wondering if I had COVID-19.

Lamar Cardinals Football And Blood Magic

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and it involved American college football at Lamar University in the United States in the state of Texas in the city of Beaumont and the Lamar Cardinals football team was having tryouts.

I guess a coach or someone had invited me to tryout for the football team, even in the dream this was confusing and surprising to me, and I wondered why would I be invited at my age and my lack of football experience/knowledge beyond playing for fun as a kid on the playground et cetera and I was not a student and I had not even tried to join the team.

Fighting A Mirelurk Hunter

Source: Fandom

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that someone else and I were in a small store-like building with various aisles of shelves, and we got attacked by a mirelurk hunter from the video game Fallout 4.

I fought the mirelurk hunter with maybe a stick and/or fishing pole and maybe a handgun (if I did have one I only used it a few times, and maybe not during this battle).

My Fictional Cousin Wants To Go Boating

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is actually several connected dreams that continued the same dream each time that I went back to sleep.

The dreams took place at a place that was park-like and shopping mall-like and had some suites that you could stay in, and so maybe it was a resort or something but I am not sure.

This seemed to be maybe a sort of vacation and / or family gathering for some of my mom’s side of the family and some fictional family members, and random people who were just there including some of my coworkers who I saw later in the dream.

Some of the dreams took place inside the shopping mall-like area, but I can not remember the details for these dreams.

Some of the dreams took place in the suite area where I shared a suite with several other people, the suite was just a room with twin size beds against the walls, and I went to this suite in several dreams and I remember people trying to sleep and maybe I tried to sleep as well but I can not remember.

The dreams that I remember the most took place mostly outside in the park-like area, though I probably moved between all three areas briefly several times, and it was a nice day outside in most of the dreams.

The park looked similar to W Park in the city of D but it was different and bigger and nicer, there was a paved walking trail that went through the park, at least one lake that you could fish and boat in, and most of my family and family members and fictional family members and others were outside in this area doing various things.

As I walked around enjoying the view and seeing what my family and family members were doing I noticed a husband and wife and their daughter (who was a girl or preteen or almost preteen) who all had light-color skin and the daughter had yellow hair and she reminded me of a certain younger female library patron with special needs except she probably did not have any disabilities and she did not wear glasses, and I noticed them walking around several times.

I heard the girl talking about various things that she wanted to do et cetera, and boating in the lake was one of them.

I noticed my brothers TDC and KDC fishing in the lake, they had their fishing poles mounted so they did not have to hold them, and while they were not paying attention my brother KDC’s fishing pole started to bend like he had a bite so I ran to set the hook and start reeling the fish in.

While I was doing this my brother TDC’s fishing pole got a bite and it got pulled into the water somehow, I was reeling in a fish so I could not try to hook it, but then the fish got off the hook so then I tried to hook my brother TDC’s fishing pole but it was underwater in the middle of the lake and I could not see or feel it each time that I tried.

I told TDC and KDC and then I continued walking as they dealt with that, some of our aunts and uncles and cousins and our parents were around and near the lake, and I probably briefly talked with them.

I learned from my family members that the man and girl I had seen walking were family members of ours, possibly cousins or something (fictional), but I am not sure if the woman who was the wife of the husband was a family member of mine too or not.

After that I walked over to an area near the lake and I saw a strange maybe blue fish near the edge and somehow I scared it into jumping on land or it was already partly on land, and I tried to catch it as it tried to flop away from me.

I used a stick or something to either scare it or hit it, it got so scared that it passed out or maybe even died, I was not sure which so I felt a bit bad for it and maybe I put it back in the water but I can not remember.

I just remember the girl (who was a fictional family member) walking over to my male cousin ME trying to get him or anyone to take her boating on the lake.

After that I kept walking until I was stopped by my female coworkers Mrs. S and Mrs. M and several female family members, they were talking about the girl, and they said her name but I can not remember it now.

They were trying to find a date for her and they wanted me to help them find her a date before our trip is over, they said that one of the things that she wanted was to find a date, and so they were going to make it happen and they were basically forcing me to help since the girl was my fictional cousin or whatever.

I agreed to help, they basically gave me no choice 😀 , and then I continued walking.

I was approached by a man who reminded me of the basketball player Michael Jordan, it was not him though, and the man wanted me to go with him to meet his dad so that I could be the mediator of their meeting so that I could mediate because they seemed to hate each other and they had a bad relationship.

We walked into a building into a meeting-like room where his dad was, his dad looked a lot like the father of the girl, but I am not sure if that was him or not.

They both did not look at each other or greet each other really, they really did not get along, and I remember the father saying negative things about his son and his son made a few negative replies back.

Then I started trying to mediate, but I can not remember if it worked or not.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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