New American Flag Ideas

I had more dreams, but I forgot them after not recording them; so now I only remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved ideas for a new American flag (Flag Of The United States Of America).


A Flag Protocol Investigation | Helping Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Find His Name Tag | Tennis Turned Standoff

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, my memory is unclear, but I remember going to dispose of a flag (probably an American flag) in maybe a somewhat respectful way I assume.

Later in the dream when I was outside somewhere (maybe a college campus-like place, but I can not remember) I was approached by Vin Diesel (who possibly was in the area earlier when I went to dispose of the flag, if he was I was not aware that he was around when I was there, but I can not remember) questioning me about the flag disposal trying to figure out if I had dispose of it properly (using The United States Flag Code I assume), and if it should have been disposed of to begin with.

I guess Mr. Diesel was trying to be super patriotic or something and he was really hassling me about this and trying to interrogate me, and I guess he called the police on me and I guess he called a police friend of his who was Elliot Stabler from the television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because Detective Elliot Stabler showed up.

Detective Stabler started to question me about the disposal of the flag, some of my former classmates like my former male classmates JC and DH and maybe a few others were around, and they had seen me dispose of the flag I assume so I tried to get them to share what they saw but they were acting like they knew nothing or were not sure and like they were afraid to get involved or something which was annoying and made things worse for me.

After Mr. Diesel and Detective Stabler questioned me I was informed by Detective Stabler that he was going to have to do a formal interview or something where he would question me on the record et cetera, we were not going to do it now, and so I left to try to gather witnesses (some of my former classmates and family and family members had possibly witnessed and / or heard about what I had done) and evidence to support what I told them.

I left by automobile to find my dad, I saw my male cousin ME at some point but I can not remember this part, and eventually I reached a rough water park-like area with a deep large ditch where The SC Inn should be in the city of D.

My dad, maybe one of my cousin ME’s fictional girlfriends and / or mothers of some of his children and some of her children, maybe some of my family member from my dad’s side of the family who were possibly having a family reunion, and some other people were there.

I went to tell my dad about the situation, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream involved me and other people starting to leave from something that took place in one or more connected buildings, something had just ended I assume, and on my way out I saw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looking around inside the building or buildings like he had lost something so I walked over and greeted him and I asked him if he needed help.

He told me that he had lost his name tag, and so I asked him to describe it but he was super vague so I had to keep asking specific questions to learn more details about it but he was still vague so all that I learned was that it was at least the size of my name tag at work for The BP Library and that it was probably metal as well because he said that it was like a real name tag like the one that I was wearing (I was wearing my library name tag in the dream).

Another man, possibly another celebrity walked over to help us, and the three of us looked around for the name tag.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of W Park at the tennis courts, and I was playing tennis with my former male classmate DH.

We only had two flat tennis balls to play with and one of them had a whole in it and was super flat, and so trying to play tennis was difficult.

At some point a family (maybe a husband, maybe a wife with short yellow hair, maybe a young son, maybe one or more uncles and / or older brothers and / or male cousins) with light-color skin arrived at the far end of the tennis court to the right of us, and they started playing tennis.

At some point the family moved behind us to play against the wall, and a bunch of random people jumped into our tennis game and many of them did not even have tennis rackets so they used their hands and other objects.

There were so many people who interfered with our game that we could not really play, at some point we separated into two teams, and somehow things changed from a game of tennis into a standoff of some kind where one side had a base at or near the tennis court with a fence and the side that I was on had a base at a one-story house across part of the park that had a garage and some bushes.

Maybe the goal was to sneak into the other side’s base and do something to somehow win or end the standoff, but I am not sure.

My side went to the one-story house and the other side secured the fence and tennis court and / or area near it, and maybe some of us had guns et cetera.

Somehow an overweight man with light-color skin started acting like the leader of our team and another overweight biker-like man with light-color skin started acting like the second in charge of our team, and I think that a woman with short yellow hair with light-color skin was possibly the leader of the other team.

Our two wannabe leaders of my team came up with a plan in the garage, they decided that they would sneak to the gate of the other team and trick the guard or something to get inside, and then they would do whatever we had to do to win the game.

I followed them outside as the two of them sneaked forward, and maybe they wanted me to hide behind the bushes in case something goes wrong so maybe I had a gun or another kind of weapon but I am not sure.

I could not see them but I heard the wannabe second-in-charge walk to the gate and greet a female guard with light-color skin who was guarding it, it sounded like she opened the gate, and then he took her hostage but oddly it sounded like he did not enter the gate.

I heard him saying something to the woman that sounded rapey, like he was possibly making threats to her like he might rape her or something, and was shocked and confused and annoyed and angered by this so I went to see what was happening but then another female guard was walking to the gate and the wannabe leader went to greet her while the wannabe second-in-charge hid behind a bush with the woman.

Our wannabe leader managed to trick the guard into opening the gate and then he went to disable her but a male guard with light-color skin ran over, and they pushed him back and he started to run and their hostage ran back to the gate and they started shooting.

They told me to run so I started to run to the back of the house to hide briefly until I could reach the garage, as the guards were making their way to the back of the house I remember running toward the garage as two extra garage doors were starting to close to prevent anyone from reaching the main garage door that was already closed but not locked, and I slid under them before they closed.

I lifted up the main garage door enough to crawl under, I closed it and locked it, and I heard the other doors closing.

We heard the guards run back to secure their gate, and our wannabe leader started ranting and complaining at our wannabe second-in-charge about his stupid plan and how he wish that he would have joined the other team and he mentioned their female leader in a positive way like he felt that she was a better leader and had a better team and a better setup.

