Killing Insects | A Military Disguise And Suicide

Dream 1

This dream took place inside the living room of my parents house, I was in there when I saw an insect, and so I killed it with a fly swatter (flyswatter).

Then I saw another insect, I hit it with the fly swatter several times, but it did not die; and so I had to stomp it several times with my shoe until it died.


5-26-2012 | Dream Fragment | My Brother GC And I At A Hotel

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I remember part of one dream from last night, where my brother GC and I arrived in/to an unknown city, and we went to a hotel to stay for a day or two or so.

GC and I got separate rooms that were side-by-side, but both rooms shared one wall on the left side that had a window/opening with no glass where you could store stuff; but we could see in to each others rooms and there were no curtains or any way to close it, and it was big enough for us to climb into the each others room (it was like the window/opening in my grandfather’s kitchen that is next to the main dinning room).

This opening was a privacy & security problem but fortunately my brother GC was in the room next to me, so I could trust him not to steal my stuff or spy or me.