Inception (Clip 2) – Flashback To The Dream Level Four

Inception (Clip 2) – Flashback To The Dream Level Four

What Is It?

The YouTube video Inception (Clip 2) – Flashback To The Dream Level Four by the YouTube channel Integral Cinema Project.

Here is the description for this video:

Flashback sequence as the main character tells part of the story of being in the deep limbo or magical level of the dream world where he and his love created worlds and became lost in it.

Dream Reality – Subtle Level Four
(Limbo – Approaching Causal Deep Sleep Level)
Magical Worldview
Imaginal Mode of Cinematic Expression
(Timeless worlds imagined)


Mia & Korey Coleman’s House Of Stories

All that I can remember of this dream is that Mia and Korey Coleman from Double Toasted invited me and maybe someone else to their house even though they were not there at the time, but they gave us permission to be inside their house anyway.


Their house was probably a one-story house, but my memory of this dream is very unclear.


Climbing Down Chains | A Nice View | Working At A Fair | Trying To Stop A Terminator


I had several dreams last night but I only barely remember part of four dreams, with the first dream involving me being in a fictional area outside during the day; and I was with several young men, and an older man who seemed to be our trainer or someone like that.

This first dream took place over a period of time, with memories and flashbacks of different days/weeks/months/maybe years, and these memories & flashbacks involved me & some other people being trained by the older man; but I am not sure what we were being trained for exactly, I just know that we seemed to be training for dangerous situations, and the older man was a harsh trainer who did not care if we got hurt or killed.

Now days/weeks/months/maybe years later I was outside during the day in a field where we used to train, the older man was training some new young men, and I joined them in the training to test myself & help encourage the young men; and I joined them after briefly talking with the older man, and then we started exercising, and we started running through a dangerous obstacle course.

I knew this dangerous obstacle course from past memories, one part had a tall drop like from the edge of a cliff/mountain, and you had to climb down some chains connected to various objects to reach the bottom; and this was dangerous because sometimes parts of the chain and/or some of the objects would break and/or parts of the land/dirt/rocks would break off/fall, and if you fell you would be seriously injured or die.

From my memories, I was usually the unlucky person to have something break when trying to climb down, but somehow I always managed to avoid falling/dying; and this time was no different, one of the chains broke as I was climbing down, but I somehow avoided falling.

I helped coach the young men down the chains safely as I also climbed down the chains, and we all safely made it down; and then we took a trail back to the top to let the older man know that we finished/survived.

I heard some of the young men mention there being a nice view from a mountain-like area that was not far away, I had memories & flashbacks of this area, and it was high in the air giving you a nice view of the wilderness/city/sky/et cetera; and I wanted to go there again after we finished talking with the older man, and I told them about some of my experiences there.

I wanted to go there alone and enjoy the view, I hoped that the young men would go there another day, but first we went to talk with the older man; this was not a separate dream exactly, but some of my memories & flashbacks made it seem that way sometimes.

I remember thinking about what I would do once I reach the area with the nice view again, and I thought about my memories of the area.

I had good memories of the area & the view, and I had several ideas of what I would do when I got there; and I probably thought about some related dreams/daydreams/et cetera, but I woke up.

The second or third dream took place in a somewhat fictional version of D during the day at a fictional fair that was like a combination of W Park, the fairground, and a fictional area; and I went to the fair walking around, working in various areas, helping people, et cetera.

One area of the fair was like an area from a past dream of mine where there was a fictional building in W Park where some mafia families were having a meeting, and another mafia family or families attacked their meeting; and in this dream a similar thing was happening during the fair, and an attack probably happened on a mafia meeting but I can not remember the details.

Other than that situation most of the dream was positive with me exploring the fair while sometimes working & helping people, but that is all that I can remember.

The fourth and last dream took place in a fictional apartment-like building & courtyard for the building during maybe a cloudy grey day, and I was talking with a group of people inside the apartment-like building; and one of the people had made a robot, and he was testing it/doing an experiment with it.

The robot looked like The Terminator (T-800 And T-850) played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator films, and it reminded me of my former classmate JC a bit since he slightly reminds me of Mr. Schwarzenegger before his bodybuilding days.

The scientist turned on/powered on the robot, it started moving and it could talk, and he started his experiment/testing of the robot as the other people & I watched; and this took place inside the building and outside, but the experiment/test eventually got out-of-control.

The robot was not programmed to obey orders to allow it more freedom, the robot was not programmed with much if any empathy or knowledge of laws or right & wrong, and so the robot stopped listening to the scientist; and the robot started to do dangerous things.