They went into the house and I started to rant and complain at both of them for making it seem like I was on the side of the villains with that possible sudden change of their plan that seemed rapey and unacceptable and stupid, how they seemed to have made themselves the leaders and made up their own plan without the rest of us and started it on their own, and I asked who even made them the leaders anyway since it was I who was playing tennis until they interrupted my game.

But I woke up as I ranted and complained at them.

The end,

-John Jr


She-British | Helena Bonham Carter Creates The World’s Most Advanced Robot

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a one-story building that was a strange combination of various buildings and types of buildings like my parent’s house, a garage, a carport, a warehouse, a storage building, a restaurant, a store, a school-like building, and more that was in a fictional area that was like my parent’s yard combined with a parking lot and various other places with a body of water not far away on the left side of this area.

My parent’s and I were there like we were working a job cleaning up parts of the building so that they could be remodeled maybe, we also possibly lived in part of this building but everything is confusing and unclear and some parts do not make sense, and I remember my parent’s working/cleaning in one part of the building near a somewhat mean man with whitish colored skin with short hair who seemed to be a contractor doing some remodeling/construction/whatever; and I went to another part of the building to work/clean alone.

At some point I returned to where my parent’s were to see how they were doing, they were a bit angry at me because they thought that I had left them to do all the work not realizing that I was there working in another part of the building the entire time, and so I explained to them that they were incorrect and that I thought that they knew where I was the entire time; and I apologized for the misunderstanding, and we stopped to take a break together to eat/drink in a small library/study/family-like room with windows to the outside part of the building that was like my parent’s yard near their automobiles.

It was a nice sunny day outside with a nice amount of sunlight entering the nice small/narrow library/study/family-like room, I remember enjoying this part of the dream as we talked/ate/drank/laughed/smiled/looked around/et cetera, and at some point I walked away for some reason that I can not remember; and I walked back to the room to find a plate of food on a bookshelf, I asked who it was for assuming that it was for my dad because I did not want to leave any trash in the room because we were supposed to be cleaning up, but my parent’s did not answer my question almost like they were playing a prank on me/joking.

Outside the window in the body of water I saw a somewhat large metal ship moving, somehow I instantly recognized it as a ship that sold flavored drinks, and so I ran outside and I jumped into the water to swim to the ship to buy some flavored drinks; and the waves/tide/whatever was stronger than I had expected, and they pushed me to the middle of the body of water to the ship.

The ship stopped and a door/hatch opened and a group of dangerous-looking men stepped out looking at me angrily, I was still in the water, and I told them that I was there to buy some flavored drinks; and they mentioned some of the flavored drinks that they had, and I bought about three or four flavored drinks for $2 (I was still in the water, they took my money, and they brought me the flavored drinks in beverage cans/cans).

I can only remember the name of one of the flavored drinks that I bought (I bought probably two cans of this flavored drink) and it was called She-British, it came in a pinkish colored can with maybe the British flag on it, and it was strawberry flavored milk (but I can not remember if there were any other ingredients or not in it).

The waves/tide was still too strong and I did not think that I had enough energy to swim back so far, and so I asked the men if they could take me back to shore in their ship; and they said yes and so I started to climb up to get inside the ship, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place in the future inside a building (that was possibly partly recycled from the first dream) or on one floor of a building that seemed to be its own little quiet community where everyone knew each other and things seemed peaceful/nice and I was not in this dream and I did not see the outside but it seemed that it was possibly dark and futuristic outside, and a tall and large somewhat eccentric man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair was the respected police officer/security officer/whatever of this building or part of the building; and he had a pistol, and he possibly had a boyfriend or husband who was very quiet (maybe he could not talk) and short with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and he wore glasses.

A very eccentric woman who lived alone and who kept mostly to herself who looked like the actress Helena Bonham Carter also lived in this building or on this floor, she would spend most of her time creating/inventing various things, and her latest creation was the most advanced robot ever created by humans so far (it had advanced AI (artificial intelligence) it seemed, but not too advanced just more advanced than what we currently have now) and it walked on four legs/all fours; and it was a very rough/basic-looking design like some current day designs that are being worked on for the near future, and so it did not have skin or a face or things like that and it was not made to look like a humanoid or any other type of animal really so it just had four somewhat long legs and a simple slightly horse-like body without a head or neck or tail et cetera and it was about four feet tall maybe.

The police officer was casually patrolling the quiet safe halls as usual and he heard some noise coming from Mrs. Carter’s room/lab/whatever so he went inside to see what was going on, he saw the robot and he talked with her about it, and he interacted with the robot; and he was amazed and he told her how amazing her creation was, and he started to imagine the many things that he could use the robot for and he wanted to keep the robot for himself and for his boyfriend/husband/whoever.

He wanted Mrs. Carter to add combat abilities to it but she refused and she was not going to give it to him because she still had a lot of work/testing/et cetera left to do on it, the police officer continued trying to convince her until he went crazy and he decided to use his pistol and position as a police officer to force Mrs. Carter to add combat abilities to it, and he was going to steal it; and so he held her at gunpoint as she worked to make the changes that he wanted, and during this time he started to feel a bit terrible about what he was doing but then he told/convinced himself that it was for the greater good/the ends justifies the means/et cetera.

Somehow someone called the other police officers telling them about what he was doing and the other police officers burst into Mrs. Carter’s room/lab/whatever and they arrested the police officer, the next part of the dream took place during his trial inside a courtroom, and the police officer was on the stand; and in the crowd was his boyfriend/husband/whoever, instead of talking he would only nod his head yes or no, and before doing that he would always look at his boyfriend/husband/whoever to see how he should respond (he would nod his head with yes meaning that he could answer the question, and no meaning that he could not answer the question) but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr