Alice Morgan Working As A Spy | A Flying Saucer

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in a fictional city.

A probably American spy agency (intelligence agency) recruited some people, including me & one or two people I knew, including a man who looked like or was the actor John Dye.

The character Alice Morgan from the TV show Luther was recruited as well.

She possibly was recruited before us & she possibly was involved in having me & maybe the people I knew recruited without me / us knowing it, but I am not sure.


Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

What is it?

The 2018 documentary movie Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.

BOB LAZAR: AREA 51 & FLYING SAUCERS Trailer (2018) UFO Documentary

2-1-2010 | Dream Fragments | The Blue UFO And Black Triangular Craft, And The Girl With The Bodyguard

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Last night I remembered part of two or three dreams, but I will combine them since they were connected and some parts are missing so things are not clear.

I remember being outside at night-time in my parent’s yard, I think I had just gotten out of my automobile, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a blue object quickly flying down from the sky toward the woods outside of our neighborhood like it was going to crash or something; I do not think it made any noise.

I was shocked and felt that it had to be an alien spacecraft due to the shape and odd bright blue color and size, as I was looking toward the woods I heard a noise in the sky, and I saw a black triangular-shaped craft appear in the sky with a few normal lights on it; I instantly felt that this was a secret government craft that some people believed really existed, I felt that humans were controlling this one and they had come to see the blue UFO.


The Family Ritual | Spaceships / UFOs In The Sky

The Family Ritual

The other night I remembered part of one of my dreams, which took place in what appeared to be a mall.

I think there was an old woman, whose husband had recently died, and I guess she was somehow related to me.

She was sitting at a table working on something and a group of several woman came to help her, and the group of women were all family members from my mom’s side of the family; My cousin TM, my aunt CS, my aunt SE, my aunt ME, and a few others.

I walked over to the table to see what they were working on, it appeared to be some sort of decoration with flowers, like a reef (if that is the word).

I walked over to talk with them, but they seemed to be working on something private, and were surprised that I had found them.

They saw that I had seen what they were working on, and they started a short debate on whether to explain the situation to me or not.

I heard one of my aunt’s say that no male family member had ever seen or participated in what they were doing before, but since I had seen the reef they decided to let me join them.

They told me that a group of female family members only, meet up once a year to do what I would call a ritual; I think it had something to do with our dead family members.

I think the ritual consisted of making decorations for the graves of our dead family members, singing, dancing (if you could call it that), giving speeches, and maybe a few other things.

They said that now that I had seen the reefs, they wanted me to be the first male family member to join them in the ritual, and so I agreed.

They started to line up, sing, walk around, clap their hands, stomp their feet, and they walked in a single file line.

Somehow we magically were in the hallway of my grandfather’s house instead of being at a mall, and some of my aunt’s started to say certain words one at a time; what they said was in English, but I can not remember what they said.

Sadly I woke up before I could see more of the ritual (if that is the right word).

UFOs In The Sky

Last night I remembered part of one of my dreams, which started with me and several people who I graduated from high school with, walking to the park in D.

In the field outside of P Elementary I saw a group of people looking at something, and to my surprise they were watching my dad holding a somewhat old-looking man in a choke hold.

They were standing next to my dad’s truck and my brothers D&D were there; I ran up to see why my dad was holding the man in a choke hold, and I saw a small revolver in the old man’s hand.

I took the revolver out of his hands and asked my dad what happened, and he said that the old man had tried to rob them at gun point.

He was holding the man until the police came to arrest him, and oddly I noticed two men wearing police uniforms standing in the crowd of people doing nothing.

So I gave one of the men the revolver and told them to make sure that they note that I had touched the gun, therefore/so my fingerprints would be on the gun too.

Then magically we were at my parent’s house and my dad let the old man go, but the old man started running so my dad somehow had an assault rifle & shot him in the leg, so he could not escape before the police came.

Once again I was magically moved to another place in the dream, the park, and I was with some of my former classmates from high school again.

BH was the only classmate I could remember by name in the dream, I can not remember what happened at the park exactly, but I think we all just talked & walked around.

We all decided to leave the park and go to the store, so we walked into a store and to our surprise there was a whole press conference or something about to start.

There were reporters, a podium, a television screen, other students, other people, and probably security.

Things seemed somewhat formal so all of us sat quietly in the middle section of seats, and then a video started playing saying good things about President Obama.

Then a reporter or someone went to the podium after the short video, and he started talking about bad things he had discovered about President Obama.

One thing he talked about was that some of President Obama’s family members had gotten out of difficult criminal investigations due to the fact that they family members of President Obama; one example was of one of President Obama’s uncles who was being investigated for murder, he somehow managed to get of the investigation without going to court.

The reporter or whoever, then started to bring up some other issues that were more serious and directly related to President Obama.

I heard someone to the right side of the crowd make a noise that displayed anger and they walked out of the building, I believe it was actually President Obama, but I could not see exactly and/or I can not remember exactly. (I definitely think it was him though)

After seeing him rush out of the building, his press secretary walked up to the podium and stopped the reporter from talking before he was finished; the reporter was getting closer to bringing up some serious issues that would have made President Obama look pretty bad.

The press secretary made a fake smile and thanked the reporter for his speech, and then said that there would be a short break before the next speaker begins.

So me and my former classmates left the building and stood outside wondering what to do next, suddenly I noticed a strange spaceship appear in the sky, it looked like it had teleported there or something.

It looked somewhat saucer-shaped like the old fashion flying saucer UFOs, but it had a basket like thing either at the top or bottom that had two spinning metal rings that appeared to be what allowed it to move & teleport.

I told the others to look up at the sky and they saw it too, at first our guess was that it was a top-secret spaceship that the American government was testing, but then suddenly many spaceships started to teleport into the sky; suddenly I started to feel a bit afraid and felt that it was an alien invasion or something.

I told everyone that we must go to the store, gather supplies, and find somewhere to hide in the wilderness/woods.

We all started to run toward Walmart and I told part of the group to start getting supplies at Walmart, while me & the other part of the group went to the gas station.

In the gas station the owners did not know about the spaceships yet; the owner and his daughter (who appeared to be my age) reminded me of someone I knew from India.

The daughter was very beautiful and I oddly felt like flirting with her, even though we were in an emergency 😀 ; I said a few words to her as I paid for gas or something.

Then my group and I left to meet up with the rest of the group at Walmart, and on the way BH & I were trying to figure out where should we all hide after we get all the supplies.

I felt that if there were aliens in the spaceships and if they were going to invade, my prediction was that they would attack the cities first, the country neighborhoods outside of the city second, and finally look for people hiding in the wilderness/woods.

So I felt that the wilderness would be the safest place to hide then, but not in the open, I felt hidden caves or places like that would be the best.

I felt it should be somewhere where trees or something make you harder to see from in the air and somewhere you can easily hide.

I also felt that we should try to keep a low profile and not use tents or any other structures that are easy to see, and that we should not make fires because of the smoke.

The problem was that we were in D, and we both did not know of any caves and we did not  know any specific places that we could all hide at; but I woke up as we were still thinking and walking to Walmart.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