We tried to power down the robot but it stopped us, and so a battle began to get the robot to listen to us and/or to stop it from hurting people & destroying things and/or to power it down; and I seemed to be the only person with some fighting skills & tactics, and so I helped lead the others in a plan to stop the robot.

I had to do most of the work myself since I was usually the distraction trying to keep the robot focused on me to avoid it from killing people & destroying stuff, and I had to fight it using hit-and-run tactics; and I would set up plans/traps/orders/et cetera for the others to follow/use.

During this we still tried talking to the robot to handle the situation peacefully but the robot saw no logical reason for it to listen to us & morals & laws did not make sense to it, and so it did not help other than to help distract it.

Eventually my plans/traps/tactics/attacks worked to where I led it into the building into a trap, and we finally turned it off; and I remember talking to the scientist about being so stupid/reckless by making a dangerous robot without proper safeguards, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


Tilda Swinton / Mrs. SF

File:Tilda Swinton cropped 2009.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I got awakened instantly by my alarm clock but somehow I managed to remember some of my last dream, which took place during the day at an apartment/dorm-like building in a fictional area probably in a city but I could not see the city outside but there were two roads & open fields that I could see, and the road probably led to a main road in the city that was probably like LC; but the dream started inside the building in the usual windowless room with dark/brownish colored carpet, and a woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair was talking with a group of people and I about this special program that we signed up for.

I think that this special program provided some help with housing (the apartment/dorm), education (college), maybe food (cafeteria), some transportation (bus), and we had to get our own job(s) probably; but I can not remember what the woman told us, I just know that I was teamed up with my former classmate TC & probably three unknown women, and we were probably going to be suite-mates sharing an apartment/dorm.

The woman finished talking with us and she went to talk with another group, my suitemates and I talked with each other about how we all were in college now (again) & talked about ourselves, and I remember TC talking about something related to a job; and I told him that I had a job interview today (in real life as well) for a city job.

At some point my three female suite-mates told me that they needed to go to the library to start on their research papers or something like that (TC either did not have one to do or did not want to start his yet), I also had a paper with white colored stickers with text showing what references/resources that I needed for my research paper/whatever, and so we ran to catch the bus before it left; and we ran outside across a parking lot to the road as the bus was leaving & it stopped for us to get on, but the woman or a woman from the special program ran outside to tell us and/or give us something so the bus had to leave without us.

After that the woman and/or another woman from the special program gave us a ride to the library in her car, this woman was my former co-worker Mrs. SF or I thought that it was supposed to be her but this gets confusing later so I am not sure how to make sense of this exactly, and to my surprise the library was in walking distance to our apartment (we made a right on the second road that probably leads to the city and not far up the road on the left was the library); and the library was a one-story warehouse-like building with a nice sized parking lot with a table in front of the entrance with three workers sitting at it who looked like college students who did not care about their jobs & who just wanted money/were tired or high on drugs/or something like that, and my suite-mates & Mrs. SF went inside the library while I stopped at the table for help.

The three workers did not seem approachable and I did not think that they would be helpful but I decided to try anyway, I showed them my paper and I asked them to please point me in the direction where I could find the resources/references needed for my research paper/whatever, and they just stared at me for a moment; and one of them, a woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair, finally said something like: “I don’t know! Go inside and find it yourself!”, or something mean like that & so I walked toward the entrance but Mrs. SF came out of the library in a panic.

She said that we had to go now, I asked her why & what had happened & if she was okay, and she said that when she went inside the library that she was reminded of/had a flashback of a very negative event that had happened in her life in the past (not at the library as far as I know); I told her that we just got there and that I had not even went inside yet but I saw the anxiety/panic/fear/sadness/et cetera in her face (I know what it can feel like), so I told her to take a deep breath & relax, and I asked her was there anything/anyone in the library that was there from that past negative event & she answered no so I told her that I would go inside the library with her to help her face what reminded her of the event and/or talk about it with her.

She agreed and we went inside the library but we walked to the right side of the library, which was not part of the main library area & so no one else was around this area, and we walked as she told me about this past negative event; and I noticed that Mrs. SF looked (body shape & height & face & hair et cetera) and sounded (same voice/accent) exactly like the actress Tilda Swinton (with short blond colored hair, closer to how the real Mrs. SF keeps her hair), this confused me and I started accidentally calling her Mrs. Swinton sometimes as we talked but she did not object to being called either name, and this got so confusing that I started saying her name(s) very low so that she could not hear what I said & I tried to make sense of who she was now.

