My Brother GC In The Air National Guard + Richard Gere Quits The CIA + Jennifer Lawrence In A Field = ?

I had a somewhat long dream that took place in at least five parts, it took place during a nice day, and I think that my brother GC was in the Air National Guard; and he was to try flying a plane for the first time after finishing his training that led to this point, so now it was time for real flight training and my former co-worker at the SB Mr. CG was his trainer/teacher for this part of the training.

Mr. CG was very laid back and seemed very unprofessional, the hanger was like an automotive shop with a small old & slow military airplane as the practice airplane, and only the two of them & I were there; and it did not feel military-like to me, it just seemed like an easy-money job, getting paid to not do much at all.

My brother GC was in the airplane, which had the wings folded up & they could be folded normally once it was time to fly the plane, practicing with the controls & his training et cetera while Mr. CG lazily stood around doing much of nothing; and I remember thinking that I need to get a job too and so I talked to Mr. GC about the topic of jobs, and he recommended talking with a well-connected business man who he knew.

At some point GC was ready to start flying but one of the wings would not fold down, so Mr. CG tried to figure out what was wrong but he did not seem to really know what he was doing (I did not really trust his abilities & I was a bit worried about GC’s safety), the practice flight was cancelled for the day; and so I drove to meet with the well-connected business man who(m) Mr. CG knew.

The second part of the dream involved me driving to a field on the side of the road that was like some of the areas on the side of the LC highway where a school is located, the business man had a building there that he was in, and I saw a man with dark brownish colored skin driving a tractor near the entrance; and so I stopped to ask him where the business man was, he told me, and then we talked a bit before I went inside the building to talk with the business man.

The business man briefly met with me, he did not really seem interested in helping me but since someone he knew sent me, he felt obligated to at least do something at least once to help me; and so he told me that he would call me if someone who(m) he knew had some work to be done, and I thanked him & I left and/or talked with the man working outside & then left.

The third part of the dream did not have me in the dream and the actor Richard Gere was the main character, and he had just quit the CIA or an intelligence agency like that without warning or telling anyone except for his wife; and they had packed up their stuff, bought a house, and had just arrived outside of that house to unpack.

Mr. Gere was still a bit frustrated/stressed and was complaining/talking out-loud about his quitting the CIA as he walked around the neighborhood near his new home, as this was happening the dream jumped to a different area where his CIA boss(es) were worried that something was wrong since they had not heard from him, and so they sent another CIA agent after him to see what was going on after they located Mr. Gere with a spy satellite and/or various other technologies.

The other CIA agent approached Mr. Gere’s new house but I can not remember if he talked with him or not, probably, and then he contacted the headquarters about the situation; since Mr. Gere seemed to be a veteran respected CIA agent, they decided to let him retire without bothering him about how he quit unofficially, and they decided not to bother him anymore & the agent left.

Mr. Gere thought that the CIA would be watching him and would maybe even protect him or something, so to test this prediction he pulled out his pistol and started shooting a tree in his yard loudly to see if any CIA agents would come to stop him and/or to see if the CIA agents would tell any police officers who respond to the shooting to let it go or not, but to his surprise no one came or responded; not even the police, and so this seemed to bother him a bit like he had been abandoned but it also probably gave him a sense of peace since he knew that he was not being watched/bothered.

The fourth part of the dream involved one of Mr. Gere’s ex-CIA bosses calling the business man from earlier and he asked him to send someone to help Mr. Gere and his wife unpack their stuff into their new home, and so the business man called me to do it; and I agreed, and I drove to Mr. Gere’s house.

Oddly things/the dream world had changed and Mr. Gere & his wife were replaced with two new younger dream characters and the husband was not a former CIA agent, I told them that I was sent to help them, and I got started helping them; and at some point they needed help installing some electronic-related stuff & so I called my cousin ME who I somehow knew lived not far away since he had experience with what they needed help with.

My cousin ME arrived ready to get the job done & was a bit cold as expected, I tried talking with him as he worked, but he did not talk very much as expected but we did talk a bit; and he finished at some point, and he was ready to be paid so that he could leave.

The wife had blond colored hair with whitish colored skin & seemed high maintenance, her husband mentioned that she had several dogs earlier, anyway the wife asked us to move a fish tank in the house for her; ME did not want to help but I convinced him to since the fish tank was pretty heavy for one person since it had water & fish in it probably, and the wife led us to where she wanted it.

