Getting Betrayed After First Contact With An Alien

English: An illustration of a grey alien.

Unfortunately, I did not record most of my dreams or most of this dream, but I do barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream took place at my parent’s house and yard, and it involved an assumed alien or unknown humanoid sentient entity (life form) showing up on my parent’s property.

I think that the assumed alien was probably male, he looked somewhat like the stereotype of a Grey alien, not exactly the same, but similar.

He was possibly a different color, probably not as smooth, probably a little tougher-looking & more dangerous looking, and taller than the usual Grey alien.

So my family and I were the first to have an official provable encounter with assumed sentient alien life because the public got to see him too; and my family let him stay with us as this first alien contact continued.


Creatures In A Multi-Purpose Building Being Remodeled

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking around a very large multi-story multiple purpose windowless building with tall ceilings that was somewhat shopping mall-like with many types of businesses & other things like maybe an apartment & movie theater et cetera.

I remember walking along one of the upper floor hallways that had carpeted floors with some businesses along it, and in several areas there were a few monsters / creatures that would try to attack you.


A Familiar Building Being Used Several Different Times

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I really have not felt like typing my dreams the entire day and I still do not feel like typing my dreams, I have felt a bit depressive / depressed / et cetera, but I will try to type this dream anyway; but I might/may be lazy and skip parts, and make more mistakes than usual.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I do remember being in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during the evening and I was riding in my dad’s automobile and so was an unknown young man with whitish colored skin and my dad was driving, and we were driving to the alley of a familiar fictional area that is sometimes in my dreams.

This area was a fictionalized combination of an area near where my great-grandparents’ on my mom’s side of the family used to live and the area next to the G House that my grandfather CE owns, it is next to a street that has one or more fictional one-story brick buildings that have been in a few of my past dreams, and behind this/these building(s) is an alley and we drove into this alley to look at a familiar fictional abandoned multi-story brick building that I had memories of like maybe I dreamed of it before in one or more past dreams.

We got out of my dad’s automobile to look at the back door of the building but then to my surprise I saw the orange cat that we used to have in real life years ago who got run over by an automobile and he got the lower half of his body smashed/broken but he survived and he had to crawl/drag himself around to move anywhere but he got taken away and so I am not sure if he is still alive or not, and in the dream he was alive with his lower part of his body still smashed/broken and he crawled/dragged himself toward us because he remembered us.

He let my dad pet him but I can not remember if I petted him or not, I just remember being surprised that he was still alive and I still felt bad about what had happened to him but it was good to see him and to know that he was actually alive still, and then my dad and I entered the back door of the abandoned building with two flashlights but I am not sure what happened to the young man (maybe he was afraid to enter the building).

The building was pretty dark and dusty but the door and everything looked to be in good enough condition to live in to my surprise if someone cleans it up first, I had various fictional memories of going inside the building during my childhood to play with other children in the neighborhood and even then it was still abandoned, and so I knew the layout of the building.

We walked to the ladder that went to the second floor, it was a wooden ladder that went straight into the ceiling and there was a very small opening that you could not see because it was blocked by an orangish / tannish colored carpet-like thing that you had to climb through to reach the second floor, but it was hard to climb through and you could not breathe when going through it and it was dusty and I was worried about insects and spider webs and other things being inside of it; and so I did not want to trying climbing through it, but my dad did.

After my dad briefly looked at the second floor he climbed back down the ladder and he said that things looked pretty good on the second floor and that it was not filled with insects and other things, I felt that it was a shame that this building was left abandoned and I wanted my family to buy it or hope that someone lets us have it, and there was a time jump in the dream where my family and I got permission to either have the building or buy it but I am not sure which; and we started cleaning up the building, fixing it up, and we started moving into it during the day.

We cut a larger opening to the second floor so that we could easily reach it without suffocating or getting stuck and we made other improvement to the building, and it was a great and fun experience and it looked nice when we finished; but the dream transitioned/changed to where I was still in the building during the day but it was arranged a bit differently, and I lived there with several other men who were my fictional friends including my former classmate BH.

We all left in an automobile together to a fictional annual convention (something like SXSW (South By Southwest), which I know nothing about, but this came to my mind during or after the dream) that took place once-a-year in a city like the city of S in L, and I had many fictional memories of going to this annual convention over the years like maybe I have dreamed of this convention one or more times in the past; and eventually we reached the convention building, and there were other people there as well.

We walked around the first part of the building until we reached the middle of the building which was water and so we had to use a boat, and we drove or rowed the boat to a dock-like area that had several different booths and we would visit one of those booths every year to get a free newsletter and talk with a man who usually ran the booth, but this year there was a new young man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair at the booth.