It was like Tilda Swinton was playing the role of Mrs. SF who was already playing the role of a fictional dream character who was a bit different from the real Mrs. SF, if that made any sense 😀 , and so I started to think of her as Mrs. Swinton or Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF (like they had fused into one person); I am not sure how or why or when this happened (maybe she was like this the entire dream or maybe she changed at some point), but Mrs. SF does only slightly remind me of Tilda Swinton since she is the only person I know that my brain might associate with Tilda Swinton due to a few facial features & hairstyles & clothing styles that they maybe somewhat have in common.

Unfortunately I can not remember any of the details of the negative past event that Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF was telling me, we walked into a break-like room where an old woman with whitish colored skin with shoulder length grayish/whitish colored hair was sitting in a corner on the right side of the room, and we walked into a dark & dimly lit open bathroom that had a hall with a sink & mirror on the left side at the end of the hall and another hall to the right with a toilet behind a corner for privacy since there was no door or stall door; and Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF was crying at this point, I did not know what to do really so I patted her on the shoulder with my hand while trying to comfort her with a few words, and then I stood at the entrance of the hall while she went down the other hall to the toilet to get some tissue & cry.

To my surprise the old woman walked toward me and I told her that someone was in the bathroom, but she walked past me to my surprise like she did not care; and I turned around shocked & I followed her, and then the old woman turned out the only light for the bathroom to my surprise.

Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF came out of the bathroom still crying a bit and the old woman looked at her/us and said: “It can not be that bad!” , and we looked at her.

Then the old woman said: “I survived The Holocaust!” , while smiling oddly, and so I/we were not sure if she was joking or serious; either way we paused in confusion/shock, speechless, and so the only thing that I could say was: “Wow!”.

We started leaving the room as the old woman followed, she turned off the lights to the break-like room like it was time to close or time for her to go home, and we continued walking to the last area on the right side of the building; and Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF continued telling me about that past negative event, she stopped crying & she started to calm down more at this point, and we reached the last area which was a place where people could wash & dry their clothes.

We heard a loud sound that sounded like running water, the old woman went to a sink to turn off the water that someone had left on oddly, and then we heard a baby crying; and we found a newborn baby laying in a clothing basket on the steps near the washing machines & dryers, to our surprise/horror, and we told the old woman to call emergency services.

Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF’s mood changed completely to a positive mood when she picked up the baby, I stood back watching this magical moment as she looked at the baby like it reminded her of her daughter/children when they were born, and she looked very happy & she smiled as she held the baby; and I smiled and made a few positives comments about how the baby seemed to like her since it stopped crying when she picked the baby up.

I could feel the positive mood/energy coming from her and I stood back letting her enjoy the moment, while I thought about the situation as we waited for emergency services to arrive, and I predicted that the mother possibly had the baby here where it was quiet & abandoned the baby because she did not want it and did not want anyone to know that she had a baby for whatever reason(s) & ran/turned on the water in the sink hoping that someone would come to turn it off & would see and/or hear the baby.

I was glad that the mother at least had enough sense to do something to help make it easier to discover her baby before it died but I disagreed with what she did and how she did it, and I hoped that the baby would survive.

While I was watching the magical/positive moment between Mrs. Swinton/Mrs. SF and the baby, I got awakened instantly by my alarm clock in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brothers Are Missing And Waking Up Afraid Again | John F. Kennedy Related

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of two dreams and what happened when I woke up from my first dream.

Dream 1

My first dream is unclear in the beginning, but I think that my family lived in a new location in D in TLs, even though our old house was still probably ours too; but I am not sure.

It was earlier in the morning and my brothers were little kids again, and they were getting ready for school; but something confusing happened, but I can not remember the details.

Somehow maybe my brothers D&D had to drive one of my parent’s automobiles to school, even though they were too young to drive or to know how to drive, because maybe my parent’s and I were busy taking someone somewhere or helping someone or something; but I can not remember.

I just know that my brothers D&D and maybe GC & CC were missing, and they did not arrive to/at school; and our fictional neighbor’s son was missing too, and so we all were searching around the city trying to find my brothers and our neighbor’s son.

My automobile was gone, maybe one of my brothers had tried to use it to get to school or something but I am not sure, and my aunt JE told us that someone stole a bicycle or something I think; but I could be wrong.

We went to search around McDonald’s for my brothers and we did not find them there either, and so we decided to split up & search around the city; and I was going to have use a bicycle since my automobile was gone.

