Waking Up Because Of Food Poisoning?

How Do You Know If You Have Food Poisoning?

Sadly, I got awakened from my dream suddenly a minute before my alarm went off.

I quickly realized that the cause was my stomach bubbling like something that I had eaten had made me sick, and was about ready to come out


A Spaceship/Shopping Mall?

Before going to bed my stomach was cramping and bubbling badly because of assumed food poisoning, and this impacted my dream as well with me suffering the same symptoms in the dream.

This dream is unclear, some of the early forgotten parts of this dream possibly involved traveling in space in a spaceship where maybe I was the pilot and/or somewhat the commander, and some of my coworkers and maybe some other people were with me.

There was possibly something involving contact with or potential contact with one or more species of aliens, but I can not remember.

I made some decisions that saved our lives and got us safely to maybe a huge spaceship that had or was a shopping mall, but I am not sure and I could be wrong about all the spaceship and traveling through space stuff; but I do know that something about this dream seemed like science fiction and seemed to involve space.

Either way I remember being with some of my coworkers and maybe some other people as we entered the mall, I remember us walking around, and I was still experiencing food poisoning symptoms in the dream.

I remember farting at some point and I was not sure if more than a fart had leaked out or not because of diarrhea, and so I went to find a bathroom so that I could check.

A woman in our group with light-color skin walked to the area where I had farted, I had already walked away from this area, and I saw her gagging like the had walked into the lingering fart.

I continued walking on my search for the bathroom and for some unknown reason, maybe I heard her or just happened to look back to check on the others, I turned around to see my female coworker JB in the distance walking from near an area that I had already walked by that was probably a movie theater; and she was talking to someone who was further away from her, and she had her hair in a ponytail/pulled back.

That was my first or second time seeing JB, I had wondered where she was previously, and I paused for a brief moment like I was wondering if I should turn around and go talk to her briefly; but I basically said/felt/thought nah, like it did not matter really or I did not really care that much or something like that, and I decided not to and I kept walking to find a bathroom.

At some point to my left I saw a hallway or walkway that had some doors along it that looked like bathroom doors, and so I walked that way but it was an employee only area so I kept walking as three short men with light-color skin walked through this area as well.

We reached an area where people were partying and dancing et cetera among areas that were like a clothing section and in the walking areas, and I remember us trying to dodge people and get through the crowds.

The three men were annoying rowdy types that were going around acting like they wanted to fight people, they bumped into me, and started acting like they wanted to fight me.

I felt that I could easily defeat all three of them but I did not waste my time with them, I did not respond as they insulted and threatened me, and when they moved on to the next victim I kept walking trying to find a bathroom.

I possibly started to think about the possibly contact with aliens and the decisions that I had made that had saved us and got us here safely, but I could be wrong; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Going To Apply For A Job | Waking Up Still Recovering From Food Poisoning

Dream 1

This dream involved me going to apply for some kind of maybe military-like / security-like job that included real training et cetera.

I remember going inside a building that had a store inside, the instructions said to go to a certain location, and so basically you had to find that location and wait.

I reached what I thought was the location but no one was there, I then realized that this seemed to be some kind of test, and that maybe you had to find clues and follow them to reach the true location.

But I was not sure, but I started investigating this possibility but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a fictional house were I lived with my family, and I assume that I woke up during the morning in the dream still recovering from food poisoning (which is true in the real world as well, I had a fever of 100.3, and I was cold before I went to sleep).

My mom and my brothers TDC and KDC were there, I only had minutes to decide whether to call in sick for work or to continue getting ready for work and leave, but I woke up.

In the real world I woke up in a similar situation where I had 30 minutes to decide whether to call in sick or to get ready for work, my fever went down to 98.8 but I still have some of the other symptoms, and so I called in sick for work for the first time since I have been working at The BP Library.

The end,

-John Jr


Food Poisoning And Getting A Telephone Call At Work

Dream 1

I woke up early this morning from my dreams (which I forgot) with my stomach bubbling and cramping and twisting et cetera so bad that I could not get up at first, and so I assume that it was possible food poisoning from a plate of food that I ate Saturday morning that I accidentally left in the stove unrefrigerated all night; and I decided to take a risk and microwave it and eat it, which is not what I would usually do.

So I guess I am paying the price for taking that risk, and so do not make the same mistake as me kids. 😀

I wanted to take some apple cider vinegar for my stomach but never take that on an empty stomach so I was I was going to have to wait until later when I eat breakfast, and so I was going to have to suffer for now and hope that using the bathroom would get most of it out for now so that I could at least get some more sleep.

I decided to wait a bit before using the bathroom so I tried to go back to sleep briefly, I went to sleep briefly a few times having a continuing dream / maybe semi-daydream, and I would wake up when my stomach would get real bad to where I could not get up.

That continuing dream involved me suffering in bed from my stomach situation, and for some odd reason I was possibly connected by one or two computer cables to maybe a hard drive or battery-like object.

For some reason I wondered if this object was the cause of my stomach issues, one thought was maybe it was an artificial stomach that I am connected to that was rusty inside and / or that was contaminated in some way, and another thought was the same thing except instead of it being an artificial stomach that it was possibly something else and because it was connected to me then maybe rust and / or some other contaminate(s) from it had entered my body and made me sick.

At some point I went to use the bathroom earlier than I wanted to because I was tired of having my sleep and dreams interrupted and the pain et cetera, and after that I was able to sleep and have some more dreams I would wake up sometimes and go back to sleep without remembering much or any of my dreams.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I went to a Walmart-like store in a slightly fictional version of the city of D I assume, I possibly went there several times but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly started in the past in a fictional version of me temporarily working at The BP School Board during maybe the summer or during a break between college semesters or after I had to dropout of college, and then maybe it jumped to a fictional version of the present where I was working at The BP Library except it looked different and it was possibly across the street from The BP School Board Central Office.

At some point in the dream I possibly went to the store or Walmart from the previous dream, but I can not remember.

While at the library working or as I was leaving, my supervisor Mrs. JM walked over to me and told me that a man had called wanting to talk to me earlier I think, and he left a strange message that I can not remember other than he was possibly calling about something connected to back when I temporarily worked at The BP School Board in the past.

Maybe he was investigating something and possibly trying to sell insurance or something and / or it was some kind of scam, but I have no idea.

I found this suspicious and strange and I did not want to call the man back, but my supervisor Mrs. JM thought that I should call him back so I was going to call him back.

I probably decided to stall a bit to think about the situation and to investigate this and prepare myself for the call, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Sleep Paralysis & Food Poisoning & A Shapeshifting Blood Moon?

October 9, 2016 (Or A Day Or Two Before That) Possible Sleep Paralysis Experience

Last night I barely remembered part of an experience as soon as I laid in bed, this experience possibly happened the night before or a day or two before that, and it was possibly a sleep paralysis experience with a hallucination.

It took place during the night when I woke up from a dream or thought that I woke up from a dream, I am not sure which, and I woke up in bed laying on my back.