Unfortunately she led us to the very top floor and I remember wondering where her dogs were, we reached the top floor and maybe behind some glass but I was not sure I saw her so-called dogs, and they were scary & looked like Death Hounds/Werewolves/Lions/Dogs; there was a male dog sleeping, the female dog was sleeping while several semi-sleeping puppies were drinking milk from their mom.

I remember being afraid and we quietly moved the fish tank to a bedroom and we went downstairs without waking the so-called dogs, fortunately, and the husband paid us what he had in his pockets $25 each or so; and they walked off to continue unpacking & call friends/family to come party/celebrate.

ME started complaining to me that we were not paid enough, I felt that the husband would pay us more later once he found the rest of his cash (he was wealthy from what I heard as we talked while unpacking), and we hung out on part of the first floor that was like a club with nice windows to the outside; and many people (friends, family, celebrities, rich people, et cetera) were coming to celebrate/eat/drink , and ME & I sat near a window at a table drinking & eating while ME complained about the money the entire time.

Eventually a man walked up to us with more money from the husband, so now I had about $50 – $70 and ME had $75- $100, and I thanked him; and ME finally stopped complaining, and he left & I left to report that the job was completed to the business man.

The fifth and last part of the dream involved me driving to the field & building where the business man was, I saw lots of people hanging out in the field and I saw the man working outside again from earlier, and I went inside the building & talked to the business man & thanked him; and then I went outside to talk with the man working outside & I helped him a bit as he was loading large rock-like things into or from a truck.

I then went to talk with some of the people hanging out in the field, some of them were former classmates of mine like P & his brother C(K) & there were a few celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence there, and I talked to them & played a bit of soccer or something with them; and I started talking with Ms. Lawrence at some point, she was mostly watching the others play sports but would join in a bit sometimes, but I woke up as we were talking.

The end,

-John Jr


The Airplane / House | And My Uncle CE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered two of my dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The first dream took place on a big metal bridge that was over an ocean, and on the right side of the bridge was a little area with an airplane on it.

I was on that airplane with several other people, the inside of the airplane was like a house; it had 7 bedrooms, a few bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, and a few extra rooms.

The pilot was a man who probably was only a few years older than me, he looked like he had just finished flying school (flight training), and he looked nervous.

The weather outside was very nice, it was sunny with nice puffy clouds, and the ocean was sparkling.

Automobiles were driving up and down the bridge like a normal day, and our airplane didn’t seem to bother them.

The pilot started the airplane and started to take off, he was real nervous, but he was able to get the airplane in the air successfully.

We flew around the bridge and then landed back on the side of the bridge, it seemed that he was only practicing.

The pilot took a break, while he was taking a break, me and the other people went to choose which bedrooms we wanted.

Each bedroom looked different, some were nice, and some were average.

The bedroom I wanted had big windows and curtains, and you could see the outside of the plane; but a crazy looking man got the room first.

He looked like he was crazy, so I closed the door and walked off to look at the other rooms.

There was another nice room but someone else got it, also there were 3 average rooms, but they were taken already; so only the 2 small dark rooms were left.

I walked to the living room and the pilot was in there drinking something and watching TV, so I started to talk to him.

I told him he did a good job flying the plane and I asked him was this his first time flying, and he said yes.

Some of the other people came into the room and started talking too, and I left the living room to look around the plane; and the nice room I wanted, was now empty.

I have no idea where the crazy man went, I decided I would look around some more, and see if I could find him; but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream started with me in a Japanese style outdoor game show, like MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge).

I had to cross a small lake, climb this wooden building, and ring the bell before time ran out.

I was able to finish in time, so then I waited for the next person to go.

The next person was a young teenager around 12 years old, he made it to the wooden building, and then I helped him ring the bell.

I left the wooden building and I walked to a playground that looked like the school yard from when I was in preschool or kindergarten.

It was a nice sunny day and something seemed familiar about that place, but I got interrupted by my uncle CE.

He was walking toward me looking mad, and he asked me who I was and why was I there in a mean voice.

I told him I was just walking around thinking and that he was my uncle, and he then started to act nice.

He had a pet hamster in his hands for some strange reason,  and he asked me what my name was, so I told him.

He said that he never heard that name before, I was not sure if he was joking or not, but he asked me to hold his pet hamster while he called someone to ask them if they knew my name.

While he was making the phone call, I thought to myself that his was strange how my uncle CE was acting, and how he did not recognize me.

He usually acts like a tough guy and a bit mean but he was acting like a weak, unmarried, man who only had a pet hamster as a friend or something/one like that.

Also he had a small afro, like he used to have back in the old days.

I woke up before he finished his phone call.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