We were starting to panic a bit and I was worried for my brothers, and as the oldest brother, I felt responsible for their safety; but then I woke up suddenly in the real world at 4:Thirty-Something AM (I am not if it was a double-digit number or not Flynn 😉 )  & I jumped up in bed, like I was snapped back into the real world or something & I felt afraid even though I realized that I had just been dreaming.

I got out of bed even though I felt afraid and I started to check inside the house & outside of the windows to make sure that everything was okay, just in case another fire had started again (earlier this year I woke up suddenly from a dream & I smelled smoke & I saw an orange glow on the curtains & I looked outside the window & I saw a fire in my parent’s yard behind their automobiles & I woke everyone up & I ran outside to put out the fire with the water hose but it was a chemical fire and so the water did not help much & the fire department had to put out the fire but we managed to drive the automobiles away from the fire before they got damaged too badly) or if there was another danger in the house or outside of the house; and during my search I started to feel like I was going to have a panic attack, but I used my techniques that I learned to stop it, but the fear remained.

I tried several techniques to deal with the fear but they only helped a bit, but I did not let that stop me from making sure that the house and yard were secure, and I even went outside to check the yard; everything was clear, but I felt the most afraid in the room that I had slept in for some reason, maybe because it was the darkest room or something.

I took a moment to try to calm down and then I got back in bed still afraid but I resisted the fear, though it still remained, and I had a hard time going back to sleep; once when I closed my eyes, I thought that I saw an orange glow, and so I got up to make sure that a fire had not started outside, and I saw nothing & so it must have just been my imagination or something.

It took me awhile to go back to sleep but I did a better job dealing with the feelings of fear than I did the last time this happened & the feelings of fear were not as strong this time as they were the last time this happened, and so that is a good thing; and as I tried to go back to sleep, several things happened that I can not remember.

Dream 2

30 minutes – 1 hour or more later, I finally went back to sleep, and like the last time this happened, I had some dreams involving John F. Kennedy & secrets that have been hidden from the public but I can not remember the secrets or most of the dreams except part of one dream.

I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember a man standing behind what looked like a pulpit in a small church-like building, and he was talking to a small group of people sitting down on church-like pews; like the last time, I was not in most of these dreams and/or I was not myself.

In the small crowd of people there was a woman who was taller than the average Human & she had whitish colored skin with orangish & reddish colored hair, and at some point she handed the man who was talking behind the pulpit, what seemed to be a business-like card & then she sat back down.

The man behind the pulpit stopped talking and then he looked at the business-like card, I think, and then he started to have flashbacks of various secrets that had been hidden from the public; and I was able to see the flashbacks too, even though I was not in the dream.

The only partial secret that I can somewhat remember clearly enough was about John F. Kennedy, and I think that he was riding in the Presidential Motorcade that looked like the one that he was assassinated in; but I can not remember what secrets were revealed in the flashback about John F. Kennedy, unfortunately.

Once the man and I finished seeing all of these quick flashbacks of various secrets that have been hidden from the public, the man seemed to have regained many of his memories of some of these secrets (like he had once been involved in the cover-ups and/or he had been one of the few people who knew some of the secrets and/or something), and now he wanted to show some of those secrets to the public finally; and he was about to start telling some of the secrets to the people in the room.

But something very strange happened to the man before he could speak, it was like some pre-programmed brainwashing or whatever had been activated in his mind, it was like someone had once programmed his mind to prevent him from revealing the secrets if one day he decided to finally show some of the secrets; the man suddenly stopped and he started to look zombie/robot-like as his mind began to follow the program that had been set in his mind long ago if he ever decided to try to show some of the secrets.

The man who now acted zombie/robot-like & talked zombie/robot-like, asked the woman who had given him the business-like card that had helped restore his memories of the secrets, to do stupid things.

First, he asked the woman to stand up, and so she stood up.

Second, he asked the woman to swing her arms in the air or something stupid like that, and so she did.

Third, he asked the woman to jump up and down, and so she did.

He might have asked the woman to do a few other stupid things as the woman looked confused but she followed his orders, and the other people watched in shock/surprise by the man’s strange behavior.

Finally the man asked the woman to punch him in the face and the woman & the crowd were shocked & the woman wanted to refuse but the man told her that it was okay, and so the woman punched the man in the face like he had asked.

I think he smiled and/or laughed, and it was clear that the pre-programming/brainwashing that had done to him in the past, had worked to prevent him from telling the secrets; I can not remember what else happened, I only can remember waking up again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