Visiting this booth was like a tradition of ours and we enjoyed visiting it each year and so we were excited and ready to talk with the young man at the booth, the young man looked uncomfortable but he gave each of us a copy of the newsletter, and we started talking to him about our past visits to the booth and we talked about whatever topic(s) the newsletter was about but I can not remember what the newsletter was about unfortunately; but it was definitely one or more topics that we found interesting, and we talked to the uncomfortable young man until we decided to say goodbye to him because he looked so uncomfortable/confused as we talked about past memories of visiting the booth and conversations that we had with the man who used to run the booth and as we talked with him about the newsletter.

We got back into our boat and we drove/rowed to the next part of the building and we docked, and we started to walk around this part of the building which was very crowded; and this part of the building seemed to be focused more on firefighter/police/military/security/city worker-like things, businesses, and restaurants.

I remember walking around a busy store near the shoe section when to my surprise I saw the actor Will Smith walking toward the shoe section toward me, and then on another row I saw his wife Jada Pinkett Smith walking away from the shoe section toward her husband Will Smith; and I probably said hello to one or both of them, and then I walked out of the store to explore some of the police/military/firefighter/security/city worker-like booths.

Maybe I signed up to become a recruit/trainee at one of the booths and maybe the others did as well, I am not sure, either way the dream transitioned/changed and/or jumped in time back to the building; but now the building seemed to be owned/ran by maybe a city ran police/military/firefighter/security/city worker-like group, and the others and I were new recruits/trainees at the building which only had men there oddly.

The two main men running the place and supposedly training us were very mean/annoying and they both were somewhat strong but somewhat out-of-shape-looking men who acted somewhat like lazy military drill instructors, one of them was bald with dark-brownish colored skin and the other was a man with whitish colored skin, and they treated us new recruits/trainees badly always lecturing/cursing at us; and they were very lazy, and they made us do most of the work but I have no idea what our jobs were or what we were training for.

The two main men and the other veteran workers spent most of their time watching TV, playing video games, drinking beer, smoking, making sexist/offensive comments about women, probably viewing pornography, et cetera while the new recruits/trainees like myself had to work/clean/train/et cetera.

At some point the main man with the dark brownish colored skin started to lecture/curse at us new recruits/trainees telling us that more of us should start bringing our own lunch(es) and that more of us should leave the building during our lunch breaks because the break room was getting too crowded, and I remember him saying: “There are no women here and so there is no reason for you all to be staying around here all day, especially during your lunch breaks, and so I want more of you to leave somewhere else sometimes especially during your lunch breaks instead of huddling around here wasting up space; nobody wants to see you all day!” or something like that; but I woke up as he was still talking.

The end,

-John Jr


Mass Effect 3 Inspired Dreams | Doing Push-Ups

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot almost all of my dreams from last night, but I know that I once again had several dreams that were inspired by the video game Mass Effect 3; but I forgot the details of those dreams.

I do remember part of one dream that seemed/seems so real that I was not sure if it was a dream or not at first.

In that dream I was doing push-ups in my parent’s house, and my brother CC walked into the room.

He saw me doing push-ups, and he commented on how my push-up form had improved; and how I was doing them correctly.

I thanked him for the compliment while pausing in push-up position, during the short pause I accidentally started dipping the middle of my body too low to the floor, and then my brother CC made a joke about that; and then we started laughing, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr



John Jr Gets Bit By A Snake

File:Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus CDC.png
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The other night I had my first dream where I got bit by a snake, that I can remember.

In the dream me and my dad were under a covered area outside somewhere, there was a concrete floor and a metal roof; but there were no walls.

There may have been some tables, but I do not remember, it could have been a covered patio at a park or something.

I think it was in a field or something, and my dad had a brown cloth bag with some snakes in it.

Some of the snakes fell out of the bag and I told my dad that we had to catch them, but he said that it was no problem.

All of the snakes looked non-poisonous except for one, it had a triangle-shaped head like a viper or something.

It was black with a bit of a yellow stripe on its back, my dad had a special tool to pick up the snakes with, and he started to put some of the snakes back into the bag.

I think I helped too, but he left the dangerous snake on the ground and I told my dad that he had to get that snake, because it looked poisonous.

He did not seem worried and he said that it was okay, and that it was no problem.

I told my dad that it could bite one of my brothers or someone else, but he still did not pick up the snake.

He still did not seem worried, so I threw a bag on the snake and tried to grab it.

The snake could not see me, but it had its mouth open and it was waiting to bite the first thing that moved.

I did not move because I was afraid it would bite me, so I told my dad to grab the snake with the special tool he had.

But my dad just stood there and he did not try to grab the snake, and the snake was slowly moving closer to the end of the bag.

The snake was feeling the side of the bag with its mouth open and it was ready to bite, I did not know what to do, soon it would be to my finger.

When the snake got to the end of the bag, by my finger, it bit the tip of my finger a little; and I grabbed the snake by the neck.

The snake’s fang was still in my finger so I had to slowly pull the snake off of my finger.

I told my dad that he should call the for an ambulance or take me to the hospital, but he did not do anything.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